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hypeauditor review

An in-depth review of HypeAuditor: Is it the best influencer marketing platform or just one of the best. 

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A Few Words about HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor Rating 

The distinctive features of HypeAuditor

Who is HypeAuditor Designed For

Pros and Cons of HypeAuditor

Core Functionalities of the HypeAuditor

1. HypeAuditor’s Discover

·         Instrument for Analyzing Data on Instagram

·         Analytical Tools for YouTube

·         HypeAuditor’s Tiktok Analytics

2. HypeAuditor’s Analyze Feature

3. HypeAuditor’s Tracking Feature

4. Carrying out Research on Your Rivals

HypeAuditor’s Alternatives

FAQ regarding HypeAuditor

A Few Words about HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is the industry-leading influencer marketing platform that enables businesses and agencies to centrally plan, manage, and analyze their influencer marketing campaigns. 

The platform includes a combination of tools and capabilities for influencer discovery, account screening, influencer outreach, campaign and tracking, as well as analysis of competitors and markets. 

HypeAuditor offers the most accurate fraud detection system as well as the most extensive database of social media influencers. The market and industry analysis reports that it provides to clients are one of its most important aspects. 

These reports provide brands with unique insights into the influencer marketing environment, as well as the strategies of competing brands and developing trends on social media. HypeAuditor’s technology is built on AI algorithms, which are at the foundation of the company’s technology. These algorithms assist discover behavioral patterns that can detect inauthentic influencers.

With the help of HypeAuditor, an artificial intelligence-driven research and authentication tool for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube accounts. 

The exhaustive collection of tools that are based on an algorithm that makes inferences regarding the level of excellence of the influencer accounts.

HypeAuditor’s Review and Rating:

hypeauditor rating

Out of the reviews from 68 people on g2.com , HypeAuditor polled a rating of 4.6 out of 5. This is significant, in that it shows how excellent the influencer marketing platforms is. And based on my personal and our expert review of HypeAuditor, if not the best influencer platform, it’s definitely one of the best. 

It is safe, and easy to use. Their customer support is top-notch, and the account analyzer on the platform to study and shelve fraudulent sellers is excellent. 

hypeauditor review

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The distinctive features of HypeAuditor

·        Extensive search filters to enable users to locate exactly the type of influencer they are searching for.

·        More than thirty-five distinct measures that provide granular insight into the account’s performance.

·        Fraud detection on influencer accounts to identify if the account has followers and likes that have been acquired organically.

·        In-depth analyses of competitors, tracking of campaigns, and reports on influential stakeholders.

·        Find, evaluate, and keep tabs on influencers across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok with the assistance of this fantastic piece of software. Overall, it’s a terrific tool.

·        Utilizing this tool will allow you to locate the most influential individuals for your upcoming influencer marketing campaign. Finding the proper influencers isn’t as simple as counting up who has the most followers; instead, you need to look for people who are relevant to your market and have followers who are highly engaged and who share some of the same demographics.

Who is HypeAuditor Designed For

The following categories of internet users will find HypeAuditor to be an invaluable resource:

• Influencers

• Web authors and those who manage material

• Members of the entrepreneur community

• Advertising and promotion firms

• Influencer marketers

Hype Auditor is a tool that assists you in separating the signal from the noise in order to select the most effective…

Even though there are moments when it feels like too much to handle, HypeAuditor is, without a doubt, an extremely helpful tool.

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Pros and Cons of HypeAuditor

Pros of Hype Auditor

·        You can conduct an influencer search on the most widely used influencer platforms.

·        The user interface is straightforward and uncomplicated.

·        It is possible to instantly view comprehensive account breakdowns

·        Locate accounts that have fictitious followers and boast inflated statistics

·        There is a free plan available that gives you access to a variety of services.

·        Simply looking at the number of followers an influencer has on a social media network is not sufficient to determine whether or not they will generate a positive return on investment (ROI) for your business. 

There are a lot of influencers out there who have large followings but a very low or even nonexistent engagement rate. In situations like this, a tool like HypeAuditor can be really beneficial because it assists you in separating the signal from the noise.

·        When HypeAuditor was first released, it was only compatible with Instagram; however, it is now compatible with Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. 

Because you can now measure all of these important variables in a single location, they are wonderful enhancements. It also makes it possible to measure the performance of a single influencer across many channels in their various marketing efforts. 

It’s a positive turn of events since it suggests that an influencer whose material isn’t getting engagement on Instagram might be doing incredibly well on YouTube instead.

·        Once you become accustomed to HypeAuditor’s interface, even though it may initially appear complicated, you will find that it is actually rather simple to use. Although I wouldn’t call it a learning curve, others may disagree with me and argue that there is one.

·        Campaign management is a new function that has been added to HypeAuditor recently. This feature, which is highly helpful to marketers and consultants who are managing campaigns on behalf of customers, is termed campaign management. 

It is still a really helpful thing to have, even if you aren’t managing campaigns for other people’s businesses. It’s a wonderful touch to have included.

·        In addition, there is a tool known as account tracking that gives you the ability to track and monitor your account. If you wish to make use of this feature, it is available to you. However, before you can use Instagram, you will need to authenticate that you are the owner of the account.

Cons of HypeAuditor

·        The user interface is the one and only area in which I believe HypeAuditor could need some work. There is no question that the user interface is appealing, although at times it may appear to be excessive. Especially in the area devoted to market analysis, the texts that appear on the pages may look like a lot to take in all at once.

·        Instead of displaying the textual analysis all at once, I believe that they should make better use of the cards that they already have in the “overview” section for the rest of the things on the submenu. In my perspective, cards have a more organized appearance.

·        Twitter statistics are only scratching the surface. no facebook. no Snapchat

·        Access to the API is only available with the premium Pro subscription.

·        Because the complete reports contain a great deal of information, it may take some time to generate them.

·        If you are utilizing the free plan, you will be required to pay a fee for any analytic that you wish to access.

·        The only platforms that are considered for coverage are Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Core Functionalities of the HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor Tools

The HypeAuditor tool is an extremely feature-rich application that also has advanced functionality.

The following is a list of the most important features that this tool provides, as well as the kinds of things that you can achieve using it.

1. HypeAuditor’s Discover

At its core, HypeAuditor is an influencer discovery tool that enables users to locate influential users on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Because it maintains a database with more than 18 million distinct influencer accounts, you can rest assured that you will be able to locate the ideal influencer for your digital marketing campaign.

When you start using the tool, you will be given access to a section of the website that is known as the “Influencer Discovery Hub.” 

You are able to search for influencers using this tool based on a variety of criteria, including category, area, person, age, whether or not they have been verified, audience information, demographic information, and more.

Every one of these elements can also be adapted to operate specifically with a certain social media platform, such as Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.

Discovering information about influencers on each of these platforms can be done in the following ways:

Instrument for Analyzing Data on Instagram

The term “influencer” first appeared in the context of the social media network Instagram. The question is, how can you tell if the Instagram influencer you wish to collaborate with is genuinely genuine?

The answer can be found with the assistance of HypeAuditor. Using this tool you can find the number of followers, how often they post, and the overall engagement. 

You can also sort by what’s called the ‘Audience Quality Score’ (AQS) (AQS). This will show you influencers depending on who has the most engaged and devoted following for their content.

You can utilize the ‘Similar As’ tool if there is an influencer that you like and you want to find another influencer that is comparable to the one you like. This will locate other influencers that have statistics that are comparable to those of the influencer that you admire.

Analytical Tools for YouTube

The video-sharing website YouTube has quickly become one of the most widely used search engines on the internet. Because of the large number of users who visit the platform, there are many influential people there. 

People that follow YouTube influencers and celebrities tend to be quite serious and enthusiastic about whatever it is that they are interested in, perhaps due to the fact that videos on YouTube are significantly longer than videos on other platforms and therefore attract more of their attention.

When you search for YouTube influencers, you’ll see filtering options that are quite similar to those found in the Instagram option up top. 

In addition, there is something called a “Channel Quality Score,” which evaluates the overall quality of the channel based on certain parameters such as the ones listed here:

·        The caliber of the people who are watching

·        The general veracity of the channel as a whole

·      The level of interest shown by the audience

·        The channel’s impact on the industry as a whole

·        Every influencer will be given a score, with one hundred representing the greatest possible score.

HypeAuditor’s Tiktok Analytics

One of the more recent improvements to this program is called Tiktok. On the other hand, due to the fact that it is one of the most prominent social media networks in the world, it is a fantastic network on which to locate influencers.

It will be possible to filter through and find influencers in a manner that is comparable to that of YouTube and Instagram. 

You will have the ability to filter results based on a variety of criteria, including the total number of followers, the kind of material that users upload, the overall audience engagement metrics, and more.

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2. Analyze

The very first stage of the process is designed to assist you in identifying a small group of key influencers who can be contacted. Now that you have a list of influencers to look into, it is time to evaluate each one to see whether or not working with them will be beneficial.

You may acquire comprehensive influencer analytics reports by using HypeAuditor. These studies will break down engagement numbers as well as an influencer’s general reachability, allowing you to select the influencers who will most effectively promote your business.

These reports are able to be generated for Instagram, as well as YouTube and TikTok.

The following is a rundown of the four most important areas of social media analytics from which you will be able to gather data for your reports.

1. The Quality of the Influencer’s Audience

You want to bring your product, services, or brand in front of their audience, and one of the primary reasons to execute an influencer marketing campaign is to do this.

You would want to discover an influencer who is well-known among people who are similar to those who make up your ideal customer base.

 Before you begin compiling audience statistics, it is imperative that you first determine the demographics of your audience, if you do not already possess this information.

The following is a list of some of the most important measures that will be used to define audience quality:

• The particular category of listeners

• Audience location

• The interests of the audience

• Demographic information like age, language, gender, etc.

2. Expansion of Channels and Accounts

When you are thinking about collaborating with an influencer, you want to see that they are making progress. 

However, it is simple to fake the growth of one’s followers. People can buy followers, likes, and even comments through a variety of different channels and methods.

This may make the account look better on paper, but in reality, the majority of the account’s viewership will consist of automated programs rather than actual people.

This tool will show you the growth of the channel or account from year to year, allowing you to identify suspicious behaviors such as mass following and unfollowing, which is an example of a spam tactic used to obtain more followers.

This function can assist you in identifying phony influencers who provide the impression of having large followings on social media but in reality will not offer you any new business, leads, or subscribers.

Most of the time, the largest accounts won’t be the best for your business; rather, the ideal accounts for your brand will be small to medium-sized accounts with audiences that are highly engaged and passionate.

3. Audience Engagement

Metrics regarding user engagement are among the most valuable. These stats can be more telling than having a large following on Instagram or a large number of subscribers on YouTube because it will show who is paying attention to their material. Instagram and YouTube are both social media platforms.

Not only does HypeAuditor verify the total quantity of comments, but it also verifies the accounts that comment to make sure that they are not automated bot accounts.

There are some influencers who are attempting to increase engagement rates on their social media profiles by purchasing comments from automated software. 

This technology differentiates between genuine and phony influencers, allowing you to collaborate with individuals who will ultimately contribute to the expansion of your company.

HyperAuditor will assign authenticity scores to accounts, which can assist in identifying and removing bogus accounts.

It will evaluate the credibility of their accounts and the quality of their participation based on the following criteria:

·        Comment Rate. The portion of your readership that participates in the discussion by leaving comments.

·        Authenticity of the Comments. The number of comments that have been left by users with legitimate accounts.

·        The ratio of likes to comments. The number of people who leave comments in relation to those who like your post.

·        Likes spread. The distribution of likes among accounts that are similar to one another.

It would be ideal for all of these to be in the “Good” category, however using this information can assist you determine whether or not the influencer in question maintains a quality account.

4. The Important Role of the Channel (Estimated Cost)

All of the aforementioned data may be quantified using the value measure, which also provides an answer to the question “how much is this influencer worth?”

This tool will quantify the amount that the influencer could charge for each post based on the performance and engagement metrics that are collected. 

When you approach an influencer regarding a rate for each article, this information will be helpful to you during the negotiating process.

This will also provide a breakdown of any existing paid posts, mentions, ad performance, and other relevant information. 

This can assist you determine whether or not the influencer is open to working with you on a collaboration or performing paid posts. You will also be able to get an idea of the kinds of companies that they have collaborated with in the past.

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3. Track

Utilizing this application, you are able to monitor the progress of any Instagram account. Either you may use this to monitor the performance of your own account, or you can use it to track the accounts of your competitors.

You are allowed to include a maximum of five of the accounts that you routinely check. This is an excellent method for receiving feedback in real time regarding the performance of your efforts in comparison to those of your competitors.

You may also monitor how well your influencer marketing efforts are doing by tracking their performance. This will demonstrate to you whether or not you made a wise investment decision. 

Over the course of time, you will be able to determine the characteristics of the influencers who have been the most fruitful for your brand.

Information such as the following will be sent to you through the campaign tracking reports:

The CPM and the CPE respectively

·        The overall number of ‘likes,’ ‘comments,’ ‘clicks,’ and other interactions with the post

·        The demographic that you were successful in appealing to

·     The caliber of the audience that you were able to attract

·        The amount of money you invested in your promotion

4. Do some research

The vast majority of other influencer finding systems are missing this one capability, which is the capacity to perform research on influencers and industries. 

The market research reports offered by HyperAuditor are comprehensive, and they also include rankings of influential individuals and trends.

You will have a better understanding of both your market and the influencer sector as a whole with the help of the Research Hub.

You have a few options, which include the following:

·        Find Out About the Trends in the Industry

·        The industry trends study will provide you with a list of the most popular accounts on major social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

·        You have the option of sorting by domain, account type, duration of time, region, nation, account size, and plenty more. You also have the option to sort by accounts that are popular at the moment or accounts that have had the most mentions.

The charts are quite simple to read and comprehend, and they make it possible for you to acquire useful information regarding influential individuals without requiring you to individually access each account. 

This makes it possible for you to rapidly determine which accounts are the most valuable and influential within the specific niche that you have chosen.

Carry out Research on Your Rivals

You are able to assess the influencer marketing campaigns that your competitors are undertaking and even view the results of influencer marketing campaigns with the help of the tools for analyzing competitors.

This can also help to shorten the amount of time you spend researching potential influencers because, if an influencer was successful for them, it is likely that they will also be successful for your company. 

You can even get suggestions for the kind of influencer campaign you ought to launch if you do this. Things such as these will be displayed by the tool for competition analysis:

• The influential people with whom your competitors have already collaborated

• The amount of money that they put into the campaign

• The variety of creative resources that they utilized during the campaign

• The effectiveness of the post’s duties

• Whether or not purchasing it was a wise financial decision

HypeAuditor’s Alternatives

There are numerous alternatives to HypeAuditor, yet, Shoutcart stands out. Shoutcart is also an influencer marketing platform where you can buy Instagram and twitter shoutouts. 

Shoutout to boost your account or to promote any product. For more information, visit Shoutcart 

SEOclerks is yet another distinct marketplace where you can find very cheap offers, for promoting your products or websites or boosting your social media account. Visit seoclerks

Famebit and Upfluence are two other alternatives to Hypeauditor.

FAQ regarding HypeAuditor

The following is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding HypeAuditor by its users:

Is there a possibility of a free trial?

There is not a free trial, but rather a forever free plan that enables you to test out the product and become familiar with its fundamental capabilities before making a purchase.

What exactly are credit hours?

You will need to pay credits in order to have access to the reports. If you wish to unlock several reports, you may also purchase credit packs from the website. In order to activate a single report for an entire year, you will need one credit.

How do you pay?

When making larger volume transactions, you even have the option of paying via invoice in addition to PayPal and credit cards.

Is there any discounts or promo codes available?

The free version of HypeAuditor is currently the most cost-effective means of acquiring the tool. On the other hand, there are savings available for volume purchases. You will need to get in touch with the sales staff if you are interested in receiving a bulk discount.

What exactly are reports with a white label?

If you manage an agency, you have the ability to develop white-label reports that provide thorough breakdowns of the accounts you are managing or the campaigns you are conducting. 

These reports can be customized to reflect your agency’s branding. Due to the fact that they are white-labeled, you are able to brand them with your own agency’s logo.

How many different influences are there to choose from in the database?

There are already over 10 million different types of influencers that you can go through using the search function. You won’t find a more comprehensive directory of searchable influencers anywhere else online than this one. 

Additionally, more than 15,000 new influencers are uploaded every single day, which means that you will never run out of fresh influencers to collaborate with.

Is HyperAuditor the Appropriate Choice for You?

The HypeAuditor tool is an all-in-one solution for researching influencers. You are able to locate and investigate potential influencers, investigate your competition, and collect all of the data you require to run a campaign that is successful.

However, they also provide a wide number of free tools and calculators that you can use to begin evaluating Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts. 

The tool might be a little pricey for people who are on a budget; however, they still offer a variety of free tools and calculators.

In general, HypeAuditor is an excellent tool for everyone who wants to be successful in the field of influencer marketing. In addition, if you want to see if the paid plan is a good fit for you, you can always give the free plan a try first.