8 Free Ways to Promote Affiliate Links Without Using a Blog


7 ways to promote affiliate links without using a website 

Setting up a blog for any business, most importantly affiliate marketing has more than 15 important advanatges, the most being that one becomes an expert or authority in any niche, and yes, a free flow of traffic from search engine results.

Being a successful affiliate marketer is not limited to having a blog or website. Although, having an affiliate blog or website is a unique strategy that professional affiliate marketers use to rake in thousands of dollars monthly in affiliate marketing: becoming an affiliate blogger is a unique ideal, that every affiliate marketer should not overlook.

However, there are a number of other ways to make money from affiliate marketing without having a blog or website, and there is a good chance of success in doing so. An in-depth free report that I ttiled 100 profound profit making strategies that bring massive affiliate income is a go to free guide for success bound new affiliate marketers.

Promoting affiliate links without having a blog or website has alwasy been a long time question begging for answers in the mind of most affiliate marketers most impoortanlty the newbies. And as a matter of fact, I am going to provide you with 8 free ways in which you can promote your affiliate links without using a blog or website.

The first step in affiliate marketing is to research your affiliate niche and products. By now, I believe you must have acquired your affiliate links for the program or product you wish to promote. If you have not, be sure to check out affiliate niche research: how to come up with a profitable affiliate marketing niche and product.

What are these 8 free ways to promote affiliate link without a blog or website?

1. Do Article Marketing

Article marketing is a dynamic way of promoting your affiliate link without having your own website at all. It is a systematic way of writing good articles to be submitted to article directories, where you are provided with a resource or promotional section, where you have the autonomy to promote any affiliate links and products.

You can reach out to millions and millions of interested people using article marketing, and after they read your articles, they might be persuaded to click the affiliate link you provided at the end of your article.

To ensure that your article is read by many people, you should concentrate on writing and submitting it to article directories with high domain authority and significant monthly traffic.

While using article marketing, you should:

  1. Write good and top quality articles that compels
  2. Submit to high authority article directories
  3. Understand the secret of article marketing
  4. Write many articles as much as possible, as this will ensure massive exposure.
  5. Use magnetic call to actions

10 Examples of High DA Article Directories

  1. Article factory
  2. sooperarticles
  3. Articlecity
  4. Articlebiz
  5. Ezinemerth
  6. Amazines
  7. Abilogic
  8. Articleted
  9. Articlealley
  10. Myblogu etc.

Learn more: how to bring your business online with article marketing

2. Use Ebook Marketing:

Ebook marketing is also a unique and subtle way of promoting your affiliate products without using a website. You definitely mush have downloaded a free ebook at the end of which there's is a call to action for you to purchase another ebook or product that relates with the content of the ebook you read.

An ebook that you use in this way is what we called a "Lead Magnet": A lead-magent ebook is one that frequently has variants or volumes and in which most readers must take action (like buying the next volume) in order to fully grasp what the author is attempting to convey.

A lead magnet ebook may not be more than 10 pages to 20 pages.

Consider the free ebook I offered to my blog's readers on affiliate marketing, "100 prfound profit making strategies that bring massive affiliate income." I offered the first 30 strategies for free, and at the end of the ebook, I included a call to action and a link encouraging readers to buy the complete version ebook.

Besides giving out your lead magnet for free, you can also make it a good report that you can sell for a very cheap price say 2 dollars to 5 dollars or more. Of course if you ave interesting story to tell, people will definitely want to purchase anything you recommend to them.

Let say for instance, you want to promote an affiliate prodcut in the weight loss niche, let say, "How to shed 100 pounds in 2 months". You can create a free ebook titled "7 ways to lose more weight this week." If you make your lead magnet a 15 page report and you provide good value, your readers will definitely be interested to know how to lose 100 pounds of weight in 2 months.

Note: Your lead magnet must be inline witht he affiliate product you are promoting. Of course, you don't want to promote a real estate affiliate links insie a weight loass lead magnet. It is wrong.

To think that you can promote more than an affiliate link in your ebook makes it worth something you want to give a try. You can give a call to action to more than 3 affiliate links, just make sure you don't sound too promotional.

How to Promote your Affiliate ebook. You can share it on social media, online forums and even in the articles you share to article directories. 

How to create a lead magnet

  1. You can create an outline and write it yourself or
  2. You can outsource it to freelancer for a price.

Learn more: how to write your first ebook quikly and easily

3. Use Social Media

Using social media is also a good approach to promoting your affiliate links. Socila media sites, like facebook, Instagram, pinterest, twitter, linkedin and the rest are good sources of traffic for your affiliate link.

For instance, you can join groups on Facebook that are relevant to your niche and start contributing there. Later on, you can include a call to action in your posts for your readers.

A good way to accomplish this is to cloak your affiliate links before sharing them on social media, but keep in mind that social media platforms are cracking down on affiliate links because they appear spammy. A good link cloacker is bit.ly.

However, to do it better, I recommend that you use a tool called Taplink. Taplink provides you with a good landing page where you have the opportunity to promote more than a link at a go. Check out this example of how I use taplink to hide my links.

Taplink set up 

Be aware that before anyone will click on your affiliate links, you must have made some kind of meaningful contribution and must be regarded as an authority. Be aware that before anyone will click on your affiliate links, you must have made some kind of meaningful contribution and be regarded as an authority.

Don't engage in unethical practices The best way to do it is to provide value and make a call to action, contrary to how most people post their affiliate links, which are typically left bare in comment sections and the likes.

4. Use Online Forums

Online forums can go a long way to help you promote your affiliate links given that you provide value to the members of the forum.

You will always find a lot of online forums that relate to your niche, which you can join and tuned to a money-making channel, whether you are in real estate, weight loss, sport, or any other niche. All you need to do is a quick Google search, and you are good to go.

Provide free services to members, write and post quality articles, give away products in the form of free ebooks on online forums, and more to gain recognition and trust over time. Your recommendations will also be treated with respect.

5. Use Quora

Quora is also a good place to promote your affiliate link. Quora is a question and answer website. On quora, people asked a lot of uestions with expectation to get answers. It would be in your best interest to present yourself as an authority and respond to these inquiries. Most importaly, the ones that relates to your niche and by so doing, you will have the opportunity to recommend products to readers.

Note: Relevant asnwers of get more likes,shares. And when this happens, your idea can go viral.

In addition to providing asnwers to questions, you also have the opportunity to write and post articles on quora. And you cna promote any affiliate links in your posts. Build followers oin quora, and you will reap the benfit in the long run.

A good alternative to quora is Answers.com.

6. Create a Free Seminar or Tutorial

Most times, you have to give before you achieve your interest and desires. The last Seminar that I did was virtual, and it was done on telegram app for free. Can you imagine, while most people perform their free tutorials using Whatsapp. At the end of the short seminar, many people were convinced and compelled as well to give in to the demands of the tutor (purchasing a product using his 40% discount affiliate link.

In fact, there are times during the tutorial when he (the tutor) posts affiliate links to the group chat. Most people may not know they are affiliate links, but for me, when I see one, I always know. 

7. Use Video Content Marketing

Over time, video content marketing has emerged as the most effective method of advertising. Videos convert more than any other content marketing strategy, according to marketers. This is true because video content frequently offers a thorough analysis and comprehension of the subject matter of a product.

A whole 93% of brands claims that they got new customers due to the videos posted on their social media accounts.  Hubspot marketing statistics. According to Brightcove,  video content gives a 157%  organic traffic increase from search engine results pages.

There are good video content creators that you can use to create a short video about your affiliate product. You can describe a product's benefits, give product reviews, and offer a free tutorial utilizing a product you want to recommend as an example in your videos.

Following the creation of your video, you can upload it to your YouTube channel and share it there. In the YouTube-provided video description section, you can advertise your affiliate links.

In addition to YouTube, there are a number of other platforms you can use to advertise your videos. For instance, Tikotok, Instagram, Facebook, Rumble, Newsflare, and other similar platforms.

8. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is another free method you can use to promote your affiliate links without using a blog or website. I hardly see how an affiliate business can survive without having a list of loyal and eager subscribers. If you don't build your list, the business may die. Therefore, creating an email list is essential for effectively promoting an affiliate link.

One of the profound profit making strategies of affiliate marketing is never to send or direct traffic to a vendor's website. Building a list first and sending it to the vendor's website afterward will save money, time, and increase sales.

How to build email list for free and without using a blog or website.

  1. Get a good free email marketing software with a good autoresponder
  2. Prepare a free ebook
  3. Prepare newsletters that you will share with your subscribers
  4. Build relationship and promote your offerings to them 

This is the idea: After signing up with a good free email marketing service provider, prepare a free report or lead magnet. Create a landing page where people will have to submit their email details and possibly name before they can have access to the free ebook or report.

After that, create a sequence of free email newsletters that you will often send to your list, by so doing you tends to build relationships with them. Within your messages, you can send promotional offers, or recommend products to your subscribers.

There is more to email marketing and how to build a list than the summary above. Here is an in-depth guide to building an email list as fast as possible.

How To Promote Affiliate Link For Free FAQ

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a commision based job where by you are paid a commission, say 50% on avgerage to promote and sell a product.

What does it mean to cloak affiliate link?

Affiliate link cloaking is a systematic way of hiding your affiliate link. Some social medias detest affiliate links, and most people don't always like to click on affiliate links. When you hide or cloak your affiliate links, there's most times increase in open rates. A good example of a is Bitly, If you have a wordpress website or blog, Pretty links is the top recommended.

Should I Cloack affiliate links?

Yes, you can cloak affiliate links. It is a good practice, especially on social media sites that hate affiliate links. A good affiliate link cloaker is bit.ly. while I preffered using Taplink instead.

How do I promote affiliate links freely

You can promote affiliate links freely through: article marketing, ebook marketing, video marketing, email marketing, and socila media marketing etc.

Can I cloak amazon affiliate link?

It is against the rule of amazon to cloak their affilitae link. Cloaking amazon affiliate links makes it really hard to track. Check amazon affiliate guidelines for more information.

Do I need a website or blog to do affiliate marketing?

Based on the foregoing thoughts, you really don't need a website or blog before you can make money with affiliate marketing.

How to promote affiliate link without a website?

You can promote affiliate links without a website, by writing and submitting articles to article directories, systematic sharing on social media, providing answers to questions on websites like Quora, Creating short videos to be posted on YouTube and the like, writing ebooks embedded with affiliate links, and much more.


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