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Creating a health and wellness blog is a smart move considering the exponential growth of the industry. With a current worth of over $4.75 trillion and a continuous growth rate of 6.4%, it’s an evergreen niche.

Health experts can leverage their skills and make a living by providing solutions to the diverse health issues that people face daily. With the constant demand for information and solutions in this industry, a health and wellness blog offers a valuable platform to share knowledge, inspire, and help others lead healthier lives.

Join this thriving industry and make a meaningful impact through your blog.

How to create a health and wellness
Health and Wellnes Blog
The Concept of YMYL and EAT Which Are Key Factors for Google.

Health and wellness niche is an industry that will never go out of version, in as much as people are getting sick every day, some are getting fat, different skin diseases are affecting some, and so on.

As a result of this, many people join this industry to make a living from it by providing solutions to various health issues that abounds.

There are several ways of entering this industry, possibly to practice your expertise or to make money from it. One of those unique ways is to start a health and wellness blog. There are several reasons why you should consider creating your own health and wellness blog or website. Five out of many of them are:

  • 1. It set you up as a health expert and gives you some forms of Authority.
  • 2. Your blog becomes an avenue to even make more money (Will be explained later)
  • 3. It helps you to build an audience that resonate with your health and wellness niche.
  • 4. Global Exposure and a good online presence
  • 5. Saves Money- Print ads, and commercials can become very expensive, and often cost each time they are ran

So, if you are willing to enter into this industry or you are in it already and you want to start your own successful business blog, then, you will learn everything you need to start a health and wellness blog in just about 10 minutes from now.

Not only that, you will learn how to drive traffic, how to monetize your blog, the kind of pages you should have and the most important plugins you should use on your blog.   

The Concept of YMYL and EAT Which Are Key Factors for Google.

The hardest algorithm to impress for any blogger is Google’s. Google, however, scrutinizes some article categories more than others, including health and wellness articles, because of how important some material can be to users.

Anything that has the potential to negatively affect a reader’s health, happiness, safety, or financial stability is considered Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) content. Blogs that offer guidance on illnesses and disorders, medical facilities, medications, and other medical situations need to have a very strong reputation and only post factually accurate and real content.

Of course, those are blogs on health and wellness. You can end up giving Google YMYL information in the form of recommendations or advise. In these situations, your blogs are evaluated based on the following criteria:

E – Expertise
A – Authoritativeness
T – Trustworthiness

You can still create an authority site as a subject matter expert and provide articles that are sincere, reliable, and helpful to your visitors. Just be aware that a lot of queries will produce sources like We.
If none of the aforementioned niches really speak to you, I also offer a detailed tutorial on how to find and select a lucrative blogging niche.

Creating Your Own Health and Wellness Blog

Choose a niche.

Niche Research is the very first step to take in creating your health and wellness blog.
Health and Wellness Niche is a very broad industry as it comprises many sub niches. Hence, my advice most times to new entrants is to do keyword research and choose a very narrow or microniche where they will operate in.
This is because, it is best to be an expert in one niche than being a jack of all trade in what you don’t know much about. In my experience, bloggers with a more narrow miche tends to do better than those that write just about anything and everything in a big industry.
Micro-niche blogging is like niche blogging, but here you cover all the queries which are only related to one sub-topic. In ordinary words, you have to cover a sub-topic within the same topic.
For example: In the health niche, you can start a blog where you cover topics only related to bodyweight exercises to lose weight; another example is to cover topics related to weight loss, diet plans, etc.

Here are sub niches of the popular Health and wellness industry:
Digestive Health, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Body Building , Yoga, Skin Care, Dental Care, Hair Loss, Baby Care etc.

Now, if you consider the above sub-niches, you will get to know that they in themselves are a bit broad in that they can also be broken down into micro niches as well.
Let’s take Weightloss as an example.
Weight-loss industry is in itself a very big industry. The kind of which you can break down into micro Niches: examples of micro niches under weight loss are:
Bodyweight exercises to loose weight, Fat belly, weight loss exercises, diet plan, pregnancy and weight loss etc.
Let’s look at baby care: babycare is also a subniche that can be broken than into smaller niches like: Pregnancy. Preparing for a baby, Delivery and labor, Postnatal care., Breastfeeding., Infant care., etc.

Here are four ways to come up with a good micro niche for your health and wellness blog.

1. Use google search
2. Use Google trends
3. Use a keyword research tool
4. Use Quora

NICHE RESEARCH BLUEPRINTS: How to uncover profitable niches in 7 easy steps. The ultimate profitable niche and sub niche finder.


Register A Domain Name

Your domain name is the address of your website or blog. A healthy practice in choosing a domain name is to use a name that resonates with your business name, which means you have to come up with a business name uf you don’t have one already. The second idea is your very name.

Whatever the name you come up with, your domain name will be like mine: (NOTE: The name of my blog is Wealth On Net).

For instance, if your ideal name is Dr.Smith Blog, then you can register a domain name like :, or etc).

A domain name is sold around $10 per year. Some reputable domain name registrars are Namecheap and hostinger. But before you register, read the below hosting packages.

THE Best Hosting Plan For your Health and wellness blog

There are two hosting packages that you can use:

1. Free hosting

2. Self (paid) Hosting plan.

Hosting simply a web server where your business resides because of this your blog becomes live and people can access it.

Let me paint a picture: Your domain name is your business address (where people can go to, to see what you are offering) while hosting is like a rented shop or space where you put your goods. Still don’t get it.
Look at it this way, if you give me your business card, i will follow the address on it to your shop. Hence, your shop is your host,, while your address is your domain name.

Free hosting: It means you don’t have to purchase a hosting service again. Some is offering you a free shop to start with. An example of a free hosting service is Google blogspot or

Here is an In depth guide, a step by step approach with images on how to create a free blogger blog. I shared with you also its advantages, Monetization and practices.

2. Self Hosted (Free blog): a self hosted blog means you are buying a server for yourself and this makes you to have total authority on your blog. As against the free-hosted blog builder where there are restrictions in so many areas.
That is why I will be shedding more light on creating a self-hosted professional health and wellness blog.

Using The Self Hosted Platform

There are several websites and blog builders in this regard, however, outshines them all. If you will build a responsive and professional health and wellness blog, i won’t recommend any other other than WordPress. 

WordPress comes with loads (i mean thousands) of free and paid websites templates, websites buildrrs (like elementor), and plugins that makrs life easier when it comes to creating a business blog with it.

To create your health site with WordPress, you will need to buy a hosting service.
Two places where I have major success and I have seen a quality services rendered bythem are Bluehost and Hostinger. If you are looking for, cheap hosting plans, good customer services, nice uptime and incredible speed, free SSL, Free domain name registration etc. then you shpuld check them out.

Meanwhile, today, I will be using hostinger as an Example. You can go over here to see how to create a blog using Bluehost (a detailed step by step guide with images).

See the 3 reasons why I moved my blog to Hostinger and the 7 Important Reasons Why I Won’t be leaving Anytime soon.

Go To:

Easily Create Your Health and Wellnes Blog With Hostinger


With Hostinger, you get:

  • Fast Loading Speed and Time (307 ms)
  • Great Uptime 99.97%
  • Super cheap $1.99/month
  • Free Website Builder, SSL and Domain Name
  • Very Affordable
  • Easy to Use Interface: One time WordPress Install
  • A vast knowledge base of in depth tutorials. 

hostinger pricing plan
Hostinger pricing plan

According to their website, their entry-level shared hosting plan costs $1.99 per month. It suggests that you don’t need to spend a bunch to start a blog.
When you join up for their premium shared hosting plan, which costs $2.99 per month, you get a domain name for free. (with an annual plan).

Speaking of usability, Hostinger is a platform that is appropriate for beginners thanks to features like a website builder, auto-script installer, and an easy-to-use cPanel.

The numerous review websites show us that they also appear to provide prompt and dependable customer service.
Due to Hostinger’s ICANN accreditation, you can also purchase domain names from them.

Go To Hostinger

WordPress Installation 

You will get instructions on how to access your Bluehost customer dashboard (Cpanel) in your email inbox after making a purchase. Please click on the link provided.
There is nothing to be worried about installing WordPress software. Your next step is as easy as ABC after clicking the link in the email. Your Cpanel will open, allowing you to quickly and automatically install WordPress as shown below.

Installing wordpress on hostinger
Installing wordpress

Observe the instructions below:

  • The Auto Installer icon in your control panel should be clicked.
  • In the search box, type “WordPress,” then click the Search button.
  • It will show the latest recent WordPress version. Simply click it.
  • Then, give the necessary details, such as the domain name, language, administrator username, password, and email address, for your website, including the title, tagline, and language.
  • Click on Install from the menu.
  • That is all there is to it, to put it simply. Now, you may access your WordPress dashboard at any time.

Alternatively, Go to your Cpanel :

installing wordpress on hostinger


Click on my site with wordpress logo, after that, click create site. From there, a new page will appear as seen below.



Enter your site name: for instance: as in my case I put Wealth On Net Blog

Site Tagline (Short Description): Making money doing online jobs and businesses. Click next.

After the installation process, then advance to your wordpress dashboard.

You can access your wordpress dashboard through: the domain name you register/wp-admin/.

For example, and to my site dashboard it goes.

Using The WordPress Dashboard

wordpress dashboard


You will be directed to the dashboard as seen above after loading the address of your blog or website. Your health and wellness blogging journey has just begun at this point.

MEDIA: This is where the pictures, movies, and other media are kept. You click on media to access them and upload.

POST: You should click this area to create new posts, edit existing posts, and choose and include categories and tags.
PAGES: You may access to your various pages here. The first and most crucial set of pages for your website should be added as soon as you can. They are as follows:

  • Privacy Policy Page
  • About us page
  • Contact us page
  • Disclosure/disclaimer page.

If creating some of these pages seems daunting , then I recommend and get it done in a few minutes.

COMMENTS: This is where you control blog comments. If you wish to accept or reject comments, as well as establish other preferences (such as the information about commenters and the types of comments), then you can.

APPEARANCE: This is the blog customization area.

wordpress appearance section

From this point, you can edit your blog’s layout, add widgets (such as header and sidebar widgets), and add menus for advertisements (primary and secondary, etc.). Include professionally designed templates, premium themes, etc.

All you have to do is fiddle around or hover for five to ten minutes. Typically, they are easy to finish.
However, if you need help with these straightforward chores, you can always get in touch with a freelancer on Fiverr. Better then, you can get in touch with me right here. (Perhaps liberally).

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BLOGGING: Learn how to start a money making blog. I explained everything you need to know to start your own blog.

Installing Health and Wellness Blog Templates

Just as I’ve described previously, you can download and install templates quickly by clicking on the theme button when your mouse is over the appearance on your dashboard.

However, head over to Themeforest if you’re looking for a specialized design for your blog, such as one for a professional portfolio, real estate, lifestyle, magazine, or health and wellness site.

Elementor Pro

Elementor pro is a freemium wordpress page builder with usage statistics of over 5 million users worldwide. You can use Elementor to build and customize your Health and wellness website or blog as you see fit.

With Elementor Pro, you can create nice landing pages, design your blog header, footer section etc.

These core features of Elemntor Pro include a drag-and-drop page builder, over 300 professional premade templates that you can install and edit at will, access to a theme builder, sign up form models, and the ability to build blogs, online shops, landing pages, and other types of websites.

Try Elementor Pro

The Health and Wellness Blog Plugins You Should Have

Another distinctive feature of WordPress is the availability of hundreds of free and practical plugins. Some plugins are totally paid for, while others are freemium. The following are a few of the most crucial real estate blog plugins you need to have on your blog or website in order to succeed.

YOAST SEO: If you run a real estate site and want to boost search traffic, using the YOAST SEO plugin is a must. With the help of this WordPress plugin, you may keyword optimize your blog posts.

Despite having a free edition with a ton of features, you can choose one of their premium plans if you require even more incredible features.

UpdraftPlus: You must periodically create backups of your website in order to be able to restore all of your files in the event of an unintentional data loss. The UpdraftPlus plugin is useful in this situation.

Monsterinsight: Monitoring the traffic to your website is essential so that you can figure out which content is most popular and how users are being brought there. Although Google Analytics may be utilized to track your visitors, you can install this helpful plugin to view your dashboard stats whenever you want.
It offers quick Google Analytics setup for WordPress with only a few clicks, giving you real-time statistics in your Google Analytics dashboard. Installation is free of charge.

Akismet Anti-SpamAkismet is one of the most used plugins in WordPress history with over 5 million active downloads.

Smush: If you operate a travel blog, chances are good that you use a lot of photographs. Installing a free plugin like Smush, which reduces picture size, is therefore a better solution in order to speed up website loading.

Additionally, you can bulk-reduce the size of your images. The “Lossless Compression” feature of this plugin allows for image compression without sacrificing image quality.

Wordfence Security: Wordfence security is crucial because every day, thousands of WordPress websites are hacked. Even if it can be beneficial to utilize a safe web host like Bluehost, you should also think about installing plugins like Wordfence security.

It provides a firewall to block and identify harmful traffic. Additionally, it has a real-time IP blocklist that filters any requests from the IPs that are known to be dangerous, protecting your website and lightening server load. It is also free to use.

How to get traffic to your blog

I have written before the 25 ways of getting traffic to your website. However, I will share just a few of them.

  1. Write articles and submit to articles directories with a link to your website. Learn the secrets of Article Marketing
  2. Share your thoughts and websites on social medias like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc. Become a success bound social media marketer.
  3. Guest blog on other sites that relates to your niche.
  4. Use Facebook ads. Learn how to run a successful Facebook ads
  5. Write keyword rich articles on your blog

How To Monetize Your Wellness Blog

Generally, the major aim of creating a real estate blog is to get leads and sales online. However, there are other ways you can make money from your real estate blog.

Create A Health and Wellness Ebook: In most cases, the main goal of starting a health blog is to get leads and sales by solely promoting your expertise. The other way to monetize your health and wellness blog is to write an eBook that resonate with your niche.

As a health expert, you can write an eBook and sell it on your blog. You could use this as an additional source of income. For your information, a decent but brief report with no more than 25 pages can be purchased for at least $10.

Promote Affiliate Products: Numerous affiliate programs specifically designed for health and wellness exist. You would be wise to conduct a search on Google for “Health and wellness Affiliate Programs,” There are many programs that you can apply to in order to promote on your blog. Visit Clickbank, Partnerstack, Jvzoo, etc. for a variety of real estate affiliate products that you may market and sell to make money from.

Here is an ultimate guide to start making money with affiliate marketing.

Apply for display ad: Once your blog begins to receive enough traffic, you can submit an application for Google Adsense or Ezoic. This ad network will display ads on your blog, and you will get paid for that.

Offer Freelance Service like Consultation, Health talk etc.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Blogging about your health and wellness business is germane if you want to attain maximum success in the business.

If you have never blog before, then you can try out the free blogging platform or go ahead with the cheapest plan on Hostinger. Whatever you do, make sure you have your own business blog.


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