Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023


Online Business

I wrote here sometimes ago, 15 good reasons of having your own business blog or website or taking your business online. 

These wonderful benefits are good reasons enough for anyone to considers taking his or her existing business to the online ways. 

Just three among these fifteen benefits are in summary, unhindered business exposure, Massive traffic or buyer sales on small budgets, and you can continue to make money even while you sleep. 

 Actually, it is not every businesses that get to enjoy the so much benefits of doing online business.

I have seen businesses with a very good product, they simply really have something good to offer, but the sad moment of these businesses are that Irrespective of they having a website, spending much on ads etc. People are not just interested in buying from them.

A friend of mine set up a website for his business some times ago. And for more than 3 months he didn’t have any significant sales, yet he spends on various kind of ads. Until he got frustrated. And that’s just the truth about so many people. It can be frustrating to spend so much on building a website, sharing the contents and spending much on ads without tangible results.


There may be lot of other reasons why people don’t buy from you, but for now, see the 9 likely reasons I came up with on why people don’t buy from your online business.

1. You don’t make people feel safe when they buy from you.

You need to let people knows  they are ordering their product from and end to end secure server. If possible put the images or links of the servers on your website checkout. 

Let people also know that you won’t sell their email address and other information will be kept safe or confidential. And that’s the fear of many people. Hence, they will not want to buy from anyone without the guarantee of the safety of their personal information.

2. Your Ad copy is not attractive enough. Many spend so much on ads and at the end they comes out with little or nothing. A well written ad copy is a solid ground for massive buyer sales. 

Hence, let your ad lists benefits and not features alone. Let the headline attract mainly your target audience. Make sure you list testimonials and guarantees in your ad copy.

If writing a targeted ad copy is a bit hard for you. You can outsource it here.

3. You don’t create an avenue for people to come back to your site. The truth is, people don’t always purchase the very first time they visit. Meanwhile, the more they get to visit your site, the higher the chances they will become paying customers. 

So one best way of doing this is to give people a free subscription to your newsletters. See here How to create a list of loyal customers 

4. People don’t know you, nor did they know much about your business. People will definitely feel more comfortable doing business with you if they know who they are buying from. You can do this by creating a page called About me or About us on your website. Include your business history, employee’s profile, and contact information etc.

5. One or no ordering options. I have seen many websites depends on just one means of payment, while some depends on some un-secure local transfer. 

This can be damaging, as a customer without a PayPal account for payment will just angrily go away. While some that depends on only PayPal payment will also go away. So it is best you Accept credit cards, checks, money orders, and some other forms of electronic payments.

 You can even take orders by phone, e-mail, website, fax etc. Interested buyer will definitely see a convenient means of transaction. 


6. Your website looks unprofessional. You should have your own unique domain name. Maybe you don’t know, people pay big money for slogan slingers just to come up with a good name for their business. Also, let your website be easy to navigate through. The graphics, let it be related to the theme template of your website.

7. You don’t put reasonable contents on your Freebie ad. One unique way of getting attention to one’s website is through giving out freebie. But the mistake most people make is that since it is a freebie they don’t need to stress themselves more. Meanwhile, even if it is a freebie a beautifully written content is needed.

Besides that, you see, when you lure people to your website, include the freebie below your ad copy, or on another web page. If you list the freebie above your ad, they may never look to see what you’re selling.

8. There’s no sense of urgency to buy now on your site. If there’s no sense or urgency, people who are interested in your product can put off buying till later and probably forget about it. You can entice people to buy now with a discount offer, put possible future price increase, a deadline date for the offer to end etc.

9. You don’t attract and target the right audience that would buy from you. One simple way of doing this is to carry out a survey of your existing clients to see what attracted them to buy. You can install a tracking software on your website to do this. This information will help you to improve your target audience. 

10. You don’t test and improve your ad copy. Just like many people does, they write an ad copy and never attempt to change it. You should continually test and improve you advertising copy to get the best possible rate and returns on your ads. 

In conclusion, the above reasons why people don’t buy from you will not hold down your online business if you can put into practice the suggested solution to the problem.