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Websites to find entry-level freelance jobs 

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Freelance writing remains one of the unique ways of making money online.

Companies are constantly searching for freelance writers to aid them in their content writing marketing strategy.

As an entry level freelance writer, you are saddled with the task of writing contents like, product reviews, email newsletter articles, website contents, blog posts, guest posts, and a host of other writing gigs.

NOTE: It is ideal to try out entry-level freelance writing, this is because it is a good way to build your freelance portfolio. Once you have written some good articles, you have something to boast of, just in case there is a requirement for it from high paying offers.

Plus, even though it’s pay might look small at times, it is still a good way to make money online, fortunately for you, you can find returning clients who are going to work with you for a long time.

Meanwhile, finding freelance writing gigs can be a daunting task. This should not be supposed to mean that writing jobs are scare, they are not actually, you’re not just looking into the right direction.

Hence, if you have a peck about freelance writing, and you can come up with brilliant contents, the kind that meet demands, then, you want to have a good look on some of the following freelance writing job boards that accept entry-level freelance writers.

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16 Freelance Writing Job Boards for Entry-level freelance Writers.

The following are websites that occasionally post entry-level writing jobs for beginners.

1. Problogger

At Pro blogger, you can find entry-level writing jobs in respect to your niche. . Their board is always updated with the list of companies looking for writers. All you do is to sign up on pro blogger, fill your information and keep yourself updated with the board.

Go to Problogger

2. Solid Gigs (top recommended)

Solid gig is yet another great site that post freelance writing gigs and entry-level writers can get a job there. Irrespective of your niche perhaps you are into copywriting or blogging or social media, you will always find freelance writing jobs at solid gigs.

Make sure you subscribe to their newsletter, they often sort through various writing gigs and choose to deliver the best gigs to their subscribers. Note: you will be charge a little monthly fee to gain access to their best curated list. It has a month’s trial fee of $2 and then $19 and you can cancel it anytime.

Check out their 7 days free trial

3. Constant Content

Constant contents connect writers to brand and businesses. It is one of the largest gathering for freelance writers. To get accepted into the system you have to apply and pass their stringent test. This is to maintain their legacy of quality content writing service.

Visit Constant content

4. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is saddled with the task of posting various online freelance jobs on their website. Here, you can find writing jobs for Entry-level and experts alike.

On this website, if you filter the job boards very well, you may soon get Instant access to a lot of beginner writing job offers.

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5. Online Writing Jobs

This is yet another website to get writing jobs. On this website, you can get paid more than $50 per article just, while you write on the job that interests you. Based on experience, make sure you have a bit knowledge of SEO, as many jobs here demand SEO rich contents. Uniquely, they have jobs for beginner writers and experts alike. 

6. Blogging Pro

More like problogger, this is also a place to find freelance gigs for beginners. But the thing about this site is that you must have the knowledge of SEO, as most of the writing jobs there are either website contents or blog posts. If you are very good in article writing, be sure you will definitely find writing jobs here. Plus, their board is always updated with jobs.

7. Contena

You can make money writing on Contena, a website for independent writers. Given that you will actually be paid for completing the listed jobs, the website is legitimate.

For beginning freelance writers who are tasked with developing their portfolios, this website is fantastic. It is indeed a great website for writers to earn money.

8. Clear Voice

Freelancers can register on ClearVoice’s platform, which enables them to take advantage of possibilities as soon as they arise. Utilizing your resume, you may join their talent pool where fresh leads are instantly matched with your area of expertise using their incredibly simple onboarding procedure. Matching jobs are emailed to you occasionally.

You can apply for writing jobs on this website and, if accepted, get compensated for your efforts.

9. Back to college

This is yet another writing platform to make money online as a writer. The Back to college is a site for older students. However, if you write and would like to assist older students, you can submit your work here. Posts ranges from 100 to 1500 words. Payment for original content ranges from $70 to $130 dollars. PayPal is used for payments.

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10. Listverse

Listvedse is yet another platform to write and get paid as an entry level freelance writer. They prefer listicles, so, if you can write engaging list contents containing not less than 10 points, go ahead and submit it to List verse. If accepted, they will pay you not less than $100 through PayPal.

11. Income Diary

This website has been around for a while now and it has been paying freelance writers for submitting posts on making money, getting website traffic, social media marketing, web design etc. You can be sure to get paid up to $200 for top quality contents. 

12. Vollna

Vollna is a freelance writing job site with a distinct design. The best freelancing job sites are sorted through and combined into one by putting up a job filter tailored to your needs on Vollna job listing. You receive all the most recent freelance projects listed on freelance platforms like Upwork, freelancer, peopleperhour, etc. directly to your inbox or mobile phone thanks to this service, which was created by another freelancer.

13. LinkedIn Freelance writing groups.

Don’t be surprised l added LinkedIn. LinkedIn is actually one of the best platform to get freelance writing jobs. There are many groups on LinkedIn that caters for freelance writers. And often times they updated the list of businesses and brands that are in search of content writers.

Go over to LinkedIn, build your profile, and search for freelance writing groups, join a many as you can. Build relationships and you will see writing jobs flooding your way.

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14. Freelance Writers Den

It is also a good place to begin as a freelance writer. You can find entry-level writing jobs there and at the same time build your portfolio.

To get writing jobs form there, you will first register with the website and create a profile for yourself.

15. Morning Coffee Newsletter.

This is also good platform to get entry-level freelance writing gigs. This job board is excellent if you’re trying to locate writing jobs. They send you the most recent writing job opportunities directly to your mailbox.

16. Iwriters

iWriter is quite accessible for new users. You can begin working on this website if you are just getting started. They welcome submissions from authors in Australia, Europe, South America, and North America. They require that you apply, and after assessing your application, they will get in touch with you within two weeks.

They offer up to $80 for articles with 500 words. The fact that you can pick the subjects you wish to write about is the best part.

Concluding Thought

The above listed websites and freelance job boards are a good place to start your freelance writing journey. By using the websites above and the others you may find, you will be making money and at the same time building your writing skills and portfolio.

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Entry-level freelance writing FAQ

What’s the fastest way to build writing portfolio?

Building a writing portfolio is important for freelance writers because it promotes credibility and increases clientele. Providing free or inexpensive writing services to companies or brands is the quickest way to build a freelance portfolio over time. e.g., guest posts, then you start setting your prices according to what you are worth.

What is freelance writing?

Freelance writing is a kind of job for people who want to use their writing skills to earn a living, Freelancing can be a full- or part-time career. Independent authors approach or pitch story or article concepts to established publishers. Although many turn freelance writing into a full-time job, it can also be a source of additional money.

Who is a freelance writer?

An entry-level freelance writer is a beginner self-employed writer. They can write for just one magazine, or more frequently, they will write simultaneously for numerous. A writer is more likely to be published and compensated for their work if they are more diversified.

What skills do entry-level freelance writers need?

The following are some of the skills to possess as a freelance writer: Content Writing skill, Proofreading and Editing skill, Social Media skills, Word Processing skill, .Content Management skill, Advanced Writing Skills, Grammar and Research skills.