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YouTube SEO: 10 Video Ranking Factors

Pay close attention to the following ranking strategies because they will be very helpful if you really want to rank YouTube videos on search engine results quickly.

YouTube has quickly evolved into a haven for businesses. Everyone, from small business owners to massive retail box stores, wants to profit from the video boom.
It has grown to become a powerful force (a source of living, as a matter of fact) to reckon with.
This explains why thousands of movies are uploaded every minute of the day. 
With such a large number of videos and the traffic they create, it only makes sense to incorporate YouTube videos into your marketing plan.

According to the source: Hootsuite global stat of Digital Report 2022, YouTube has now become the world’s second most-visited website with over 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors and over 14 billion monthly visits. Additionally, over 694,000 hours of videos are streamed on YouTube every minute.
As a result, YouTube has grown to be so fiercely competitive that creators attempt to do and undo everything just to stay ahead of the pack and have their YouTube videos appear on the first page of search results. 
With thousands upon millions of videos on YouTube, the only way for your video to go viral is to make it stand out.
Too many individuals simply submit their videos and hope that people will watch them, share them, and it will become viral. However, in most cases, this is a losing proposition (it simply goes beyond that).
Put some time and effort into creating videos that make the most of search engine results page techniques if you want to make sure they go viral. These tactics include using YouTube’s ranking signals to your advantage.

YouTube Video Ranking Factors

Did you realize that Google’s algorithm employs about 200 ranking signals? Although YouTube’s algorithm is not as large (a few dozen), it is still crucial to understand what they are searching for in excellent videos. This is only a sample of the most relevant ranking signals:

  • Likes and dislikes
  • How many people watched the video and then subscribed
  • Tags
  • Comments
  • Relevant Keywords
  • Length of the video
  • How well the public relates to the video
  • How long it holds peoples’ interests

Beyond the basics of YouTube ranking factors up there, there are many additional rankings that are utilized; these are just a handful that may make or break a video. 

With these ranking signals in mind, here are a few methods you might enhance them to attract the desired viewing audience. 

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Rank your YouTube Videos through A Well Detailed Description

People browsing videos will pause to read detailed description before clicking to watch the video. To entice people to view your film, provide a detailed summary of what is to come.
Here are some examples of descriptive content – or a lack thereof:
“Rhubarb cooking” “Rhubarb is a difficult item to work with. 
We’ll show you where to get this versatile vegetable, as well as how to prepare and cook it.
This video is essential viewing if you want to learn how to make the ideal rhubarb pie. Which video will you be watching?

You need to be particularly specific when creating the material for your video preview since people will click or not depending on whether you can help or entertain them in the way they are looking for.
Over 200-word articles are not unheard of and frequently score higher than shorter articles. This is due to the fact that YouTube uses long tail keywords to rank each video.
Your chances of YouTube discovering your keywords and giving you a high ranking increase the more you write.
Discover the precise keywords that apply to your particular specialized market. These keywords are a certain method to score highly.

Rank YouTube Videos Using Keywords

Long or short video keywords that offer the video a chance on Google are sought after by YouTube. Utilizing these video keywords can help your video appear on Google’s front page.

A search engine query for “cute babies” should provide several videos of adorable infants. It’s excellent that you discovered it if that’s what you were looking for.
However, you wouldn’t be very pleased if all of your findings were lovely baby photographs. The search criteria have to be compatible with the keywords used for the video.
You need to spend some time on search engine results pages and seek for repeating phrases in order to discover what video keywords are being utilized in your specific area.
Use that word if you have a certain keyword in mind and you see it on these pages. This increases the likelihood that your video will appear on the search results page.

Rank YouTube Video by Uploading Videos to Online Communities.

You likely participate in a few online communities. These are the ideal venues for introducing your films, especially if you are with an audience that is receptive to your brand, services, or products.
Avoid entering a community quickly and submitting a ton of videos; most community members don’t take kindly to this.
When a video is pertinent to the subject being addressed, they don’t mind seeing it.
Post the video and include a description of why you’re publishing it, what it includes, and what you hope viewers will learn from it.
You will start to achieve the high-retention views and likes that YouTube is searching for in its rankings when you distribute your films where they have the biggest impact.

Encourage Likes And Subscriptions

“Likes” and “subscribing” are both employed as high-ranking signals. This is so because the algorithm used by YouTube heavily relies on user experience cues.
When someone views a video and then subscribes, YouTube interprets this as an indication that the video is of high quality.

While not as frequently utilized as subscriptions for ranking, likes are still crucial to determining where a video stands. Rankings based on likes and subscribers complement one another.
Asking people to subscribe and enjoy your content is the greatest approach to gain more of both. When watching a video, most people don’t think twice before clicking “like.” Don’t be afraid to ask, and do it on each video you produce.

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Rank Your YouTube Videos Fast Through Playlists that are Rich in Keywords

After you have produced ten videos, you should begin to group them according to topics. Viewers will find it much simpler to discover what they want to watch as a result. 
Use titles with lots of keywords while constructing these playlists. Don’t forget to include a range of keywords while writing descriptive text. More people will want to view the video the more you “display” it with words.
Every day, 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube by users. One of them is what your video aspires to be. 
Your video will almost certainly appear on search engine results pages if you use these SEO strategies.

HINT: Keep in mind that YouTube searches for certain keywords; thus, study them and apply them; the longer, the better! Learn these SEO strategies, and your videos will stand out from the crowd. You nearly guarantee yourself a spot on Google’s front page!


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Search for the current hottest video topics.

Look into the most recent hot topics that people desire to see. Google and YouTube searches are both helpful. Spend some time choosing the ideal subject for your video.
In addition to being popular, this subject should also be appropriate for your channel’s aesthetics.
Making a film about a subject that no one is interested in is pointless, right? Your films won’t even be seen, never mind ranking on Google, if there isn’t a demand for that topic.

Produce enhanced videos

It’s time to make an SEO-friendly video to attract the algorithm’s attention after choosing the appropriate subject matter.
Google doesn’t merely rank your movies in its search results at random; it makes an effort to fully comprehend the material and determine how relevant it is to the search term entered by its consumers.
You only need to keep a few things in mind to maximize your video.

  • Make sure the audio and the visual correspond.
  • The video shouldn’t be too commercial.
  • Do not include more, pointless videos to lengthen the viewing time.
  • Use plain language.
  • Good audio and visual quality is expected.

Include accurate and good captions

Captions are crucial when Google evaluates your video for placement in its search results because they assist the machine better understand the context of your video.
To put it mildly, YouTube’s auto-captions are terrible. Make sure to add appropriate subtitles that correspond to the video’s audio.
Include a lovely unique thumbnail
The audience first notices the thumbnail. They are less likely to click on your video if the thumbnail does not go well with the title.
The likelihood that your video will rank higher on the Google Search page increases with the number of clicks it receives. It is recommended to make a thumbnail on your own rather than using a video clip directly.

Include timestamps.

Timestamps make important points in your film stand out. It improves the viewing experience tenfold and serves as a direction for the audience, providing a suitable framework.

Additionally, adding timestamps enables your movie to appear in search results even if the term in the title doesn’t exactly match the timestamp. 
This increases viewer traffic by making it possible for your movie to rank in a variety of search results pages.
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