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A comprehensive and well detailed review of ClickFunnels: The best all in One Marketing Solution in 2023

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ClickFunnels is a tool that simplifies the process of creating websites and sales funnels without requiring any technical skills. 

With an entrepreneur-focused sales funnel and website builder, you can create successful landing pages, track their performance, and deliver retargeted messages.

ClickFunnels was created to assist Internet business owners in the creation of sales funnels and to completely automate the sales process. 

This software is a one-stop shop for creating sales pages and funnels. Online company owners may expand their businesses to new heights with the help of ClickFunnels.

Russell Brunson and his team created the software in 2014.

The software has risen to become the most popular sales funnel builder since its launch.

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Highlights of the ClickFunnels Review

The following are some of the key points to consider when reading the ClickFunnels review:

·        ClickFunnels is a complete marketing solution in one.

·        You can use ClickFunnels to upsell and downsell your products.

·        ClickFunnels makes funnel creation simple with its drag-and-drop editor and sales funnel templates.

·        You may create your own affiliate program with ClickFunnels.

·        ClickFunnels can assist you in the following ways:

ü Construct landing pages

ü Increase your lead generation

ü Automate the sales cycle

ü Increase sales and revenue

·        ClickFunnels includes an A/B Split testing option that may be used to optimizethe effectiveness of your sales funnels.

·        ClickFunnels incorporates sales analytics to help you track and analyze your data.

ClickFunnels Overview & General Information

µ MY CONCLUSION: The Ultimate Sales Funnel Builder

µ BEST FOR: eCommerce websites, advertising agencies, entrepreneurs, and small enterprises, among others.

µ FEATURES: Page builder with drag-and-drop functionality, upsells, A/B testing, and sales analytics

µ SUPPORT: 24/7

µ ClickFunnels ($97/month), ClickFunnels Platinum ($297/month)

µ 14-DAY RISK-FREE TRIAL (bonuses included)



What Does ClickFunnels Have To Offer You?


ClickFunnel review image
ClickFunnel review image


ClickFunnels enables you to provide additional value to your clients. Once the customer enters the sales funnel, you may guide him through a series of landing pages to ensure he becomes a high-paying customer at the conclusion.

However, ClickFunnels provides additional functionality to help you manage your online business more effectively.

Here are a few examples of things you can do with ClickFunnels:

1. ClickFunnels Can Assist You in Creating Profitable Marketing Pages

2. You Can Use ClickFunnels To Host Courses

3. You Can Use ClickFunnels to Launch a New Product

4. ClickFunnels Can Assist in the Growth of an Email List

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Who Should Consider Using ClickFunnels?

·        Marketers

·        Growth Hackers

·        Entrepreneurs

·        Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

·        Agencies

·        Bloggers

·        Enterprises

·        Startups

·        Sales Funnel Specialists


·        Anyone interested in developing efficient sales funnels

·        Anyone interested in developing high-converting landing pages


The Fundamentals Features of ClickFunnels

There is simply no way to be objective when it comes to ClickFunnels’ features.

There are features and FEATURES. ClickFunnels is available in CAPS LOCK mode. This solution consolidates all of your marketing and funnel construction efforts into a single product. 

Yes, it’s pricey, and there are undoubtedly some minor glitches, but it’s essentially like having your own digital marketing staff all in one application.

Allow me to summarize the most critical elements for you.


ClickFunnels is purpose-built to be as simple to use as possible, which you’ll see the moment you go into your Clickfunnels account.

This may occasionally hinder functioning, but it is a good thing in general. Another tool that readily passes the granny test is this one (assuming your grams has a minimum of web experience).

The interface of the funnel is sleek and straightforward. You’d have to make an attempt to muck this up:

Additionally, creating landing pages is not much more difficult. You simply drag and drop pieces from their library into predefined widgets on the page to create a landing page.


In terms of user experience, no other tool comes close, in my opinion. ClickFunnels is unquestionably the best new funnel/landing page builder on the market.

Funnels Building

I’m not sure if the name implies anything, but ClickFunnels is mostly used for the purpose of creating sales funnels.

That is what initially hooked me to it, and it is probably the primary reason you are reading this review.

Apart from marketing, you truly may create your own sales funnels with little to no technical skills. Perhaps not in “minutes,” as the firm says, but certainly in less than an hour for simple funnels. 

That’s not terrible given this funnel is theoretically capable of growing your business while you sleep.

How It Works

• Generate leads: This is where you establish a funnel to collect names, phone numbers, and email addresses, which you will then send to your email marketing software.

• Increase sales: If you’re looking for rapid funnels for low-cost products, longer sales pages/videos for complex/expensive products, or if you’re launching a new product. 

ClickFunnels offers a variety of pre-built templates that you may customize. Significant value here. Simply copy/paste and then complete each page.

• Online events: These are webinars that you can host on a third-party platform or that you can run indefinitely (Evergreen) within ClickFunnels. You are probably not in need of this at the moment.

You simply click what you require, and the tool creates all of the pages necessary to complete your task. It is, in fact, a ready-to-use sales framework.

While it is not perfect, and advanced marketers frequently make adjustments, for 90% of people, this saves hours of time and thousands of dollars on a variety of services and marketing tools.

From there, you may customize the funnel as desired:

Additionally, you may develop straightforward order forms to help prevent cart abandonment:

Landing Pages for ClickFunnels

The term “landing pages” refers to the various pages inside your funnel that are dedicated to achieving a certain goal.

This is where you will attempt to obtain phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, and shoe sizes. Or, if you’re fortunate, you might sell a product or two.

With ClickFunnels’ landing page templates and drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly and easily create professional-looking, high-converting sales funnels (are you seeing a pattern here?).

When I originally began my internet business, I created simple landing pages consisting of a headline, some sales copy, and a sign-up form. 

Even yet, my conversions grew dramatically. I had no clue it was so simple. Although it seems corny, I concur with the corporation that it assisted me in feeling “uncuffed” from designers and other high-priced team members.


Concerned that you have no concept how a landing page should look?

Be not. ClickFunnels is pre-built with a slew of tested templates that are optimized for every type of business. You simply choose the one you want, modify it as desired, and slap it anywhere you want in the funnel. Have your way with it.

Upsells, event pages, sales pages, and even membership sites all have their own themes.

According to the business, these have been tested and are really effective.

Additionally, you can quickly conduct A/B testing on alternative templates, copy modifications, and even entire funnels.

I briefly discussed the drag and drop builder above in UX, but I’ll expand on it here.

The Drag and Drop Editor for ClickFunnels

The drag-and-drop editor enables you to easily alter a page’s appearance to be EXACTLY what you desire.

Although the ClickFunnels editor is NOT the most capable landing page builder available.

It’s not as extensive as something like InstaPage, and there are a few issues that may upset you after you reach a certain level However, when pricing, convenience of use, and functionality are considered, it is arguably THE BEST option. Functionality such as:

·        Templates for Landing Pages

·        Split Testing (Trial and Error)

·        Targeted Funnel creation

·        Templates for Funnels

·        Hosting Webinar Events

·        Website Hosting with a Drag-and-Drop Interface

·        AutoResponder for Emails

·        Integrated Shopping Cart

·        Tracking Conversions

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 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using ClickFunnels


ü Simple to use interface

ü No prior coding knowledge is required to create a successful sales funnel.

ü The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to create a variety of different types of landing pages.

ü The program provides a comprehensive marketing solution.

ü Pre-built sales funnels assist in saving time.

ü You can either use one of the pre-built templates or create your own landing pages.

ü A/B split testing enables you to select the most effective choice for your adverts, funnels, and so on.

ü Assists you in generating more leads and, consequently, more sales

ü You can quickly monitor your data and identify which marketing methods require improvement.

ü Constant software updates ensure that you stay on top of the online marketing game.


ü The pricing options are rather pricey.

ü Due to the software’s emphasis on simplicity, you may not get the level of customisation you desire.

ü It will take some time for you to grasp ClickFunnels due to the sheer number of functions available.


Consider the following reasons why you might want to use ClickFunnels:

Drag-and-drop capability

If you’re the type of person (like myself) who wants to develop something quickly, without touching any code, and simply wants something straightforward and easy to use that will produce an output (i.e. a landing page or funnel that looks and works well), ClickFunnels is probably a good fit.

There are numerous advantages to utilizing ClickFunnels.

For me, one of the primary benefits is how simple it is to use. Because it’s a drag-and-drop builder, creating a landing page is quite straightforward.

Therefore, if you are not a tech savvy individual or are unfamiliar with web development or the use of platforms such as WordPress.

Simple experimentation and split testing

Another reason ClickFunnels is a fantastic tool is that it simplifies the process of designing landing pages and performing A/B testing. 

I’m a split test geek; I want to compare multiple headlines, different button colors, a video against an image to determine which performs best, and I want to easily and rapidly generate those test conditions.

The split test function in ClickFunnels enables me to create a landing page and then another one called a split test. I can then direct traffic and visitors to each one and simply determine which one fared the best.

With that, you can also easily build new items, a membership, or a course and promote it to see if people buy it or not; if they don’t, you haven’t spent a lot of energy, time, or capital; if they do, it’s terrific because you’ve got that system in place that’s pulling people in.

Integrating with additional tools

ClickFunnels interacts well with other tools, such as your customer relationship management (CRM) system or email marketing system.

For instance, I use ConvertKit, and once someone subscribes to my email list or downloads one of my free guides from a ClickFunnels page, they are immediately tagged in ConvertKit and segmented into a sequence. 

My email marketing works beautifully with ClickFunnels, and combining ClickFunnels with ConvertKit is a cinch.

Again, you do not need to be a computer whiz; you do not need to understand API keys or any of that other jargon, which is fantastic!


You are free to do anything you wish with the software. It’s essentially just giving you the ability to construct landing pages, integrate them with your email marketing, develop a course, a membership site, or send automated email sequences. 

ClickFunnels provides you all the tools necessary to accomplish that, and the majority of them are centralized in one spot.

 Pricing for ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Pricing Review

When ClickFunnels launched, it offered three distinct pricing tiers. However, the software has since incorporated these features and introduced two pricing tiers.

The Startup plan is the most affordable option, costing $97 per month. This plan gives you access to all of the funnel development tools, which include the following:

·        Conversion funnels

·        Support via chat

·        Webinar registration funnels

·        Funnels for membership

·        Split-testing A/B

·        Pages for up-sells and down-sells

However, this price structure is not without constraints.

You are limited to 20 funnels and 100 landing pages. Additionally, you are limited to 20,000 monthly visitors and a single user per account. You are limited to three custom domains and are not able to use follow-up funnels. 

The Startup plan does not include the ability to start an affiliate program, which is provided through the platform’s Backpack function.

The ClickFunnels Platinum package is also available. This option requires a monthly payment of $297.

This package includes all of the features included in the Startup plan, plus much more.

The following are some of the benefits of the platinum price plan:

·        Numerous funnels

·        Visitors are not limited in number

·        Numerous pages

·        Countless follow-up funnels

·        There are nine payment interfaces.

·        Nine unique (custom)domains

·        FunnelFlix Backpack, for example.

The majority of individuals will say that ClickFunnels’ pricing tiers are prohibitively pricey.

However, because the program is an all-in-one marketing solution, joining up for any of the pricing levels provides value for money.

Consider that with other marketing tools, you’ll be required to pay for separate software to handle email integration, another to create landing sites, and so forth.

Eventually, the entire cost may exceed ClickFunnels’.

This program enables you to pay once and instantly have access to all of the marketing tools your business requires to thrive.

Overview of the ClickFunnels Free Trial

If you’ve never used it, you might be apprehensive about ClickFunnels.

Which is understandable. However, the program is an excellent alternative, and the 14-day free trial allows you to evaluate all of the software’s features and assess whether you can use it to scale your online business.

During this trial time, you’ll have access to all of the funnel-building tools that are included with your chosen pricing plan.

I would recommend that you begin by experimenting with a few of the more significant capabilities, as the sheer number of functionalities can be perplexing.

To register for your free trial and create an account.

Signing up should take no more than a few seconds and requires only your email address and password.

 Is ClickFunnels a good investment? (considering the cost)

If you’re merely looking for a landing page builder, I’d recommend Getresponse or even Instapage – both of which are quite basic and inexpensive.

If you’re trying to develop an actual funnel and you want to include checkout pages, sell things, and guide users through a process (such as from a lead magnet landing page to a thank you page), or if you have a subscription product, ClickFunnels is going to be a good investment.

Therefore, I want you to consider how frequently and for what purpose you will use it.

This should assist you in determining whether or not you will earn a profit. If you’re merely utilizing ClickFunnels to distribute your free guide and aren’t receiving any conversions from those who download it, ClickFunnels is probably not the appropriate tool for you.

If you have a precise plan for converting those who download your free guide into customers, it’s probably worth it.

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ClickFunnels Review: The Final Word

·        ClickFunnels is a valuable tool for everyone who is involved in internet company or marketing. The program includes all of the necessary capabilities for running an internet business.

·        You may use ClickFunnels to create attractive landing pages that convert visitors into leads, to create effective sales funnels that convert visitors into customers, to build and track your email lists, and to perform a variety of other functions for your online business.

·        Although the pricing plans are fairly steep, they would be a worthwhile investment for your organization. The software includes a plethora of functions that will aid in the growth of your organization.

·        While ClickFunnels is not a perfect solution for selling online, it does a good job of converting visitors to paying clients by providing all of the necessary features.

·        Not only will it allow you to design an unlimited number of sales funnels, but it will also provide you with all the tools and training necessary to market and expand your online sales.

This software includes all of the tools necessary to run an internet business. The simplicity of use and variety of accessible templates make it profitable for any internet business owner.

I will Recommend Clickfunnel on these grounds:

µ If you’re considering using ClickFunnels for your website, take the time to go over the valuable information provided during the signup process. 

For instance, the FunnelFlix program consists of a series of online video lectures and training modules designed to familiarize you with the app and marketing tools.

µ Additionally, you can participate in their One Funnel Away challenge and purchase some of Russell Brunson’s marketing books. If you heed the instructions given, even the most basic, you’ll find it easier to navigate the program.

µ These recommendations are applicable to green entrepreneurs who are starting into digital marketing and sales funnel development for the first time.

µ Russell’s books and videos introduce a plethora of fresh chances. Bear in mind that these are not random tips gleaned from the internet.

µ Rather than that, Russell spent years compiling and inventing effective procedures. He has been collecting junk mail since he was twelve years old.

µ Finally, do not be scared to call customer service. The support team is extremely nice and responsive. The ethos of ClickFunnels is built on empowering users and providing value. As a result, they will guide you along the route or anytime you become stuck.


ClickFunnels Frequently Asked Questions

Is ClickFunnels a Legitimate company?

YES. ClickFunnels is a very legitimate business. Every firm must attract new visitors, educate them, sell them items, and follow up with them regardless of whether they make a purchase. That is precisely what ClickFunnels does.

Nearly 100,000 people, including me, are currently using.

Additionally, Russell Brunson is a rather well-known figure in the online business market.

He has a rather informed (if not little exaggerated) YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers.

Finally, I’ll mention that they provide a 14-day free trial. Therefore, if it is a fraud, you can get your money back and go on.

I’m not claiming that ClickFunnels is the best thing on the planet or even the best sales funnel solution available. I’m only stating that it is a completely legitimate organization that I have personally utilized and is well-known across the online business community.

Q: Is There a ClickFunnels Free Trial?

No, but they do provide a 14-day free trial during which you can test out the entire capabilities.

How much does ClickFunnels cost?

$97/m or $297/m, depending on the features you require and the number of visitors you anticipate your campaigns will create.

What Can I Do With ClickFunnels?

Construct sales funnels, landing sites, email marketing campaigns, and affiliate programs, in addition to product sales.

Are There Any ClickFunnels Alternatives?

Yes, but not for sales funnels. InstaPage is the most popular.

ClickFunnels is the greatest sales funnel builder on the market. It’s simple, intuitive, effective, and powerful. Personally, I utilize it whenever I launch an information product, online course, host a webinar, or sell a new product.

If you’re serious about scaling your business, there is no simpler way than with ClickFunnels. It’s well worth the money.

Is software installation required to begin using ClickFunnels?

No. ClickFunnels does not require you to download any software. To access the platform, visit their website and log in with your username and password.

Is the data that I create on ClickFunnels’ platform owned by ClickFunnels?

No, users retain ownership of all content created on the ClickFunnels platform. The platform is not granted access to those content. In a nutshell, once you create something on ClickFunnels, you own it completely.

How responsive is ClickFunnels’ customer support?

You can contact the ClickFunnels support staff at any moment for assistance. They are available 24 hours a day. To ensure that your inquiries are addressed expeditiously, you might choose their VIP Support option.

Bear in mind that their personnel can assist you only with technical issues.

You can contact their representatives in one of the following ways:

Log into your ClickFunnels account and select the “Get Help” option from the Help Menu. Navigate to the “Get Help” tab in the bottom right corner of your ClickFunnels account.

Is it possible for me to host web pages independently of ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is capable of hosting websites. Not only does this keep you informed of new features, but it also ensures that your sales funnels are not leaky. If desired, you can quickly export all of your contacts along with the HTML code from any page.

How many members of my team can use ClickFunnels?

With their more expensive plans, ClickFunnels enables you to grant admin access and logins to several peers.

The Basic plan allows for the use of the program by a single user, but the Platinum and Collective plans include additional features. 

While the Platinum plan provides for the use of the platform by three colleagues, the Collective Plan allows for the use of the platform by up to 10 teammates.

Can I terminate my ClickFunnels subscription?

A. Cancelling your ClickFunnels subscription is a simple process. There are no contracts or long-term commitments associated with this software solution. 

If you’re unsure about your long-term usage, you can sign up for their monthly subscriptions.

How to terminate your ClickFunnels subscription:

·        Log in to ClickFunnels.

·        Navigate to Account Preferences

·        To cancel your account, click “Cancel My Account.”

As you can see, the procedure is quite straightforward. You can terminate your account subscription at any time without contacting their customer service team.

What third-party integrations does ClickFunnels offer?

ClickFunnels integrates with a large number of third-party applications. This covers applications like as Salesforce, HubSpot, Drip, Zapier, and Facebook.

While the platform integrates with a variety of email marketing applications, it also has its own email autoresponder. It is referred to as Actionetics. Because it is already integrated within the platform, working with it is simplified. 

Watch This Video Demo of How Clickfunnel Works

Clickfunnel review image

What’s your thought about Clickfunnel? has it been of any good to you? What’s your recommendation? share with us in the comment section below. thanks.