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Buy and Sell Online Business
Buy and Sell Online Business

Online Business: Top 7 Platforms to Buy and Sell Online Business In 2023

Our Top Choice/Ranking

Motion Invest provides you with a high-quality website and ongoing support, which you know is even more important. Overall Best. Go To Site

Flippa is an awesome website for simply purchasing or selling startups and small enterprises. Their system provides just about everything you need from start to finish.

Empire Flippers: They have 100% correct data about the company and present you with trustworthy information. It eliminates friction from the transaction process by thoroughly investigating the firms

FE Foreign is a good choice if you wish to attract international consumers.. Digital Exits is recommended for major technology companies and help with every step of the transaction.

Shopify Exchange: Majorly for shopify built businesses. Mostly e-commerce stores.  

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Brief Intro

Online businesses are an excellent way to generate substantial passive income. Additionally, these businesses do not require you to work on them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Online businesses are typically very low maintenance. You are not required to make any additional investments beyond purchasing the online business. Numerous platforms have been developed to purchase online businesses based on the buyer’s preferences.

Buying An Online Business

The reality is that you no longer need to start from the beginning. If you are a busy entrepreneur, you can purchase an established company with a bright future. Then, expand your business utilizing your talents and knowledge.

If you choose a business in which you believe you may succeed and then search online, you will always discover a connected business for sale.

Similarly, you may simply sell your SaaS, blog, eCommerce, forum, or any other type of internet business for any reason whatsoever. Therefore, there is no need to go via an agency or waste money and time on unmet expectations.

Choose an online buying and selling marketplace that can alleviate all of these issues. These companies are the digital equivalent of retail stores.

If you purchase an online business, there will be no need for development, and the business will already be operational. Buying an online business is as simple as eating cake. You will obtain sufficient profits without making additional investments.

Nevertheless, you must evaluate any risk. Searching for the best online business to purchase can also be a time-consuming endeavor. 

If you purchase a business that has already been established, you will have less influence over its future development.

You must make the difficult choice of purchasing the right business after conducting exhaustive research on all available alternatives.

Selling an Online Business

If you are a developer who has created a large number of online businesses, it must be time to sell one of them.

With the development in online sales, individuals are actively seeking for purchasing online E-Commerce platforms so that they may also try their hand in this field.

A variety of markets have been built expressly for selling internet enterprises. Many people are seeking for possibilities to acquire pre-developed enterprises and invest additional capital to generate passive income.

Even if you are not a developer but would like to try your hand at selling an internet business, you can just purchase one and resell it.

This option is utilized by a large number of individuals and is regarded as one of the greatest ways to earn additional money. Creating a business from scratch may be a challenging endeavor. You may purchase an internet business and then sell it using your own funds.

Thus, you will earn a substantial amount of additional income. This method will work best for those who lack the funds to construct a brand-new platform.

If you are purchasing an internet business to resell it, you must pay close attention to the items and nature of the firm. A fundamental understanding of the industry is required for this procedure.

The Type of Business that can always be purchased and sold online.

1.     Ecommerce Websites.

Statistics indicate that by 2040, ecommerce will account for 95 percent of all purchases. In addition, the ecommerce industry is expanding by 23% annually. Buying or selling an ecommerce website may be quite profitable the majority of the time.

2.     Content Sites/Blogs.

Each year, almost 2 billion blogs are published globally. In the United States alone, more than 30 million blogs are updated each month.

Since the majority of people today rely on the internet as a source of information, it is only natural that the vast majority of bloggers commercialize their blogs and websites. Today, content websites and blogs are profitable companies that can be bought and sold online.

3.     Softwares/Apps.

Facebook, an app that is just 16 years old, is already valued around $530 billion. It is not the only profitable product on the market. Currently, there are applications for virtually anything.

In light of the 45 percent increase in mobile app downloads over the past five years, purchasing an app today might be a fantastic investment.

4.     Domain Titles

Everyone needs catchy domain names to attract clients, as all businesses in the world are moving online. In the first quarter of 2020, 367 million domain name registrations were made. Therefore, purchasing or selling the appropriate domain names might be lucrative in the present day.

5.     SaaS Businesses.

SaaS companies are valued differently than other online companies. They are completely cloud-based and subscription-based.

SaaS enterprises are also very profitable due to their scalability and applicability across a broad variety of industries. Therefore, selling and buying them online is simple.

Advantages of an online market place

1. An extra sales and marketing channel for your internet business

2. Reduces marketing expenses

3. Provides the ability to compare businesses and their rates with ease.

4. Greater chance for international selling and purchasing in a multitude of specialties

5. Establishes mutual confidence between the vendor and the purchaser

6. Provides more clarity on the availability, business status, and pricing of a product or service

7. Safer and more efficient transactions

Therefore, let’s discover what these platforms can offer for you.


What Qualities Should You Search For When Purchasing An Online Business?

Not everyone like the thought of launching a brand-new internet business. Additionally, purchasing an existing firm has several advantages. However, the firm you acquire should have a track record of generating income and quick cash flow.

Here are some considerations for pricing and purchasing an internet business.

1. Income Generation

Reviving a bankrupt firm is not worth the risk unless you are very talented or experienced. Therefore, select a company with an increasing revenue.

Request financial information in monthly increments. It will provide a clear picture of the business’s future course.

2. Expenses.

Consider expenditures such as website hosting, domain renewals, digital marketing, SEO, etc. In addition, verify that the owner practices prudent spending habits. If not, spending can be reallocated to improve profitability.

It is equally vital to search for costs that appear abnormally low or that the owner did not disclose. Such expenditures include payment processing fees, reimbursements for integrations & plugins, etc.

Overall, it is not a smart idea to purchase a firm with higher costs than yearly income.

3. Monthly Traffic Volume

Monthly traffic is an important measure to consider when purchasing an internet business. Additionally, consider the variety of traffic.

It should include organic traffic, paid traffic, direct traffic, social media traffic, and referral traffic, among others.

You may use technologies such as Google Analytics to determine the source of the store’s traffic. Additionally, verify whether the site has high-quality backlinks, as sites with such links are more valuable than those with no or low-quality backlinks. In this instance, you may utilize SeRanking and WebSEO to investigate a website’s backlink profile.

4. Determine the reason behind the sale.

It is vital to determine why the owner is selling the firm. If the explanations they present raise red flags – such as unprofitability or lack of traffic – it is best to seek for an alternative company. Knowing the causes will allow you to determine if you can handle them.

5. Growth Prospects

The firm you intend to acquire may appear to have reached its full potential. However, there are always methods to offer value.

Perhaps the owner has never previously employed a Conversion Rate Optimization service. You might employ one to examine the business website for conversion procedure flaws.

Even a dynamic social media marketing plan is possible. There are several ways to test and expand your business. Avoid purchasing a firm with little to no development prospects.

6. Customer Evaluations

Determine whether present consumers are satisfied with the business. It will provide factual information on the firm you intend to acquire.


7 Best Online Market Place where you can buy Online business

1.    FLIPPA

Flippa is the first online marketplace where anybody may sell their website. Approximately 600,000 individuals still using the marketplace to purchase websites. It is said that over 5,000 firms are added daily.

Consequently, Flippa is one of the most popular sites that enable you to purchase a website, invest in digital real estate, and become a professional acquisition entrepreneur. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace that streamlines the entire purchasing and selling process by allowing direct communication between buyers and sellers.

People are eager to acquire every single website listed on the platform. People may purchase digital assets on the marketplace in addition to online businesses.

Flippa expedites transactions and negotiations, which would otherwise be time-consuming. It displays both current listings and a search field for locating companies. If you wish to acquire an internet business, you may place a bid on any listing and immediately get started.

In addition, it provides deep insights into these firms, such as their traffic statistics, financials, demographics, and channels. In addition, there is an option labeled “Flippa Due Diligence.” It is a new evaluation and certification service offered by Flippa when purchasing an internet business.

There is a distinct category of Shopify stores to choose from on the site. Additionally, you may purchase Amazon FBA stores using the site. The platform also provides users with a separate, secure payment method.

It provides buyers with in-depth information about listed online businesses, such as traffic, financials, analysis, channels, demographics, and more. You may even get a comprehensive “Due Diligence Report” for internet firms in order to make an educated decision.

The Report on Due Diligence includes:

  • Seller analysis
  • Financial evaluation
  • Transport analysis
  • Sales and marketing analysis
  • Legal and operational analysis
  • Industry and rivalry analysis
  • Pricing research
  • Evaluation of risk and suggestions

Important Features of Flippa

Small Company Financing – Flippa collaborates with Guidant Financial to provide small business finance through SBA and 401(k) business financing options. SBA loans demand a minimum of $50,000 and a credit score of 690 in order to qualify.

Escrow – and Flippa partner to provide safe transaction services. Before releasing the seller’s payments, the escrow process assures that the new owner may inspect and confirm the assets.

Valuation Tool – Flippa is a free online tool for correctly determining the worth of your business. It also gives insights on how to increase the marketability of your firm.

Diverse Categories – Flippa organizes companies into several categories, such as applications, ecommerce, dropshipping company, services, SaaS, Content, and more, to assist you in locating the ideal online business. You may further refine your search using parameters such as age, price, and kind, among others.

Other beneficial features:

  • You may sponsor your listings to increase their visibility on the homepage of Flippa.
  • Purchase templates and new companies at a discount.
  • Flippa validates all buyers and sellers using government-issued identification.
  • The Escrow Service safeguards all transactions.
  • You may also sell Amazon FBA retail stores.

Flippa Pricing/Fee:

Profit Fees: The charge you pay would be proportional to the selling price.

$1 to $9,999: Up to $99 Plus 10 percent Profits Fee

$10k to $49,999: Up to $399 Plus 10 percent Profits Fee

$50k to $99,999: Up to $399 + 7.5 percent Profits Fee (when selling with Flippa vs a broker)

Over $100k: Up to $499 plus 5% Success Fee

Go To Site >>>

 2. Motion Invest

Are you looking for a marketplace that can alleviate all of your difficulties while selling or purchasing a website?

I know you do.

Motion Invest is a go to!

On their website, there are three options: view available sites, sell a site, and purchase a site. Simply select one of whatever you’re looking for and continue. If you wish to sell a website, they provide two options.

The first option is for them to purchase the site directly from you, which would result in faster payment and an efficient due diligence process. The second option is to list your website on their marketplace, where thousands of potential purchasers can view it and make a decision.

In addition to the sites they have personally acquired, they conduct a thorough examination of all sites listed. In addition to purchasing websites at a fair market price, they do not charge any listing or success fees if you sell it directly to them. If you want to list your business on their marketplace, you must pay a 20 percent success fee.

Motion Invest provides you with a high-quality website and ongoing support, which you know is even more important. They ensure a smooth transition by helping you set up everything and switching out the associated monetization. 

Key Features:

  1. Starter Stores – There are tons of starter online stores listed on the Motion Invest and they are very cheap. You can pick a store with the potential to kickstart your business instantly.
  2. Secure Exchange – They ensures safe and secure transfers of online businesses in partnership with
  3. Unique Picks – Motion Invest offers a list of hand-picked businesses curated by its own staff to help you find a suitable online business.


  1. It provides a free buyer’s guide to help you know all the rules of trade.
  2. Gain access to actionable insights like traffic, demographics, profit margin, and more.
  3. Motion invest properly scrutinizes online businesses to derive accurate analytics and traffic details.
  4. You can hide your business name and URL through private listing till your business is sold.
  5. It comes with a free valuation calculator to help you place the correct price tag on your firm.

Pricing/Fee: Motion invest charges a service fee depending on your site’s sales price. Visit the website to catch a glimpse of the pricing and offers

Visit Motion Invest >>>

3. Empire Flippers

They specialize in facilitating the sale or purchase of internet businesses. If you are a buyer on our platform, you will locate the appropriate online business. Additionally, the site would facilitate calls between buyers and sellers.

They offer several channels for communication between buyers and vendors. They have 100% correct data about the company and present you with trustworthy information.

It eliminates friction from the transaction process by thoroughly investigating the firms. Its homepage provides details such as listing or niche, monetization, monthly net income, and price range.

Key attributes:

Monetization – Search for businesses using monetization techniques such as affiliate, advertising, dropshipping, ecommerce, etc.

Refundable Deposit – You only have to pay a 5 percent refundable deposit of the value of the business you purchase. Additionally, you have access to all the information you require prior to making a purchase.

Podcasts: To make the best decision, listen to a vast collection of podcasts from business executives and industry specialists.

Other notable Features and Benefits

·        They give several benefits for purchasers, including accurate statistics from Google Analytics and URL, a profit-and-loss statement, simple transfer, and reputable enterprises from which to choose.

·        For sellers, they provide assistance at every stage without requiring the purchase of any software.

·        You may search for businesses based on monetization strategies such as affiliates, Amazon Associates, Amazon KDP, Amazon FBM, Amazon Merchant, advertisements, eCommerce, and dropshipping.

·        Profit immediately with Empire Flippers.

·        It can transfer the business on behalf of the seller.

·        Utilize their free business valuation tool to determine your company’s actual value.

·        Call for assistance to purchase or sell swiftly.

·        Representatives of Empire Flippers organize conference calls between buyers and sellers for effective communication.

·        If the company generates less than fifty percent of the agreed-upon sum, you can renegotiate the contract.

·        New listings get uploaded every week. 

Pricing/fees: Empire Flippers does not charge a fee for listing your business. You will only be required to pay if your firm is sold.

Sold for less than $700,00, the commission rate is 15% of the sale price.

Between $700,000 and $5,000,000: 8% commission on the ultimate transaction price.

Sold for $5 million or above, the commission rate is 2.5% of the ultimate transaction price.

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4. International FE

Do you intend to acquire a huge business?

With FE International’s assistance, your ambition may become a reality. It provides consulting services to investors seeking to sell or acquire an internet business. 

Here, you will have simple access to pre-qualified and established investors.

Choose from up-to-date company listings that include price information. This platform tells you when a certain property is “under offer.” This manner, you may avoid studying ads that may have been sold by the time you return the following day.

In addition, FE International highlights the benefits of acquiring certain firms in bullet points. Utilize their valuation service to estimate the website’s value when you choose to sell your company.

This platform also includes elements such as a professional broker service where you receive further assistance with thorough paperwork on a firm, such as its financial performance, market trends, prospects, etc., allowing you to swiftly select the appropriate business.

Additionally, you may choose a private listing for your firm to protect your interests during the sales cycle. This way, only verified, serious customers might read your business-related information. Additionally, they have offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, and San Francisco for your convenience.

Key Features:

FE International provides a global network of more than 50,000 pre-qualified internet investors to assist you in locating the ideal buyer.

The professional brokers develop a comprehensive prospectus that includes information on company potential, financial performance, traffic, and market trends. It allows you to efficiently investigate the firms.

Private Listing You can create a private listing to safeguard your company’s interests during the sales process. Thus, only verified, serious customers may read your company’s details.

Competent company brokers provide comprehensive support during the buying and selling procedure.

Its advising service delivers company evaluations.

You may sell your company to overseas purchasers without having to worry about legal or regulatory compliance.

It provides private and secret business transfer on your behalf.

There are offices for FE International in New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and London.

Pricing/Fees: FE International charges a buyer transaction fee equal to 2.5% of the sale’s total value. There are no listing costs. Other than this, you would need to contact the provider for an estimate on the valuation charge.

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5. Digital Exits

Digital Exits is one of the most valuable firms you can contact to purchase or sell your internet business. The organization has a huge staff of seasoned researchers that will locate the most suitable buyers or sellers for your internet business platform.

This platform’s research team provides complete support to sellers who list their internet businesses for sale on this marketplace. The platform would assist sellers in managing the various facets of selling their firm.

Key Features:

Global Transactions It can assist you in concluding global transactions with foreign investors. It has already concluded transactions with more than a hundred clients on five continents, including Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia.

Interview with a Copywriter — In-house copywriters conduct interviews with business owners to acquire all pertinent information. Then, they create an executive summary and a compelling narrative, and edit the prospectus to make the business appear appealing.

Bank Financing – It secures bank financing in advance for your business, making it more appealing to buyers with lower net worth.

It promotes your company offer over thirteen distinct marketing channels to attract the ideal customer.

Digital Exists responds to any buyer inquiries on your behalf.

The purchasers must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect the confidentiality of your business’s information.

It helps the buyer manage the firm efficiently throughout the transition time.

Pricing/Fees: You must contact the seller for pricing information.

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6. The Website Flip Agency

The Website Flip Brokerage is a boutique brokerage that buys and sells content websites valued at less than $100,000.

There are three ways for them to buy and sell websites:

• They are themselves website investors, so if a site satisfies their standards, they will purchase it directly. This will save the seller commission money.

• If a site passes their study, it will be offered for sale in their newsletter every Wednesday at 9 a.m. CST. 

• If a site does not sell on the newsletter directly to buyers, it will be listed on Flippa as an action. The Website Flip is an approved Flippa marketplace broker.

Each listing is accompanied by revenue images, a profit and loss statement, a list of highlights, setbacks, and easy growth opportunities. This provides the purchaser with a roadmap for future expansion.

The brokerage will facilitate the transfer of the website by coordinating with the buyer and seller. Escrow is utilized to smooth the transaction so that both parties are protected.

Go To Site >>> 

7. Shopify Exchange

Do you like shopify platform?

Then, Shopify Exchange is an excellent solution for you.

Utilize the power of this marketplace, which Shopify offered to you, whether you want to purchase or sell a Shopify-powered website. 

It contains several business listings, such as industry type, sales channel, business type, and location. Here you may also find a large number of established companies.

Shopify Exchange enables the creation of both private and public listings for Shopify stores.

There is an option to conceal your company’ URL and name until it sells. It provides a safe and secure transaction procedure using anonymous chat and an escrow service.

To make things easier for you, Exchange employees provide a curated list of the top hand-selected firms to assist you in locating a suitable online company. 

This marketplace provides a free valuation tool and a secure chat platform for sellers and buyers to communicate about business, future potential, and business history.

Go To Site >>>

Summary and Suggestions

If you are not one techy type, or you probably need an online business very fast without going through the stress of having to start building from scratch, building links, ranking it, then buying an already established one is a good option I’m presenting to you.

Flippa is an awesome website for simply purchasing or selling startups and small enterprises. Motion Invest provides you with a high-quality website and ongoing support, which you know is even more important. 

Digital Exits is recommended for major technology companies and help with every step of the transaction. FE Foreign is a good choice if you wish to attract international consumers.

Our favorite choice is Flippa since it  is the business category with the most diversity, Easy to navigate.

There is option to employ a broker who can manage the full procedure on your behalf, numerous customers. Etc.

The fact that it is one of the largest online business marketplaces also makes it an awesome alternative to others.


Flippa >>>

Motion Invest >>>

Empire Flipper>>>

FE International>>> 

Do  leave a comment. What’s your take about buying an already established online business? Is it advisable? 

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