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Getting YouTube Views

 Do you desire 10,000 REAL  YouTube views on your video! Great! This post will teach you 16 proven methods to increase your YouTube views and subscribers quickly.


You may wish to raise the amount of views on your youtube videos for a variety of reasons. You may be in business or simply seek notoriety. Whatever it may be, video is the most effective internet-based advertising medium.

You can attract people’s attention and convert them into consumers and fans with video. This post will assist you in growing your fan base by increasing your views and subscribers.

Multiple factors contribute to the achievement of 10,000 views. There is typically no single factor responsible for your video reaching 10,000 views. 

For the vast majority of YouTubers, your views will originate from multiple sources, not just one.

Some will come directly from YouTube, while others will come from other sites; therefore, you must be willing to distribute your efforts in order to obtain the desired number of views. Remember that the greater your effort, the greater your reward.

If you can create a video that is so good that it goes viral, like the Ken Block Gymkhana videos, or if you can add a famous, cute, funny, or large-breasted person in your video, it will be easy to attract others to watch and share it!

Once a youtube video goes viral, there is nothing that can be done to prevent it from spreading. Several of the most popular viral videos on YouTube have received over 600 MILLION views!

If you are not Justin Bieber, you will need to “work” a bit harder and rely on a variety of factors in order to gain views.

If you’re fortunate, your video may be picked up by famous websites or individuals online and go viral; but, you shouldn’t hold your breath.

Utilize these techniques to make and distribute the videos you desire. I cannot guarantee that you will earn $10,000 instantly or even within the first week, but you may be surprised if you implement some or all of these suggestions.

Mind you in the middle and some sections of this post, I wrote in order some of the fastest way of getting YouTube views, likes and subscribers in minutes, hours and of course in a matter  of a very few days.

At the end of the post, I included the fastest approach of all, including the fastest way to create short 15 seconds videos for (YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, shorts) that generates thousands and millions of views in no distant time.

So, How Do You Get 10,000 Youtube Views and Subscribers Quickly? 

1. Create A Captivating And Well Detailed Video Title

After submitting your movie and logging into your YouTube account, you will be required to fill a few fields describing it. The first is your video’s title.

Be as descriptive and creative as possible when developing the title for your video

Because neither YouTube nor humans can determine the content of your video prior to viewing it, you must provide as much information as possible in the title.

When someone performs a search on YouTube, the words in your video’s title impact how it appears in the search results. Google and other search engines will also index your video depending on the “keywords” in your title.

One- or two-word names are typically insufficient and tedious since they do not provide a clear explanation to the viewer.

Provide a more descriptive title, such as “Playing Soccer at Garden Square Stadium,” rather than simply “soccer.”

Additionally, the initial letter of each word in the title must be capitalized. This makes it more apparent, increasing the possibility that viewers will click on your video as opposed to one of your competitors’

Additionally, don’t be afraid to be creative while composing the title of your video. A captivating headline will get far more clicks than a dull one. Simply ensure that your description is correct and detailed. 

2. Write a comprehensive description

In addition to a catchy title, your video description should include descriptors that further identify the content of your video

· Your description need not be extensive. On average, two paragraphs describing the video’s content and any additional information you want visitors to know

· Additionally, you should put your “keywords” (words people will use to find your video) in this section

· It is essential to include keywords in your video’s description and title for it to appear in search results. If your title and description include the same keywords, YouTube will understand that your video is about “your keyword,” such as “playing soccer” or “garden square stadium.”

·   Include your website’s URL (address), which will become a clickable link, within your description for a bit of a traffic to your blog or website.

·    Simply ensure that the URL begins with http:// to make it clickable. If you do not have a website, you need not worry about this. Learn How to create a website or blog here. 

3. Use Keywords In Taglines

Regarding keywords once more, there is an area where you can enter tags or keywords when submitting your video.

These are also used to locate and list your video in search results when a user conducts a search. 

Therefore, you should include as many pertinent keywords as possible in this section. You do not need to go above and above in this situation.

The optimal amount of keywords is between five and 10. More than that will make your message appear spammy.

Youtube suggests that you can separate your tags with spaces. For example, if you type play soccer garden square stadium in the tags field, you will receive five unique keywords.

1. Enjoyment

2. American football

3. A garden

4. Equal

What if, though, your keyword consists of multiple words… or a phrase?

Example: “Garden Square Stadium.”

This is a technique of showing a multi-word keyword as a single- If you enclose your keywords in quotation marks, such as “twitter marketing,” “make money,” and “mlm lead system,” you will obtain groups of phrases that result in single multi-word tags.

This entire subject of “keywords” and “tags” and how to get your video to the top of search engines (YouTube and Google) relates to the larger context of internet marketing and SEO (search engine optimization)

Internet marketers are making a fortune with their videos, and if you want to get in on the fun, you should check out this useful piece of software called Vidshort (A  3 click video maker and ranker).

This software enables you to determine the exact phrases that will catapult your videos to the top of search engine results and also discloses the techniques followed by competitors, allowing you to beat them at their own game.

If you own a business or are seeking a side hustle, video marketing is the most effective way to attract people’s attention, and its popularity will only continue to rise.

You can make use of Vidshort to acquire a competitive advantage and quickly surpass the competition.

4. Spread the Word On Facebook And Twitter About Your Video

It is time to share your movie with the rest of the world after you’ve uploaded it and given it a title, description, and then share it across social media.

Facebook is the platform of choice for the majority of people today, so I will suggest you share your video there first

There are four key places on Facebook where YouTube videos can be shared:

·    Your individual wall

· Your page’s wall (if you haven’t already, go ahead and create one! It is absolutely free and straightforward)

· A multitude of pages devoted to your video (remember not to spam – make sure the people are going to like your video)

· Using a message to directly contact with friends

Typically, when you post a link to your video on a wall or in a message, a thumbnail of the video is displayed. If the thumbnail does not appear, restart the page and paste the URL until it does. Videos without a thumbnail will not be watched!

Twitter.com is the second best platform to share your video.

If you haven’t already, sign up for Twitter. It is free to sign up and easy to make friends and acquire “following” from people who share your interest

The advantage of Twitter is that it provides another outlet for you to broadcast your video, and on Twitter, items (such as interesting videos) are disseminated like wildfire.

You can manually search for and follow individuals who share your interests and hope they follow you back, or you can use a service such as Twitfollower to identify and add followers to your Twitter account automatically.

Meanwhile, Just in case you don’t have significant twitter followers, and you desired to have a large number of followers as soon as possible, then I recommend that you either: Buy an already established twitter account in your niche, or you buy twitter followers from a genuine platforms: Media Mister and Socials up are some the best places you can buy twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube views, likes, shares, subscribers and engagement.  Fameswap is the Foremost and most trusted online market place where you can buy any social media account. Check out our in depth review of the top 5 marketplace to buy and sell social media accounts

5. Accumulate as many likes and comments as possible.

The number of likes and comments your video has received also affects its rating in YouTube and Google search results. 

The more views your video has, the more “important” YouTube and Google deem it. If your video is good and people appreciate it, they will immediately comment and give it a thumbs up.

If your video is a little bit provocative, funny, sensual, or cute, they are more likely to remark or rate it.

Invite your viewers to comment on and like your video to improve the likelihood that they will do so. You can put a frame or annotation at the end of any portion of your video that reads “Like this!” or “Please comment!” The Bible instructs, “Ask, and you shall get” It is always prudent to inquire.

A Top Secret (Don’t Tell Anyone): Getting likes and comments can be pretty hard at times, guess what trick internet marketer use; They buy few comments, likes, shares and engagements from top sellers online, as this can propel or compel other people to do likewise. So, the foremost place for a YouTube dedicated services are Tubebuddy and stormviews, Getafollower and  socials up are also good places as I have mentioned above.

6. Create a “video response” to a popular video on the same topic.

This is how you can earn views/viewers from widely-viewed and popular videos.

Simply position your mouse in the comment section of the popular video and click to post a video reaction.

Click “Create a video response” to the right of the text box. As a response to the popular video, you will be able to choose your own video.

This is not always effective, as some YouTubers accept video responses personally and may reject yours if they detest it.

If your video is accepted, a thumbnail and link to it will appear below the popular video and will be seen to anybody who watches the popular video.

Please remember that you can only utilize one of your videos for a single video answer; if you think that you could post video responses to every video you encounter, you are mistaken.

If you post the same video multiple times with unique titles, keywords, and descriptions, you may submit each as a video answer.

If a video to which you responded goes viral and earns a big number of views, this method can quickly produce a large number of free views. 

7. Ensure that your video becomes a viral hit.

As stated at the introduction to this post, if your video is exceptionally cool, i.e., it contains a celebrity, an exceedingly lucky person, a woman with huge breasts, or someone who is absurdly humorous or charming, it will go viral and receive hundreds, if not millions, of views.

In other words, it must have “entertainment value,” as that is what 99 percent of YouTube users (and internet users in general) are seeking

In the highly unusual event that your video becomes viral, your title, description, and keywords are irrelevant. Individuals will distribute it, and it will spread rapidly.

Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of making viral videos on par with those you and I have witnessed. Typically, these videos depict events that occurred by chance, and the videomakers were fortunate to catch it on tape.” They are infrequently planned, but they do occasionally occur.

If you were online in 2010, you probably saw videos of the Mentos and Diet Coke experiment. Utilizing a trend like this to create a video can result in a great number of views!

We cannot always be ready with our cameras when a female fight breaks out or when a horse swings and throws a ball at us, but we can make our videos smart and humorous. 

It is possible for your video to go viral; all it needs is some organization and effort.

8. Video viral components you should always use.

Include these components in your video to boost its likelihood of becoming viral.

• Humorous, such as a parody

• Dumb

• Unusual ability

• Extreme

• Controversial 

• Educational, for example “How to” lecture

• Professional, for example HD, high-quality, professional production

• Unique

• Seductive (yes, sex sells)

These are the characteristics shared by the majority of viral videos. I’m not proposing you employ all of them in the same video, but if you can make it funny, controversial, and maybe even a little seductive, it has a good chance of going viral and garnering a wider audience.

9. Increase Your Channel’s Subscriber Count

Acquiring subscribers is a guaranteed technique to ensure that your videos acquire views if you’re after numbers. 

The biggest advantage is that if you upload a new video, every one of your subscribers will see the thumbnail for that video the next time they visit YouTube.

If you have 10,000 subscribers, you will almost immediately have 10,000 views without any additional effort.

The challenging issue, though, is that we all begin with ZERO subscribers and must build them up. The top secret that I shared in point number 5 above can to some extent get you subscribers very fast, and that’s if you are willing to spend some dollars to acquire/buy subscribers. 

10. How do you therefore get subscribers?

If you do not have a huge number of videos, it is initially tough to get subscribers. People typically subscribe after viewing a few of your videos and concluding, “Wow, this guy makes some incredible movies… I’m interested in viewing more!”

The more uploaded and live videos you have on your channel, the more successful it will be.

Maintain a theme throughout all of your videos. Consistency is indispensable.

People will not subscribe to your channel if it has videos on a variety of topics, such as highlights from a basketball game you’re in or a family BBQ.

Therefore, the sports channel, the movie channel, the news station, the documentary channel, and MTV all have their own channels on ordinary television. There is a reason why major television networks avoid combining genres.

Moreover, with the “entertainment value” factor in mind, your videos must be captivating if you want viewers to continue watching or even consider subscribing.

However,inviting viewers to subscribe is the most effective method for gaining subscribers, even if your video is merely average.

Similar to urging people to LIKE or comment on your video, you can also invite them to subscribe. A small number of renowned YouTubers incorporate an enticing Jingle to encourage viewers to subscribe. It is simple to design a memorable jingle or slogan to incorporate at the end of each video you produce.

If you’re not extremely imaginative with catchphrases or jingles, a simple “subscribe” request would suffice. Keep in mind that if you do not ask for subscribers, you will likely never obtain any, and there is no harm in asking!

Unfortunately, gaining subscribers may be somewhat challenging. Check out the services of stormviews and getafollower

11. Include In Your Annotations Links To Other Videos

This is another strategy employed by prominent YouTubers to drastically increase the amount of video views.

They link to other videos on their channel using annotations. They will occasionally link to many videos from a single video.

You may use them as well. They are rather simple to execute. Simply add an annotation to your submitted video, and it will become live. Then, you can “edit” your video by adding annotations and including links to your other videos (s).

You can add annotations during your video, at the end, or at any time and for any length of time. When you utilize them is totally your decision.

If you’ve ever followed a YouTuber who uses annotations to connect all their videos, you’ve likely found yourself on their eleventh video in a row without noticing.

Therefore, it is efficient.

Read also: How To Buy YouTube channel safely on Fameswap: Step-By-Step guide with images. 

12. Include a link to your video on your website or blog.

If you embed your video on a prominent blog or website, you can immediately increase your views.

Why do you not yet have a website

There are various internet tools for making free websites and blogs, such as wix.com (top recommended) weebly.com and blogger.com. There are a number of benefits to having your own website, especially if you own a business or want to establish an online following.

If you want to construct your own professional website that is not hosted on one of the above-mentioned services, you can do so, but there are fees involved

For instance, you will need to register a domain name and acquire website hosting (which normally costs around $30 – $60 annually).

Building a website from scratch can be frightening if you’re new to websites, but fortunately, there is a wealth of material available online that simplifies the process, such as the Newbie Start Up Guide ebook.

Want to start a professional website? I recommend using Bluehost or Hostinger, (They are the two most unique hosting platform, considering their easy one click wordpress installation system. They also offers you special discount on annual purchase and a free domain name registration. 1.Visit Bluehost, or read our in-depth review here; : 2.Visit Hostinger or read our in-depth hostinger review here also).  This blog post offers you the step by step partial guide of installing your own website in 7 easy steps (Images included)

Once your website is live, it is straightforward to post your video.

Simply locate your Embed code, copy and paste it, and then publish your webpage.

Here’s an intriguing suggestion: If you integrate share buttons from social media sites such as http://sharethis.com on your website, users will be able to share it without leaving your site.

13. Become a member of an online discussion forum?

You may rapidly attract the attention of the tens of thousands of users of these communities who are always looking for new and exciting videos to watch by uploading your video to a new or popular thread.

·   Ensure that you upload your video to an appropriate forum. Inappropriate is it to post a “how to get money online” discussion in a snowboarding community. This is absolutely inadmissible.

· Avoid submitting anything that could annoy others, as nobody enjoys receiving spam. Because forums are frequented by genuine users, they can detect a rat (or spammer) from a mile away.

·  If your video is solely for entertainment reasons, you are free to share it on any relevant website. However, if your video is merely a commercial to convince viewers to visit a website or buy anything, you (and the forum members) will be dissatisfied.

If you are not a member of any online forums, you should seek them out.

To find an online forum with people who share your interests, simply type “your hobby/topic” plus “forum” into Google.

· You will obtain a list of all active and well-known forums. Obviously, ensure its functionality. You will not have much fun (or attract many visitors) if the forum is inactive.

· Additionally, check that the forum is not overwhelmed with spam, as forums can sometimes become spam-infested, which is not what you want.

·  Include a link to your video, website, or YouTube channel in your Signature file as an added benefit.

. You can modify your signature under your forum account, and the vast majority of boards permit you to include anything (such as graphics or large clickable text). Add anything that grabs your attention, so long as it is not excessively huge or spammy.

. Add your video to supplementary video-sharing websites.

YouTube is not the only website that allows users to share videos online. Although it is the largest, there are hundreds of additional ways to enhance your views.

Metacafe.com is one of the most well-known “mainstream” websites.

  • http://dailymotion.com
  • http://viddler.com
  • http://vimeo.com
  • http://blip.tv
  • http://veoh.com

Then there are a plethora of websites devoted to other topics, such as http://break.com for silly or amusing movies. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/ and a great deal more.

Submit instructional videos to howcast.com and videojug.com.

In addition, there are video-sharing websites devoted to “niche” topics including extreme sports, music, and dancing.

To uncover video sharing sites pertinent to your topic, simply run a second Google search for “your hobby/theme” video sharing, such as “hunting video sharing sites.”

You can also use these videos to promote your YouTube videos and channel. You may add it as a scene in your video or include a link to your YouTube video or channel in the description section.

14. Spread the word on YouTube about your video.

NOTE: Only if you are serious about earning a huge number of views and subscribers should you consider this, as promoting your video on YouTube will cost you a significant amount of money. https://ads.youtube.com/

This is how YouTube promoted videos function.

• Upload a video of any length;

• Target your video by keyword or category;

• Select the placement of your ad (search results, suggested videos);

• Establish your own budget and bid price for targeting options.

You have perfect budgetary control because you are only charged when someone watches your movie.

Again, we’re discussing serious advertising, so only proceed if you’re willing to spend to attract views and subscribers. This is an amazing approach to reach millions of people rapidly if you operate a business, are a musician, actor, comedian, or possess any other talent you wish to advertise.

15. Add Your Videos To News And Social Bookmarking Applications.

After uploading your video to YouTube and other video-sharing websites, publishing it in a forum or on a website or other webpage, you may send the links to social bookmarking networks.

This is an additional method for promoting your video. In addition, it raises the likelihood that your video will show in YouTube and Google search results.

Each bookmarked link to your movie or video website is a “backlink,” which search engines greatly value. The more backlinks a page has, the greater it’s perceived importance.

Following are some of the most prominent social bookmarking and news websites to which you can publish your videos at:

  • http://digg.com
  • http://stumbleupon.com
  • http://propellor.com
  • http://reddit.com
  • http://delicio.us
  • http://fark.com
  • http://www.slashdot.org/
  • http://www.friendfeed.com/

To submit to each of these sites, you must sign up and create a free account.

Then you will need to submit each link manually to each site. This might be time-consuming and monotonous.

Thankfully, http://socialmarker.com allows you to semi-automate your bookmarking entries. 

The wonderful thing about Social Marker is that it is absolutely free to use, however it does take some time to browse and submit your links. To use the websites, you must have a registered account and be logged in. It is still superior to manually submitting to each site.

Check out http://socialadr.com if you’re seeking for a truly hands-free social bookmarking solution. With SocialAdr, you only need to submit your URL (movie URL or any URL for a web page) once, and other members of the site will distribute it on your behalf.

If you want to fully automate your bookmarking and backlink building, there are both a free and a paid edition of the software accessible. 

16. The 3 Fastest Approach To getting 10k YouTubeviews and subscribers

As I have mentioned in some sections of this post, the fastest approach to getting way more than 10,000 YouTube views, likes and subscribers is:

1.     Buy an already established YouTube channel from a trusted market place. 

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2.   Buy Shoutouts from another YouTube influencer with several thousand or millions of subscribers or

3.     Buy YouTube Views, Likes, comments, Subscribers, engagement. From a trusted market place.

Fameswap: A trusted place for buying and selling social media accounts. Check our honest Fameswap reviews 

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By employing all of these strategies, you may rapidly boost your page’s view count to the thousands and beyond. Creating and promoting a video may need some time and effort, but you will get what you put into it.

If you have a specific objective in mind for distributing your videos, such as expanding your customer base, building your fan following, or drawing users to your website, video is an ideal way to achieve that objective.

In addition, the greater the number of views, the greater the number of clients, fans, friends, and followers you will obtain. 

Therefore, all that is left for you to do is to get out there, get off your rear end, and start implementing these methods! 

If you like this post, (how to get 10000 youtube views ad subscribers quickly), kindly encourage us by leaving us with a comment. Have you ever bought YouTube, Instagram, twitter, Tiktok likes, shares, followers, views etc. before? How does it goes?.