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canva review 2022

Canva is the ultimate available internet template creator and editor for a variety of users and purposes. it is a comprehensive cloudbased platform with which you can create and design just about anything called graphics

A Quick Evaluation of Canva

What is Canv

A Graphics design platform

What can you design with it?

Just about anything: logos, Newsletters, ads images, flyers, resume templates, smartmockups and a plethora of other things. 


Melanie Perkins, Clifford Obrecht, and Cameron Adams launched it for the first time in Sydney, Australia, in 2012

Ease of use

Drag and drop to use, coupled with user friendly interface. You can easily choose from the abundance of free templates available and edit it to your taste r preference.


4.7/5 ratings on trustpilot. & 9.0 out of 10 rating at trustradius.


Plans and pricing

Very cost effective with three different plans:

1. Ever Free Plan

2. Both monthly and yearly fees are $12.99

3. Enterprise allows a team size of 20 persons for a monthly fee of $30 per person.

Customer support

·     Blog

·     There is a big blog section with tons of useful content. This source is available on the Canva website.

·     24/7 Support & Help

·     exclusive to Canva Pro, Canva Enterprise, and Canva Video Tutorials users

·     More than 50 instructional videos are accessible on the Canva website to aid learning.

·     Their website has a thorough FAQ section


Envato Elements

Official Website

Visit Canva to have a view of the amazing features and templates that comes freely with it.

Canva is a user-friendly platform for graphic design that can be used to produce a variety of visual material. It is a comprehensive tool that lets you to create logos, video and graphic material, and edit photos while on the move.

In general, we don’t have enough time to spend on social media as it is, and photoshop on the move is insufficient. I discovered Canva while looking for a quicker approach to complete the graphic portion of my assignment.

This concise guide will teach you my basic suggestions for using the app to its fullest potential as well as some fundamental tropes to get you up to speed with your updates and even ebook covers!

When you first launch Canva, you’ll see that it comes with a ton of built-in settings. Canva has everything you need, including templates for Instagram, Facebook, book covers, and business cards.

There are several templates available to help you started constructing something that looks good, in addition to their settings for sizing. You don’t have to start from scratch. Choose a template that matches the format you want, then customize it to fit the structure you want to create.

In fact, I’ve never had to pay for anything because so many of the designs were perfect for my needs. Every time I needed anything for a graphic, I was able to find it. Simply said, Canva offers a ton of excellent alternatives that are all free.

There are several methods to alter the material after you find something you like. You may add your own pictures. Canva offers a variety of free graphics. You are free to edit the wording as necessary.

Canva does not yet provide everything you would need to develop, but you may select custom proportions for your unique projects.

This implies that even if your needs don’t quite match the model they have, you won’t be abandoned.

Canva will nevertheless provide you with a variety of templates to start your work with, even though you might not receive preset layouts with your exact proportions. From there, you may build up precisely what you required using any of the other free icons, typefaces, photos, or frames.

Check out Canva

Pros and Cons of Canva

Here are some comments made by some current Canva users regarding the app.

The benefits of utilizing Canva include:

  • A short learning curve
  • User-friendly
  • Templates make it simple to create outstanding designs
  • A wide selection of fonts, components, and images
  • Cost-effective. 

Cons of using Canva

·        The mobile app isn’t always easy to use; it’s just great for simple designs;

·        Analytics on shared visuals cannot be tracked

·        Drag and drop is not possible.

Price review for Canva

Canva is accessible right now at no cost. Canva is still free to use.

For those who simply need access to a small number of templates and design kinds, there is a completely free alternative available.

Free Canva Plan

Users of Canva’s free edition may access a large selection of templates, stock images, and videos for nothing with 5GB of storage. Try out Canva for free

Pro Plan Canva

Canva Pro is the second price option. The premium plan, as it is often known, comes highly recommended. Both monthly and yearly fees are $12.99. In order to improve functionality, it also provides a wider range of visual content, such as photographs, templates, graphics, limitless folders, brand kit pro, animator pro, and 100GB of storage for uploading assets.

Canva Enterprise Plan

Canva Enterprise is comparable to the Canva Pro plan, with the exception that it enables teams to access and post content to Canva together. This strategy is appropriate for businesses or brands engaged in graphic design full-time. Enterprise allows a team size of 20 persons for a monthly fee of $30 per person.

Ratings and Reviews

canva review rating

Based on trustradius reviews, out of 939 reviews and rating, canva has a score of 9 out of 10 which show indeed that users are satisfied with it, and it is an excellent platform for content creators an graphic designers.   

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Canva Review Features

Basic Features

Advanced Features

Editing Features

·    API

·    Templates

·    Image Database

·    Collaboration Tools

·    Content Import/Export

·    Content Management

·    Edits Vector & Raster Graphics

·    Touch Interface Support

·    Pro-Level Typography

·    Print Management

·    Publishing / Sharing

·    Multi-Channel Marketing

·    Multi-Language

·    Multiple Format Support

·    Social Promotion

·    Third Party Integrations

·    Engagement Analytics


·   Search/Filter

·   Freelancer Screening & Profiles

·   Document Storage

·   Animation

·   Access Controls/Permissions


·    Drag & Drop

·    Offline Editing

·    Photo Editing

·    Rich Text Editor

·    Video Editing

·    WYSIWYG Editor

·    Smart Mockups


 Various Graphic design kinds you can make on Canva

canva review

Several Design Suggestions

If you’re not cautious, even with all the assistance Canva can provide, you may create something that simply won’t make it. So, if you’re planning to use Canva, here are some pointers.

I’d recommend sticking with the defaults if you’re not a design-savvy. Stick with the colors it provides you if it’s giving you a set. If you’re not a designer, picking your own colors is merely a formula for catastrophe hence;

·        Keep using the templates it provides for layout.

·        Don’t use a sophisticated template just because it’s nice.

·        Although Canva includes a well-selected collection of templates, you may still combine them in ways that don’t make sense.

·        Use the templates that you design. They kept the alternatives up to date to match upcoming trends and preselected to fit existing trends.

Great possibilities are available in Canva without being overdone. Most individuals can achieve 90% of their design requirements with it without being overrun with options. While a designer may adore the extra capabilities in the tools that Adobe gives, that’s not with many of us who doesn’t even understand the usage of a tool in adobe.  For anyone attempting to manage their internet business or their social media graphics and content, Canva is a crucial tool.

The software they offer is outstanding, if you’re using an iOS. You should have Canva in your toolkit.

Would you like to produce expert graphic designs without paying for Adobe? If so, you take a look into Canva.

Canva claims that you may use it to quickly design “anything” according to the business website. “Anything” with Canva includes: logos, business cards, posters, graphs, and just about anything else.

The tool may even be used as a less expensive alternative to Photoshop.

Review of Canva: Cloud-based

The first thing you should know about Canva is that it is a cloud-based application. This implies that in order to use it, you don’t need to download any software.

Simply go to the business website and log in to utilize it.

However, it’s not your only choice. You may download the mobile app if you want to create graphics on your tablet or smartphone.

 I’ll go over the kind of designs you can make with Canva in the following sections.

For photography, use Canva

If you’re a photography addict, you’ll discover that Canva has a remarkable ability to improve your work since you can now enhance your photographs and improve your message.

You may use Canva as an additional layer for your artistic creations and to creatively burst your Instagram feed.

Pick up the program, write a little message, select a very elegant template that suits your image, and you’re done-no need to perform post-processing on your PC. In fact, you can publish right from the app!

 Canva: A Logo-Creating Tool

You need a logo if you are just starting your business. You can create a logo using Canva that exactly represents your company. Not even design experience is necessary. Drag-and-drop is used for the user interface. Once finished, you may download your new logo and use it on letterheads, websites, and business cards as you see fit.

Using Canva to create simple business cards

Your business card reflects your brand just as your logo does. With a card that is badly made, you will surely lose customers.

Thankfully, Canva makes it simple for you to build a business card that is good. Even thousands of templates are available in the program that you may utilize. A card doesn’t have to be made from scratch.

Additionally, if you want to integrate your own images, graphics, and logos in the design of your business cards, you may upload them. Once more, your buddy is the drag-and-drop interface. The business card maker is made for those without any prior graphic design knowledge.

It’s simple to select a business card template. Simply click to reveal color and tag information, then choose!

Start Using Canva For Free

Printable Poster Templates

Sometimes you still have to do things the “old school” way. You might need to use a poster to advertise your company.

Using the program, you may start with a template or build a poster from scratch. Simply add the text and other components you need to personalize the poster after that. Not even going to your neighborhood OfficeMax or Staples is necessary. Your poster will be printed and delivered to your home by Canva. 

Unique Announcements & Flyers

Are you planning to have flyers printed in bulk and distributed to attendees during a packed event? If that’s the case, do the following actions: Order Canva

The easiest flyer maker you’ll ever use, according to Canva. Your results may vary, but there’s no denying that the tool lets you make some outstanding handouts.

You may select from a wide variety of templates as well.

Simply choose one that fits your business and add your own message on it.

Review of the Canva: flyer template editor

After selecting a template, you will be taken to the design interface, which offers a variety of unique adjustments. After your design, then proceed to printing it. That is also possible using Canva.

Simply select the flyer template that you want, paper grade, and quality that you desire. Canva will deliver your flyers to your house or workplace when you place an online order. 

Personalized resumes using Canva

Looking to change careers? Canva can be useful here.

In fact, Canva may be more beneficial to you than LinkedIn. This is due to the tool’s ability to help you create a resume that looks fantastic. You won’t have to battle with starting from begin with a résumé.

Simply begin with a template that is appropriate for your job aspirations.

Even better, the application chooses the fonts, sizes, and formats for you.

A corresponding cover letter may be produced by Canva as well. 

Canva review: newsletter creation

Have you thought of using a newsletter to advertise your company? If so, consult Canva for assistance. Choose the newsletter template that best fits your marketing message by browsing Canva’s collection. Then, alter it to your preferences.

After that is finished, it is up to you to add content to the newsletter. Create a few articles that your target audience will find interesting.

Get it printed after that. Canva can assist with that once again.

Certificates in making and editing

Would you like to give your staff members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty some recognition? If so, present them with a printed certificate outlining their achievements. Simply open the program, select a template, and begin filling in the certificate using dragging and dropping. Print it once you’re done.

Speaking of gift certificates, you can make those using Canva as well.

In fact, a gift card may be created for any occasion. You may create a certificate with a few clicks and some personalized wording that you can print and give to your top clients. By the way, the gift voucher may be shared online as well. Canva will also assist you in creating the appropriate gift certificate.

Simply choose the recipient’s preferred retailer and complete the transaction. It’s that easy. 

Canva-based social media marketing designs

If you’re undoubtedly promoting your brand on social media, you’ll be glad to know that Canva can assist you in producing some fantastic graphics and photos suitable for various social media networks.

Use the device to:

·        Create YouTube Video thumbnails

·        Intro videos

·        Facebook graphics

·        Geo-filters for Snapchat Images

·        Memes

·        Instagram covers

·        Etsy media creations

·        Twitter Images and covers

·        Advert Images of various social media etc.

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Canvas Review: Usability

The search feature on Canva’s site makes it simple to discover the photos and layouts you want. A drag-and-drop mode of operation is used to further categorize and organize these templates into various categories and functionalities.

It is simpler to find the template you prefer without difficulty because all of the templates are arranged in that way. 

Customer Support at Canva

Canva features a support section that acts as their help desk. Quick replies are given to questions in the support center. The Canva website also offers free design lessons and courses.

Additional client assistance:

·        Blog

·        There is a wise blog with tons of useful content. This source is available on the Canva website.

·        24/7 Support & Help

·        exclusive to Canva Pro, Canva Enterprise, and Canva Video Tutorials users

·        There are more than 50 instructional videos accessible on the Canva website.

·        FAQ

·        Their website has a thorough FAQ section.

Summary and Recommendation

Canva is free to use, so there is no danger in getting started.

Most Vital Elements of Canva

  • Simplicity
  • Creativity
  • Artistic

 Profit from Investment if you eventually upgraded your account

  • Excellent presentations.
  • Stunning visuals.
  • Very good summary of the project’s findings.
  • Creating chronograms is possible.

Why not offer Canva a free trial right away if your company requires excellent graphic designs?



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