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Low costs internet marketing strategies

Marketing is an integral part of business growth and development. It is generally believed that no product can sell itself unless some form of marketing or promotional tactics are employed.

Hence, we can rightly say, getting massive business sales and business expansion is a function of functional marketing tactics that is being deployed.

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Marketing takes a crucial step in business exposure, as prospective clients would want to know a business, it’s product line and the reasons to purchase any product or offer.

Additionally, internet marketing provides the fastest route in getting business exposure, as there are many internet marketing tactics that can be used to gain massive business growth, leads, sales and the likes in a very short period of time.

NOTE: Internet marketing is highly competitive. You can find several other businesses (in thousands) of the same niche as yours, competing with your business.

In fact, there are internet sharks (big businesses and brands) without which a business may not get far (in competing with them) without tactical marketing strategies.

When it comes to budgeting and spending on advertisements, start ups and small businesses may find it difficult to meet up.

Hence, this article provides 7 low cost internet marketing strategies that start ups and small businesses can engage in in 2023 so as to get a desirable result in their business campaigns.

The two types of internet marketing approach

1) The conventional marketing strategy

This requires an elaborate media campaign, spending a considerable amount of money. Of course, conventional advertising has its advantages.

If your business is large enough or you sell a variety of products, you might discover that a full-fledged media campaign is the most successful and economical approach to market your business. And this is exactly one of the major marketing strategy that the big sharks uses.

2) Low cost marketing strategy

This requires the use of some low-cost marketing effort, using some attention-grabbing gimmicks to bring your message to the buying public.

Therefore, if you are short on budget, the following are some low cost internet marketing strategies you can give a try to get your creative juices rolling as expected.
Reasons why people don’t buy from your online business.

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Low Cost Internet Marketing Strategies In 2023

1. Do Product Giveaway

Take it or leave it, there’s not a single person that doesn’t love freebie. Who is it that will want to pay for something that is being offered for free?.

If you offer items that can change people’s life for good and for free, peoples attention will be drawn massively to you. Doing product giveaway can be a stepping stone to building a massive business growth and expansion.

Mind you, what you are giving away may not be a complete solution, however, the little fraction of information that you passed down may just be enough.

Take for instance: If you are auto car mechanic, you can give away an informational product in form of ebook, article, video, explaining 10 Ways people can care for their car.

This set you up as an authority in the business.
Yet another instance: if you are a pet health care practitioner, a free ebook about pet diet is enough to draw, attention to your business.

By the time you start giving out vital information or products, people will start regarding you as an expert in your field and you can become a go to person whenever they need anything.

Additionally, a product giveaway is one of the best way of getting referrals. The people that enjoy your free offers will definitely refer you one day.

2. Start Affiliate Program

This yet another dynamic low cost internet marketer strategy.

According to a report on Wpbeginner, Over 80% of brands and 84% of publishers run an affiliate program.

Starting an affiliate program is a strategic way of employing or recruiting interested affiliate marketers to use their wealth of internet marketing skills to promote your business. Oh, it comes at a price; a commission.

A commission is the agreed payment an affiliate receives for promoting your business. It is often times between %10 and %100 and on average %50.

You are bound to decide on a favorable percentage you are willing to give out conveniently.
The beauty of using affiliate program strategy is that: it increases your business lead, sales, and Exposure.

Additionally, you can start making money even while you sleep, knowing that some people are doing the job.

Using affiliate program, all it takes is to install some affiliate link tracking codes, or software into your website, or you make use of a third-party affiliate program services.

3. Free Email Marketing Strategies

The saying goes thus: there is money in the list. And it is true.
Email marketing is another internet marketing strategy that is totally cost-effective and can go a long way to increase business sales. In fact, a report shows that 77% of ROI comes from using email automation.

Email marketing is a unique content marketing strategy with which businesses can share various information (products, sales, offers, news etc) about their business to the list.

Email marketing is cost effective and a list of eager and loyal clients can be build right from start.

Apart from being a low cost or free marketing approach, email marketing also have the following advantages: Improving sales, building relationship with your audience, generating traffic to your website, sending timely campaigns, Increasing business leads and lot more.

To start using email marketing strategy, you can set up a subscriber plugin on your website to get the details of your website visitors. Get a good email marketing service provider that has a good autoresponder software.

A fast yet cost effective way of building your list is through product give away.

4. Start a free Tutorial

Online tutoring is the practice of providing instruction in a virtual, networked, or online setting where teachers and students interact from different physical locations.

A well designed 2 hours free tutorial can be more than enough to promote your business.

Nowadays, the internet has so much made everything easy that you can host an online free tutorial on whatsapp group, Telegram group, Facebook group etc.

For instance, a fashion designer who is desperate to expand his/her business sales can offer a free or low cost tutorial on how to sew a new cloth style he just discovered. (of course many fashion designers will want to learn a new style).

Yet another instance, an affiliate marketer, who want to make money by promoting a video optimization software, may offer a whatsapp tutorial on how to create and monetize a video content. (definitely, many video content makers would love to attend).

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5. Set up a business blog

Be as it may, blogging is definitely a good low cost marketing strategy that aids massive business growth. Infact, it can be entirely free.

Although there are many good reasons to start a business blog, the best and most prevalent one for the vast majority of individuals is that it has the potential to be a tool for online marketing.

It is a tool that may significantly boost the profitability of any internet business.

Knowing it’s valuable potentials, website owners often dedicate a page or section of their website for blogging.
Blogs can help you establish or build your reputation in a particular field.

  • Blogging is a great internet marketing tool that help you to get in touch with your subscribers.
  • It’s a fantastic way to receive “Feedback”.
  • Blogging is an Excellent tool for disseminating “Information”
  • It provides Global Exposure/Online presence
  • It brings about more traffic and sales to your website and lot more.

Search engine loves blogs because they contribute to the wealth of information online. The more you update a blog, the more will be the traffic that it attracts.
Benefits oof having a business blog

6. Start Article submission

This is yet another low cost and effective marketing strategy for businesses.

Article marketing is a strategic way of writing and submitting top quality yet promotional articles to article directories.

The sole purpose of article marketing is to direct people to your website via a hyperlink contained in the submitted articles.

When you provide good and educative contents to article directories like goarticles, article factory, amazine etc, your readers may definitely be tempted to go through your hyperlink that leads to your websites, and they might be tempted to take an action.

Additionally, submitting articles to directories can bossy your website authority and backlinks, thereby improving your presence in search engines results.

Article submission is a low cost strategy because all what it takes is for you to write articles about your business and share them on free article directories.

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7. Give a coupon or rebate.

A coupon is a ticket or document that can be used in marketing to obtain a financial discount or refund when making a purchase of a good.

To be utilized in retail outlets as part of sales campaigns, coupons are typically distributed by businesses to the public as a means of getting more sales.

Be sure to test the market to determine at what point coupons will boost sales of certain product or service lines.

When you start receiving hesitant responses, try handing out coupons for a deal on your services.

Concluding thought

Low-cost internet marketing strategies are a good way for small businesses or start ups to promote their business and at the same time get massive business growth even in the presence of the big brands in the industry.

There are several other low cost marketing approaches, however, the above are some of the best cost effective ways of promoting small businesses online.