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Data entry Job websites

13 Websites Find Data Entry Online Jobs Making as Much as $1 to $20 per hour

Making money from home through data entry is a major source of income for most people, while it serves as a side hustle job or extra source of income for others.

Data entry requires majorly the ability to operate a computer coupled with good typing skills; it doesn’t require any in-depth knowledge or training as such.

Depending on the language being used, you will undoubtedly need some basic language abilities. Reliability and accuracy are crucial for finishing the tasks at hand.

The amount of time spent entering data, the pace at which you type, and the difficulty of the activity all affect how much money you make. Many commercial sectors, like education and retail, require the electronic transmission of physical data.

This could apply to anything that requires transforming raw data into electronic information for the firm, such as entering financial information into a spreadsheet or writing address details into a database.

The very fact that you can make this job an extra income source, while you work from the comfort of your home makes it worth something you can give a try.

What is data entry?

Data entry is the simple act of inputting information into a computer is known as data entry. You enter data into a database or another document, like a spreadsheet or list.
You can do this offline or online.
It’s a straightforward task that calls for swiftness and accuracy, and it’s likely one you’ve already completed in some ways.

Three ways to find data entry Job from home.

      1. Work as an independent data entry contractor (Freelancer)

      1. Work by finding job on data entry specific job boards.

      1. Top 7 Websites to find data entry jobs

    1. Working as a Freelance Data Entry Clerk

    Numerous websites, such as Fiverr,,,, etc., are good freelance marketing sites to register and for work as a data entry clerk.

    Businesses or companies often visit these freelance platforms to outsource their data entry jobs to independent contractors. If they find your profile appealing, you might be lucky to get a long term job.

    To make quickly get hired, sign up to these websites, and create a professional profile and portfolio for your self. Make a search on the website for data entry Job and bid for work.

    Top 3 recommended freelance platforms for data entry jobs

    Our top recommended freelance platforms for data entry jobs are: Fiverr, Upwork and Truelancer.

    1. Fiverr

    One of the best websites for data entry jobs online, Fiverr is a freelancing network just like Upwork. It is an excellent platform for anyone looking for data entry jobs because it has many data entry jobs available for various pay rates and levels of experience.

    On the basis of your expertise, the fees are also adjustable. Simply make an account, provide all of your information, and then search for the desired profile; the portal will handle the rest.

    One of the best ways to separate the jobs according to your demands is by applying filters. People looking for data entry jobs choose to go there since it is quite safe and secure. Just be sure to submit bids for various projects.

    Sign up on Fiverr

    2. Upwork

    A freelance portal is Upwork. There are numerous freelance positions accessible here, including data entry positions. It advertises 5000 or so remote data input jobs.

    Depending on the work and hiring of new personnel, the project’s duration and cost can change. Depending on the project’s description, requirements, level of competence, bid, location, etc., you can select it.

    The portal is completely secure and safe. Simply register as a freelancer and fill out all the required information, including your abilities and experience. No problem at all if you are a recent graduate; simply use the filter to hunt for entry-level positions.

    You can select the level of competence, the duration, and the period you are available using the excellent filter. The hours are very flexible, and payments are always made on time.

    Go to

    3. Truelancer

    It is a platform for freelancer with a variety of jobs. Platforms for freelancing like this one link businesses and freelancers and offer equal chances to both.

    You simply need to type data entry into the search box after creating an account, and the website will show you a wide selection of data entry tasks.

    Additionally, you can use filters to exclude jobs that don’t meet your requirements. The method is quite simple and hassle-free.

    Select a position that fits your skills; once you’ve gained some experience, it will be simpler to obtain high-paying positions.

    Keep in mind that placing multiple bids will boost your probability of being chosen.

    Go to Truelancer

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    2. Finding Job at data entry specific Job boards

    Start by typing this keyword “Freelance Data Entry Job Positions” into Google.

    Start looking for data entry jobs and submitting your applications. There are countless jobs available, and fees are frequently negotiable.

    But bear in mind that you should keep your prices cheap when you first start out. Once you’ve accomplished a few jobs successfully, you can use those as examples of the works you have completed (building your portfolio).

    You will gain experience and become the company’s first choice when they need additional work performed by producing precise work and meeting deadlines.

    Keep a log of the various tasks you’ve finished, along with any recommendations or feedback you’ve had that you can use when applying for new data entry jobs.

    Enroll in payments made through a dependable third party, like PayPal, Payoneer, which allows quick payments and some level of payment safety.

    3. Top 7 Websites to find Data Entry Online Jobs

    In addition to the aforementioned thoughts on finding a data entry Job, the following are the top 7 websites to find data entry online job.

    1. Lionbridge

    LionBridge is an online job provider that claims to be the biggest source of work-at-home job candidates worldwide. They have remote, full-time, and part-time data entry jobs available.

    There are 47 offices where there are in-office work opportunities, including content writing and translation. You will have to register using the form on their website. Before you can begin the data entry job, you must be at least 18 years old and have been evaluated.

    2. Megatypers

    A labor management company called MegaTypers offers data input services to public and commercial organizations. The website offers several tasks, including data entry.

    One benefit of working for MegaTypers is that you can start with a minimum typing speed of 10 words per minute and have incredibly flexible work times.

    Students and those looking for alternate sources of income may find the website to be fairly ideal. You only need to create an account on the site to get started. Pick a position that fits your preferences, and presto!

    3. Clickworker

    Another international company that hires for work-from-home data entry tasks is ClickWorker.

    You can choose your own hours and work entirely independently with Clickworker. You are given the necessary training to be able to finish the responsibilities given to you, and no specific qualifications are required. PayPal is used for payment.

    These other positions are available at Clickworker;

    Writing content
    shopping for clues
    online investigation
    testing surveys and apps etc.

    4. Instashala

    Many people prefer the well-known job portal Internshala while looking for internships and employment possibilities. On the website or app, you may find a ton of data entry jobs and internships with a respectable pay rate.

    Numerous data entry jobs, ranging from full-time to part-time, are available on the internet, depending on the candidate’s suitability. Simply construct your resume according to Internshala’s requirements after registering on the website or mobile app.

    You don’t need to upload a résumé because Internshala will assist you in creating one on the site itself that will be shared with employers so they can screen potential employees. You are ready to go once you register and create a résumé.

    5. MicroWorkers

    An unique, international internet network called Microworkers links employers and employees from all around the world. Their distinctive strategy ensures that a task paid is a task successfully completed for Employers and that Workers who successfully finish a work are compensated.

    You can perform a variety of various data entry activities when you sign up with MicroWorkers.

    The tasks can range from picture tagging to data mining to transcribing. PayPal is used for payment.

    6. Indeed

    One of the best recruiters in the world, according to Indeed, It is also one of the best websites for finding data entry jobs online.

    Many employers and people are looking for it since you can get a high-paying data entry job there if you have the necessary skills and command of the job.

    In order to upload your resume, you must first create a profile on Indeed. Simply type the job title into the search tab to find it quickly and easily.

    Look over the job description, pay scale, and location before selecting the position that best suits your needs. The advertised jobs are legitimate since they are immediately verified as being legitimate.

    7. Amazon Mturk

    If you want to work for a well-known company with a solid reputation throughout the world and also want to build a solid reputation, Amazon Mechanical Turk, commonly known as Mturk, is the place for you.

    A platform for crowdsourcing is MTurk. It is without a doubt one of the most popular websites for finding data entry jobs. It is respectable, legitimate, and there are no problems with payments.

    The website or portal connects the candidate and the employer, greatly simplifying the procedure. One can browse the different data entry jobs and select the one that best suits them.

    Flexible working hours are one of the benefits of working with it. Additionally, it can be used as a supplemental source of income.

    8. Speakwrite

    You can aspire to make up to $3,400 a month with SpeakWrite. available to people with a strong command of English and Microsoft Word who reside in the US and Canada.

    To be eligible, you must pass a typing test; the cutoff for the test is a speed of 60 WPM and a 90% accuracy rate.


    They are a sizable employment board with positions in data entry, project management, IT, healthcare, and customer service.

    It is worthwhile to subscribe to their newsletter in order to receive weekly email updates on the newest employment openings.

    10. Capital Typing

    In addition to data entry employment, Capital Typing also offers translation, online customer assistance, and other content writing positions.

    They offer their services to a variety of industries, including business, healthcare, education, research, and retail.

    What Kind Of Jobs Could You Apply For In Data Entry?

        • Filling out forms using company-provided information or company-provided prompts.

        • Transferring text data across file formats requires precision and close attention to detail.

        • Simple typing tasks often call for proficiency at 30 words per minute.

        • Stock information, such as serial numbers, product names, and pricing, can be entered into a spreadsheet.

        • authoring copy and proofreading, editing articles for spelling and grammar, and reviewing articles. Additionally, this could entail accurately formatting a document by altering alignments, for example.

        • Writing articles from image files, such jpeg files, and converting them into word documents.

        • Writing reviews and articles for a business’s needs, such as reviews and articles on websites.

        • Payroll – this could involve entering names, pay rates, and other information into spreadsheets that contain payrolls.

        • One of the simplest types of data entry is captcha entry. There are numerous businesses that must register in significant numbers across tens of thousands of websites.

      There is no technology to automatically answer these captchas, however they can construct automatic software to sign up on websites. Typically, you’ll enter your username and password to log in before starting to fill out the captchas.

      How much money can I make by entering data?

      Depending on the type of work you do and the organization you work for, you could make anywhere from $1 to $20 per hour. Additionally, it’s feasible that you’ll be paid by the work rather than the hour.

      By investigating the business and ensuring sure you have the tools needed to do any duties, you can ensure that everything you accept online is authentic. Read any available reviews, and keep in touch with your employer. Data input will offer a variety of tasks that may be done from home, so be punctual and accurate!

      What are the equipment needed for data entry jobs?

          • There are some basic equipment that you will need but more than likely you already have them. They are the following:

          • A PC or laptop

          • High-speed internet access

          • A comfortable ergonomic chair

          • A smartphone – always good to have so as to stay in contact and be first in line for when new data entry jobs arise.

        Skills Needed For Home-Based Online Data Entry Job

        As was already indicated, you don’t have to be an expert in this sector, but you do need to possess certain fundamental skills.

        Typing – You need to be able to type accurately and quickly in order to complete more work and increase your income.

        Ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel or Google’s equivalent – When typing up lists and filling out tables, you may need to enter information into a database or a Microsoft Word or Excel document.
        A keen eye for detail is necessary because precision must be very precise.

        Concluding Thought

        If you want to start making money online by entering data, the above listed freelance marketplaces, and job boards are good places to start.

        All you need to do is to master the simple basic skills, and register many job boards,