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Getting website traffic

25 simple ways to getting lot of free website traffic

Are you spending countless hours on your website with little to show for it? Is your view counter perpetually set to hundreds rather than thousands? Are you concerned you’ve reached a stalemate?

Never be afraid! There are endless additional methods to expand your site and increase visitors! Here are 21 simple ways you may not have considered.

1. Become a Contributor

Although this is the oldest trick in the book, it is also one of the best way of getting free website traffic! Simply compose articles for other websites and then give them out for free. You’re not going to give them something for nothing, however: you’re going to request that they include a link to your website in exchange.

This accomplishes several tasks. To begin, it provides free exposure for your site: the users of that site will see your link, which will aid in your discovery. Even better, the link will serve as testimony from a source they trust.

Simultaneously, this is an excellent technique to acquire link juice that Google will adore and which will help you climb the search engine results pages (SERPs). To maximize this benefit, incorporate your link naturally within the text rather than in the author box at the bottom. This is more beneficial for both search and traffic!

2. Do Article Marketing

One of the most effective ways to increase website traffic for free is through article marketing, which involves creating high-caliber content and submitting it to article directories. This is one big approach to getting tons of backlinks and traffic to your website. There are lots of article directories out there, and if you are to use any of them. Make sure you research the ones that has large monthly traffics or High domain authority. Ones you submit your articles, you will be provided with a resources box which you can use as a call to action for readers to click back to your website. Article factory (top recommended): Goarticles, Amazine, Sooperaticles, etc.  

Do follow the secret of article marketing and low traffic will be a thing of the past.

3. Advertisement Swap

An ad swap is similar to a guest post, except it involves emails. The concept is that you share a mention of another company with your mailing list, and they reciprocate. As with the preceding, this can result in a large number of organic viewpoints and a variety of knock-on effects.

4. Use Solo Ads Approach

Solo ads is not only the best and the fastest way of building quick email subscribers, it can also serve as a very quick method of getting site traffic. 

All you do with solo ads is to look out for Internet marketers with large email list in your specific niche, you end up paying some amount of money and you ads get served to their robust email list. There is record of high return with solo ads campaign. See how to build a 1000 email subscribers in 14 days using Solo Ads.     

5. Special Mentions

However, do you know what? Simply receiving a mention on social media, in a blog article, or on a YouTube video can be extremely powerful. The difficult aspect in this case is just getting those large influencers with millions of followers to respond to your messages. Which takes us to the following tip…

6. Give out free ebook

Permit them to download your free eBook in exchange for their email addresses and those of three to five friends or colleagues who might be interested in it. Your email list will expand swiftly as a result. How then do you use free ebook to drive traffic to your site?   

7. Facebook Advertisements

This may not appear to be a hack. After all, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with Facebook advertisements. The surprise aspect is the extent to which this instrument can be useful when used imaginatively.

Thus, Facebook advertisements are classified as PPC, or ‘Pay Per Click’. This implies that you are only charged when someone clicks on them. There are no clicks? There will be no expense.

Additionally, you can specify the maximum cost per click. This is your ‘highest bid.’ By selecting this amount and knowing your ‘CLV’ (customer lifetime value), you may assess the profitability of your campaign. You will never spend more for a guest than you know they are worth to you! Learn how to run a successful facebook ads

8. Make Use of Remarketing

Google AdWords is a viable alternative to Facebook Ads. AdWords is another type of pay-per-click advertising, but it appears on the SERPs.

To be sure, one of the most powerful features of AdWords is the ‘remarketing’ option. This means that you are displaying your advertisements to individuals who have previously visited your site, and one of the most effective methods to do so is to display your ads to people who have lingered on your buy page but have not yet purchased from you. This is made possible by cookies.

It’s quite powerful, so give it a shot!.

See the top 5 reasons to start using facebook retargeting.

9. Ascend the Food Chain

If you want the best guest articles, ad swaps, and shout-outs, the trick is to avoid asking for the largest brand in your niche at first. We do not begin by contacting Adam Envroy

Rather than that, the greatest technique is to begin at the bottom and work your way up. Thus, you may begin by emailing someone who has the same number of monthly visits as you do, or even someone who has fewer visits! This increases your chances of receiving a response significantly, but it can still quadruple your exposure overnight.

This can then result in your numbers increasing, putting you in a better position to message someone slightly larger. And slightly larger!

10. Network!

Many people begin working online in order to earn a living while remaining socially isolated. Many internet workers despise social interaction and picking up the phone! However, do you know what? If you never pick up the phone or meet with anyone in person, you will severely limit your potential — even if you work online!

Meeting people in person and networking is a considerably more successful method of eliciting responses to your messages and immediately creating a lasting impression. Therefore, do not be hesitant to speak with individuals in person. Attend your city’s networking events!

11. Try Blog Commenting

Commenting on various blogs that are related to your niche is also a good source of getting not only backlinks but traffic to your website. Just don’t comment on any blog, do make sure you comment on blogs with high domain authority and do follow backlinks.. Ensure also that you just don’t comment anything, do ensure you add meaningful comments with links to your website.

12. CPA

CPA is Facebook’s secret weapon. This is referred to as ‘Cost Per Action,’ which means that you only pay when someone takes a specific action. For instance, you might pay just when someone likes your Facebook page.

Now, you’re just paying for people with whom you’ll be able to connect for years to come, making this a very valuable investment. CPA can also refer to paying only when someone downloads your software, watches your video, or redeems a particular offer. There is an infinite amount of possibilities here!

13. Inquire Politely

Here’s a strategy for increasing traffic that you may not have thought… Request politely!

What am I referring to? Simply maintain an authentic relationship with your visitors. If you produce a blog post, invite readers to consider joining your mailing list, checking back next time, or sharing the post with their friends. The same is true for videos – direct viewers to your social media profiles or website.

This is an excellent approach to encourage individuals who love your work to express their gratitude!

14. Rebuttals to the Challenge

Bear in mind that remarketing is not the same as conventional marketing. Your objective here is not to persuade them that your brand is fantastic or to compel them to pay attention. They have already accomplished this. Rather than that, your objective is to persuade people to purchase when they previously did not.

Thus, your advertisement language should be unique, and one effective method is to urge individuals to overcome their obstacles to purchasing from you. Perhaps they choose not to purchase because they lacked confidence in the quality of your product? Then inform them of your money-back guarantee!

15. Consider Your Thank You Page

Your thank you page is the page that appears after a customer makes a purchase from you. However, you are aware that it is a dead-end at this point and may result in lost traffic. What you then need to do is maintain attention by offering links or, even better, another call to action!

16. Thank You Page Swap Promotions

Additionally, you can collaborate with other influencers to maximize the value of your thank you pages. The purpose of this is to provide a link to their website on your thank you page in exchange for them doing the same. By exchanging links in this manner, you’ll be able to share visitors who are interested in the same subject and are potentially eager to buy.

17. Reddit Posts

If you’re looking for an excellent site to post your links in order to garner rapid attention, Reddit is the place to go. Utilize an attention-grabbing title and ensure that the content stands up to the hype.

With any hope, this will result in your links being shared on more platforms and your content being ‘upvoted’ to the point of receiving widespread attention.

18. Take an active role in your community

When you make a post on one of these sites, you run the danger of it being downvoted or even deleted. Why? Because if they haven’t seen you before, this appears to be spam.

What is critical is that you actually contribute something in return by actively participating to the community.

19. Develop a Vibrant Brand

A strong brand is an incredibly effective tool for self-promotion and is required for all other forms of marketing and growth hacking to function. That is because you require a strong brand in order for people to be enthused about and interested in your product.

20. Develop an Understanding of Your Persona and Write for Them

Avoid attempting to create content that everyone will appreciate — this is a proven way to become bland and lose interest in your blog. Rather than that, produce material that is exceptionally well-suited to a certain type of person.

This manner, visitors to your site will be enthused about it and eager to see what you have to say next.

21. Titles That Can Be Shared

The correct title can go a long way toward increasing the shareability and intrigue of your posts. Make an attempt to pick up a few tips from clickbait without succumbing to the temptation of being clickbait.

Clickbait employs highly appealing and emotional titles. They frequently arouse our curiosity or even anger. They are constantly posing new questions to which we have no answers.

You can accomplish this, but the key is to ensure that you keep your pledge. How can you make your postings sound intriguing, novel, and difficult to read?

You genuinely conduct research or engage in creative thought to create something novel and intriguing for your audience!

22. Optimize Your Photographs

Don’t just grab any old image without thinking about it. Images may help you increase traffic via Google Image search while also helping to make your posts far more engaging and stand out more when shared on social media.

There are numerous methods for optimizing your photos. One is to ensure that they have the appropriate titles and alt-tags, which should be the same as your key word. Another possibility is to adopt more conventional dimensions – ideally 16:9. Another is to ensure they are unique or have been modified sufficiently to avoid being buried by similar photographs!

23. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

The most frequent error made online is keyword stuffing. This indicates that you’re attempting to incorporate keywords into your postings, as is frequently recommended for SEO purposes.

However, rather than incorporating them sparingly and reaping the benefits, you over-incorporate them into your text to the point that it becomes distracting and even illegible for your visitors.

This is a SIGNIFICANT blunder, therefore be sure to prevent it by writing first for the visitor and then for Google!

24.  Reuse Existing Content

You undoubtedly have a number of older postings on your blog that received little attention. Why not add some additional value to them now by sharing them on social media?

Now that you’ve gathered a following, share them there and you should be able to reap some benefits from your older work. Naturally, in order for this to work, your content must be ‘evergreen.’

That is to say, it will always be pertinent. Certain types of content fall somewhere in between, and in these instances, why not revisit and edit your previous posts? This is extremely beneficial for your SEO.

25. Use Social Bookmarking site.

There are lots of social bookmarking sites with which you can bookmark you website so as to get quality traffic. See here the list of 1000 social bookmarking websites you can submit your site to.


There you have them. although there are several other ways to get free traffic to your website, however, the above listed 25 points about are some of the best ways to get good website traffic to your site.