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linktree review
Linktree Review

What linktree is all about?

Linktree is an online service that enables Instagram users to share multiple links in their bio. It is the only tool that allowed users to optimize their Instagram traffic and obtain a single bio link that contained all of their other content links. 

Linktree stood out because it accomplishes the task in a unique way, is easy to set up and use, and is extremely clean. Simply paste the links and rearrange them using a drag-and-drop interface. 

After adding all the site links, you can create a button for each instance. The target user’s interface is pristine and will not become cluttered even if over 27 links are shared.

Additionally, it can be assembled in a matter of minutes. You can add links to your portfolio, YouTube channel, opt-in landing pages, blogs, and more. 

However, this impressive tool has some limitations; let’s examine them!


What Are the Linktree Pricing Options?

Linktree pricing

Their pricing plans are straightforward. You have two options to choose from as a user. Either the free version or the paid version. Each is described in depth below.

The Free Version Includes Unlimited Links

• Unlimited number of accounts

• Basic statistics

• Limited color schemes

The Pro Version is $6 a month and includes unlimited connections and accounts.

• Customized features

• Advanced statistics

• Unlimited color schemes

• The ability to remove the Linktree logo

• Retargeting

• Scheduled links

• Enhanced customer assistance

• Custom UTM parameters

Verdict:Linktree is a great tool for all types of clients. Linktree will enhance the action plans of small, medium, and big enterprises, as well as skilled and inexperienced freelancers that utilize Instagram and other social media platforms for company marketing.

Linktree like many others are facing serious clampdown on Instagram. Nevertheless, they still perform their functions effectively on other social media. 

Hence, there is need for an alternative for those that really do want to display many links in one place on their instagram page. 

The best method to apply in doing this is by using a page on your website/blog where you will display this links (on one page) with the best designs you can come up with and share the single page on your bio. 

You can make use of a free site builder like or any other alternatives. Read here, 5 good reasons why you should have a personal business blog / website. 

Another Alternative that many people opt into these days is Taplink/ContactInBio. it was rated pretty more than linktree and it’s landing page features bypass instagram bot. Check out Taplink >>>



Linktree provides several important features.

Links:This is the primary function of Linktree. With the description of your choosing, you may advertise an endless number of links on your profile.

The free edition of Linktree only allows for limited color customization.

Multiple Accounts: Whether you’re using the free or premium version, Linktree allows you to manage many accounts simultaneously and switch between them.

Schedulingis another function that the free version lacks. As a Pro  subscriber, Linktree allows you to establish a “go live” time for your links to correlate with planned articles and multi-channel campaigns.

This functionality is only accessible to Linktree subscribers. You can view the number of hits each link has received.

Again, retargeting is a premium function. Using your Facebook Pixel ID, you may retarget your Linktree visitors on Instagram and Facebook at any time.

Paid subscribers get access to advanced customization. As a professional user, you want Linktree to represent your brand, and that is precisely what you will receive. 

You will have complete control over the button styles, text, and color scheme. You may also add thumbnails to each link, submit your own profile image, and delete the Linktree logo.

If your account has a high level of interaction and an increasing number of followers, you will likely want to take the next step. 

As a Linktree user with a premium account, you might utilize the email subscription integration option to collect the email addresses of your visitors.

Simple user interface and simple to use:You may create an account within minutes and begin adding personalized links immediately. Creating a new landing page is straightforward and mobile-friendly. 

Using predefined templates, you may generate a brand-new landing page in a matter of minutes. Isn’t that simple? Building a page and integrating your product or website links is simple and online-ready.


Advantages of a Linktree

 Free account: Linktree also offers a free account. It is free to test fundamental features. You can see that there are certain restrictions, but you can still get started without spending any money. 

I would recommend this account to folks with modest Instagram accounts. If Linktree’s branding and logo are bothersome, I would recommend upgrading to a premium version. It’s only $6 a month, which is less than Amazon Prime.

Multiple offers shown on a single page: Multiple links may be inserted on a single landing page, which makes Linktree the most preferred option. Using Linktree, you may advertise affiliate links and earn a substantial amount of money. 

It is verifiably tough to persuade the audience to swipe left and investigate the link, yet the bio contains links to offer profitable products, and marketers adore this feature. Amazing, right?

Customized page builder:The free edition includes a personalized profile header, bio description, pre-designed themes, etc. You are correct that the free edition will include a handful of features. 

If you are dissatisfied with the free version despite the fact that you know the Pro version has many more appealing features, please upgrade to Pro. Every fundamental functionality is available in the free edition.

Negative Aspects of Link Tree Performance issues: The Linktree team does suffer certain performance challenges. 

Linktree is experiencing significant speed difficulties as a result of ever-increasing user databases, and user complaints are on the rise. This is due to the deployed server resources, which have an impact on individual page loads.

The firm is working hard to improve server speed, and they are informing people via social channels.

Instagram is removing the following bio link tools: Instagram is reducing the connections between its bio-links and bio-linking websites. Yes, it is correct. It is because Linktree is using a loophole to engage its users. 

According to my understanding, these programs do not push users to visit dangerous websites. However, users can add their deceptive connections to the Linktree.



After making an account on Linktree, just complete the three steps outlined below to begin playing.

• Utilize the URL option on your profile to add the necessary links.

• Generate the account URL for the chosen platform.

• Finally, enter the URL into your Instagram bio or profile.

At any time If you desire to change your link or add a new one, you may do so quickly by following the guidelines below.

• Navigate to the administration page

• Select the “ADD New Button/ Link” option

• Copy and paste the new link into the “Edit URL” field

• To modify the link’s title, select “Edit Title.”

• Click the button on the right and wait for it to turn green.


Add Links to Your Instagram Bio for Free

The purpose of advertising and marketing is to expose your brand to your intended audience. Exposing your audience to your name or the name of your business is the greatest approach to increase brand recognition, its distinctive qualities, and why it stands out from the competition. Here, you will display Linktree’s name and logo (if you opt for their free version).



linktree pricing

Linktree pricing

Linktree Pro Cost and Features/Benefits

• Link to as many locations as desired with infinite links

• Use QR codes to bring your offline audience online.

• Embed YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitch, and Vimeo videos directly in your Linktree. Collect subscribers using your channel’s connections. Customize your playback settings with mute and autoplay.

• Redirect all of your traffic to a single link that bypasses your Linktree for a certain period of time while still collecting link analytics.

• Collect email and SMS subscribers straight from Linktree to expand your audience list. Create customized Terms and Conditions.

• Allow your audience to support, tip, or give to you or your cause by adding a Support Me Link that accepts donations straight from your Linktree.

• Permit site users to submit customized requests for goods and services.

• Transactions will incur low-cost, conventional payment processing costs from both Linktree and Square. On top of this, your regular payment provider processing costs apply.

• You may modify the title to eliminate the Linktree branding.

• It permits complete interface customization to fit your brand. You may now upload a profile picture, alter button designs, and modify fonts, colors, and sizes.

• Daily stats highlighting the links with the most clicks.

• By connecting your Facebook Pixel ID, you may retarget your Instagram and Facebook visitors.

• You may add other administrators or a team to manage your Linktree links.

• You may add thumbnail pictures to each link button.

• Determine how much traffic your Linktree receives as well as which links are visited and when.

• Understand how links perform in terms of click-through rates.

• Analyze and identify your most popular social channels.

• View all of your metrics and data through smart and user-friendly historical charts.

• Provide a brief bio description to let your visitors learn more about you.

• Customize your Linktree using a variety of included themes.

• Modify the colors and forms of your buttons and your typography to match your brand or style.

• Change your background using colors, gradients, and images; choose from thousands of royalty-free images on Unsplash.

• Select a backdrop animation and apply your brand’s color to it.

• Cover our logo at the bottom of your Linktree.

• Include your most recent videos in your Linktree (Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, twitch, Vimeo)

• Our dedicated support staff is always available via email and the help center.

• Access live chat to find answers to your questions fast, with our round-the-clock support team and prioritized response times.

• Create multiple users for one account.


Link Tree Free version Features 

• Link to as many locations as desired with infinite links

• Embed YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitch, and Vimeo videos straight in your Linktree. Collect subscribers using your channel’s connections. Customize your playback settings with mute and autoplay.

• Make it simple to identify and assess the success of your social networks using analytics.

• Modify your profile’s title and image

• Include an image or symbol with each of your links to facilitate content discovery.

• Embed the most recent videos from YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitch, and Vimeo in your Linktree.


Alternatives to Linktree


  • ContactInBio
  •  Campsite.Bio
  •  LitUrls
  •  ManyLink
  •  LinkinBio



Linktree is a clever and free way to increase the targeted traffic required for your company account on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Linktree’s free edition gives users with an abundance of rights, which I appreciate. Obviously, if you choose for the premium version, you will receive additional perks.


LINKTREE REVIEW Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ section of the Linktree Pro review. This section is for people interested in learning more about Linktree, an Australian startup. Discover why any alternative to Linktree cannot compete with our product.

Is Linktree a good concept?

As a Linktree notion, this is an excellent thing. The concept of directing your audience to a single location containing all your social links and information is brilliant. Especially if you can only include a single link in your profile.

Should You Utilize LinkTree?

Linktree is a free internet tool that will enhance your online presence. It gives a one URL for all of your services, goods, and material that you wish to share with your audience.

The URL supplied by Linktree may be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and several other sites. You may have everything with a simple setup that takes no more than five minutes.

After creating a Linktree account and adding all the necessary links, you need only copy the link it generates and post it on the social networking site of your choosing.

In the future, if you desire to publish any additions to your link, you will just need to update your Linktree links, rather than your bio or profile link.

How Do I Use Linktree?

The tool is incredibly user-friendly. You create a single link that you post across all your social media platforms or wherever you choose.

When someone clicks on your Linktree link, they will see all the links you have attached to it. It is the ideal method for concurrently linking to everything you choose. A excellent example would be your social media accounts, YouTube channel, blog posts, SoundCloud, or any other form of material.

Once you’ve established your Linktree link, input the URLs you want visitors to view. Here is an illustration of one of our users, GaryVee!

Is Linktree Beneficial for Instagram?

Linktree was created in order to facilitate the sharing of a single link across social networking networks. Instead of switching links each time you promote anything, you can simply leave your Linktree link in your bio and choose where it leads. Simply said, it is ideal for Instagram!

Is Linktree Prohibited on Instagram?

Instagram allows Linktree connections.

Who Utilizes Linktree?

Linktree is designed to be used by everyone. Linktree should be utilized by all brands, producers, businesses, musicians, and other persons. Selena Gomez, Gary Vaynerchuck, Alicia Keys, The Guardian, the Los Angeles Clippers, and many others are among our notable users.

Why Can’t I Add Links to Instagram Stories?

You’ve likely observed that some Instagram users include links in their stories, and you wish to do the same. This Instagram feature is only accessible to certain accounts. If you wish to add links to your Instagram stories, you must fulfill one of the two following requirements:

• Have at least 10,000 followers

• Your account is verified

Once you complete these two requirements, you can share links in your Instagram stories.

Is Linktree prohibited on Instagram?

You may observe that Instagram is labeling certain Linktree URLs as spam. This may result in your Instagram bio link being disabled. 

Therefore, your viewers can no longer utilize it. Moreover, you receive no indication when this occurs. Therefore, there is no way to determine if the link in your IG bio has ceased working.

Is Linktree Customer Service Reliable?

Linktree’s customer service team is accessible by email and live chat. Additionally, they provide a Help Center with user-specific suggestions and instructions. 

The crew is efficient and attentive and will offer you with all the necessary information.


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