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Buying and selling websites


The market for buying and selling websites online is large and there are a lot of interested parties. People want to purchase these sites because they are already established and are generating cash, saving them the time and effort of having to lay the groundwork themselves, or because they believe there is room for expansion and more earnings on these sites.

Many people would also like to sell their websites to others but are unable to do so for various reasons. If you can locate a steady stream of customers and sellers, this can be a very successful industry to get engaged in.

As a website broker, you would be able to pair up buyers and sellers and take a cut of the sale as compensation, just like a real estate agent.

It is your responsibility as a broker to analyze and filter the websites you plan to sell to ensure that all of the figures and other statistics, such as website traffic and monthly revenue, are accurate.

You might also be required to assist the seller in determining the value of their website, participate in the sale’s negotiation, and handle all post-sale transactions and support.

So, are you interested in making money through buying and selling websites? It’s a lucrative online venture that can generate substantial profits. 

This in-depth report explained how to make money online buying and selling websites or as an online website broker, the several activities to perform, analyzing the value of a website and the measures to take during the exchange process, plus the top 5 websites to start making money online as a website broker.


Online Website Brokerage Service: How IT Start

The market has opened up to the option of selling your blog or website thanks to classified services like motion invest, which offer small websites ($10k range) for sale. 

A website broker can help if you are sitting there with a respectable firm that is generating over $5,000 in net profit per month or even $ 1 million in profit annually and you want to sell.

An average of 8 to 12 times monthly net multiples can be found by researching multiples on auction sites. On a website with a $5,000 monthly revenue, the final sale price ranges from $40,000 to $60,000.

Although this may seem like a reasonable figure, you may be sitting there thinking that after all the effort you’ve put into building your website, you deserve a higher payout for your labor. You should seek for a retail buyer rather than a wholesale buyer for this reason.

A retail buyer is an investor searching for more profitable investments than the meager returns offered by banks. They choose investments with strong growth potential and low maintenance requirements. 

On many auction platforms, you won’t find retail purchasers since they prefer to do business with larger sites that have income streams that are more established (at least 2 years old) and pay more for them. Hence, a website broker is needed.

A wholesale customer may pay $40,000 for your website. As opposed to this, a store buyer will typically pay between two and five times your annual salary, or about two to three times your net salary.

Which would you choose if you were selling your business: $40,000 or $180,000?

You meet retail purchasers through website brokers. A website broker’s main job is to assist webmasters in selling their online business or websites or softwares.

Your website will be examined and then submitted to secure the greatest pricing.


How does it function?

The procedure is comparable to a real estate agent’s (real estate agent). You go up to a broker on a website and ask to sell. You and they enter into a sales contract. Typically, this arrangement is an exclusive one with a 90-day expiration date. 

The broker will then create the information paper to be used in showing prospective purchasers the website. This paper contains all the pertinent details regarding the website, including its finances, traffic statistics, and general questions and answers.

After that, the broker will start marketing your website to potential customers. The top deals are shown to you once they have undergone their screening procedure.

Typically, the buyer will sign a letter of intent (LOI) and request a certain timeframe for doing complete due diligence. Whether or not you want something to be exclusive is up to you, the customer.

Following due diligence, they will make a formal offer, which you can accept or reject.

The transfer procedure then takes place. Commonly, escrow services are used to transfer money.


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7 measures to take to start making money online buying and selling websites:

    1. Make a blog or website that briefly describes your services.: Start updating your website to highlight what websites are accessible as well as what your customers are looking for as soon as you identify some buyers and sellers who are interested in your service. Never include the seller’s contact information on your website, as potential customers can try to sidestep you and avoid paying your commission. You can set up a personal business blog or website for yourself on a self hosted website platform like wordpress .org, I suggest that you go over to, as they are currently running a promo with which you can get up to 60% discount and in addition you will get a free domain name package for a whole one year. Go to now or see our in-depth Bluehost review.
    1. By visiting the largest current brokerage websites, such as motion Invest , and etc., you can locate people who are interested in buying and selling websites. Anyone whose website is listed on one of these websites would probably appreciate more assistance and exposure, so you might suggest that they list their website on your platform as well.
    1. Analyze some of the sites that are for sale on websites like TB Solutions. Additionally, you might ask for some prices. You should become skilled at recognizing websites with high Google rankings as well as other beneficial indicators like Domain Authority, Trust Flow, and strong backlink profiles.
    1. You may get them turned into professional and appealing websites and sell them for a much greater price by employing those types of sites to buy websites with high PR and other positive metrics.
    1. Advertising on pay-per-click advertising networks like Google Adwords and Bing Ads is another excellent strategy to draw customers to your website. By doing this, you can ensure that anytime someone searches for “websites for sale” or other terms associated with your company, your website appears in the sponsored listings.
    1. Never divulge private website information to potential till you receive written documentation stating that they won’t avoid you, and so on. In the event that a transaction is reached, the money can be given to you so that you can collect your commission and send the remaining funds to the seller.
    1. Allowing the buyer to determine the starting price is another extra suggestion I can make in this situation. You only need to ask a buyer how much they think a particular website is worth to them if they submit you a request for information about it. This straightforward tactic can significantly impact the final sale price.

How much money can I expect to make by buying and selling websites?

The worth of the website you are selling determines how much money you will make. For large websites, this might cost anywhere from $100 to millions of dollars.

For websites worth more than $25,000, a website broker can normally charge 10% of the gross sale price, while for websites worth less than $25,000, they can charge 15%.

As your negotiating abilities progress, you’ll also be able to earn more money. You will be better able to convince potential customers of the value of the websites you are offering as you gain a greater understanding of their worth.


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Several activities are carried out during that procedure in an effort to maximize price:

    • Determine a reasonable price range,
    • Put together a sales memorandum,
    • Promote the website,
    • Show it to prospective buyers,
    • Draft and make bids,
    • Assist in negotiations on the seller’s behalf,
    • Maintain seller confidentiality,
    • Handle paperwork if need be,
    • And give after-sale assistance.

Analyzing the value of the websites?

What your internet business is worth depends on your particular operation, the market, and the prices that potential customers are prepared to pay. However, there are a few typical inquiries to take into account, such as:

    • How much money were made and sold?
    • How large is the company?
    • What are the tendencies in growth?
    • Where do new consumers originate?
    • Where do you stand in the market?
    • How dependent on the owner is the business?
    • What procedures and systems are in place to operate the company?

Your company is worth what similar firms have sold for, and we advise you to check out our website evaluation study that examines previous online business transaction data. The research examines 714 transactions totaling $380 million.


Understanding business branding is germane to the sucess of any business (most importantly, online business branding). Whether you build the business from scratch or your’re just starting out to purchase one, you need to understand obusiness branding. click here to know how to build your own unique online branding.  


Top 5 websites to make money buying and selling Website 


Motion Invest

Customers who are interested in buying websites can put them on the marketplace, or the Motion Invest team can purchase them directly from clients, skipping fees and paying you right away. 

The platform deals mostly with content sites that are monetized with affiliate offers but does not specify any particular requirements. Despite the fact that there are no listing costs, the platform charges 20% for sales of sites under $20,000 and 15% for those over. Check out our in-depth review of Motion Invest.

The broker purchases and sells highly valued websites. Websites valued between $150,000 and $20 million are preferred by buyers, and sellers have access to more than 15,000 pre-qualified investors and buyers. 

Any sort of online company, such as eCommerce stores, content websites, Amazon FBA companies, and SaaS solutions, can be sold online Most e-businesses are sold by the corporation online.


FE International


For eCommerce, SaaS, and content enterprises, the platform provides merger and acquisition advising services. Sales for the company must be between $50,000 and $5,000,000. 

Entrepreneurs that need assistance with due diligence, strategic discussions, valuation analysis, legal structuring, acquisition accounting, exit planning, post-sale considerations, etc. can turn to FE International.



With more than 120,000 registered buyers, this online marketplace for companies. Over 250,000 transactions have been made possible through the platform. According to their age, price, and category, you may search for domains, applications, websites, SaaS, digital content, eCommerce companies, services, marketplaces, and more. 

First-time buyers benefit from concierge services, thorough due diligence assistance, and access to brokers and third-party financing options. See our in-depth Flippa review.



Platform links anonymous buyers and vendors. To complete the sale, you will nonetheless get in touch with the prospective buyer. 

The market focuses on SaaS and companies with ARRs under $500,000. Despite the market being more constrained than Empire Flippers and Flippa, MicroAcquire provides just what you need. 

Both buyers and sellers can list for free on this portal. However, purchasers may subscribe to MicroAcquire Premium starting today if they want early access to bargains.


Conclusion and Recommendation


NB: just in case you want to buy or sell a website or online business and you are finding it hard to do, you can reach out to me.


I will recommend you start your brokerage business with motion invest, the platform is quite good and understandable, plus, I have had some success brokering on motion invest.


If you follow this article in-depth, I believe by now you have the understanding of how to make money online as a website broker, and you are aware of the top 5 websites to start with.


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