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Picoworkers Review

Picoworkers Review: A Brief and Concise Review of Picoworkers Micro Jobs and Micro Task Platform.

What is Picoworker

Picoworker located in USA and owned by Octobrain is a micro task website that connect employers to employee who are ready to make money performing simple online task.

Type of task

There are lot of task to be performed on picoworker among them are these popuplar ones: simple survey jobs, playing games, downloading and testing apps, writing reviews, signing up an account, visiting website etc.  

Picoworkers Review: Legibility and Rating

Haven worked on picoworker, I tested the in and out of the website and I guarantee that it is legit. I performed tasks and had my payout through Paypal. 

Just that some of the task are not just worth the money placed on them. Additionally, Picoworkers had a rating of 4.64/5 on sitejabber from 446 reviews; it also has a rating of 4.5/5 on trustpilot. These are sure assurance of the legibility of picoworkers. 

Job Availability on Picoworkers

You can never run out of micro jobs on picoworkers, as you are being opened to getting hundreds of new task each waking day.

How Easy is Picoworkers Task

Some task are easy to do, while some are not. Meanwhile how difficult a task is, is proportionate to the pay you get.

Payment Method

You can simply withdrawal your money through paypal majorly, cryptocurrency, amazon giftcard etc. but be notified that the minimum payout on picoworker is $5 which is quite good.

How to earn more money on Picoworkers

There are different levels on picoworkers, from level 1 to 4: the higher the level the more your tasks, the more the difficulty and the more the your chances of getting higher pay. 

Hence to move up the ladder, you need to maintain accuracy and sincerity with your job, in that if the task you do is not satisfying to the employer he may report you and not pay you.

There are other section on the app where you can do some surveys from various survey companies, meanwhile these surveys do have higher pay than the regular tasks on your dashboard. 

How much can you earn in Max

Note this: as for me, I considers Picoworkers as a side gig, where I can make some extra cash in my free time. Meanwhile, I have seen friends make as much as $50 – $70 dollars monthly. 

In fact I heard of a pro worker who earn as much as $200 or more. How is this possible you asked, I venture to know how these pro workers do it and I got to know that they make more on picoworkers not by devoting a lot of their time to doing tasks, but by simply referring people. 

Now think about it, someone that is having about 200 referred employee or employer, you definitely know that even without performing any task, such and one would be earning on Picoworkers on monthly basis.

Another thing to do to earn more on picoworkers is to be selective of the kind of micro jobs you will choose, as there are nice jobs with higher pay, whereas there are odd ones too.

Picoworkers referral programme

Picoworkers has a referral programme with which you can earn more when you refer someone to work on the website, or to employ people.

Either way, you stand the chance to get 5% of: the deposit of your referred employer and 5% of any amount that anyone you referred made.

P9ros of Picoworkers

A lot of different tasks

The tasks are easy

The payout is nice

Available Internationally

Cons of Picoworkers


The support is as bad

The payment sucks: Payment may not arrive as quickly as possible and there’s transaction fee for payment.



Can One use Mobile Apps

Currently, there’s no app available for mobile phone users, however, you can always log into the website to perform your various task from your mobile phones.

Performing Tasks

Before doing a task, make sure you read the instruction given by the employer very well, once you understand it, then go ahead. Make sure you also provides proofs in screenshots as required.

Who can use Picoworker and The accepted countries

Just about anybody who is interested in doing simple task to earn some little side cash online.

To think that Picoworkers can be accessed and used from anywhere around the world makes it worth our recommendation.

Meanwhile, there are country specific task, I mean an employer may decide to have workers from USA or Canada 9to do a specific task for them, whereas, there a plenteous tasks that are available internationally.

Picoworkers Support

Their support sucks a bit, meanwhile, they have a FAQ section that explains some other things you might want to know.

Official Website 

How To Signup

Signing up is as easy as, going to picoworkers, from the link above or use our referral link below, and register with your email address and name, confirm your registration from the link sent to your email, go to your dashboard and you will see tons of task available for you to do.



Registration Bonus

Get instant $0.5 registration bonus when you use our referral link >>> Picoworkers (note: it is at no cost to you).

Top alternative to picoworkers

Freecash: I have tried out freecash app too, it is a point based micro job websites too where you can earn points that can later be converted to cash. One thing about freecash is that they have higher pay compared to 9picoworker. Go to Freecash

Rapidworkers: if you have not heard of them before, then you should give them a try, it is more like picoworker. Go to Rapidworkers


Pictorial Evidence

Once you successfully register, you will see image like this on your dashboard. 

The image below shows the Job name, level, payout (which is the amount you get for performing the task), Success %: shows how easy to perform the task has been from the people that has done it before, Done: shows the number of task performed already to the number of task required.  

Picoworkers Review: Payment Proof

The payment proof below is that of one of our known pro picoworker, as you can see, this worker earns a lot from not only doing tasks, but from: Refered employers, and refered workers. 

To get a result as you can see in the image below, then you should put more effort into getting referrals.

Picoworkers Payment Proof

Testimonies from other people

Picoworkers Review: Summary and Verdict

At this point, I believe you have the understanding of what picoworkers entails. 

It is a platforms where; you can employee people for your microtasks of increasing pageviews, signup up for an offer, following, liking and sharing social media pages and contents, getting email submit etc. 

On the other hand, it is a platform where you can make money online by performing various task as written above.

If this kind of online jobs is not suffix for your need, you can click these link now and see our report of top 50 ways to make money online 

These are online jobs and businesses you can start today to make decent money online.