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Why Blogging is a potential tool for internet marketing
Why Blogging is a Potential Tool for internet marketing

Why blogging is a potential tool for internet marketing

There are many reasons to start a blog, but the best and main reason why the majority of people started blogging is that it is a potential tool for internet marketing. It is a medium that can greatly increase the profitability of any business online.

In fact, website owners are aware of its potential, which is why the majority of websites have a dedicated page for blogging.

Despite the fact that blogs have been around for a while, they have only just come to be recognized as a very significant resource for Internet marketers, which lends a certain air of mystery to this new form of communication.

I have visited numerous forums linked to Internet marketing and observed that many of the conversations had similar “subjects,” asking, “What are blogs?”

As a result, I did some research and came up with this because I was also quite curious.

The best course of action, in my opinion, is for me to properly clarify to you what a “BLOG” is, so that, while I read this article with you, you will have a clear understanding of what a Blog IS and there won’t be any misunderstanding.

By definition, a “BLOG” or “web log” is:

A mixture of a guestbook and/or an online diary or a an online journal. After creating a blogger account, you enter the data you wish to appear on your blog. Then, you may configure it such that either only you or anyone can add blog posts to it. You can then either keep it as a private blog or journal, or have a location where your readers can gather and leave comments to you or to each other.

Let’s further simplify things by saying that blogs are online pages where you may write your personal thoughts, share them with your readers and/or subscribers, and get feedback.

Now that you are aware of what a “Blog” actually is for the purposes of this post, I will discuss with you some of the reasons WHY they are evolving into a well-known “POTENTIAL TOOL” for online marketers all around the world.

Beyond the 15 good reasons for having your own business blog or website that I wrote about here a while ago, the following are 8 additional yet excellent reasons why it is considered as a potential tool for internet marketing.

1. A great internet marketing tool that help you to get in touch with your subscribers

A blog is a potential way to communicate with your readers and/or subscribers and can drive frequent traffic to your online business or website, or product sales page, where you can engage with them.

Additionally, it promotes the development of trust in you, your products, and/or the services you recommend.

2. It’s a fantastic way to receive “Feedback”.

Because readers/customers can remark on each “Post” you produce, blogging is a fantastic method to receive feedback from your subscribers/customers. This will help you uncover the information they’re seeking for, making YOU look like a “Hero” in their eyes and enriching your pocket.

3. You can operate it all by Yourself

Blogs are simple to start for ANYONE and require NO “HTML” expertise.

A “WYSIWYG” HTML editor is what is used by the majority of online “Blog” communities.

Did I lose your attention there with the acronym “WYSIWYG”? Simply put, that means “What You See Is What You Get.” One of the simplest HTML editors available, it enables You to begin going straight away.

A good blogging platform that is quite easy to operate if blogspot by google.

4. You can promote the stuff you have on your website

Blogging is a good way to write about the product or services you have on your business website. by so doing you are indirectly promoting your business. The joy of this is that blogs get indexed faster than website and often get traffic easily from google. the point here is that you write lot of different articles about your product and you will start seeing sales as much as possible.

If you build your website on a self-hosted platform like WordPress, then you can easily create a page to start blogging as quick as possible.

If not, a Blogger blog is a free and good way to go.

5. Blogging is an Excellent tool for disseminating “Information”

The ability to provide educational content in the form of “Articles and/or Reviews” for your readers and/or subscribers makes you appear to be an authority on the subject and gives you INSTANT credibility in the eyes of your reader. This is definitely ONE of the biggest advantages of blogs.

6. Blogging Gives you a unique URL (Domain name)

Yes, you receive a unique URL that you can use for all of your marketing efforts and/or on your personal website, if you have one. For those who are just starting out and don’t yet have their own website up and running, this function is fantastic.

This url or domain name is unique to you or your business and cannot be share or taken by any other business. for instance, if you are using blogspot for your blog, your unique domain name becomes (In my case, mine is

If you are using a wordpress blog, it becomes

However, if you want a better and professional URL, you can register or purchase a domain name. When you purchase a domain name, the blogspot and wordpress extension behind your URL will be removed and it becomes: (Did you get it). To get domain name I recommend the services of Namecheap and Hostinger.

7. Search engines adores blogs.

Because they are constantly being updated on a daily to weekly basis and are so “Content Rich,” Search Engines adore blogs.

One major reason for this is that the more a blog gets updated, the more search engines find results for searches.

You’ll earn favor with the search engines from blogs which may be updated updated daily to weekly with NEW information. compared to a static website that you upgrade once a month.

Since that is what search engines adore and are continuously looking for, the S.E. “Spiders” will then happily stop by to chomp down on any NEW content you posted and index your website more frequently.

8. The ability to integrate Your a blog with RSS

The usage of RSS (Real Simple Syndication), which enables you to instantly deliver your blog highlights to your readership upon publication and keeps them informed about your company, your products, and/or your services, is a powerful element of blogs.

Not only that, but RSS also increases the readership of your blog by exposing it to a larger subscriber base.

Using a “Blog” to simply bring a human element to your business IS a potential tool and approach to develop a relationship and earn the confidence of your subscribers and/or readership, which will transform them into paying “Customers.”

That’s all there is to it “BLOGS! Their Qualities And WHY Internet Marketers Are Using Them As A Potential Marketing Tool “.

I hope this post answers all of your earlier questions about “Blogs” and the advantages of beginning your own.

How to create your own Business blog

Knowing the enormous benefits of blogging as a potential tool for internet marketing, it would be impossible for you to want to start a business blog as well.

There are two blog/website builders that I frequently suggest to my clients and also use myself. They are:

The free (hosted) Platform by Blogspot

Googles’ own blogspot is a good and advantageous blogging platform that is hosted on blogspot and made available for content creators to access and establish their business blogs for free.

I have written here an indepth step by step guide with images how to create a personal or business blog using the free blogger platform.

The self hosted platform is provided by

A self hosted blog building platform is deemed better than any other blogging platform. If what you want is a professional brand business blog or website, then a good place to start is using the platform. 

WordPress is a software that is installed on a hosting server. WordPress comes with great and dynamic templates, plugins and widgets that makes blogging a easy thing to. Below is a comprehensive guide to creating your own business blog using wordpress.

How to create your own business blog on wordpress

Conclusively, setting up a blogging platform is indeed a potential tool for internet marketing. It gets you traffic for free, gets you more sales, sets you up as an authority in your niche, and does a lot more.

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