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Tubebuddy review

When I shared the review of Tuberank Jeet 4 recently, I came up with the verdict that Tuberank Jeet 4 is the best YouTube video SEO and optimization tool. Many of my colleagues who read it confirmed it. 

Some people disagree, though, and advise me to consider TubeBuddy as well. I carefully examined TubeBuddy, and I was really pleased with the wide range of features it offers. 

Following my review, I came to the conclusion that TubeBuddy would be the program I would use in place of TubeRank Jeet 4 if I ever chose to utilize another YouTube video optimization tool or platform again. Why? A free plan from TubeBuddy is sufficient to help your videos rank higher and more quickly on YouTube. (Who doesn’t enjoy free plans?)

Hence, in this short review, I am going to write a bit about TubeBuddy and what makes it one of the best YouTube video optimization tools.

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Tubebuddy In depth Review, Features, Pricing, Ease of Use, Ratings, Pros and Cons, and Verdict.

Tubebuddy Reviews
What is Tubebuddy?Tubebuddy is a an award winning Youtube Video SEO and Optimization tool. It is the leading YouTube browser addon, with a focus on productivity and video optimization. If you desire rapid channel growth and management in one place, Tubebuddy is a go to software. With its many features, tubebuddy may be used to conduct thorough research on the contents pertinent to your channel and its topics.
Its EstablishmentFounded on Dec 1, 2014
Founders: Phil Starkovich and co.
What are Tubebuddy’s Unique Features That makes it the best youtube optimization tool?

(Comment: This is what i meant when i say Tubebudy comes with numerous functionality that you can’t find elsewhere)

Video SEO Tools:  Auto Translator,  Best Practice Audit, Insta-Suggest, Keyword Explorer, Opportunity, SEO Studio, Search Explorer, Search Positions, Search Rank Tracking, Tag Lists, Tag Rankings, Tag Sorter, Tag Translator, Video A/B Tests, View and Copy Video Tags.

Bulk Processing Tools:  Bulk Copy Cards, Bulk Copy End Screen, Bulk Delete Cards, Bulk Delete Comments, Bulk Delete End Screen, Bulk Find, Replace & Append, Bulk Thumbnail Overlays, Bulk Update Cards, Bulk Update End Screens, Demonetization Double-Check etc.

Data & Research Tools:  Brand Alerts, Channel Access, Channel Backup, Channel Valuation, Channelytics, Click Magnet, Comment Word Cloud, Competitor Scorecard, Competitor Upload Alerts, Demonetization Audit, Export Comments, Health Report, Language Analysis, Retention Analyzer, Search Insights, Videolytics.

Productivity Tools:  Advanced Video Embed, Canned Responses, Card Templates, Chapter Editor, Comment Formatting, Coppa Center, Default Upload Profiles, Emoji Picker, End Screen Templates, Playlist Actions, Quick Links Menu, Quick-Edit Toolbar, Scheduled Publish, Scheduled Video Update, Sunset Videos, Thumbnail Generator, Video Topic Planner.

And a lot of promotional and social sharing tools.

Pros and Cons of TubebuddyPros
Affordable price
Competitive competitor analysis
Discover the Rankable Video Tags on the videos of your rivals.
The list of subscribers with their social media profiles is exportable.
Installation is simple.
Majority of the features are free to use.
Cost-effective – Easy to use.
There are more incentives to buy premium plans.
Thirty days of free testing.
Rapid assistance for all technological problems.
Forum with many popular YouTubers where you can ask questions and get answers

Customer service might need improvement.
It only functions on one channel. (you have to subscription separately for another channel).

Is Tubebuddy easy to use?
Tubebuddy PricingIn addition to the free package (that has robust features), it comes with three different premium pricing plans, and they are,
PRO – $3/month
STAR – $9.49/month
LEGEND – $24.49/month

However, it becomes cheaper if you go for one year plan.

Check out the pricing page to learn more: Tubebuddy/pricing >>>

As the promo continues, use RisingStarBuddy for a 50% discount, on any package.

Trial VersionTubebuddy has a 30 days free trial version. Should in case you want to give it a try.
Who can Use Tubebuddy?Video Content Creators, Youtubers (majorly), Youtube Mangers, Brands, Networks, and Agencies etc.
IntegrationIt has a pluggin that readily integrate Chrome, Firefox etc, and your youtube channel. It also support android and iphone.
Top AlternativeTuberank jeet 4 (Based on my view though). You may as well check out tuberank jeet 4 in depth review here.
Support/customer serviceTubebuddy has a robust support system: 24 hours live chat, Email support, a robust discussion forum, Podcast support, a youtube channel with lot of helpful videos and of course a blog. etc.
Our Verdict and What makes it the best .TubeBuddy unarguably is one of the best if not the best Youtube video optimization tools. if you want to rank your youtube videos higher, and get quick brand awareness. The free version solves so many problems of SEO ranking. It suggests you keyword popular as per your search, their seo ranking which helps in improving your score and better reach. It is really helpful.
Check out the free browser extension
Tubebuddy Review and Rating Images
Tubebuddy Review
Tubebuddy Review 

Tubebuddy user ratings
Tubebuddy User Ratings 

How To Start Using Tubebuddy

In this section, we’ll go through how to set up the TubeBuddy Chrome extension. There is Firefox addon too. The process should be the same for both browsers and others.

You must first register an account on TubeBuddy after visiting the official TubeBuddy website.
Then click on the “INSTALL FREE ON CHROME” button .
When you click the button, you will be taken to the page for the TubeBuddy Chrome addon.
When the extension has been successfully added to your browser, a new TubeBuddy symbol will appear in the toolbar at the top right of the browser.

You only need to visit YouTube right away. You might notice a message saying “TubeBuddy does not have a valid access token for your Channel” if your YouTube channel is not correctly linked. To solve the issue, re-link your channel!
TubeBuddy will guide you through the process of linking your accounts together if you choose to re-link your channel.
You should see a new TubeBuddy drop-down box after you go to YouTube and link your channel.
This panel adds numerous capabilities to YouTube, including Tag Explorer, Video Topic Planner, and Best Time to Publish, as well as options like Dashboard, My Videos, Playlists, Live Streaming, Comments, Messages, Subscribers, and Analytics.

Outstanding Tubebuddy Features Explained

Tubebuddy Features
Tubebuddy features 

Keyword Explorer

The TubeBuddy Keyword explorer makes finding the right keywords for YouTube videos a breeze. If you want to know whether or not you should target a particular keyword, go for one with a higher possibility of ranking. You will see how frequently search queries are made, how competitive the search term is, and how well the top-ranking videos are optimized.

In order to help you comprehend the analysis, the keyword explorer also assigns you a score out of 100; the greater the score, the better your chances of ranking. You can use a variety of other tools using TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer to locate less competitive keywords or generate ideas.

When doing keyword research, you don’t need to switch between Keyword Explorer and the YouTube search bar because the search bar auto-suggest uses the same terms as the YouTube auto-suggest. If the term you entered was too competitive, you can use the related searches shown on the right side of the summary page to help you identify long-tail keywords. 

On the summary page, Google Trends results for the search term for the previous 30 or 12 months are displayed. The Google trends for YouTube searches are displayed under the YouTube tab, and the Google tab displays trend information from Google searches. You can use this information to determine whether or not the concept for the video is still viable or has lost its appeal.

You can check to see if a video carousel appears in search results under the Google tab. A tick indicates that something exists, and if you score highly for the search keyword, you may also show up directly in Google searches, which can be another method to boost the number of views for your videos.

All these features and many more are available on the free tubebduy Chrome extension.

The greatest Competitor of Tubebuddy so far is Tuberank Jeet 4. I did an In-depth Revirew of Tuberank Jeet 4 Here. Be sure to Check it out.


Channelytics provides you with some helpful information about a channel at a single glance, much like videolytics does. This may be quite helpful for evaluating the rival channels, since you can see how many videos they’ve uploaded recently and what categories they’ve assigned to their channel.
Although I’ve seen that many channels have awful channel tags, you may still draw inspiration from some of the excellent ones from rival channels when creating your own.

A fast advice for creating channel tags is to make them pertinent to the topics of your videos (this offers the algorithm important context) and limit them to no more than 7–10 tags (one tag can be a phrase, such as “youtube SEO tools” for example).

Bulk Upload and Processing

The next section of this TubeBuddy review will discuss a robust feature that can help you save countless hours of time. You can add and remove sections of all (or some) of your YouTube descriptions at once using the bulk processing feature.
Multiple films’ descriptions can be simply edited, which can save a ton of time.
This is the method I find most effective for promoting a certain video or your most recent video. All (or some) of your videos can simply have a certain text added to them, or you can choose to replace a specific text in all (or some) of your videos.

Then, with a strong call-to-action, viewers who are watching those videos can be persuaded to watch your most recent video when they open the description (or whatever other video you are promoting). 

This is crucial in the first 24 hours after a video has been uploaded in order to optimize its initial exposure.

This function is very helpful for affiliates and affiliate marketers to promote certain links and momentary sales. 

For instance, you might quickly add a special discount link to relevant films during Black Friday with a strong CTA, and then you could quickly remove it once the sale was ended.

Only the star and legend plans use bulk processing tools.

When Should I Publish Feature. 

The ability to determine when is the optimal time to publish for your channel is a free feature available across all TubeBuddy services. When your audience is most engaged, you can submit your films to maximize their first view velocity by taking a look at this information.

YouTube will be more likely to promote your video by displaying it to more users who are similar to them and others who have engaged with your channel if more of your subscribers and channel interested parties click through to your videos in the first few hours after upload.

After the first several hours, this may also influence how the video is promoted by YouTube’s suggested features.

Tags Translator Feature

The tag translator is an additional feature that enables you to reach a global audience to the fullest. Using it, you can quickly translate your video tags and raise the visibility of your videos in those additional languages.

This can be used in conjunction with the language analyzer to determine the languages that are most pertinent before translating your key phrases. For your video’s tags box, you still only have 500 characters to use, so be careful to translate and add just the most crucial tags.

Only the legend plan gives you access to this function, along with the auto-translator feature that lets you translate your titles and descriptions in a matter of seconds.

Visit Tubebbudy To Learn More About Its Numerous Unique Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to use TubeBuddy?

An example of a freemium tool is TubeBuddy, which combines free and premium services. It’s helpful for novices and has a few features that are free to use.

Does TubeBuddy just work with Chrome browsers?

Because TubeBuddy is a tool for browser extensions, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are supported. Additionally, it will now support Android and the iPhone.

Is it worthwhile to install TubeBuddy?

It is worth installing by 100%.

How safe is TubeBuddy?

More than 1 million YouTubers trust TubeBuddy, which is a tool that YouTube has certified. So it’s completely safe.

How does TubeBuddy work?

Once it has been installed, you can sign in and use it on any browser you choose. There is no need to leave YouTube in order to utilize the tool because it includes built-in functions.

What are the advantages of TubeBuddy?

There are several advantages to using TubeBuddy, including: * Ranking videos on YouTube searches; * Managing channels of any size. Automatically generated thumbnails, which encourage more video clicks. Video SEO audit, among other things…