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As reported by Hubspot, 83% of video marketers claimed that they had generated leads with the help of video content.

Make money with videos

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  • The Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online By Creating Video Contents
    • 1. Sell Your Videos to Make Money
      • a. Contus Vplayed
      • b. Gudsho
      • c. Brightcovee
    • 2. Monetize Video Content By Uploading to In-stream ads Platforms
      • a. Youtube
      • b. Facebook in- Stream ad
      • c. Rumble
      • d. DailyMotion
    • 3. Create A video Course:
    • 4. Become A freelance Video Content Creator
    • 5. Create a Video Blog (Vlog)
  • FAQ on how do video content creators make money?
    • Can I make money on videos by allowing ad display?
    • Can I Make money with videos through Sponsored content?
    • How can doing affiliate marketing help?
    • What are Exclusive Contents and How can they Help?
    • Can selling stuffs help to monetize video content?
  • Concluding Thought.

The Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online By Creating Video Contents

When we talk about creating and making money from videos, the very first thing or idea that comes to the mind of most people is Youtube. Meanwhile, beyond making money from Youtube videos alone, there are several other ways to make money as a video content creator.

Many has faced disappointment from making money from their video contents just because they cannot meet up with the Youtube monetization criteria (The very fact that you must have 4000 public watch hour and about 1000 YouTube subscribers) to get ads displayed on their channels. 

This doesn’t go well with many creators.  Although I have written how to overcome this dilemma and get your YouTube channel ranked and optimized in 10 ways as fast as possible. There are still better options you can prioritize to make money from your video content.

If you are looking for a way to make money from your video content, this article will explain briefly and concisely the top 6 ways to make money from videos as a video content creator.

1. Sell Your Videos to Make Money

Selling your video content is one of the ways to make money online. If you are a creator with vast knowledge of creating amazing videos that can go viral, irrespective of any niche you are, then you can make money by selling your videos. The following are 5 good places where you can sell your videos.

a. Contus Vplayed

This is a reputable white-labbeled platform where you can sell your videos online, irrespective of any niche.  Its revenue-focused business strategy may accommodate any line of activity. It makes a serious effort to offer a fully sophisticated end-to-end solution. It claims of supporting over 150 functions and providing options at every turn. You may rest easy knowing that your video hosting (CMS), marketing, monetization, security, and storage needs were all taken care of in a single transaction.

Some of CONTUS VPlayed’s strong points include:

  • For the most effective money creation, it offers 6 distinct monetization options.
  • It complies with adaptive bitrate streaming techniques for a single, uninterrupted video streaming experience.
  • It has integrated marketing capabilities for disseminating information about your video platform.
  • This security system has multi-DRM protocols certification.

Go To Contus Vplayed

b. Gudsho

For creators in various categories, GudSho is a SaaS-based platform for monetizing videos. It is a ready-to-launch platform to distribute premium videos to worldwide audiences, offering the quickest way to monetize content and giving both independent storytellers and enterprises a large stream of cash potential.

Anyone who wants to use video to increase their revenue flow may also broaden their brand reach with GudSho’s assistance. The platform is a meeting place for creators to connect with followers, stream on a dedicated channel, and profit without restrictions thanks to its wide range of revenue models and toolset of creator-friendly features.

  • It has a ton of features, is streamable, and supports immediate monetization.
  • encourages simple video management, publication, and upload on a stand-alone CMS
  • It encourages more profitable revenue generation via subscriptions, pay-per-view, and contributions.

c. Brightcovee

One such provider of video platforms that adheres to conventional wisdom in the industry is Brightcove. Its OTT platform has the highest level of dependability to even lead the industry. Two proprietary features that are exclusive to this service are included in its offerings: batch editing and drag-and-drop playlists. Another unique aspect of its offerings is the “Smart Playlist,” a listing generated by analyzing metatags to provide automated yet precise suggestions.

  • Some of Brightcove’s strong points include:
  • -It broadens the range of all frequently used monetization models.
  • -It makes it possible to schedule videos according to an interest location’s location.
  • -It contains a “quick publish” option that makes it possible to publish videos more quickly and easily.

Other Video selling platforms Include;

  • Shutterstock
  • IBM Video Streaming
  • Vimeo OTT
  • Dacast etc.

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2. Monetize Video Content By Uploading to In-stream ads Platforms

Platforms like YouTube that display ads both at the beginning, during, and after your videos as they play are known as “in-stream ad platforms.” There are many of these platforms, but the following are some of the best I have seen recently.

a. Youtube

Don’t be surprised that Youtube is still the very first I mentioned here. This is because there is the possibility of getting massive video views at any point in time. If the recent upsurge in youtube global users is anything to go by, then, youtube is a good place to start.

Over 2 billion people are currently using YouTube, which is an amazing statistic. It is almost equivalent to one-third of the Internet users. And as a result, it is now the second-most visited website worldwide (after Google). (Alexa)

The age range of YouTube users is 18 to 34. That indicates that your video content will most likely be viewed by people who are likely to purchase your product. That’s if the video you created is promoting a product..

Here is a post that explains how to rank your youtube videos in no distant time. And here is yet a 7-step approach to monetize your youtube videos.

b. Facebook in- Stream ad

Facebook in-stream ad On-demand video is yet another way to monetize your videos.  Your newly uploaded videos will immediately include in-stream advertisements. In-stream advs in certain videos can be disabled or moved around by any Page admin using the video composer.

Facebook Watch has around 140 million users in the daily audience, and they usually spend 26 minutes watching videos daily. Going by this stat, you can be sure to get your own cut of the massive video content creative juice on Facebook.

To qualify for in-stream ads, you must:

  • Pass and remain compliant with Partner Monetisation Policies.
  • Publish from a Page (not a profile) with at least 10,000 followers.
  • Generate at least 600,000 total eligible minutes viewed in the last sixty days.
  • Maintain five active videos on your Page.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Live in an in-stream ads-eligible country.

Click here to learn more about FB In-stream ads

c. Rumble

A great substitute for the video-sharing website like youtube is Rumble. Rumble provides monetization opportunities akin to those on YouTube. The same actions you take to upload videos to YouTube and generate views are also ways to earn money in Rumble.

Things to keep in mind when submitting videos:

  • Choose a catchy title to draw in more viewers, but it must be pertinent to the video’s subject matter.
  • Fill up the video description as completely as you can to enhance the likelihood of receiving more views.
  • You can upload a custom thumbnail or pick one of the three options provided.

They have described everything in detail about how Rumble actually works, and if you want success in Rumble you need to understand the fundamentals of how Rumble is making money in order to pay you to share. Tags for Rumble, type as many tags as you can, and the video will appear in the search based on the tags you have entered.

Go To Rumble

d. DailyMotion

With over 350million active users, 2 billion monthly video views, and 2000 plus publishers (Daily Motion), daily motion is a good place to make money from your videos. Daily motion has a revenue share programme with which they pay video content creators a certain amount of ad revenue generated from their uploaded videos.

Through their in-house Advertising Solution, the Dailymotion Player Solution enables you to establish direct contact with top-tier marketers. Optimize your website’s monetization to increase your ad sales, and monetize your video content to take advantage of their revenue-sharing program.

With the aid of a free, highly scalable video management solution, you can create and manage high-quality VODs and live streams on daily motion.

Other Platforms you want to check out are Newsflare and Vimeo OTT, etc.

Want to start your own YouTube channel, here is a comprehensive guide on how to start a profitable YouTube channel

3. Create A video Course:

 Insivia social media video statistics state that viewers can retain about 95% of the information from the video compared to 10% of information while reading the text.

Hence, a good way to make money from creating videos is through an online video course.

If you are good in a particular video niche and you can create a stunning video to teach your audience, then a video course is a spectacular way of making money by creating videos.

In my opion, it doesn’t matter the niche you are, you can always create a video content course that will go viral and make you more money.

For instance, if you are good at cooking, you can create a cooking course.

However, if you are looking for a profitable niche with a large audience, then you can:

  • Do research and see what people are asking on Quora
  • Check out google trends and google suggest,
  • Check out our Niche research Blueprints for an in-depth study.

There are several video course platforms that you can use, like Udemy, Teachable, Coursera etc. However, the recent one that caught my attention recently was.

4. Become A freelance Video Content Creator

If you are good at creating video contents, another option to make money from videos is to become a video freelancer. All it takes is to look for a reputable freelance platform and get yourself signed up, build your profile and share your gig on social media to boost awareness.

Some of the best freelance platforms you can try out is Fiverr, followed by Truelancer and upwork.

For your consideration if you check the screenshot below: it will surprise you to see a pro seller offering to create a short facebook ads video for a whooping $350 dollars. And to think that this guy is making sales surprises me. 

Hence, if you are good video content creator, then you can become a freelancer as well on fiverr and start making money.

Go To Fiverr.

5. Create a Video Blog (Vlog)

A video blog is another dynamic way to make money by creating videos.

With a Vlog, you have the autonomy of uploading your video content to your very own self-hosted video website, there’s no binding rule as to the kind of design you placed on your blog, or the kind of content you should upload. You have the opportunity to promote just about anything from your videos etc.

Vlog Monetization:

  1. You can monetize your vlog with ads from Google Adsense. However, a more preferable choice is the Ezoic ad network, and this is because they have in-stream ads for video makers.
  2. By promoting affiliate marketing,
  3. Sell your very own product.

How to create a Video Blog

To create a Vlog, you need: A domain name, and Hosting platform

To get a domain name you can visit Namecheap, and to get a hosting service, I recommend Bluehost and Hostinger

Mind you, if you register on Hostinger and Bluehost, you can get a free domain name offer.

Here is a Comprehensive Guide to setting up a business blog for your Video content  

FAQ on how do video content creators make money?

Can I make money on videos by allowing ad display?

Allowing ads is the easiest way to monetize your video content. Ads will be shown before and during, and after your video on websites like YouTube (through the YouTube Partnership program), and you will receive payment for each view. In addition, as I have stated earlier, Facebook in-stream ad is another form of video monetization method you can use. Refer to point 2 above.

Can I Make money with videos through Sponsored content?

YES: In exchange for compensation, many content producers who have high numbers of active followers work with marketers to feature their products on their feeds. This they do through shout out, or recommendation within or after their videos. Some do provide links in their video description to do so.

According to Hubspot’s report on animated video statistics, most people (94%) watch explainer videos to understand the product or the brand better, and 84% of the watchers decided to make a purchase after the video. Promoting sponsored posts, affiliate products, your own product etc, are good way to start monetize your video content.

How can doing affiliate marketing help?

Affiliate marketing is similar to sponsored content in that it enables producers to get payment from brands by recommending things to their audience. The distinction is that readers will only be compensated if they click on or purchase things through an affiliate link. Because it doesn’t necessitate a personal connection with the company, this option is open to more authors even though it doesn’t guarantee income the way sponsored material does. There are lot of brands and affiliate programmes you can register with. A good place to start is Amazon affiliate centre, commission junction, Clickbank etc.

Click here for a comprehensive understanding of affiliate marketing,    

What are Exclusive Contents and How can they Help?

Direct sales to customers are another option to make money with video contents. The majority of the time, in order to create an audience, content providers must begin by offering their work for free. You can hide parts of your video entries, behind a paywall after you’ve gained a following. What I mean is this, you can create exclusive videos, or a kind of master class for your audiences that developed interest in your offering.

Can selling stuffs help to monetize video content?

Selling your stuff to viewers can be a good way to earn money from your video content, from selling T-shirts and coffee mugs embossed with your brand’s name to creating a full line of makeup products to go along with your beauty video blog.

Concluding Thought.

Making money by creating video content is one unique way out of several others. So, after creating your videos, you can monetize it through ads, promoting affiliate product, creating your own video course, selling of merchandise and so on.

Hope you like these Ideas, if you do, kindly leave a comment or share. Thanks