How I made $400 on Paid2Tap in just 5 days doing simple tasks.

I have done many online simple money making jobs, like sharing, posting, liking, to earn points or money on many websites, but I have not seen anyone as rewarding as Paid2Tap. In that, their pay out rate is higher than any I have ever seen, and their task is way more simpler to do than others. Tasks like, downloading apps, doing surveys, playing games and most importantly referring people to participate. 

What is Paid2Tap?

Paid2Tap is a simple survey site that you can earn money on in 3 simple ways. You share a link, fill out surveys, and also post on social media. 

Paid2Tap is an affiliate network that pays you in exchange for doing online service. Paid2Tap connects you with their advertisers to monetize your social media presence. You gain money from your social media influence. In modern times, gaining money from your social presence is key as everyone is trying to turn their likes into dollars. Paid2Tap allows you to take advantage of that. 

How to make money on Paid2Tap

Signing up here freely (and get instant $25 welcome bonus) on Paid2Tap was an effortless process. You simply put in your email and your desired username and password. After signing up, you are redirected to your dashboard. Which has everything you need in order to gain. They give you all the tools in order to start earning money. P2T makes it even easier to earn money. The dashboard is organized and simplified in a way that allows you to get everything when needed and understand everything as well.


NOW: what's the simple secret to earning $400 from this network, the secret is REFFERAL. 
with every single referral, you get 10$, and any that clicks your link, you get $2 = $12. Now consider inviting like 200 or more people. That's gonna be huge. 
What are you waiting for?
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