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 30 Highly Converting Sales Letter Ideas For Your Business:  Pro Dynamics That Will Help Enhance Your Sales Letter Conversion Rate By Making Minimum Changes That Gives Maximum Impact!

Converting Sales Letter.


NB:Only it is only a sales guru that will give you the first few lines of his ebook as a sales copy and you won’t be able to resist it.

TAKE IT FROM ME: Without a well-written and visually appealing converting sales letter, your product page is effectively dead.

Not long ago, I was browsing Clickbank for an ebook. 
Following my search, I saw the same ebook (title, pages, and other specs) from three separate merchants. 
One thing that surprised me was that one seller had only 23 sales, another has fewer than 80 sales, but the final seller, whom I assume is a professional internet marketer, has sold almost 600 copies. 
Why did I inquire? There are various things that contributed to the large sales, but the most essential factor was a well-designed sale page with a highly converting sales letter.
Words have been known to both save and murder. 
A well-written and well-detailed sales copy has been shown to convert extremely effectively. 
That is precisely why the majority of sellers/internet marketers outsource it to freelance writers for a fee.

However, the truth is that anyone can create a conversion-optimized sales page with the proper knowledge of how it’s done.

You see, the practice of one-page-long sales letters being used widely today by businesses of various sizes to sell and push their products and/or services into the Internet marketplace.

This is because sales letters written in this manner have been time-tested. 

As you are surely aware, sales letters are essentially one LONG page written with one purpose in mind: to assist the prospect in purchasing the product.

It’s like having an electronic salesperson work for you, and it surely beats prospecting and selling to someone else face to face, or taking a chance on sending out hard copy mails (which can be 5-20 pages lengthy when printed) and risking not recouping your investment in printing.

A sales letter is considered to have a respectable conversion rate of between 2% and 4%. 

If your sales letter generates more than 4%, you are doing well. According to some marketers, they generate 6% and as much as 20%-30% of revenue from cold prospects!

Believe it or not, an internet sales letter is primarily composed of text with occasional graphics. 

Additionally, words are extremely potent instruments; they should be viewed as double-edged swords.

When utilized appropriately, words may literally sell. 

Not only will your sales letter’s conversion rate decrease, but it may also send the wrong message, and the worst-case situation is that you will offend your prospects (besides not closing the sale).  

Perhaps you want to explore all feasible avenues for improving your sales copy without having to spend a fortune on pricey copywriters at the present.

Regardless of your present demands, I’m confident that you’ll find this guide beneficial and that when you include these suggestions into your sales copy, you’ll notice a noticeable increase in conversion rates

Continue reading to learn how to MAXIMIZE your conversion rates with MINIMAL adjustments and additions to your present sales copy.

        Sub-Headline & Headline 

1. Highlight your headline in red.

Oftentimes, the red color denotes urgency or significance. 

Alternatively, if red does not go with the color theme of your sales copy, you can use black or text with a yellow highlight in the backdrop.

However, it is recommended to use red as the headline color because it pairs well with practically every theme color.

2. The font size of your headline must be greater than the font size utilized in the body of your sales letter.

The objective of your headline is to pique your prospect’s interest and compel him or her to read and qualify. 

As a result, it’s critical that your headline stands out from the rest of your normal typeface.

Typically, the headline font is one or two times the size of the ordinary type. 

3. In the headline, imply a benefit or a synopsis of your offer.

Additionally, the advantage should frequently refer to your prospect, not YOU or another party. 

Even if you use a different character in the headline, make certain that it ultimately relates to your prospect and how or why it could benefit him or her.

4. Include an image in your headline.

It adds intrigue to your sales text and, in many situations, connects it to your prospects. Consider the following:


This headline is best suited for young people and those who are young at heart who are interested in learning how to earn money online.


How A 27-Year-Old Jobless Chap Avoided Bankruptcy and Became Financially Independent, and How YOU Can, Too!

This title is most appropriate for persons who are broke or bankrupt and want to learn how to better their financial situation regardless of their age.

5. Your subheading acts as a hook, enticing readers to continue reading.

The sub headline continues to discuss additional reasons for your reader to continue reading that are not included in the headline.

The sub heading is typically lower in font size (by one) than the headline and is frequently colored differently as well. 

Black is a complementary hue to the subheading. In short, you want to convince your prospects that they owe it to themselves to read the entire letter. 

6. Avoid using an excessive number of words in the headline.

As a general rule, your headline should contain between 20 and 25 words and 4-6 lines.

Avoid making your title too lengthy to read; else, the prospect may become impatient and quit your sales page without understanding the entire value of your offer.

    Your Sales Copy’s Opening    

7. Begin with a tale in your sales copy.

Many of today’s typical sales copy is written in this tedious style. You may instantly pique your prospect’s attention by including a fable or, better yet, a factual story in your account.

Most significantly, the anecdote must relate to the offer made later in the sales text. Here is an illustration:

Once upon a time, three friends agreed to take a brief break from an extended discussion. They arranged to row a boat to the center of a lake and have tea in the afternoon.

The three friends rented a boat and paddled their way to the lake’s center. They realized as they sat down to drink their tea that they had neglected to bring the teapot. “I’ll get the teapot,” volunteered the first friend. He rose to his feet, dangled one leg over the edge of the boat, and began walking across the water to the land and back to the boat with the teapot.

While they were boiling the water, they realized they had also forgotten the tea leaves. They both laughed, and the second friend offered to fetch the tea leaves. He walked on water by extending one leg over the side of the boat. He returned shortly afterwards by walking on water as well.

The three friends quickly enjoy their afternoon tea on the boat, but it would be wonderful to have some nibbles. The third companion agreed to retrieve some tidbits from the store rows along the shore, despite his reluctance. He insisted on it regardless.

He rose to his feet, just like his pals, and slung one leg over the edge of the boat. He began bearing down on his leg and… SPLASH! He sank and strained to maintain his buoyancy. The other two pals leapt in to save him when they noticed he was drowning.

As he clambered into the boat for safety, dripping wet, the third companion inquired, “How did you two manage to walk on water?” “Oh, that’s because we know where the rocks are,” the two pals agreed. 

8. Discuss a significant or vital problem.

If your product is directly tied to a significant or crucial recent issue that the bulk of your prospects are facing, there is no better case scenario than this (or as I like to refer to it, niche marketing at its finest)!

For instance, if the majority of your prospects are currently having difficulty rewriting Private Label articles and your product is an article rewriter software, you can mention the article rewriting issue in your introductory letter, such as:

Today, the majority of people foolishly acquire Private Label Rights to goods… that have previously been sold and utilized by hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

As a result, there have been several search engine penalties, rejections from content directories, and an army of riddling copycats.

True, one approach to ensure uniqueness is to entirely rewrite the articles, but won’t that be a waste of time? 

And if you’re going to spend hours rewriting, isn’t that counterproductive to the point of purchasing Private Label materials in the first place? 

9. Make educated guesses about your potential.

While some successful people adopt a no-assumptions mentality, the reality is that you may still make some safe assumptions from time to time, and everyone DO make assumptions from time to time, whether they are aware of it or not.

Another fact is that people can be predictable. 

This was demonstrated in an informal study in which a speaker asked the audience three straightforward questions. 

They were not required to respond immediately and were instructed to retain only their responses.

He posed three questions

• Consider a single digit,

• Consider a color, and

• Consider a flower.

When the audience made up their minds in an instant, he proceeded to ask, “How many of you were thinking of 7 for the first question?” Easily more than 75% of those present raised their hands.

This was also true when he inquired as to whether they were considering blue or rose for the ensuing questions. 

Overall, he correctly guessed AT LEAST ONE of the three questions more than 75% of the time!

Isn’t that incredible?

While this was only a research, it demonstrates that people are predictable and that if you understand the bulk of your prospects and their demands, you will qualify a substantial portion of them!

For instance:

I have a sneaking hunch that you’re on a shoestring budget and just have a few hundred dollars to spend on marketing and promotion.


You’ve probably failed in previous relationships or this is your first attempt at landing a date with your dream girl.

10. Be sure to follow up with a reference to a problem your target is currently experiencing.

You want to qualify your prospect by informing him or her of the issue at hand.

And then you want to inflate the problem’s size, as if it’s a huge matter.

Remember! Take cautious not to go overboard with exaggeration, but you want to emphasize how critical it is for your prospect to address the issue immediately (with your product or service, of course).

11. Don’t forget to make an introduction

However, you are not need to make it extremely fantastical. A little introduction would be adequate.

For instance: Johnny Cage is my name, and I’ve been designing graphics professionally since 1998.  

     Your Sales Copy’s Middle Section     

12. Educate your customers about your solution through your product or service.

You may like to demonstrate to your prospect various alternates prior to moving in with yours, but demonstrate that they are somewhat less viable than yours.

For example, you could attend a seminar, but UNLESS you have large resources, this is a long shot.

And what about guesswork? Ignore it. You lack the risk tolerance to make additional financial mistakes, and there is no time to waste!

Therefore, what is the optimal solution?

Here’s Where You Introduce Your Name Product…

13. Summarize all of your advantages in bullet points

There is no more orderly manner than to emphasize all of your product’s or service’s benefits in bullet form (with space between each) like follows:

• Insert benefit #1

• Insert benefit #2

• Insert benefit #3

Important! Contrast benefits and features. The features of your product determine how it will appear and seem. 

Benefits are the things that the product can DO to benefit your prospects.

For instance:

The product is available in PDF format. 

Benefit: You can download the product immediately rather than waiting six weeks for delivery!

The E-Book is 40 pages in length.

Benefits: My guidebook is devoid of fluff, hype, and obfuscation. You will learn everything you need to know from this guidebook, and I guarantee that any guesswork will be erased 40 pages later!

15. If you’re running a membership site or your product contains a large number of components, break up the advantages section into numerous easily-read sections.

You would be wise to organize the components and portions of the benefits in this manner. Consider the following:

Component 1: The Library of Resale Rights

You’ll receive ten brand-new goods with Master Resell Rights each month. I guarantee you’ve never seen these before, as we’re creating them directly from our heated hard drive! 

And you may resell these products at any price you choose and retain 100% of the profits without any profit sharing!

Component 2: Pack of Sales Letters and Graphics

Each of the new products includes a professionally written sales letter complete with mini-site visuals to assist you in selling the products.

16. Provide only suggestions in the advantages section; do not reveal the secret!

Because when you give away the secrets or contents of your product, prospects have no need to purchase it because all of the critical information is readily available in your sales letter!

Additionally, avoid making it simple for others to guess your contents or secrets.

For instance, discover a simple tip for increasing your conversion rate simply by adding this ONE phrase to your headline! 

OR How to utilize G__________ to build an email list for FREE!

17. Emphasize what’s in it for your prospects and avoid being too self-centered.

In other words, avoid employing too many Is and increase the number of YOUs in your benefits. 

By and large, people despise self-centered individuals (even if they are themselves). 

    Incorporating Endorsements and Testimonials    

18. Include images and/or hyperlinks beneath the titles of your testimonials.

Not only does this increase the credibility of your testimonials (because simply text and names may be readily fabricated), but it also allows your prospects to cross-check them.

Additionally, photographs convey a concealed message that you made an effort to secure these individuals’ endorsements of you and your product/service.

Therefore, make an attempt to collect not only URLs but also images whenever available.

19. Include music or video, if possible. 

This also increases the credibility of your testimonials. 

Additionally, it is easier for your consumers to relate their positive experiences with your product or service using their own personal touch, such as voice or video.

20. Arrange the testimonials in a pleasing yellow-shade box.

The ideal color for testimonials in boxes has been determined to be light yellow. Alternatively, you might choose a gray hue that complements the color scheme of your sales copy.

21. Sprinkle testimonials throughout your sales copy if you have a lot of them.

You can distribute testimonials across your sales pitch in an easily-read fashion, with the finest testimonial appearing directly beneath your sub title.

The remaining testimonials can be sprinkled in groups of one, two, or three beneath each component or immediately preceding another sub headline in the body of the sales pitch.

22. If you have a limited number of testimonials, place them below the midsection.

If you have insufficient testimonials to sprinkle throughout your sales text, you would be wise to save all or the majority of your testimonials for the below-the-midsection section, where you establish your reputation by allowing others to speak for you.

You may wish to retain the best one or two testimonials and post them beneath the sub headline to entice your prospects to continue reading.

23. Ensure that your testimonials are outcome-driven.

In a nutshell, your testimonials should not focus exclusively on Wow John! You’re fantastic! (Of course, if your name is truly John). It should focus on how your product or service benefited the witness.


24. If you’re giving a digital product to a prospect, such as an E-Book, report, software, or script, remind them that delivery is instant.

For instance, the distribution process is automated, and you can immediately get the handbook upon purchase. 

Therefore, regardless of the time of day or night, grab your copy today and discover how you can leverage the world’s largest social networking site to propel your business to new heights!

25. Avoid using the excuse “until midnight.”

This is especially true in Internet Marketing circles, where the most astute marketers are well aware that what they are witnessing is a script in action. 

Unless you truly intended for your product offer to expire at 12 a.m., you should avoid this strategy.

Because it is quite misleading in more than one sense, even while attempting to persuade your prospects to act immediately. 

Therefore, substitute any other scarcity factor for this one!

26. Convince your prospect to act due to scarcity.

You can claim that you’re limiting the quantity of your product (and stick to your word!).

Additionally, it has been demonstrated that scarcity sells. 

By nature, people desire the privilege of ownership, and this is one feature you can leverage to significantly enhance your conversion rate and sales.

For instance:


This is NOT an irrevocable offer. This sale is only available for seven days. After the seventh day, this promotion will expire and be permanently withdrawn!


Only 100 copies will be made available. That is all. Once the 100th copy is sold, this offer will never be repeated, EVER!

27. Take advantage of Fast Action Bonuses. 

Nowadays, simply paying bonuses is insufficient as an incentive, particularly if you’re operating in a competitive niche. 

Thus, you can strengthen your position by introducing time-sensitive benefits.

Apart from the fact that your bonuses must be ideal complements to your primary offer, their scarcity pushes your prospect to act immediately and exchange the Fast Action Bonuses for a higher value for the same money spent. 

28. Make the offer more enticing by including a long-term guarantee.

The longer the duration of your warranty, the better. Instead of remaining impartial or disinterested, encourage your prospect to try out and test-drive your goods.

Here is an illustration:

You are not alone. Make no attempt to reason. Simply attempt.

Additionally, reassure your prospect that you will bear all risk for him or her within the guarantee time.

I stake my reputation on my claims (as bold as they may be), but I’m so sick of seeing you miss out on such a terrific bargain that I’m ready to take all the risks for you so you can test it risk-free!

You may continue writing: You have my word that this is the game-changing breakthrough you want. 

And if for any reason you are dissatisfied with the software, simply send me an email, erase it from your hard drive, and I will refund every cent of your purchase. 

There are no questions asked.

You’ve got nothing to lose except the opportunity to try it out!

29. Make use of to summarize your offer or to disclose hidden benefits.

The following are some points worth summarizing in your P.S. (or post-script), though you do not have to include all of them; a few will suffice:

• Through your Money Back Guarantee, you are taking on the risk for your prospect.

• It would be more expensive and time-consuming (or all three) if your prospect sought other solutions or alternatives to yours.

• You can emphasize the Fast Action Bonuses and their scarcity, emphasizing that if your prospect does not act immediately, he or she will miss out.

• If there are no other urgency factors, emphasize to your prospect how critical it is for him or her to address her existing difficulties NOW, rather than later, with your offer.

• You can utilize the P.S. to disclose additional unmentioned benefits in your sales letter. 

It might be an unanticipated bonus, a guarantee declaration, or an incentive for rapid action.

• You can choose to publish further compliments and testimonials in order to entice your prospect to act immediately and become a customer.

In general, function as excellent summaries and encourage your prospect to act immediately by purchasing using your order link/button/form.

30. Assure your prospect that the price you’re requesting is a steal.

This can be accomplished by comparing your solution to other, potentially more expensive solutions offered by your competitors (without revealing names) or to less effective alternatives.

For instance:

Which one do you believe is the prudent course of action? Invest $97.00 and learn everything you need to know about profiting from the stock market OR risk thousands of dollars shooting in the dark and getting murdered in the process?


For the first time ever, you may gain access to the top marketers’ secrets for the pitiful sum of $47.00. Now, why would you pay $2,000 to attend a seminar where you will learn the identical secrets that I teach you in my audio course?

In conclusion:

The aforementioned 30 converting sales letter ideas or recommendations are sufficient among others to assist you in selling your goods at first sight.