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Are you an Apple enthusiast looking to get your hands on some free Apple and iTunes gift cards? Look no further! In this blog post, we will introduce you to 10 legitimate websites where you can earn free Apple and iTunes gift cards online.
Whether you want to enjoy the latest Apple Music, download apps, or purchase Apple devices and accessories, these websites offer a fantastic opportunity to get your favorite Apple products without spending a penny.
Get ready to discover the best ways to earn free Apple and iTunes gift cards and unlock a world of digital content and gadgets!
How to get free apple and iTunes gift cards


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Apple music has become an household platform where users all around the world can get access to millions of their favorite music.

With Apple Music, you may access more than 100 million songs as streaming music. 

It has many wonderful features, such as the option to download your favorite songs and listen to them offline, real-time lyrics, the opportunity to listen to music on all of your favorite devices, new music that is personalized just for you, expertly curated playlists, and many more. Along with original and exclusive content,etc.

Since it’s popularity cut across the world, the demand for iTunes and Apple gift cards has increased significantly, reason being that the music service is not available for free, rather, it came at a premium price. 

Apple Music is available in iTunes, and for iOS and Android devices at varying prices such as $4.99/mo. – $5.99/mo.

Apple devices and accessories that can be bought with gift cards, includes iPhones, Macs, iPads, Apple Watches, and AirPods

Apple and Itunes Gift cards can also be used to purchase subscription services from the company in addition to actual Apple Store goods.

These subscription services includes iCloud storage upgrades, TV show streaming via Apple TV, and iTunes store access to a sizable selection of high-quality podcasts, music, and videos.

Knowing that all the apple services and products are not for free, the question now is how do you get apple and iTunes gift cards freely to get access to their various services?

How to get apple and iTunes gift cards?

There are several websites where you Can buy gift cards e.g. Apple and Itunes gift cards, and use it to shop on Apple store.

However, if getting it for free is what you desire, then, keep reading below as I will be sharing with you 10 good platforms where you can get free apple gift cards online.

10 Legit Websites to get free apple/Itunes gift cards

To get Free gift cards, you can sign up for online reward programs that pay you to carry out quick tasks in exchange for free gift cards, products, and cash via PayPal.

Note that these websites fall under the category of survey platforms, other cashback applications and websites are also acceptable.

1. Survey Junkie



      • Features:


        • Get gift cards for taking surveys

        • Low payment threshold of $10

        • Payment method: PayPal or gift cards

      Survey junkie makes the number one on our list of survey websites that pay it users with various gift cards and via PayPal.

      For every surveys you do on survey junkie, you will be earning points. These points are are what you later redeem or convert into gift cards of your choice or send cash to PayPal.

      You receive notifications when new surveys are available after signing up and filling up your profile, and you can also complete them using the Survey Junkie app.

      Members of Survey Junkie are paid to respond to surveys and offer their thoughts on goods, services, advertisements, and other topics.

      Check out our in-depth survey junkie review

      2. Swagbucks




          • Sign up bonus of $5

          • Variety of ways to earn money

          • Low payout threshold from $3

          • Get paid with PayPal or redeem point to gift cards, etc.

        The Swagbucks website, one of the more well-known survey websites, has been around since 2008. It costs nothing to sign up for Swagbucks, and you can start earning rewards in the form of SB points right now. You can exchange SBs for benefits like free iTunes gift cards.

        Variety of Tasks includes: Scanning your grocery receipts, game playing, Shop online at a few chosen stores. Fill out online polls, Refer family and friends etc.

        Your points can be redeemed for a huge selection of gift cards, including free Apple gift cards with values ranging from $5 to $50.

        3. Branded Survey




            • Free sign up bonus

            • Get up to $5 per survey

            • Payout threshold – $10

            • Receive payment through Paypal and gift cards

          In, Branded Survey is a reliable paid survey website meant for Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

          This platform pays users to take part in online focus groups, product testing, and surveys. It partners with well-known research companies like Nielsen and Harris Interactive.

          It also has a good referral program to earn more.

          It has more than 3 million users and more than 58,000 evaluations on Trustpilot.

          You may start completing surveys right now after answering a few simple questions and signing up is free.

          4. MyPoints




              • Free sign up with $10 bonus

              • Cashback offers everyday

              • Get paid via PayPal or gift cards

              • Get rebates or cashback on grocery shopping

            Since 1996, MyPoints has been in business and has been rewarding users with points and discount tickets for accomplishing various tasks.

            It is meant majorly for people in US and Canada. You can use PayPal to exchange points for incentives like free iTunes gift cards or cash.

            Variety of Tasks to perform on my point are: doing online survey, seeing videos, game playing, examining promotional emails, Shopping from a few chosen internet stores.

            5. PrizeRebel




                • Offers a good number of income opportunities

                • Numerous payment choices, including PayPal and Apple gift cards

                • The minimal payout requirement is $2.

                • Available in many countries

              PrizeRebel is yet another legit website to get apple or iTunes gift cards online.

              PrizeRebel claims to have more than 12,000,000 users. For completing offers, taking online surveys, and viewing movies, they provide a variety of incentives.

              Tasks include but not limited to doing online surveys, watching videos, completing various offers etc.

              Each activity you accomplish awards you points, which you can exchange for more than 100 gift cards or cash through PayPal. E-gift cards from Google Play, Amazon, Roblox, Visa, and iTunes are a few of the alternate prizes available.

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              6. LifePoints




                  • 10 free LifePoints upon registration

                  • offers a variety of income opportunities

                  • numerous payment options, including PayPal and Apple gift cards.

                  • The minimal payout requirement is $5.

                LifePoints is also a platform where users get points for their various task and get to redeem the points for gift cards.

                Members of the LifePoints community, who hail from more than 40 different nations, receive rewards for answering questions about politics, lifestyle, health, and other topics.

                You receive virtual points for each of these 10- to 20-minute surveys that you complete. You can exchange your points for PayPal cash and free apple iTunes gift card codes, among other e-gift cards.

                Members can also win awards and prizes, such as TVs, tablets, phones, and other goods.

                7. ySense Survey




                    • Numerous daily jobs

                    • Available throughout the world

                    • User-friendly

                    • Good rewards in accordance to time spent

                    • You are paid in PayPal and gift cards of your choice.


                  Go to ySense

                  One of the greatest online survey sites to get gift cards payment or codes online is Ysense, which has been around for a while.

                  Through Ysense’s excellent affiliate program, you can make much more than just by conducting surveys, watching ads, playing games etc.

                  ySense is generally highly user-friendly, and it appears that new features are being introduced to the site frequently, which is wonderful for us as members. It is one of the platform where I have had exceptional results.

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                  How to obtain free Apple and Itunes Gift Cards

                  8. Rakuten




                      • Free $25 sign up bonus

                      • Payment through PayPal and gift cards

                      • Shop to get cashback redeemable to gift cards

                    With millions of users and more than $1 billion in rewards paid out, Rakuten is the largest cash back rewards platform in the world.

                    Create a free account on the website to use the platform and make purchases from thousands of online retailers.

                    You can use the cashback you earn to purchase an Apple gift card and is paid out via check or PayPal.

                    When new members make their first purchase of $30 or more, they receive a $30 incentive.

                    Ways to earn money on Rakuten:


                        • Book flight

                        • Buy stuffs

                        • Refer people.

                        • Make it importation business

                        • Lookout for coupon

                        • Do your Christmas or festive shopping

                      The cash back or rebates you get on Rakuten can be redeemed into various gift cards including apple gift cards.

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                      9. Ipsos i-say




                          • Offers multiple ways to earn

                          • Bonus points are regularly available

                          • Low payout threshold from $5

                          • Same-day redemptions with gift cards.

                        Go to: ipsos i-say

                        Ipsos iSay is an international, free-to-join get-paid-to website. This website has been operating for a while and currently has over 42,000 Trustpilot reviews.

                        Tasks include finishing online surveys, entering sweepstakes, and contests etc.

                        On the platform, tasks that are finished result in points that can be exchanged for a wide range of incentives. Gift cards from Target, Apple, Lowe’s, and Walmart are a few examples of the prizes available.

                        Additionally, prepaid Visa virtual cards are an alternative. In addition to gift cards, PayPal allows you to cash out points when redeemed to cash. Additionally, you have the option to donate money to particular charities.

                        10. Drop App

                        Drop app, a 2015-founded loyalty program claims to have more than 5 million subscribers.

                        Points can be earned for actions taken through the Drop app or website after you’ve downloaded it and associated your credit or debit card.

                        Variety of Tasks to do on drop app includes:


                            • Shop at a few carefully chosen stores

                            • Fill out online surveys

                            • Playing games etc.

                          Through the Drop app or website, you can earn points for purchases, surveys, or games that you complete. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards or special offers on partner firms’ items. Gift cards from Starbucks, Uber, Sephora, Airbnb, and Apple are common prizes.

                          Concluding thought

                          There are several other websites to get free iTunes and Apple gift cards, however, the listed websites above are some of the best online.

                          Its advisable to join many platforms to increase your chances of getting more apple gift cards.