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Understanding of blog empire, Setting up and Monetization

What would you do if you had no money at all and had to launch your online business from scratch? This is one of the many question that are begging for answers that frequently appears on the discussion boards of affiliate marketing websites.

It typically results from beginners trying to determine what works best and quickly. And the same response is given by seasoned internet experts: Establish a profitable blog empire!

Why are blog empires the best method for generating income?

Blogging is simple to set up and maintain:
The days are gone when you need to master HTML, CSS, Java script etc to set up a functional blog. However, nowadays, a blog can be set up and maintained without the knowledge of programming or web design. Simply create an account with a free blogging platform like, or and you can start publishing right away.

There are no start-up costs:

Blogging services like Blogger are absolutely free. You don’t need to spend money on hosting and domain names. 

If you run 30-50 niche sites and pay a domain name for each, it’s a huge sum of money. If you run 30-50 or hundreds of blogs, when using free blogging services, it doesn’t cost you a dime.

However, to maintain professionalism, it is idea to buy a domain name, while your blog is freely hosted on the free blogspot hosting platform. 

Buying a domain name will change your website address by removing the domain extension behind your business or site name.

Take for instance: if your blogspot domain name is, then, buying a domain name will change the address to which is far better.

A professional domain name registrar that i recommend is Namecheap. They do far better than many others i have used in the past.

Blogs are indexed by search engines in few days:

One of the main problems that website owners have to overcome is getting into the search engines. 
With Google, it can be an annoyingly long process (think of the Google sandbox effect). In the meantime, blogs are indexed much faster, usually within days, thanks to RSS feeds.

As a result of its ability to index faster, blogs are a better platform for promoting affiliate products, or your very own business.

A blog is a collection of personal opinions written by regular people. It is a well-known fact that writing an honest, favorable review is the best approach to sell any product online.

This method is used by seasoned internet experts to earn tens of thousands of dollars each month. 

One of the best ways to get people to buy something is still words of mouth marketing. However, a well written blog post can help you with this.

Setting up your own Blog

I wouldn’t want to start writing again the step by step guide of creating a blog on blogger. As I have have written here an in depth guide with images on how to set up a free blog on blogger.

Likewise, if wordpress blog is your take, then here is a comprehensive guide to creating your own WordPress business blog using Bluehost.

Profiting from your blog

Make your blog more profitable by using Adsense:
One well-liked method for webmasters to make money without working hard is contextual advertising. 
It works the same with blogs. You can do this by adding a small amount of code to the source code of your page. then watch for visitors to click the advertisements.

The benefits of showing text adverts might be realized even if you are not very familiar with HTML coding. There is no need to worry about HTML codes because Blogger allows you to add Adsense advertisements to the template of your blog easily.

You can do this from the Blogger menu with a few clicks. It even gives you the option to match the color of the adverts to the colors of the design of your site. Blending is a technique that significantly raises click through rates.

Mind you, without having yo use any snippet of code to monetize your blogs, Exoic ad network, a reputable blog or website Monetization platform which is recognised by google will help you monetize your blog using it’s cloud based machine learning approach.

Reports shows that Ezoic ads performs better than even adsense ads, as it not only monetize, but improve the user experience of your site by increasing its speed and traffic.

See the reason why I moved to Ezoic recently

Secrets of how to quickly build a profitable blog empires

Method 1: The first approach is to start blogs that are focused on a particular niche.

There are no start-up charges in doing this except you want a domain name. Do your niche research and make sure that you choose a narrow niche and not a broad one because, a narrow or well focused niche tends to get more traffic from Google.

The majority of people use Google to research solutions to problems. For instance, ways to deal with money problems, places to hire a car while on vacation, secure anti-virus and spam software, etc.

Well narrowed niches such as the issues stated above are what you can blog about.
At the conclusion of the first month, if you start 3 blogs per day, you will have 90 blogs. Consider the potential income from this blog empire.

Here is a guide that explains how to do a profitable blog niche research

Likewise, Here is a proven guide that shows you how to choose a profitable affiliate product and niche.

Method 2: Use your blogs as online tutorials or courses.

This approach is less popular. Find a subject matter or niche and begin a series of postings on it, just like you would a series of classes. 

Lesson 1 should be the subject of your first post, lesson 2 of your second, and so on. Your postings should contain affiliate links.

Lessons should be spaced out between 10 and 20. Visit free article directories if you don’t enjoy writing or don’t know the topic matter well enough. 

Meanwhile, be aware that just as you share courses on your blog, your blog can equally be a source of selling more courses. 

When you shared free courses on your blog, your audience will get to know you as an authority in the particular niche you choose and they can trust you enough to buy your courses or buy from your affiliate recommendations.

Method 3: Sell other stuffs too.

Courses are not the only thing you can sell on your blog. Ebooks, Softwares, and services are other things you can set up to monetize your blog the more.

If you find an ebook to be a difficult thing to compile, you can visit the PLR store to get top quality PLR or MRR ebooks that you can resell as your own. You can equally see PLR software that you can purchase to resell etc.

Bigproductstore has done a great job in getting top quality Ebooks that you can buy and resell as your own. Check out store. is yet another ebook store that is performing excellently well.

If you have a special freelance service, then you can update your blog with it and your audience can reach out to you.

Method 4: Accept Sponsorship:

When your blog grows, interested people will want to place sponsored posts, banners, links on your blog. You can charge them to do this, and by so doing, you’re making your blog to be more profitable.

Driving Traffic To Your Blog.

You shouldn’t depend on Google to do the whole job for you. There are several other ways of driving traffic to your blogs.

  1. share your blog contents on social media like twitter, Facebook Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  2. Run Ads: be it Facebook, twitter, or Google ads
  3. Write guest posts on other blogs: this will increase your traffic, domain rating, backlinks and domain authority.
  4. Share your blogs on online forums: this you do by searching for for forums that relate to your niche, contribute there and share your blogs too.
  5. Do Article Marketing: Write articles and submit them to article directories. Here’s the secret of Article Marketing.

Read More: Top 25 ways of driving traffic to your blog

Summary and Conclusion

If you follow the patter above, you may start a profitable blogging empire starting from today. Just follow the process below:

1 find a profitable blogging niche

2. Create a free blogspot blog

3. Register a domain name

4. Start posting articles on your blog.

5. Add affiliate links to your posts

6. Sell online courses, eBook, softwares etc.

7. Allow sponsorship

8. Drive traffic etc.

Blogging Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blog?

A blog is more like an online journal where you publish your though and opinion about anything.

How do you monetize a blog?

There are several ways of monetizing a blog, the popular ones are through Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, sponsorship, selling of stuffs etc.

Should I Use A Free Blogging Platform?

In my case, I started from the free blogger platform before i moved to wordpress and I must say, the difference is clear in terms of many things.

So, if you’re just starting out, I recommend using the free blogging platform, but if you want a professional website with nice looking and advanced functionality then go to WordPress.

How do I get content for my blog?

Once in a while, being at writers block is unavoidable. When this happens, go to Article directories, and search for what people are writing in your niche, from thence, you can pick up ideas for your blog. 

Go to forums, and search for questions that people asked in relation to your niche, and try to answer them on your blog. and Quora are typical examples.

Lastly, buy PLR articles: PLR articles are those with which you have total authority on, you can use as it is, rewrite, or paraphrase and publish.

Meanwhile, in using PLR articles, to avoid plagiarism, i will suggest you manually rewrite it yourself, or use these top recommend article rewriting and Paraphrasing tool.