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Ezoic ad review


3 Important Reasons Why I moved To Ezoic, and Why I Won’t be leaving Anytime Soon.

Getting into Google adsense partnership is the number one monetization thought that often crowd the mind of new bloggers, even though there are other ads networks that are better than Google in many ways. One of them is Ezoic Ad Network. In terms of many things, Ezoic ads performs better than Google adsense. And that’s why I am recommending it to bloggers who are looking to monetize their blog or websites with a good ad network.

Maybe you have tried everything you can do to get accepted by Google adsense to no avail, then this Ezoic review is for you.

I used to serve adsense ads on my blog until I moved to Ezoic.  And I must be sincere, Ezoic ads has been good all the way.

I moved to Ezoic because: its acceptance are; quality blog content, 5000 monthly page views, and their payout is just $20. Imagine you being able to withdraw whenever your ad revenue reaches $20 compared to Google adsense where your revenue must be $100. It do take some new bloggers three months or more to get that.

After getting into Ezoic ad network; my blog experience rapid growth and I don’t think I will be leaving Ezoic anytime soon because of the following 7 important reasons:

  1. My blog got optimized: Generally speaking, when you serve ads on your blog or website, it slows it down. However, Ezoic provided an intuitive platform and blog optimization strategies that increase my blog traffic / pageviews. Right from my dashboard, I can easily wipe my blog cache, lazy load images, and all sort of things.
  2. Blog speed becomes very fast. Using the EZOIC LEAP
  3. My revenue increase (20x or more) compared to other network that I have used before.
  4. I have complete authority over ads served on my blog: in this wise: I can test ads, I can choose the kind of ads I want to display, I can choose the size, I can choose the placement (Whether within post or on side bars), I can choose the number of ads I want to display on my blog or within my content.
  5. Most people complain that Ezoic doesn’t have phone call support, however, I don’t seem to be bothered about that because in my experience, the ticket approach (of getting to them) works fine and majorly, the Ezoic Twist (A chat forum of other publishers with some dedicated Ezoic ad managers) where you can get help immediately or in few minutes is just too good.  
  6. A good analytic platform, where you can tack your revenue, see the pages that are performing best, see your traffic and page views, just like using Google analytics platform.
  7. Ad serving: I noticed Ezoic ads are dynamic, I mean changing often time from one published ad to another through artificial intelligence, so as to serve the right kind of ad to blog visitor. This is what I meant: If Ezoic serve and ad from Moosend, after few minutes, if you refresh the page you may see another ad from Hostinger on the same spot. This is quite impressive as you won’t be seeing the same kind of ads like some publishers do.

There are lot to it that all I can say is that EZOIC AD NETWORK is excellent.


In addition to the aforementioned thoughts, below is a brief yet concise summary of Ezoic Ad and Optimization Network.

NB: I do not write this review to decry or defame other ad networks. Of course I have seen people that still choose to stick with adsense because they have better experience, I have equally seen some that moved from Ezoic to other advanced ad networks than Ezoic (of course there are), Just that most of them demands higher traffic and pageviews (about 100k, 200k, 500k… 1M views etc.). 

I only write based on experience and to recommend it to those that are finding it hard to get approved into Google ads, and those with little pageviews of not less than 5000 monthly.

 What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is an Ad network where Independent publishers may increase their revenue from advertising and enhance user experience. Ezoic offers a completely automated, scientific solution for webmasters who might not have the time or the skills to create tests for their website. 

Ezoic technology offers a fully automated multivariate testing platform. It’s made to help content publishers increase their advertising revenue by automatically evaluating criteria for ad placement and usability. 

Ezoic determines page layouts that provide sustainable and permanent earnings and UX enhancement by weighing usability indicators (such as time on site, page views per visitor, and bounce rate) against ad income.

How Does Ezoic Work?

Ezoic serve ads on your website through artificial intelligence. The system is designed so that it gathers information about your audience and trains the machine learning model in the background to provide the appropriate kinds of adverts.

This implies that the growth of Ezoic’s ad revenue is gradual. This could take 3 to 8 weeks, especially if your website receives little traffic.

But Ezoic is a fantastic platform because of this. The AI will take its time to understand your target market and how to provide your visitors with the greatest adverts and user experience.

For instance, Ezoic might display less advertising to a member of your audience if they dislike ads. Additionally, Ezoic may show more advertising to someone who clicks on advertisements more frequently or who genuinely like them. 

Additionally, the commercials are pertinent. Based on its examination of a visitor, the AI model predicts what advertising will be most appropriate for them to see.

Ezoic Features

  • Ad Exchange and Real Time Bidding Management
  • Ad types, Ad placement and Ad settings controls
  • Automated Ad Placement Testing
  • Automated Audience Segmentation for Mobile/Desktop/Tablet
  • Automated Mobile / Tablet / Desktop Page Testing
  • Automated Multivariate Testing
  • Cloud Serving of Content & Free CDN
  • Page Layout Experiment Previews
  • Revenue and User Experience Reporting
  • User Experience and Revenue Goal setting

Not Getting Enough Traffic?

Ezoic Review: How to Start 

How ezoic works
Ezoic Review: How to start

To register, it’s quite simple, go over to and start the registration process. Mind you, you should only do so if and only if, you are having good contents and over 5000 monthly pageviews.

Watch the Video below for a quick walk-through of how to go about it.

Ezoic Work through video

How Much Can I Earn on Ezoic?

On Ezoic, a typical publisher makes between $12 and $18 for every 1,000 visitors.

A lot of the time, Ezoic performs better than ad networks like Google AdSense. But regrettably, there is no way to estimate your earning potential prior to using the platform.

The potential earnings are impacted by a wide range of factors like; your niche, length of your contents, ad approach (UX-focused, revenue-focused, etc.), seasonality, and your audience location etc. are a few of these factors .

The reality is that it’s impossible to forecast ad revenue. Some ad networks and publisher platforms might yield better results than others. A bad ad network can, however, produce greater results for your website.

Displaying advertisements on your website is the only method to discover it.

According to what I have seen and heard so far, if your website or blog receives 20,000 visitors each month, you would get between $200 and $300. If you receive 50,000 views each month, you would typically make between $400 and $750.

NB: Since advertising revenue varies due to the numerous factors I discussed before, the statistic above is not necessarily accurate because it can change. You could actually make less or more than that.

Thinking of Starting Your Own money making blog.

Here is an In depth Guide on how to start your own money making blog

What is the price for using Ezoic?

Ezoic is totally free for you to use. There are two methods to “pay” for the services if you use Ezoic to monetize your website (by running advertisements).

  1. Ezoic receives funding from an advertisement on your page (at the bottom of the page). Nothing further needs to be done; it just does itself. Or:
  2. 10% of your total income will be given to Ezoic.

You are free to set this option yourself and modify it whenever you want via your dashboard. There you have something to brainstorming, though in my opinion, the first option seems to be it.

Every very initial 30-day period is cost-free. No account or credit card information is required in order to register*.

Ezoic Review: Who Can Use Ezoic?

Website owners that want to monetize their sites with adverts might choose Ezoic as a partner. Here are some instances of users for whom Ezoic accept, despite the fact that it works well for a wide range of users:

• Bloggers. For bloggers and content producers, Ezoic is perfect. The fact that Ezoic is a recognized Google advertising partner is excellent news for publishers. Ezoic has the potential to raise your ranks in addition to increasing your ad revenue.

• Notable brands. Ezoic typically increases ad revenue by a nice 50%. Additionally, the annual traffic growth is also very near that 50% threshold. For huge brands trying to expand and monetize through ads, this is fantastic news.

Single-page web applications: Ezoic provides services to help single-page web applications increase their ad revenue.

Ezoic Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Using Ezoic

Higher Earnings: Earnings are frequently substantially higher than on AdSense or other ad networks.

• Ezoic uses AI to deliver the most appropriate advertising to your audience, this aids increasing ad revenue. Additionally, there are solutions that can assist your site load faster and enhance the user experience of your advertisements.

 Easy to Set Up: Setting up Ezoic advertisements is not that difficult. Only a few hours of your time are required, in addition to some communication with the onboarding team. The team is really helpful and responds to emails within a short period of time.

• If you have any queries or issues, you can also schedule calls with the staff. The onboarding crew is really supportive and proactive. They responded to all of my emails in less than a day, and frequently much less!

Free Trial: One feature I appreciate about Ezoic is that the first 30 days are spent without charge. This implies that you get to keep every dollar you make throughout that time.

There are no contracts that need to be signed. You can therefore arrive and depart anytime you like. The sensation of independence is always wonderful, and it demonstrates how much the platform trusts their service by forgoing the necessity for contractual obligations.

Good Affiliate Program: You are automatically enrolled in an affiliate program. On any user you refer to the platform, you will receive a recurring compensation of 3% of their revenue.

Desktop Optimization: The fact that the Ezoic ad are optimized for desktops surely doesn’t come as a surprise. You might not have considered the mobile aspect of things, though. Fortunately, all of the Ezoic advertisements are mobile-friendly.


Want to start monetizing your site? Click here to start

Disadvantages of using Ezoic Ad

You Must Be Patient: While this isn’t a problem exclusive to Ezoic, the Google approval procedure may take a while. Sadly, it took some time from the day I opted in for Ezoic till the advertising appeared on my website. Additionally, not every site is accepted by Ezoic, so you’ll need to wait for them to review your website.

Displaying advertisements will change your user experience. There isn’t a way to avoid it. The Ezoic advertisements may also appear invasive at first.

The First Difficulty: When setting up your ads for the first time, you could feel overwhelmed. Additionally, the time it takes for your site to get approved can be days or even weeks. The ad setting may then be required, which can be challenging if you’ve never done it before.

Ezoic Review:The Major Key Features of Ezoic Ad

Beyond the 3 Important Reasons Why I moved to Ezoic that i wrote above, the following dynamic features makes Ezoic to stand out from the competition

Simple Entry Requirements

The fact that there are no severe traffic restrictions for joining Ezoic is one of its major characteristics. On many other sites, such as Newor, where you must have at least 30,000 monthly page views, this is not the case.

Even with fewer than 10,000 monthly page visits, you can enjoy Ezoic’s revenue services. Although anyone can apply, not all publishers will be automatically approved into the program.

The process of onboarding is simple. It only requires 1-3 hours of your time from sending the application to placing advertising on your website. (However, the approval procedures may require a week or more.)

The customer support is friendly and available at all times.

If you are stuck, you can always jump on a call or send them messages. They will answer promptly.


Ezoic provides a fantastic platform for raising ad revenue while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

By serving each visitor differently based on their preferences, it is possible to maximize revenue.

For every visitor, a normal blog article or page looks the same. However, guests arrive in many sizes and shapes. Visitors can have strong feelings about advertisements or not. Additionally, visitors vary in a variety of ways, including region, age, sex, language, and many other things.

The advertiser must take into account each of these factors in order to optimize incomeThe quantity of advertisements, their locations, and overall techniques on Ezoic differ from visitor to visitor. This is the key to the platform’s success.

Big Data Analysis

You can acquire website analytics reports using Ezoic’s own tool. These reports on user experience, page speed, and a split by page content length or content age really is quite impressive (i.e. how many words a page has and when it was published). 

An image of the Analytic Dashboard is provided here. There are a number of views in the left margin that can provide you with crucial information about your website.

You can use Ezoic Big Data to: Determine the worth of the various blog or website categories, identify correlations between income and word count, scroll depth, and other factors. You can see the best performing contents (and the most revenue).

Use AI to serve ads

Ezoic optimizes the adverts for each visitor to your website using artificial intelligence. The usage of Ezoic’s AI-based ad optimization results in an average 50% increase in ad revenue.

You don’t really need to be concerned about Ezoic using AI because all of the optimizations happen in the background. As a result, using Ezoic doesn’t require any technical knowledge. You only need to be aware that every time someone visits your website, Ezoic makes judgements using AI.

The Header Bidding

To auction off the ad space on your website, Ezoic uses header bidding.

Header bidding basically means:

1. A user accesses your page.

2. Ezoic quickly organizes a speedy auction. Companies bid against one another in this auction to have their ads displayed to your visitor.

3. The winning company is the one with the highest offer. As payment, your visitor sees their advertisement.

A header bidding auction happens instantly behind the scenes, unlike a traditional auction. As you only display advertisements for businesses that have paid you, this is a great approach to maximize ad revenue.

The following ad types are eligible for header bidding from Ezoic: Native advertisements; Link Ads.  Sticky ads, banner ads etc.

 Ezoic Video Player Feature

Your website will get video advertising added by Ezoic Video Player. These videos are hosted on your website, and search engines will index them to increase traffic. In this manner, you will reap the most rewards from bidders who contend for exclusive ad space.

The functions of the video player are simple to use. To find out what performs well and looks well, you can test and add video material to your pages.

How to operate the video player:

1. Include video on your website

2. Use the Chrome extension from Ezoic to drag and drop ad placeholders into your website.

Ezoic Affiliate Program

You will automatically become a publisher in Ezoic’s fantastic affiliate program. As an Ezoic affiliate, you get a recurring commission of 3% for a publisher referral’s lifetime revenue.

For instance, as long as the person you referred to Ezoic remains on the platform and earns $1,000 each month from ads, you will receive a $30 commission each month.

Of course it takes time to direct someone to an advertising platform. Additionally, the majority of Ezoic publishers are small publishers, thus your earnings from a few referrals won’t amount to much.

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NB: If you do, it is at no cost to you. Thanks

Payment and Payment Method

Ezoic bases all payments on the industry-standard NET-30 system. Therefore, you receive your payment 30 days after the end of the month in which you earned it.

For example, if you earned $30 on April 7th, you’ll be paid on May 27th-31st.

The payments always take place in time. Besides, there are lots of payment options to match the publisher’s needs. These options include:

  • PayPal
  • Cheque
  • Payoneer
  • Wire transfer through Payoneer
  • Direct deposit (for the US only)

The minimum payment threshold on Ezoic is only $20 which is much lower than Google AdSense, in which the limit is $100.

Ezoic Support System

It’s critical to always have active support available when you sign up for a publisher platform like Ezoic. You will have a lot of questions, especially during the setup phase, and you need quick responses to speed up the beginning process.

Ezoic has three support system:

• A Help Center

• A ticketing system

3. Ezoic Twist Forum

The friendly support staff does an excellent job of promptly responding to your inquiries. Your queries about monetization, SEO, payments, referrals, and other topics are gladly answered by the support staff. In addition, if you have any questions about a specific publisher, you may always get in touch with your account manager.

In conclusion, Ezoic is an excellent place to start monetizing your website. Visit Ezoic