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 The Best 7 Email Marketing Software Platforms: Reviewed, Ranked and Recommendation

Table of contents

Brief Introduction

Our Top Pick

1. ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software

2. Instapage Email Marketing Software

3. Moosend Email Marketing Software

4. HubSpot Email Marketing Software

5. ClickFunnels Email Marketing Software

6. GetResponse Email Marketing Software

7. Aweber Email Marketing Software

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Software

·        Basic Segmentation

·        Analytical Depth

·        Simple Automation

Summary and Recommendation  


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Brief Introduction

You must have heard it times without number that ‘There is money in the list’. That’s just the truth, because they that makes the most money online in any niche and whatsoever are the ones that prioritize the use of email marketing. It is one indispensable tool in the hand of pro-internet marketers.

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies available to you. It has the potential to increase engagement, establish relationships, and produce a greater ROI than any other sort of marketing effort.

Meanwhile, the choice of your email marketing campaign software can also influence the success of your marketing campaigns.

This tutorial provides a solution for you whether you’re creating a fresh list from scratch or simply need an easier approach to contact your audience.

For this purpose have I reviewed and ranked the best 7 email marketing softwares in 2022. 

Our Top Pick

Activecampaign Review

Intapage Email Marketing Review
Moosend Email Marketing Review

Hubspot Email Marketing Review

1. ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software 

Activecampaign Email Marketing Review

Activecampain is the finest overall email marketing platform on my list because of its sophisticated automation capabilities and deliverability.

Machine learning, as the brightest tool on this list, is crucial.

ActiveCampaign uses Predictive Actions to answer difficult questions about your clients in order to automatically take action and drive them down the sales funnel.

ActiveCampaign also interacts with over 850 other applications, including Facebook, Shopify, WordPress, and many more.

It’s simple to automate your list segments, and you can create list triggers and move people depending on dynamic email content, sales follow-ups, and more.

Email processes are strong and simple to administer.

All of this data syncs with their built-in CRM to deliver enhanced lead scoring to sales teams.

Their lead scoring method is also adaptable. If you’re not aware with lead scoring, it’s a method of awarding points to certain email subscribers depending on their activities.

When customers reach a certain point level, they may either join a new automated funnel or be contacted by your sales staff.

The steps are as follows:

First, you must decide on your engagement metrics. These might range from an email open or click to a material download or consultation request.

You then enter your lead scoring criteria and points depending on these conditions. These should be determined by the degree of effort and likelihood of conversion.

Non-opens and unsubscribes are also worth a minus point. When a subscriber hits a predetermined point threshold, their data is transferred to the Deals CRM, where it enters a new level of automation:

CRM Options for ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring

It’s a fantastic technique used by huge corporations to nurture email prospects in the most customized way imaginable.

Email deliverabilityis another great selling factor, rating better than all other platforms on this list. Their email dispatches have the lowest likelihood of being flagged as spam and have the highest chance of reaching principal inboxes on Gmail and Outlook.

Activecampaign Email Marketing Review
Activecampain feature image

Important Characteristic of Active campaign

·        One-on-one training helps you get the most out of ActiveCampaign, and their team is always accessible to answer your queries.

·        There is no need to worry about losing data or starting from scratch with free migration.

·        Beautiful email marketing enables you to produce visually appealing newsletters and campaigns that will engage your consumers and drive them to purchase.

·        Set up a welcome series to introduce new subscribers to your company, and send out messages to keep consumers up to date on new goods and offers.

·        Site tracking allows you to monitor how visitors engage with your website, allowing you to make adjustments to boost your conversion rate.

·        user experience with activecampaign

·        After you sign up, you can easily design your first marketing campaign using a step-by-step automation builder.

·        Following that, the user-friendly interface makes it simple to keep track of your progress and make modifications as needed.

·        Furthermore, the visual features provide a clear overview of your progress and assist you in focusing on the most critical tasks.

·        At any moment, you may add triggers, adjust delays, and change your campaign.

·        user experience with activecampaign

Pricing for Activecampaigns

Pricing is determined on the features of your account as well as the size of your email list.

Plus: $49/month Lite: $9/month

$149/month for professionals

Custom Pricing for Enterprise

All options include a 14-day free trial.

Pros and Cons of using ActiveCampaign:


·        The UI is simple to use, making it ideal for novices.

·        The onboarding and support staff are fantastic, offering useful information and advice when required.

·        ActiveCampaignalso makes campaign management a snap.


·        Reporting and integrations might be difficult to comprehend and utilize at times.

·        The usage of tags may be perplexing and difficult to keep track of.

·        Product Improvements:

The improved App Studio login log allows you to check who has accessed your account fast and simply.

Make your own items. You may now build custom fields to hold any essential data with no code necessary.

To make personal emails stand out in the inbox, include a signature customization tag.

Go To ActiveCampaign

2. Instapage Email Marketing Software 

Instapage Email Marketing Review

Instapage is the most successful landing page solution for marketing teams and agencies.

Instapage is a cloud-hosted tool that contains almost everything you need to create and publish landing pages.

Whether or not you presently have a website or other online presence, the platform is a fantastic resource for you. It is a tool for creating landing pages with the goal of improving conversions.

With over a million landing pages and an average conversion rate of more than 22%, Instapage assists over 12,000 clients in 100 countries in increasing their profit margins and income.

Instapage, unlike other solutions, does not employ a grid-based layout. It has a high degree of adaptability. As a result, you may drag and drop each part to its proper spot.

Widgets:This feature allows you to add CTA buttons, timers, and other features.

There are various customizable templates available if you don’t want to start from scratch.

Direct access to Bigstock’s 33 million images: Importing professional stock images is straightforward, but each image must be paid separately.

Asset delivery and detailed form builder: With ease, create any sort of form, including multi-step forms. Then, connect to a plethora of integrations. A/B testing, heatmaps, Google Tag Manager, and other valuable analytics

Collaboration options:Because Instapage bills itself as a platform for “marketing teams and agencies,” it offers a variety of collaboration capabilities.

For example, you may offer input on specific sections of a landing page design draft.

AMP Compatibility:Using the same drag-and-drop interface, create Google AMP landing pages.

Instapage may link to Google AdWords and other services, in addition to analytics, to provide attribution data such as AdWords campaigns and price information.

This overview paints a clear picture of what to anticipate from this powerful tool. How well are these features put in place? Finally, it may appear to be excellent on paper but performs poorly in practice. Then, let us reach a conclusion: Because of its well-designed features that you won’t find anywhere else, Instapage is unquestionably one of the finest, if not the best, landing page builder.

However, its prices are slightly more than those of other Email Marketing Softwares. Aside than that, it’s just the finest available.

Pros and cons of Instapage Email marketing Software

Pros of using Instapage Email Software

A diverse range of professional-looking landing page themes.

·        The ability to use landing pages to distribute files and sell things.

·        A user-friendly landing page builder with rich functionality.

·        Ample choices for publishing landing pages.

·        A plethora of reporting data and optimization tools to help with page optimization.

·        Instapage features that promote cooperation and client collaboration.

·        Good mobile assistance to assist you in developing mobile-friendly landing pages.

·        Extensive online documentation and a proactive live chat help channel.

·        Pixel Perfect editor with a drag-and-drop editor that is extraordinarily easy and intuitive

·        Pages that are mobile-friendly

·        Easy to attach

·        Heatmap access

·        Team collaboration features

·        Outstanding customer service and support functions

Cons of Using Instapage Email Software

·        The business plan allows for no more than 30,000 unique monthly visitors, 30 published landing page experiences, five workspaces, and five team members. Enterprise plan allowances can be changed.

·        Fewer e-commerce features than comparable platforms like Groovepages.

·        The most crucial consideration is pricing. • Its more premium plans are the only ones that offer sophisticated features, making Instapage more expensive than many of its competitors.

Instapage Features

Instapage provides the following Features

·        An editor with drag-and-drop functionality

·        Integrations with prominent email and marketing systems, such as Marketo, MailChimp, and so on.

·        Comprehensive landing page analytics

·        Development of mobile-friendly pages

·        Rapidly produce pages

·        An intuitive user interface

·        Modifiable templates

·        Access to expert stock photographs

·        Collaboration equipment etc.

Try Out Instapage For Free        In-depth Instapage Review 

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3. Moosend Email Marketing Software

Moosend Email Marketing Review 

Moosend is an email automation solution that assists you in building your email list, personalizing your messages, and automating chores so that you can focus on client connections.

In their campaign builder, they feature simple drag-and-drop email templates. You may use this tool to add graphics, text blocks, social symbols, and other elements to your emails.

They provide a big selection of responsive email templates with various styles that look excellent on desktop or mobile.

Key characteristics: moosend characteristics

moosend Features

·        The automated tools are where Moosend really shines. You may automate messages based on upsells, customer interaction, and customer loyalty by using their “Recipes” (pre-built automation templates).

·        Triggers, control steps, and actions are the three fundamental components of any automation.

·        When you combine all three, you may filter email list segments and send sequences based on the events you specify.

·        Landing Page Builder Tools: To maximize conversions, create bespoke webpages with email sign-up forms.

·        Automation Workflows: With these templates, you can easily customise your emails and nurture customer connections.

·        Custom Opt-In Forms: You can design and build custom forms that allow visitors to join your email list.

·        List Segmentation: Segment your list depending on consumer activity, such as engagement analytics, abandoned basket emails, and other factors.

·        Reporting Tools: Their analytics tools provide you a bird’s-eye view of all of your critical email data.

·        Customer Service: Phone help is included in all premium plans. All custom corporate programs include an account manager and phone assistance. Email and live hat are also some unique ways of reaching out to their customer support.

·        They also feature video lessons and a large knowledge base to help you find answers to your questions.

Other Unique Characteristics of Moosend

You may use a variety of actions and criteria to trigger your emails, making it simple to design sophisticated marketing automation programs.

You may also utilize the visual interface to view your campaign progress and outcomes.

Furthermore, you may configure a variety of options to assist you fine-tune your campaigns for even greater outcomes.

Moosend customer service is topnotch, their support service is good and very responsive.

Moosend pricing

The cost of Moosend is determined on the amount of subscribers on your email list.

They provide a free account with sign-up forms, reporting, and also allows users to send limitless emails to customers with fewer than 1,000 subscribers.

Paid options at Moosend start at $9 per month and scale up with the number of subscribers.

Each premium package includes transactional emails, page builders, and SMTP servers.

Their enterprise options include migration and onboarding assistance, as well as Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

Pros and Cons of Using Moosend Email Software

Pros of Using Moosend

·        The reporting tools and analytics give a full report on your campaigns, including every user activity, and include a user-friendly interface and capabilities such as mailing lists, automation, and landing pages.

·        Automation processes outperform comparably priced competitors in terms of efficacy.

·        The majority of the premium features are available with the free plan.

·        This platform allows for the creation of an infinite number of custom data fields and segments.

·        Everything is simple to use.

·        Simple User Interface

Cons of Using Moosend

·        There are just 70 pre-designed email templates.

·        Moosend’s third-party integration is limited in comparison to competitors like as ConvertKit, Constant Contact, and others.

·        Customer service is restricted for free plans. (Only available five days a week)

Additional Features

·        The most recent action on your site is now visible.

·        Sort and filter automations by title, list, or date to quickly discover the automation you’re searching for.

Try Out Moosend For Free  In-depth Moosend Review

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4. HubSpot Email Marketing Software

Hubspot Review

HubSpot is one of the most comprehensive marketing platform on the market.

Using their email marketing software is one of the simplest methods to create, optimize, and distribute visually appealing emails.

They provide a plethora of bespoke options, and you may choose, plan, and upgrade whether you’re a little or huge corporation.

You may either utilize one of their pre-made email templates or start from scratch when composing an email.

These templates enable you to include text, photos, buttons, dividers, and a variety of other materials and layouts.

I found their email editor to be the most user-friendly on the market. It’s considerably quicker and easier to use than the other tools on this list:

Once you’re satisfied with your email design, test it on several recipients, devices, and email applications such as Gmail, Apple Mail, and Office 365.

This tool is quite handy. Email subject lines, preview text, and content can all seem substantially different depending on the email software used by the end user.

These samples guarantee that your emails will appear beautiful in any mailbox.

Personalization is another area where HubSpot excels. You customise text using common merge tags such as the recipient’s first name, just like with normal tools.

You may also tailor content to a user’s device, list section, and geographic area.

Furthermore, you may A/B test your subject lines and content to ensure that you maximize your email open and click rates.

When you’re ready to send and promote your email, you may use their Smart Send feature. You may use this functionality to alter your send timing to enhance interaction.

It’s time to check your stats once you’ve sent your email.

The HubSpot analytics dashboard provides statistics on your openings and clicks, as well as time spent viewing your email.

One of the finest reporting techniques for determining how interesting your email content is to see if recipients Read, Skimmed, or Glanced at it:

Report on HubSpot Email Marketing Analytics

For instance, you may see that subscribers are merely skimming your emails.

This information allows you to determine which sorts of email content should be enhanced.

Another advantage of HubSpot is that it continuously reaches users’ inboxes. They have a solid email delivery rate of 99 percent.

These high figures are the result of good domain validity settings using DKIM and SPF records, as well as the opportunity to properly examine and test emails.

The major reason HubSpot is at the top of my list is that their email marketing platform is only one component of their whole solution.

Their Advertising Hub Starter Package provides the most value.

Hubspot Features

HubSpot important Functionalities

·        This comprehensive marketing platform includes email marketing as well as anything else you need to coordinate your marketing and sales efforts:

·        Using HubSpot’s drag-and-drop email builder, you can create attractive emails without the need of designers or IT.

·        Increase email engagement with HubSpot’s built-in A/B testing, email automation, and segmentation capabilities.

·        Schedule emails ahead of time to deliver them at the optimal moment for your audience.

·        Protect your clients’ data by utilizing GDPR-compliant forms and opt-ins from HubSpot.

·        HubSpot is my third choice for the finest email marketing software for one simple reason: it properly matches your inbound and outbound marketing.

·        Hubspot customer service

·        HubSpot offers a more simplified experience by integrating all of your marketing tools into one spot.

·        The visual interface allows you to readily see your campaign progress and outcomes.

·        You may also develop custom reports to have a deeper understanding of your marketing performance.

·        You may also use the built-in analytics tools to assess the health of your marketing initiatives.

·        There are other assistance features on the site to help you find answers to your queries fast.

Pricing for Hubspot

I recommend starting for free and then upgrading to their Marketing Hub Starter Package for $45/month.

The Pros and Cons of Using HubSpot

The Pros of Using HubSpot:

Workflow:Using HubSpot’s workflow technology, you can quickly automate your email marketing activities. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus on other elements of your business.

List creation functionality:You can quickly and simply develop subscriber lists using HubSpot. This is an excellent approach to expand your email list and reach out to additional clients.

Hubspot Support is fantastic:HubSpot’s support crew is really responsive and helpful.

They are always eager to answer your concerns and assist you in troubleshooting any difficulties you may be experiencing.

Cons of Using HubSpot

·        It is not always evident how to complete tasks, resulting in a higher learning curve.

·        Training for new employees may be more straightforward and brief.

Hubspot Custom feedback surveys:To gather information from your clients, you can now construct custom feedback questionnaires. This is an excellent method for gathering information on your products or services and improving the client experience.

HubSpot’s payments feature:You can now process payments and gifts easily from your website by using HubSpot’s payments tool. This is an excellent method for increasing conversions and income.

50+ new data sync integrations established by HubSpot: HubSpot has implemented more than 50 new data sync connections.

Try Out Hubspot For Free

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5. ClickFunnels Email Marketing Software 

Clickfunnels Email Marketing Review

ClickFunnels is a platform that makes it simple to create websites and sales funnels without having any technical knowledge. You can develop effective landing pages, analyze their performance, and distribute retargeted messages using an entrepreneur-focused sales funnel and website builder.

ClickFunnels was intended to help internet marketers construct sales funnels and entirely automate the sales process. This program allows you to create sales pages and funnels all in one place. With the aid of ClickFunnels, online business owners can scale their operations to new heights.

In 2014, Russell Brunson and his colleagues produced the software.

Since its release, the software has risen to become the most popular sales funnel builder.

Distinguishing Characteristics of ClickFunnels

·        ClickFunnels is a one-stop marketing solution.

·        ClickFunnels may be used to upsell and downsell your items.

·        With its drag-and-drop editor and sales funnel templates, ClickFunnels makes funnel development simple.

·        You may use ClickFunnels to develop your own affiliate network.

·        ClickFunnels can help you with the following:

·        Create landing pages to increase lead generation, automate the sales cycle, and increase sales and income.

·        ClickFunnels has an A/B Split testing feature for optimizing the efficacy of your sales funnels.

·        ClickFunnels includes sales statistics to assist you in tracking and analyzing your data.

Other Functionalities:

·        Landing Page Templates

·        Targeted Funnel Creation

·        Funnel Templates

·        Webinar Event Hosting

·        Drag-and-Drop Website Hosting

·        Email AutoResponder

·        Integrated Shopping Cart

·        Conversion Tracking

The Pros and Cons of Using ClickFunnels Advantages

·        Interface is simple to use.

·        A effective sales funnel does not require any prior coding skills.

·        The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to design several sorts of landing pages, and the application offers a complete marketing solution.

·        Pre-built sales funnels save time since you may utilize one of the pre-built templates or construct your own landing pages.

·        A/B split testing allows you to choose the most successful option for your advertisements, funnels, and so on.

·        Helps you generate more leads and, as a result, more revenue.

·        You can rapidly examine your statistics and determine which marketing strategies need to be improved.

·        Constant software upgrades keep you ahead of the internet marketing game.

Cons of Using clickfunnel

·        The pricing choices are very high, and you may not receive the amount of customization you seek due to the software’s emphasis on simplicity.

·        Because of the vast number of capabilities offered, learning ClickFunnels will take some time.

Try Out Clickfunnel For Free     In-depth Clickfunnel Review

6. GetResponse Email Marketing Software

Getresponse review

The marketing automation suite from GetResponse is a well-known and comprehensive marketing solution. Among the things they provide are high-converting landing page software, email marketing campaigns, webinar softwares etc. As a result, it is recognized as an enterprise marketing solution, with scalability benefits such as end-to-end client dashboards and low price. As a result, I always recommend it to marketers that need more than a simple landing page to achieve their goals.

GetResponse is a good choice for marketers or business owners who want a comprehensive set of tools as part of their entire strategy.

One other major highlight here is Autofunnel, a solution that comes with 30+ ready-made landing pages, email templates, and sales sequences. You can also select your final goals. Autofunnel is the answer whether you want to increase lead generation, product sales, or webinar registrations.

They’re designed to foster your email list and conversions in your funnel:

Features of GetResponse:

·        Built-in analytics

·        Integrates with a variety of platforms, including Adwords, Google Analytics, Bing, KissMetrics, and Facebook

·        Capture leads with forms and integrate them with your GetResponse email platform

·        Thousands of stock photos and templates

·        A/B testing

·        PayPal button to accept payments

·        Drag-and-drop builder is also incredibly user-friendly, making it simple to create high-quality emails.

Pros and Cons of using Getresponse

Pros of Using Getresponse

• There is a fully free version of the platform that may be used indefinitely. • GetResponse is far less expensive than many of its key competitors (in some cases significantly cheaper) while having the same, if not more, features, as long as you’re okay with a ‘Basic’ plan. Savings for prepaying for one or two years of service are really significant – you’ll be hard pushed to find equivalent savings from renowned rivals. It offers extremely effective marketing automation technology.

• Its flexible approach to data segmentation substantially simplifies list maintenance – it outperforms a huge number of rival applications in this regard.

GetResponse’s webinar feature is exceptional and a great differentiator – This capability has not been observed in other products.

• All GetResponse plans have a handy (if slightly clumsy) landing page builder that allows for A/B testing, which might save you a lot of money.

• Custom DKIM is included in all plans, even the free one.

• Support is provided in a variety of languages.

• With the exception of the lack of suitable cookie consent mechanisms on its landing pages, it adheres to GDPR rules admirably. Because it removes the need to invest in many products, the ‘all-in-one’ concept will appeal to budget-conscious small company owners.

Cons of Using Getresponse

• While the Facebook pixel is compatible with GetResponse’s landing page functionality, it cannot be utilized in accordance with GDPR.

• GetResponse’s popup signup forms may be enhanced; customers should be able to turn them on and off on mobile devices.

• There is no phone support (unless you are on a “Max2” plan).

Pricing for getresponse

You may test out this service with a free plan for up to 500 contacts to see whether it’s perfect for you.

The Basic Plan is $15.58 per month, Plus is $48.8 per month, and Professional is $97.58 per month.

Annual plans also save you between 18 and 30 percent.

Verdict:GetResponse is a great email marketing platform for managing automated sales processes and landing pages.

Try Out Getresponse For Free       Check out our In-depth Getresponse Review

7. Aweber Email Marketing Software

Aweber review

AWeber is the best email marketing software for small businesses, with helpful support (free – $16.15/month).

AWeber is an email marketing service for small and large businesses. AWeber has helped over one million businesses communicate with prospects and customers with amazingly easy email marketing software since 1998.

With AWeber’s award-winning 24/7 US-based customer service, you can rapidly create responsive landing pages, manage contacts, send attractive emails, send push alerts, and assess outcomes. Customers may connect their company apps and services with over 1,000 software partners through AWeber. AWeber is a private firm situated in Chalfont, Pennsylvania.

Customers that pay get immediate access to all functions, and the cost of membership increases solely as the number of customers increases. They just introduced a free subscription for people with fewer than 500 subscribers, however functionality and email sending limitations apply (3,000).

AWeber is used by over 100,000 email marketers and has features that are ideal for small enterprises.

You get responses quickly and can focus on expanding your business with high-quality email and phone assistance, as well as useful support articles and videos.

They provide drag-and-drop email builders, list management tools, and analytics reports, much like the other apps on our list.

You may import an email list and construct a database from popular file types such as XLS, XLSX, TXT, CSV, and TSV using AWeber list management.

They make it simple to manage your lists by automatically applying any rules you define.

Furthermore, you can use their marketing automation features to design an autoresponder pipeline depending on behaviors like as email opens, link clicks, site visits, and transactions.

One differentiator is their 700 design templates, which compare to GetResponse’s 500 and MailChimp’s 80.

Some of their themes are obsolete, while others are fantastic and remind me of high-quality Instagram advertising.

They have just added the possibility to utilize web-fonts with traditional fonts.

Overall, AWeber is a good alternative for small business owners because to the sheer number of template choices, competent support team, and knowledge base.

Pros and Cons of using Aweber

• There is a fully free plan available.

• It is quite simple to use.

• AWeber, which was formerly a list-based system, has switched to a tag-based approach.

• A large collection of form templates

• Outstanding integrations with a wide range of third-party apps and websites

• Exceptionally comprehensive email broadcast reporting

• The visual editor is simple and effective.

• AWeber comes with a sales tracking feature.

• AWeber’s list management is outstanding.

• It supports AMP for email, a first for email marketing software; and • It allows you to choose whether consumers subscribe to your list by single or double opt-in.

• Excellent import capabilities, including the ability to import a wide range of file types and instantly add the imported email addresses to an autoresponder cycle.

• Setting up basic time-based autoresponders is a breeze.

• All email templates are responsive.

• Web fonts can be used in Aweber-hosted e-newsletters.

• An easy-to-use Canva integration is available.

Cons of Using Aweber

• There is a cost for keeping unsubscribed contacts on your account.

• You cannot include or remove numerous segments at the same time while distributing an e-newsletter.

• Less costly solutions are available that give

Aweber’s Pricing

AWeber’s free plan offers you access to virtually all of their services, including limitless landing pages, sign up forms, automated email campaigns, hundreds of sophisticated integrations, and award-winning 24/7 customer care. The Pro plan from AWeber starts at $19 per month and is dependent on the quantity of subscribers on your list.

Try Out Aweber For Free       Check out our In-depth Awebers Review

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Software

The greatest email marketing solution accessible will be unique to you. After all, the multi-million dollar information product corporation will have quite different requirements than the lowly blogger.

But there are certain particular characteristics that we considered since we feel they are the most crucial for most firms.

I’ll go over the steps we used to create this list and explain what counts, what doesn’t, and what you need to know to choose the best option for you.

Use our technique to assist you make your final selection.

There are several email templates available.

There are several reasons why you would desire an email marketing solution. You should consider developing your first sales funnel and including email into your marketing plan. Perhaps you only want to send out the occasional email to your subscribers.

Whatever the reason, you want your emails to appear beautiful while you’re sending them.

That is why you should look for an email marketing solution that eliminates the burden of formatting and typesetting by providing you with a collection of outstanding email templates for any of your demands.

All of the platforms listed above provide drag-and-drop email templates to assist take the guesswork out of creating a visually appealing email.

They’ll also provide a choice of email template kinds to suit individual needs.

For example,  ActiveCampaign has a library of pre-built sales email templates that you and your company may utilize. They’ll even let you design your own templates that are specific to your company if you wish. You may tailor them to your own requirements and store them for future use.

Instapage is another excellent service that provides a plethora of email templates for a variety of purposes, such as selling a product or promoting a blog article. It’s also very customisable, allowing you to develop unique ones based on your brand’s objectives.

Basic Segmentation

As your company expands, you’ll want to target different segments of your audience for different items. After all, not everyone on your list will desire the same thing if you provide a range of services and goods.

A solid email marketing tool allows you to segment your audience in simple but effective ways.

For example, Clickfunnel allows you to tag portions of your audience based on how they joined your email list. That way, you can quickly and automatically place such parts into certain targeted funnels (more on that later).

ActiveCampaign for example, enables you to send targeted campaigns depending on your subscribers’ interests, demographics, email open rates, and the goods they’ve purchased.

It’s vital to understand that if you want segmentation tools (which you should if you’re serious about email marketing), you’ll have to pay for them. This is frequently not included in a service’s free plan. However, it is certainly worth it, particularly if you are interested in growth and conversions.

Analytical Depth

“If you can measure it, you can improve it,” as the old saying goes.

To that end, a competent email marketing provider will supply you with all of the reporting tools you want in order to provide you with detailed data and KPIs.

Knowing this information will provide you with critical information on where your subscribers reside, who they are, and what they expect from your company.

It will also assist you in developing better services and marketing strategies in the future.

HubSpot offers some of the most advanced traffic and conversion analytics tools available. Along with A/B testing, their analytics tools will tell you precisely how and why each of your emails work.

Simple Automation

Nothing beats the “set it and forget it” attitude to business.

When you use an automated email marketing solution, you don’t have to worry about placing each of your new subscribers in the appropriate sales funnel. Once you’ve configured it, they’ll start receiving emails automatically.

That is why you should look for an email marketing provider that will allow you to effortlessly set up automated emails with minimal trouble and a complex tagging strategy.

When it comes to email automation, Moosend (shown above) stands out. It allows you to send welcome messages to new subscribers and place them in specialized drip campaigns based on their activities. The straightforward design allows you to accomplish this quickly and efficiently, with no problems.

If automation is your game, Getresponse is another option to seriously consider. Its Autofunnel system allows you to quickly and simply design completely automated sales, lead, and webinar funnels. 

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Summary and Verdict

 Briefly, you have seen the best 7 email marketing software platforms in 2022. based on their features, ratings, reviews, pros and cons and prices.

Our Top Pick one again are: 

ActiveCampaign: Best Overall Go To Site 

Instapage: best for building responsive landing page with lot of tools and easy use. Go To Site 

Moosend: Best for Email Automation Go To Site 

HubSpot: best all in one marketing software Go To Site