Is making money on Paid2Tap Legit or a SCAM? Paid2Tap Review


Disclaimer: This review was written based on personal experience of the website All conclusions were based on experience and research of the website. 

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Table of Contents 

  • What is Paid2Tap?
  • How to make money on Paid2Tap
  • Signing Up 
  • Invites & Referrals
  • Social Posts 
  • Tasks and Surveys
  • Payment
  • Is Paid2Tap a legitimate and reliable website? 
  • What people are saying about Paid2Tap
  • Conclusion 

What is Paid2Tap?

Paid2Tap is a simple survey site that you can earn money on in 3 simple ways. You share a link, fill out surveys, and also post on social media. 

Paid2Tap is an affiliate network that pays you in exchange for doing online service. Paid2Tap connects you with their advertisers to monetize your social media presence. You gain money from your social media influence. In modern times, gaining money from your social presence is key as everyone is trying to turn their likes into dollars. Paid2Tap allows you to take advantage of that. 

How to make money on Paid2Tap

Signing Up 

Signing up for Paid2Tap was an effortless process. You simply put in your email and your desired username and password. After signing up, you are redirected to your dashboard. Which has everything you need in order to gain. They give you all the tools in order to start earning money. P2T makes it even easier to earn money. The dashboard is organized and simplified in a way that allows you to get everything when needed and understand everything as well. 

Invites & Referrals

Inviting people is as simple and easy as it sounds. You can invite anyone you know. From family and friends to strangers you just met, your goal should be to invite as many people as you can. The more people you invite to the site the more money you earn. You can send invites on every platform. You can earn money also if someone just simply clicks on your referral link. Make sure you do not fake these things as the website can catch you and ban you from ever earning again. 


Social Posts 

Posting on social media is also a big part of the earning process at Paid2Tap. Paid2Tap provides you with different types of content in order to post about them online. They allow you to post on different types of social media such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and even Youtube. This helps it spread the word around about the website.

Tasks and Surveys
To one of the most vital parts of this earning process. The surveys and offers are a crucial piece in the money making journey. Paid2Tap has a load of offers that you can complete in order to garner money. These offers are simple and easy tasks that can be done in a matter of seconds. Offers usually include downloading apps and trying new games.You can also review ads, and read blogs to earn, a great second way of earning, allowing everyone to earn, whether they want to sit down or be mobile.

This is one of the easiest ways to ever earn. What a blessing right in our face.

Check out review on Paid2Tap 


I know everyone was rushing to get to this part. Does Paid2Tap actually pay you or are they just a big waste of time? The answer is yes, I can attest that this website actually pays its members in exchange for the work they put in. 

Paid2Tap pays in many different ways. You can request your payment in a method that you are most familiar with ranging from PayPal, to CashApp, to Venmo, to even Bitcoin. If you don’t believe me, just check the website front-page they have plenty of proof of others receiving payments in various forms. 

I was surprised to find out the legitimacy of the website as a bunch of other sites with the same blueprint turned out to be scams. It was refreshing to experience an actual legitimate website that pays what they owe.


Is Paid2Tap a legitimate and reliable website? 

If I was to rate this website I would give it a 5 star rating solely due to the fact that they actually pay you. This website is one of the easiest sites you can earn money on. Legitimacy and Reliability does wonders for a website’s reputation and I can see why theirs is so intact. 

It does not take much skill and knowledge to earn from this site so there should be no excuses why an individual can not earn money. You earn money by doing three easy things which most of us do daily such as sharing things to friends, trying apps, and posting on social sites. If you think about it, you are being paid to live everyday life in the 21st century.

What people are saying about Paid2Tap

Here is what some of their members had to say about this website.

During the pandemic I was heavily reliant on apps such as door dash to make an income since I had been laid off of work. This site saved my life! I made $300 my first day here.


Completing surveys is not that HARD! I’ve made over $2,000 by sharing and doing offers. It’s simple to be honest.


I’ve been a member for 2 years and this has honestly been my method of paying my way through college. It’s very easy to use and they pay out instantly. I’ve invited all my friends and they’ve invited all of theirs.




Signing up for Paid2Tap is certainly a great decision that can improve your life significantly. You can start making money while doing just about anything. I totally support Paid2Tap, and I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t believe it had been worth some time and energy. sign up now and get started today, and you’ll experience the most effective way to make money online.





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