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Build 1000 email subscribers

How to Building 1,000 Email List in 14 days


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Step 1: Construct a Funnel

Step #2: Configure Your Autoresponder

Step #3: Generate Traffic

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Additional List-Building Techniques:

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It’s either you build your list and the business thrive or you neglect Email list building and the business dies.

While we’ve all heard the expression “the money is in the list,” how many of us are actively expanding our email list? 

Through my online experience, I’ve discovered that while the majority of us appreciate the value of a subscriber list, the majority of us are unsure how to go about creating and growing one.

That is the difficulty that this article will attempt to resolve: the problem of not knowing where to begin and where to go in order to begin building your new list of subscribers. 

As you will soon see, achieving 1,000 subscribers in 14 days is a very attainable objective; all you need to do is focus on a few key actions and take action. Therefore, let us begin!

List Building Step 1: Construct a Funnel

Before you can begin creating an email list, you must first create a few web pages to direct traffic to, which will then allow users to subscribe to your list. 

You’ll need a few pages; first, a landing page, followed by a one-time offer page and a down-sell page for that one-time offer.

Allow me to briefly describe each of those pages and why you require them. The landing page is your email capture page; it’s where you’ll embed your autoresponder opt-in form code so visitors may subscribe to your list. This is the most critical page you will require. The remaining pages are optional, but strongly recommended.

The one-time offer page is the page to which users will be routed after completing your opt-in form. This page features a low-cost offer, typically in the $10-$20 range, that enables you to recoup any costs associated with obtaining traffic.

Then, similar to the one-time offer page, the down-sell offer page displays a very low-cost offer that visitors will see if they do not purchase the one-time offer.

If you want to get incredibly difficult while still making a lot of money, you can continue to add offer pages to your funnel. For instance, you may have an upsell page for a product with a mid-high ticket price, as well as backend offers. 

However, as a starting point, I would advocate having at least those three pages: a landing page, a one-time offer, and a down-sell.

Let’s begin with the vitalBuild An Effective Landing Page. As I’m sure you’re aware, internet marketing landing pages tend to look the same, which is not a good thing. Internet marketers frequently replicate one another. 

They see a page that they believe is effective, replicate it, and then someone else does the same thing. Before you know it, the page is no longer converting well since too many people are advertising it, and everyone is seeing the same pages repeatedly.

Make your landing page as unique as possible while building it. The more distinct it is from other pages and the more noticeable it is, the more conversions it will generate for you.

When it comes to constructing a landing page, I’ve discovered that the simplest pages work the best; pages with a large headline, a brief sub-title, and an opt-in form; nothing else. Keeping things clear and direct helps to increase conversion rates.

Resource: 10 Powerful Headline Tips that will Instantly Boost Your Business.

Additionally, you’ll want to have merely an email address form for visitors to complete. NB: Most opt-in forms include a name and email field by default, however needing a name reduces conversion rates. That is not to suggest you cannot use the name field; nevertheless, you should be aware that your conversions will suffer as a result.

Thus, what is a satisfactory conversion rate for a landing page? The higher it is, the better. However, I aim for a conversion rate of at least 40% in general. 

This means that if I receive 100 visitors to my landing page, 40 will subscribe to my list. I’ve got more than that, over 50%, but I strive for 40%. Then I continue testing and tweaking the page until I achieve the highest possible conversion rate.

To assist you in creating a landing page (or any of the other pages), multitudes of programs are availableIf you are confident in your ability to create a web page from scratch, by all means do so. 

However, if you are unfamiliar with how to do so, I would recommend combining WordPress with OptimizePress (that’s if you’re currently using wordpress for you site). While WordPress in general enables the rapid creation of web pages, it is limited in terms of how easy a page may be customized. 

OptimizePress is a WordPress plug-in that simplifies the process of producing landing pages and offer pages. It enables you to swiftly create and change pages at any moment, and it enables you to effortlessly incorporate your autoresponder form code.

NOTE:, if you’re not using wordpress, nor do you have a blog or website, its nothing to worry about because, the are several stand-alone landing page builders with nicely built-in templates and drag and drop editors with which you an easily create a landing page. Among these are:  

You can checkout our in depth review; features and prices of the 7 best email marketing and autoresponder software.

One thing you’ll need to pair with your landing page is some sort of freebie or promotion to persuade visitors to subscribe to your list. This may be a straightforward PDF report, a few videos, or anything else related to a hot topic in your niche.

Once you’ve determined what your free offer is, you can compose the title for your landing page to inform visitors what they’ll receive if they fill out the opt-in form.

Once they’ve joined your list, you can then send them the free gift via your autoresponder follow-up email series, which I’ll discuss in greater detail in the following chapter.

One critical point to remember regarding this complimentary present is that it should be of high quality. Don’t use a report that was written 7 years ago and contains content that is no longer relevant. 

Additionally, avoid using a present that has already been distributed to hundreds of other people. You’ll want to make it as unique as possible to ensure that your subscribers love it and can make use of the information it contains. This is critical if you wish to earn the trust of your readers.

Now that you’ve created a landing page with a free offer, it’s time to evaluate your one-time offer (OTO). Bear in mind that this is a paid product, often priced between $10 to $20, although the price point may vary depending on your niche and the product.

The product should be relevant to your free offer, which means it should be on the same or a comparable topic that your subscribers will find interesting. 

If your subscribers sign up for your free gift on a specific subject, it only makes sense to offer them additional information in the form of a paid product on that same subject, as you already know they are interested.

Again, this product should be of great quality, something for which the purchasers will be grateful. You may use private label rights (PLR) content to assist in the creation of this product; but, ensure that your OTO contains meaningful information that purchasers can use; otherwise, you risk disappointing your buyers and being obliged to refund a large number of them. 

You’ll need to develop a sales page and a download page to provide this OTO, both of which can be produced using OptimizePress in conjunction with WordPress.

Within your autoresponder account, which we will discuss later in this report, you’ll want to configure the opt-in form redirect option to automatically redirect subscribers to this OTO upon submission of the sign-up form. 

When a visitor to your landing page subscribes to your list, they are immediately directed to your one-time offer.

How To Build 1000 Email Subscribers Using A Down-Sell Offer:The down-sell offer can be on a little different subject than your OTO, or it can be a condensed version of your OTO; in either case, it should be less expensive than your OTO.

This offer is intended to attract additional purchasers who did not purchase your initial public offering but still wish to purchase anything from you. Without this down-sell page, you’ll miss out on a significant number of sales.

Additionally, this offer will require a sales page and a download page.

When visitors read your one-time offer but choose not to take it, you’ll want to grab their attention with an exit pop script that appears when they attempt to dismiss the page and informs them about your down-sell offer. They will be sent to your down-sell sales page if they want to stay on the page to view the offer.

At this point, you should have created all of the necessary web pages to begin growing your list and earning money from new members. The last step is to configure your autoresponder to appropriately gather and retain those subscribers.

How To Create An Effective Landing Page (An in-depth guide with the review of four prominent landing page builders)

List Building Step #2: Configure Your Autoresponder

To successfully grow an email list, you’ll need an autoresponder account, and I recommend either: 

  • ActiveCampaign Best Overall Go To Site 
  • Instapage (best for building responsive landing page with lot of tools and easy use). Go To Site  

All of those are professional autoresponder services that I have reviewed and recommended. Nevertheless, You can checkout our in depth review; features and prices of the 7 best email marketing and autoresponder .

Once you’ve created an account and your first list within it, there are a few things you’ll want to do in order to get the most out of your new list. The first step would be to ensure that the opt-in settings for your list are set to “single opt-in,” not double opt-in. Single opt-in allows visitors to submit their email address and immediately subscribe to your list, whereas double opt-in requires visitors to check their email inbox to confirm signing up, significantly reducing the number of subscribers you receive.

Within your new list, the second requirement is to construct at least five follow-up emails that will begin automatically sending to new subscribers as soon as they subscribe. The first email should be a welcome one, expressing gratitude for enrolling and providing access to your free gift. Additionally, you may wish to promote your one-time offer within this email to remind recipients about it.

The second through fifth emails should contain a mix of high-quality content and marketing for your OTO and maybe other items or affiliate products.

Follow-up emails should be scheduled to be sent practically daily, with one or two days missed every 2-3 days. The purpose of these follow-up emails is to stay in touch with your subscribers and to continue establishing trust by delivering them outstanding free material interspersed with a few promotions.

The more your subscribers like and trust you, the more likely they are to make future purchases from you.

After configuring your list and sending follow-up emails, you can design an opt-in form and publish it on your landing page. Assign it merely an email field and direct users to your one-time offer page. 

Now that you’ve created your web pages, created your free offer, and configured your autoresponder, it’s time to begin sending traffic in order to grow your list to 1,000 subscribers!

List Building Step #3 Generate Traffic

Traffic is the most critical component of this system; ensure that you devote the majority of your efforts on this component. You can have the most beautiful landing page and the most great follow-up emails in the world, but if no one hits your landing page, it’s all for naught.

A word of caution: avoid becoming overly concerned with the perfection of your pages and emails; they can all be modified and changed afterwards. It’s critical to get something online and functional first, then focus on traffic and conversion rates later. That is not to argue that you should publish unattractive pages, but refrain from devoting all of your work to perfecting them just yet.

With that said, here are four excellent strategies to begin driving traffic to your landing pages, ranked by their ease and effectiveness. 

1. Solo Advertisements

Before I go into depth about solo advertisements, I want to emphasize that there are a lot of unscrupulous solo ad suppliers out there looking to make a quick cash. They are unconcerned with the quality of their lists or the traffic they send you. 

However, there are a slew of wonderful providers out there who genuinely care about delivering top-notch traffic. Solo advertisements have developed a poor reputation over the years, but they can still perform miracles; you just have to be a little more selective about who you get them from now.

With that stated, solo ads remain my first choice for generating quick traffic and acquiring subscribers.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a solo ad is when someone with an established list sells a set number of clicks (often 50, 100, 200, or 300) from their list.

For instance, I can purchase 100 hits for $40 from solo ad provider “Bob.” I’ll inform Bob about the link I’d like him to promote, which is often my landing page. Bob will then contact his list and inform them about my website. When a subscriber to his site clicks to visit mine, this counts as one of the 100 clicks I purchased.

So how can you use solo ads to grow your list to 1,000 subscribers? Simple calculation will determine the number of solo ad clicks you will require. 

Using the 40% conversion rate discussed previously, purchasing 100 clicks from Bob would result in the addition of 40 new members to my list. Therefore, if I continued to purchase solo advertising with a 100 click cost, I would need to purchase 25 solo ads to reach 1,000 subscribers on my list.

It’s critical to recognize that you are not obligated to acquire only 100 click solo advertisements. If you’ve located a reputable solo ad provider, you may inquire about their ability to deliver more than 100 clicks. If so, you can purchase additional solo advertisements, which will reduce the overall number of solo ads required.

However, I would initially purchase 50 or 100 clicks from solo ad providers from whom I have not before purchased. 

Then, if I determine that they are sending excellent traffic (and that my conversion rates remain high when using their traffic), I may increase my purchase of clicks from them.

However, it is critical to bear in mind that the more you market your landing page, regardless of how distinctive it was initially, it will quickly lose part of its “newness,” and you will need to continue testing and tweaking it to maintain greater conversion rates. The more you promote it, the more people will notice it, which implies that it will be bypassed by a greater number of people.

When purchasing a solo advertisement, you may wish to consider sending the supplier a pre-written email that they may distribute to their list. While most solo ad providers will write their own emails to send to their list, it’s frequently a good idea to send them anything anyhow so they can quickly grasp the purpose of your page and simply write their own messages.

Once you’ve gained a thorough understanding of solo ads, you can now go out and identify solo ad suppliers. Then, seek for providers in the internet marketing specialty in three primary locations. The first is the Udimi Solo Ads. What’s nice about this is that you can read genuine customer reviews, which makes it much easier to identify a reputable merchant.

Some things to know about solos ads

• Solo ads are scalable

• You can keep track of solo ads.

• Solo advertisements deliver fast

• Running a solo ad campaign is not difficult.

• Solo advertising are sent through the email lists of other marketers that have already been developed.

Udimi Solo AdsThis is the best and the most recommended solo ads providers on the net these days. They have lot of solo ad sellers in virtually any niche of your choice. There is record of sues from many people who has used Udimi solo ads provider. Check out Udimi’s review here and it’s alternatives.

Trafficforme. In a manner that is somewhat analogous to that of Udimi, in the sense that it purchases traffic from a wide variety of individuals that sell solo advertisements.

Superior Solo. Is a company that sells traffic and clicks, and it specializes in providing the affiliate marketing and network marketing industries with the traffic that they need to be successful.

7Daysbuyer. Is yet another top choice when it comes to choosing udimi alternatives. 7daysbuyer is widely recognized throughout the solo ads industry. One thing that sets them apart is their rigorous filter of unwarranted traffic from sellers. 

However, when looking for solitary ad sellers, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

The first step would be to ascertain how they compiled their list. Anyone can go out today and download thousands of email addresses, but if the person behind the email address did not add those emails lawfully to their autoresponder account, that would be illegal. Ascertain that anyone from whom you purchase has grown their list one email address at a time through opt-ins.

Second, ensure that the majority of their subscribers originate in Tier 1 nations such as the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. These are your most valuable subscribers; they are more likely to make future purchases from you.

Third,ensure that you can check reviews from previous purchasers. If the solitary ad vendor is inexperienced, this does not necessarily mean that their traffic will be low, but it does mean that you should exercise caution. Often, you can negotiate a cheaper price if they are unable to offer you with a sufficient number of reviews.

Fourth,inquire as to whether they will also send your link to some of their existing buyers. If you can get it delivered to buyers, those subscribers are significantly more valuable than non-buying subscribers. 

While sending to them will cost you extra, consider doing so because those subscribers have demonstrated their ability to purchase things.

If the solitary ad provider does not share the above information freely, you should request it. Kindly message them to confirm the information. If anything appears questionable, refrain from making a purchase from them.

Finally, keep in mind that costs for single advertisements will vary. You can find 100-click solo advertisements for $30, but they are also available for $70. If a solo ad seller offers quality traffic and has repeat clients, they will almost certainly increase their rates, so don’t disregard a supplier only on the basis of their perceived price. While the initial investment may be greater, you may end up with far more one-time offer sales.

I indicated that I enjoy purchasing solo advertisements since they can generate immediate traffic, and that is true! You see, you are not required to pay a single solo advertisement and then wait for it to be delivered till you purchase another solo advertisement. 

You may purchase as many as you choose, at your leisure. The only time constraint may be during the testing phase of single ad suppliers; otherwise, you can quickly grow your list to 1,000 members within a week.

2 Solo Advertisement Swaps

This section is all about free solo advertisements; you can acquire a solo ad for free once you have approximately 500 subscribers and begin giving clicks to other people in exchange for them sending clicks to you.

Using a similar strategy to purchasing a solo ad, you’ll want to find solo ad swap partners that are prepared to provide clicks to your landing page in exchange for clicks to their landing page.

As previously said, you will need a list of at least 500 subscribers to send clicks, but if you can send at least 50 clicks, you can begin swapping clicks. At first, you will be unable to receive many clicks due to your inability to send many clicks, but as your list grows, you will be able to send more and more clicks, leading in an increase in clicks.

This is an excellent strategy to grow your list concurrently with purchasing solo advertisements. You can exchange and purchase solo advertisements concurrently, but not with the same solo ad supplier.

You can discover solo ad swap partners in the same way that you would find a typical solo ad partner, but mostly through Facebook and online forums. Once you’ve successfully delivered a few swaps, ask your swap partner for other swap partners. This is the easiest and most effective method of acquiring additional swap partners.

However, if you begin delivering solo ad swaps to your email list, you must exercise caution to ensure that the content you promote is not only relevant to your list, but also contains quality content. Before you send a solo ad exchange email, make sure to try it out by signing up on your partner’s landing page. 

At times, you may find that their pages are broken or that they are promoting a product that you dislike. These details are only visible if you subscribe to their mailing list.

Whatever you send to your list, whether it’s a solo ad swap email, a pure content email, or your own promotional email, ensure that the email has quality material and that the link in the email directs your subscribers to helpful, honest pages. 

Developing a positive rapport with your list is crucial for long-term success. Solo advertisements and solo ad swaps have the potential to bring in a large number of subscribers, so consider them from the start. However, let us now discuss a few other techniques.

3. WSO for free

If your niche is internet marketing-related, pay close attention to this section. The term “WSO” refers to the Warrior Special Offer, a promotional section of the Warrior Forum. 

The products featured here are targeted at online marketers, and with the Warrior Forum being one of the most popular internet marketing communities, this is an excellent area to sell your products.

You can publish a WSO for a listing charge of $40.

As with a solo ad (which costs an average of $40 per 100 hits), you may achieve similar results with a WSO, but you may also see significantly more. However, because the WSO is hosted on a forum where postings are moved down the page and onto the next page according on the number of new posts, you cannot guarantee any quantity of clicks or sales/sign-ups. At times, you may only see a few results, but at other times, you may see hundreds.

99% of WSOs are paid products, often priced about $10. Therefore, what I am saying is that you create a FREE WSO and do not charge for it.

Due to the fact that the majority are paid, having anything there for free can garner a lot of attention due to its novelty. One constant in marketing is to strive to be unique, to stand out from the herd. Posting a WSO that is free to obtain demonstrates uniqueness.

The product you publish must be entirely your own, with no elements reworked or in which you may have resell rights. All WSOs must be created by you. 

As a result, I understand that it may take some more time to put something together, but trust me when I say that having something completely unique never hurts. Even once the WSO is published, you have the option of reusing the product whenever and however you like.

Consider using your own free gift on your landing page. Alternatively, invest a few hours in developing something on your own. It could be a basic PDF report, videos, images, or anything else related to a trending subject. 

The more people who discuss a subject, the more popular it becomes, and the better outcomes you will see from you. Examine the forum to determine what other members are discussing and what queries are being posed. Then conduct some research to ascertain the answers and design a straightforward product around them.

After that, you’ll need to create a sales letter for the product listed in the WSO post. This will pique viewers’ interest in your product. If you write the sales letter in the same manner that you would for a premium product, the viewer is more likely to notice and assume it is a paid product. Consider their shock when they find at the bottom of the sales letter that it is completely free!

The next step is to bring them to your landing page, where they can opt-in. You may need to construct a new landing page for this, since your existing one may not be appropriate for the free WSO. However, this is why I like to use Instapage builder, as it makes it quite simple to construct a new landing page.

Once they opt-in to the list, redirect them to the product’s download page and, as discussed previously, send them some follow-up emails.

How about your once-in-a-lifetime offer? To be sure, you can use one for this as well. You can either replace the redirect download page with an offer or inform them about the OTO in your first follow-up email. 

You can also use another WSO for which you have become an affiliate as the OTO. In either case, you’ll want to include an OTO to help offset the costs associated with posting the WSO.

However, I’d want to mention something slightly different. This free WSO approach, like the others, will generate a list for you. However, what if you charged a little fee for your WSO product rather than offering it for free? I’m not talking about charging the same amount as a standard product, but something lower, like $1 – $5.

Why would you want to do something like this? Building an email list of buyers is far more useful than building a list of subscribers who have not yet demonstrated their ability to make a purchase. 

By offering your product at a reasonable price, you may establish a list of subscribers who are willing to spend money online while also avoiding turning away many potential customers due to a higher price point. 

How you market your WSO is entirely up to you. However, for the sake of this article, I would recommend releasing your WSO for free and then using the low cost strategy to begin creating a list of purchasers.

4. Additional List Building Techniques

While the strategies outlined above will generate the most subscribers in the shortest period of time, there are still additional ways to develop a list, which I wanted to share.

While list building techniques that use blogging, social media (Facebook, Twitter), and YouTube videos are excellent ways to augment your total list building efforts, they are not the quickest.

You may grow a large list by attracting traffic with a blog and placing your opt-in form on the side of your blog. However, the issue with blogging to develop a list is that you must invest time in growing your blog’s popularity. 

It will most certainly take several months before you begin to see considerable traffic, making it much more difficult to establish a sizable email list.

Facebook and videos have a lot in common. You can use them to build email lists, but you will not see results immediately. You’ll need to first create a following on Facebook and YouTube before redirecting people to your landing page and capturing their email addresses.

What I would propose is that you employ these additional tactics to assist in the long-term growth of your list; avoid doing so for immediate results or you will be disappointed. 

While your entire marketing efforts should incorporate these more approaches (and others as well) for maximum impact in the future months and years, if you’re looking to quickly grow your list to 1,000 members, focus on the first stated strategies.

One other unique approach of getting massive optin to your list is through article marketing. Article marketing simply means writing articles and submitting to online directories, you will be provided with a resource box where you will promote your landing page. And anyone that see you articles may be tempted to visit. 

Consider Taking Action

Thus, you now have tried and time-tested strategies for building 1,000 mail subscribers in 14 days. While the setup may take some time, remember not to get so caught up in it that you miss the opportunity to begin expanding your list. 

Establish your pages and opt-in form, and then begin list building; don’t worry about perfection at this point; you can always alter your pages afterwards.

Once you’ve begun, combine as many of the ways as possible for the best outcomes in the shortest amount of time.

Take action; do not delay any longer in beginning to create your list!

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