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Build Your Own Online Brand: Identify and Communicate Your Purpose

Building your own Online brand has progressed from illogical trademark names to descriptive phrases that communicate who you are and what your life passion is. Consider the name Xerox: it had no actual meaning until the machines were introduced and became synonymous with photocopying papers. 

While the brand has gained global recognition, it has been fully diluted into a generic meaning that is difficult to defend as being distinctive and expressive of a company brand.

To design a brand name today, you want to pay close attention to the characteristics that distinguish this name and how it accurately describes what you do or who you are in company or life.

Branding Yourself

In some ways, we all enter this world with our own unique brand: our names. This identifies us to our family and the others we meet, but does not fully convey our personal characteristics. Occasionally, individuals acquire nicknames or create their own in order to express more of their own unique characteristics; this is a sort of group personal branding.

If your personal branding also reflects your life’s passions, you can utilize it to help others promote you. Personal branding, like commercial branding, is all about communicating your self-image to people in such a way that what they perceive matches what you are projecting.

Branding For Business

To build your own unique online brand, you should have a domain name, its like your business name, its a type of branding. These are frequently more expressive of the items and services offered than of the owner’s personal characteristics. Traditionally, in conventional advertising, you would learn the business’s name before the owner’s.

However, with the widespread use of social media, personal branding is becoming just as vital as commercial and company branding. This domain name we talked about here is a most time gotten from the name you wish to give your online brand.

Example: let say the name of your brand is Gods riches Clothing, then your domain name can be www.godsriches,com of, which means if you are setting up a website or blog for your brand the address above is what people will type on their browser to get to your website. Registering a domain name is quite simple using Namecheap our top recommended domain name registrar.

Passion for Projects

Whether you advertise one, the other, or both, the goal is to expand your audience. If your interest is connecting people with their soul mates, you may want to use a business or personal name that includes the word love. 

That is your calling. It’s not nearly as difficult as it appears to come up with a few promising brand names to test. What’s difficult is reserving them online when so many have already been taken.

Build your own online brand: Conceptualize and Research Your Brand

That is why, in order to obtain a decent one, you must begin brainstorming early. It will take some time to develop a brand name that you adore and is also available as a domain name. 

One thing is certain: the majority of two-word domain names have already been taken. You’ll almost certainly need three or more words, or you may attempt purchasing a shorter domain name from someone who is squatting on it and waiting for a buyer to offer him/her money.

Reserve Your Personal Name Immediately

In building your own unique online brand, even if you’re not planning to utilize your personal name for business purposes, you’ll want to reserve as many profiles as possible, as well as a domain name that includes your name. 

Celebrities with established professions already have attorneys who handle this for them on a routine basis. However, if you begin your business brand and then attain renown in the midst of it, you’re likely to wind up paying someone else to return your personal brand name on the Internet.

There are numerous opportunists out there that seek to reserve the names of celebrities such as Paris Hilton or other prominent figures with significant followings. 

As your following grows, so will the amount of bogus spammers, and you want to be prepared by reserving your name on major sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as a personal branded .com domain name at Namecheap.

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Research Resources Available

Now that you’re online, use to discover what’s available for your domain name options. Apart domains, you can check a number of other extensions. If the domain has already been reserved or purchased, you will see the domain owner. 

Additionally, it will inform you who to contact if you choose to attempt to purchase the domain name. Alternatively, you can visit a famous hosting site and attempt to register the domain name.

Namecheap will also inform you (if the requested name is not accessible) of alternative names that are available. They are typically prefixed by the word my or something similar, but they differ slightly. You can also register the domain name directly there for $9.95 per year.

Build your own online brand: Promote Your Brand Online

If you want to be known as an expert, all you have to do is pretend to be one and then assist people with your knowledge. Through their interactions with you, people get an understanding of who you are and can form their own views about you and your organization. Interactivity and the ability to reach people on a global scale for a small investment level the playing ground between businesses and individuals. Information is no longer as compartmentalized as it previously was, and it is also far more transparent.

Now, regardless of how much money a large corporation spends promoting a poor product, the likelihood is that numerous online complaints will be freely available and will prevent new buyers from purchasing the defective product. Similarly, if you have an amazing online brand and a fantastic product or service, you may promote the brand and its positive vibrations by sharing that information online in order to attract new clients.

Online Activities That You Should Conduct

There are a handful locations online where you can leverage the most positive exposure with the least amount of work. You could spend considerably more time plastering your own press release around the Internet, but ultimately, as a business owner, you simply don’t have the time. 

Even if you are capable of completing the following list, you should carefully consider outsourcing or hiring a firm or an individual to assist you in effectively publicizing your goods online.

E-business cards

Replace your traditional business cards with a digital one that allows for far easier internet sharing. There are plethora of places online that you can easily and fast design your e-business card. Canva is one of such place as there are lot of pre designed cards that you can easily and freely edit as your own.

Resumes in digital format

If your personal experience is critical to your firm, make sure to maintain an up-to-date digital resume in your archives.


You may run a freelancing business or be a solopreneur who wishes to showcase part of your work through an online portfolio. Do not forget to include in your portfolio the testimonials of your good work from your existing clients as this will help a lot in getting business conversion.

Website or Blog

Setting up a business website or blog is germane to the success of your online brand. This can be a formal site or a blog, as long as it serves as a central location for visitors to learn about you and your business. See here 15 good reasons why you need a business blog or website.

I have also written an in-depth guide on how to start your own money-making blog here.

Social networking sites

These include Facebook and Twitter, both of which are excellent for driving traffic back to your website. Hence, you need to be actively involved in meeting with people and telling them about your business on social. Other social media sites include Linkedin, medium, Reddit, Tumblr, Quora, Pinterest, etc.

Email marketing campaigns

Simple methods for marketing directly to your audience. As simple as it may be, building your online brand will experience less of a success if you don’t incorporate email marketing campaigns into it. You see, I made it known to my blog readers to build their list or the business dies, there’s a reason for that, you can check it out. 

I have written here how to build 1000 email subscribers in just 14 days, and at the same time I have also reviewed and ranked the 7 of the best email marketing platforms ( In that, using the best email marketing software is necessary to have a flawless and successful email marketing campaign).

DO YOU KOW THAT: You can have your own well and already-established online business or brand in just a few minutes away from now. You get to save yourself the stress of having to start building a business or brand right from scratch which can be strenuous a times. 

To do this, you can buy an online brand or an already-established online business of your choice. And all you have to do after purchasing a brand business is to continue to build on it, given that you have the knowledge of the particular niche/business.

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