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To Make Money Online

Are you looking to start an online job or business of your own, but don’t know where to start, or you’re looking for what exactly is it that you can do to make money online. You see, there a lot of online jobs and businesses available with which you can earn 6 figures, and possibly make a side job, that’s if you have a job you’re currently doing, but just need something else to step up your financial life.  

Making money online is not limited to the 50 options below in that there are several other ways of making money online which you can make research on later.

Take note that each of the listed jobs below won’t make you a millionaire over night, but with dedication and commitment, in a matter of few months, you can begin to see considerable income from them. 

1.     Make Money with Google Adsense as a blogger

Online publishers can join up for Google Adsense for free to start earning money online. Online publishers will create their material on their websites and decide whether to include pertinent Google adverts next to it. They get paid when visitors click on a certain advertisement that is shown on their website.

I have seen reports of website or blog owners earning thousands and thousands of dollars from their blogs through adsense.

So, if you have a personal or business blog or website with steady and good amount of traffic, then, all you have to do is to apply for google adsense, and connect it to your blog or website.

Mind you, google adsense is not the only ad platform you can use: I heard Ezoic ads performs better by increasing your earnings in three folds. Requirements is 5000 monthly pageviews.

Propeller ads also has credibility in the industry in that they are known to accept new blog or websites irrespective of the traffic.  Learn  How to start a money making blog this 2022 (A comprehensive guide)

2.     Make money online Selling E-Book

Write an ebook about a subject you are knowledgeable about and sell it to the public. Selling e-books is highly successful and lucrative if your e-book is on a topic in demand since people use the internet to look for knowledge. I have personally made well more than $3000 in a month from an ebook sales sometimes ago. You can check out the blueprints to my first $3000 selling ebooks online (The ones I wrote and the free licensed ones).

3.     Make money as a Clickbank Affiliate Marketer

Clickbank is a marketplace where digital information items are being bought and sold online. Website owners may sign up for their affiliate program for free and begin promoting the numerous items available in the market in exchange for a fee.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter whether you have a website or blog before you start making money promoting affiliate products on clickbank. There are several methods and strategies you can use. Get this free ebook ‘the fundamentals of affiliate marketing’.

4.     Offer Online Translation service

Many Brands, publishers ad businesses want to translate their content because the content which is available in more than one language can target more people. Hence as an online translator, you can get paid by translating articles, websites, books, videos etc. you can get jobs at places like fiverr,  TruelancerFreelancers, Upwork etc.

5.     Take part in paid survey

Many companies offers paid surveys to get reviews and feedback about their product or services. Hence it can be beneficial if you consume some time and get cash through these surveys. Examples of some of the best online surveys out they are: Survey Junky, Swagbucks, inboxdollar, etc. click here to see some of the best online survey services you can join and start making money today. See here the 7 best global online survey websites to make money online.    

6.     Rewrite or paraphrase ebooks and articles

Rewriting ebook or articles means you are creating a brand new ebook from the exiting one. Though the new content must maintain the old tone, meaning and style of the exiting one. There are good website which are providing different jobs for the good writes. If you are gifted with impressive writing skill then you can use your skills in these websites: Authors global, upwork, Fiverr. Truelancer, etc.

7.     Establish A Continuity Programs

A website where one receives a recurring payment from customers who sign up for a service you provide is referred to as a continuity program. These programs are often membership websites that make money each month from the program’s participants. Membership websites a good way of getting recurring income from any programme or services you render. I have an in-depth guide on how to start a membership site here with a review of the best membership site builders

8.     CPA Affiliate marketing

CPA Marketing, also known as Cost Per Action marketing is one of the best monetization methods with which you can make money online. In CPA affiliate marketing model, you only pay the commission when a specific action is taken. Actions like, email submit, sales, ads clicking, sign up, credit card submit etc. you can use CPA to monetize your website, blogs,  vlog site etc. you can make decent amount of money if you happen to have a large amount of traffic. These are the best CPA netwroks market place online: CPA lead, Adworkmedia, Maxbounty etc.   

9.     Make Money Online by Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is a person who listens to audios and video files to transcribe the content. Simply, it means you are to convert audio or video files into texts. To sign up as a transcriptionist, you do not need to have any prior experience or special education related to transcription. All you need is a good typing speed, good listening and accuracy. You will need this equipment’s: A PC, headset and a high speed internet connection. See here the list of the 15 best and beginner friendly online transcription websites.

10.                        Become A Picoworker

Utilize Picoworker to be paid for completing little tasks. Searching the Internet for specific products or responding to inquiries and offering comments are a few examples of tasks. The pay is between a few cents and a few dollars. Meanwhile based on your availability, you can make anything from $50 to $70 per month on picoworker. Visit Picoworker

11.                        Become a Freelancer on Fiverr

On Fiverr, you may earn $5 for each offer you make. An innovative freelance and networking website called Fiverr lets you buy or sell anything for $5. On Fiverr, you can give just about any kind of service (referred to as a gig), in contrast to other freelance services that demand you have practical expertise in fields like writing, web design, or coding. See our in-depth review of Fiverr (Features, Pros and cons)

12.                        Become An Amazon Associate

Similar to a large supermarket, offers a wide variety of goods. The main distinction is that all business is conducted online, and goods are delivered straight to the customer’s preferred location. By joining their affiliate program, you may assist them in promoting their goods through your own website and earn advertising fees on all Qualifying Purchases, not just the ones you promoted.

13.                        Make Money Online as a website or Domain Broker

When you buy a house, you will need a real estate broker to help find and sell your house within your required criteria and prices, likewise a domain broker is a person who helps people in buying and selling a site according to their requirements. How it works: You can earn some cash by selling and buying other people’s site but it is not easy to become a domain broker. For domain transactions, you need to have a good connection and expertise. As a website broker based on experience and expertise finds out high-quality websites according to clients need and sell them on most reasonable prices. To start, visit, and motion invest. They are some of the best online platform for buying and selling webistes . Godaddy domain auction is a market place to sell and buy domains. Check out our in-depth review of Flippa Marketplace, more like it, Motion Invest is also a good place to buy and sell online business.

14.                        Start domains flipping business

You cannot create a professional website or blog without having a good domain name. Domains can be flipped and can make you to earn a lot of money. You simply buy good domains at the right time and sell them to the right places. Domains can be as cheap as $9 and you can sell it as much as possible. Successful domain flippers can earn thousands of dollars from a single domain. Namecheap domain is one of the cheapest domain registrars in the industry.   

15.                        Sell resale right products

You can buy resale rights to several products like Ebooks, Software, Courses, and Articles just for the purpose of reselling them. If you visit the right market, you can get cheap resale right ebooks that you can sell at high profit. There resale right products that offers you the benefit of being able to edit, repackage and resell. You can resell a $7 dollar ebook at a higher price of $20 dollars or more. Now think about it, if you buy a $7 ebook with resale right, if you know a lot about internet marketing very well, you can easily sell the same ebook at $15 dollars to thousands of buyers. That’s how resale right products works. See here the best websites to get resale right products. Here is a guide to make money online selling PLR products.

16.                        Editing and proofreading jobs

If you are an expert in picking up the grammatical errors, punctuations errors and proofreading in document then is perfect job for you. When someone writes something and intent to publish it, after writing and copy editing, he needs someone to proofread is article for final submission. Proofreading is the last step in the process of editing. You can proofread online articles, blogposts, ebooks, etc. See the list of the 15 best online proofreading websites you can give a try.

17.                        Link Online Buyers and Offline Suppliers

Many offline vendors of goods or providers of services still do not have an internet presence, losing out on a lot of potential customers. The majority of these providers lack the technical skills necessary to put up a website and conduct online sales. You may assist them in going online and making referral commissions by doing so.

18.                        Offer writing assistance

Your blog entries or articles can be purchased by other webmasters or websites. Online company owners are always seeking for independent contractors that will assist them write in exchange for payment since outsourcing has become quite popular. If you enjoy writing, consider offering your writing services online. You can get writing gigs at places like fiverr, Truelancer, freelancer, toptal, etc. here are 3 strategic methods of making money from articles.

19.                        Make money online as podcasting 

Podcast is a digital broadcasting. It’s an audio file, just like radio, but it works through the internet, on your smartphones and computers. People subscribe podcast series and listen to them anytime. So as a podcaster, you can make money by promoting affiliate products, sponsoring and advertising, courses, render services etc.  

20.                        Make Money online from Ezoic

Companies sign up to be advertisers in the advertising platform Ezoic. You give them space on your website, and in exchange, they give you an advertisement. You are paid when a visitor view/clicks on the advertisement on your website. Apart from advertising spaces, you can equally promote Ezoic affiliate programme to earn much more. Go to

21.                        Create and Market stock photographs

Online, there is a large demand for stock photographs. This is because individuals are eager to pay for the correct image since they need photographs for websites, presentations, brochures, and other materials. The beautiful thing is that people typically look for photos using keywords rather than the photographer, so you do not need to be a professional to sell your photography. As a result, your chances of getting your image chosen are the same as everyone else’s. Here is a list of 7 best stock photograph websites to make money online.

22.                        Work As An Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are compared to secretaries, except they conduct all of their business online. You might perform a variety of tasks as a virtual assistant, including booking trips, managing cost reimbursements, paying bills, and finding a dog sitter. All of these things may be done from the comfort of your home office while communicating with customers over the phone and online. Learn how to start a virtual assistant business.

23.                        Establish Yourself as a Pro Blogger

Become a professional blogger to make money online if you enjoy writing and have the discipline to work from home. You can look for compensated blogging employment on a variety of websites. There are several blog networks that pay bloggers a set payment per post or word they write, or they get a share of the advertising revenue based on how many page views their posts get (some networks even pay both a flat fee and a percentage of advertising revenues).

24.                        Writing Product Reviews.

Another method to get money online is by writing reviews. When businesses want to market their goods or services, they frequently approach bloggers who already have a following on a subject related to the goods or services they wish to advertise. After receiving payment, the “hired” blogger will write a review of the good or service. You may anticipate making $20 to $200 for each review you write.

25.                        Buy and Sell on eBay

With the help of eBay, buyers and sellers may connect online and exchange nearly anything. Selling your spare belongings will enable you to start earning money.

26.                        Contractual Services

In exchange for payment, you might provide your professional experience in an online marketplace. Online businesses and companies are searching for independent contractors to assist with tasks including programming, coding, writing, consulting, and design. One of the best place to get job is Toptal.

27.                        Make Money by doing Product giveaway

Wondering how to make money doing product giveaway right. You can give away and Ebook, Software, video content etc. Inside every of the product you’re giving away, make sure you promote your affiliate link inform of a call to action. You can promote affiliate product in your video content as well. Make sure that whatever you are giving away is of great benefit to the receiver. See an In-depth guide on how to make money doing product give away.

28.                        Affiliate product video promotion

Create brief and engaging videos to advertise a good product and sell it online. You may add your URL to the description box on YouTube. Many people have made money online by creating hilarious and popular videos.

29.                        Create niche websites

A niche website is one that focuses on a single subject. Create a tool, booklet, or software application that will assist a group of people who are all in need of assistance in solving their difficulty. Then develop a website that encourages people to purchase it!

30.                        Develop Your WordPress Skills

Most company owners or individuals now utilize WordPress as their online content management system. So when you master WordPress, there is a vast market waiting for you. People and businesses are looking to employ WordPress experts to assist them maintain their blogs or websites by installing and updating plugins.

31.                        Become known as the go-to person

The majority of the technical details are frequently delegated to third parties by online company owners and corporations so they may focus on expanding their operations. Most instances of these jobs call for the employment of a certain piece of software. The software should be as specialized and irritating as possible. You may earn hundreds or thousands of dollars by teaching business owners or their staff how to use the program, even if the software provider gives free installation.

32.                        Conduct and sell Interviews

You’ll be astonished to learn that individuals are making a lot of money by selling interviews they do with experts who aren’t themselves. People are constantly looking for information online, so if you can identify a problem that they are having, interview an expert about it, ask them the same questions that they are asking about it, and then have the expert offer advice, people will want to buy it so they can find out how to solve their problem.

33.                        Develop Your Design Portfolio While Making Money

Enter logo and design competitions you may find online, like 99 Designs, if you’re a young designer. But keep in mind that you won’t get paid until your logo beats out a lot of competition. Even so, this is a fantastic approach for a new designer to establish a portfolio and see what customers enjoy rapidly.

34.                        Create Twitter backgrounds.

Currently, the biggest trend that significantly increases website traffic is social media marketing. As a result, an increasing number of marketers are using Twitter to advertise their websites. You may earn money online by assisting your clients in creating Twitter backdrops that have such a great effect on the viewer that they decide to follow your client on Twitter in response to the rising need for social media marketing.

35.                        Launch a niche online store

Use a platform for developing basic stores to build content-based websites that may earn money through eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress etc. affiliate networks.

36.                        Become a Publisher with Medium

By writing and publishing your articles on medium you can be sure to make some decent amount of money. All you need to do is to register for the medium partner programme and you will be paid based on the views you had on your articles. Requirement to join medium partner programme is to have at least 100 followers. Mind you, you have the opportunity to not only write articles, but to promote affiliate product.  

37.                        Produce and market your own product

Building your list while using affiliate marketing is beneficial, but after you have experience, you should start producing your own goods. Having your own product gives you greater control over the work you do, regardless of the product you produce. Suggestively, you may produce and promote and Ebook, an online course, Video course, Softwares etc.  

38.                        Video Marketing On Youtube

One of the most popular video streaming websites on the internet, Youtube, is a terrific place to advertise your goods or services. Create product and service reviews for YouTube, and then add your affiliate links to the top-ranked videos. By having others use your affiliate link to make purchases, you can profit from their actions. To be able to monetize your channel through google adword, you will need at least 4000 video views. Meanwhile, I have written here how to get 10000 video views and subscribers for your youtube channel. You can also monetize your channel by promoting affiliate link in your video description.

39.                        Produce visual or video content

Try earning money online with if you enjoy making films and uploading photos every day. If your original videos are chosen to be shown on the homepage, you will be paid $400 and up to $2000 for short films. They also run additional sporadic competitions that award $50 each image. Newsflareis also a place to go when it comes to selling your video content.

40.                        Submit Blog Posts Or Websites To Social bookmarking Websites

Bloggers and small businesses are in great demand to submit their websites or blog entries to social media websites due to the expanding requirements of social media marketing. To help your clients’ websites or most recent blog articles get more attention, you must first create profiles on all social bookmarking networks.

41.                        Remix audio for other people

There is a huge need for audio editing services since business owners frequently use podcasts to market their goods or services. You may simply provide audio editing services for payment using a basic audio studio program.

42.                        Build Topical Resource Hubs

Create a summary of a subject in which you have knowledge and compile the best online resources available. Then, through websites like Squidoo, HugPages, and Google Knol, you can develop subject hubs and earn money from them.

Payments are based on a combination of affiliate commissions and ad income. The good news is that these websites already have a steady stream of visitors and tools to facilitate content creation.

43.                        Offer Guest Posting Services

As a method to help other blogs market their own, you may offer to write guest pieces for them for free. However, you can also charge a fee for your guest posting services. 

44.                        Work as A Consultant

After you have proven your expertise in the subject of your blog, you can provide consulting services to other people or companies who could benefit from your knowledge. As an alternative, you may provide advice on how to create and maintain a profitable blog.

45.                        Hosting Paid Memberships

Create a large community with a consistent flow of visitors to your site to learn what matters to your followers and what doesn’t. After that, start charging for memberships. The site itself may still be free, but readers with premium membership status have access to longer pieces and a steady stream of other perks, giving the blog an air of exclusivity.

46.                        Utilizing YouTube to Market Fan Gear

You can use YouTube to develop sales videos if you have your own products. As an alternative, several businesses are leveraging YouTube to market popular fan gear.

47.                        Online Craft Sales

Online craft and handmade product sales. Many websites allow you to create a free online store where you may sell your goods. To list an item, however, you probably must pay a price. When an item sells, you must pay a commission to the website that allowed you to set up your own online store on their server. You can charge anything you want, and how much money you make depends on how well your goods sell.

48.              Having an opinion is rewarding

You can register to participate in surveys regarding goods and services and get paid. Sites normally pay $2 to $5 for each survey that is completed, and after your survey account balance reaches $20, they will mail you a check, deposit it to your PayPal account, or provide you gift cards or products. However, exercise caution because there are numerous scammers out there. Avoid taking part in anything that requires a participation fee up front.

49.                        Work as a tutor online

If you’ve been seeking for online teaching jobs, gives instructors the chance to work with pupils across the nation without ever having to leave their house, workplace, or dorm. The purpose of this website is to link tutors and students in an online classroom. Tutors will make use of the equipment in the classroom to exchange information, decipher challenging diagrams, and go through papers with students.

50. Use Acorns to invest small change.

Given the risks, investing might not be a good idea for you if your income is not very high. Investing your hard-earned money in something that might or might not result in a profit is extremely difficult.
But what if you were simply required to invest spare change that you would otherwise spend occasionally? You can invest spare change with Acorns, just like that!
You may always start small by making a penny investment to test the waters if you are uncomfortable making stock market investments or are unsure of where to begin.
With Acorns, you may put as little as $0.01 into an investment. The best part is that those cents are put in Vanguard funds, which are among the strongest funds and often demand an initial investment of $10,000 or more from investors.
Your purchases will be rounded up, and any change will be invested in the stock market. Additionally, it will provide you with cashback deals that are much larger than those from the top cashback websites (more like 20%).
Get your $5 sign-up bonus by joining Acorns here and getting started.
Conclusive, there are many other ways to make money online, however, the some of the best 50 ways of making money online.