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In today’s digital age, starting a blog has become incredibly accessible to anyone with a passion for sharing their thoughts, ideas, and expertise with the world. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a hobbyist, or a business owner looking to establish an online presence, creating a blog can be a rewarding and empowering experience.

When it comes to creating a blog, one platform that has consistently stood out for its user-friendly interface and robust features is Blogger. Powered by Google, Blogger offers a free and straightforward way to set up and manage your own blog, without any technical expertise required.

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of creating a free blog using Blogger. From setting up your account to customizing your blog’s appearance and publishing your first post, we’ll cover all the essential steps to get you started on your blogging journey.

Why Choose Blogger?

Most people set up a free blog on blogger for the sole aim of making money from it through Google adsense or Ezoic, some use it to promote affiliate product etc. irrespective of whatever it is you want to use a blog for, you will in this post today learn how to set up a free blog using blogger, how to monetize, it, how to get traffic to it and how to use it to promote your business.

Lets begin.

Create a blog using blogspot

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A quick summary of what a blog is?

It is an excellent idea to start a blog in that a blog is a channel where you can freely and easily express yourself, or pass information about your business to your blog readers and as you are doing so, you can make money.

So a blog is simply like an online journal, or a diary where you share your though about anything you desire be it; social, political, international relations, economics, environment, marketing, and others.

What exactly is blogger?

Blogger is free blogging channel that is created by Google. It gives you the chance to create a free blog which means all your thoughts or information (images, videos, etc.) will be hosted by Google itself on blogspot.

The advantages of using Free Blogger

  1. It is totally free;
  2. It comes with a Free SSL certificate;
  3. Google blogspot is quite Easier to use than other blogging platforms
  4. Because it is hosted by Google itself, it aids Faster indexing i.e. your blog appear in Google search results quickly.
  5. It is Secure and reliable;
  6. You can easily Integrate your free blog with other Google products, like Google form, Google drive etc.
  7. Blogs on Google has faster Google adsense approval for extra earning

Disadvantages of using free Blogger

  1. There are very few themes or templates on blogspot. Lack of customization options
  2. It lacks e-commerce features or plugins
  3. Google owns total control of your blog: which means you lose access to your information if at any time Google decides to take blogspot down, which I don’t really think can happen anytime soon considering the fact that Google blogspot host the largest blogs online.
  4. Poor customer support (however, you can always reach out to online blogspot forums for help if you encounter any issue).

Meanwhile many of the issues above has been solved perfectly by themeforest, in that you can always purchase a nice and responsive blogspot template there. But if you’re short of fund, then, you’re going to have to stick with the little ones provided by Google.

How to create a free blog Using Blogger

Step 1: Go to www.blogger.com and sign in with your Gmail and password.

Create a blogger blog

You will need a Google account (gmail) to start since it’s a Google platform. If you don’t have a you’re going to have to create one.

Step 2: Choose a blog name

It may be your business name or your personal name, anything you deemed fit. And click next.

Choose a url for your blog

Step 3: choose your blog url

Note: it is always idea and SEO relevant if you choose a url that resonate with your business or blog name.

Choose a blog url

From the image above, you will notice that the address wealthonnet is not available anymore as it has been used, which means you’re going to have to brainstorm and come up a brilliant address. See below

Choose a url for your blog

Step 4: Put in your Display Name and click finish

You will notice that my display name is quite in line with my blog address and title. This helps SEO. Apart from that, you can equally use keyword in your display name to improve your search visibility.

Step 5: Go to your website address

Open a news tab on your browser and type in your website address (mine is: www.wealthonnetblog.blogspot.com) once you typed it you will get to see how the whole page looks.

The template may not look nice or good to you. The step 6 below will show you how to change your template to your desired.

Step 6: Change your blogger Template

Choose a blogger template

Go to Theme under your blog dashboard, once you click on it, you will be shown a variety of templates, select you a design that meets you demand and install it.

There are several templates there, however, we do reco0mmend Contempo, Emporio, Soho or Essential. They are quite good templates for a start.

Preview anyone you like and install it.

Install blogger template

Just if you don’t like any of the templates in blogspot you can always purchase a blogger template at themeforest.

Go to wealthonnet store, you will see two free blogspot responsive template that you can download for free, whereas, there’s also a nicely built template available for free at just $7. (If you purchase it, you can always reach out to us for free installation).

Step 7: Avail your blog for search engine Visibility

Go to Privacy settings

Click on Settings on your dashboard;

Scroll to Privacy section;

Ensure that ‘visible to search engines’ is enabled.

Edit for search engine visibility

Basic and Professional Settings to put in place

Do basic blogger settings
  1. Enter Your Blog Title as you have done before.
  2. Description: What your blog is all about.
  3. Select the language of your blog. It is essential.
  4. If you blog is adult content based, then turn it on, if not, leave it. (adult content here means stuffs that can be harmful for children (e.g Sex related blog)
  5. To track your website, create a Google analytic ID by clicking on it, you can learn it here…
  6. Favicon: is a small square image that set your blog apart from the rest. In my case I edited my blog logo into square image.
  7. Privacy: allow visible to search engine. This will enable Google, bing, yandex to see your blog.


Set up search engine optimization

Custom Domain: This is where professionalism comes into place: remember that your blog url is like this (www.wealthonnetblog.blogspot.com), looking at it, you will notice the blogspot extension makes it look shabby and unprofessional.

To now eliminate the extension, this is where you purchase the service of Namecheap. Namecheap is currently the best domain name registrar. So, the domain name you are going to be buying will now turn your blog url to: www.wealthonnetblog.com.

Hope you get it. At Namecheap domain name is quite cheap, it goes for less than $10. Which is renewable every year. Take for instance, this current blog: www.wealthonnet.com, it used to be www.wealthonnet.blogspot.com bus the moment I bought the domain name, the blogspot extension got removed. The domain installation is explained on Namecheap and you can also seek my service for free.

Go To Namecheap

  1. HTTPS (SSL certificate): allow it, as it help your blog to be secure by allowing you to serve you blog content over a secure server using HTTPS.
  2. Permission: it allows you to have other moderator, blog publishers and blog editors to perform their services on your blog.
  3. Post Number: input the number of posts you want to be displayed on your homepage. A minimum of 7 and of 10 is idea. Suit yourself on this.
  4. Let the comment section be as it is.
Set https and meta tags
  1. The Email settings. allows you to add email recipients to your blog. You will see all active and pending emails here
  2. Formatting: This allows you to select the time zone, date header format, and Timestamp Format. You can choose a time zone as per the user base of your blog.

Advance SEO Settings for Blogger

If you want your blog to get massive traffic and appears in Google search results, then pay close attention to this settings.

  1. Meta Description: Allow meta description: This will make search option available for every blog post so as to be able to set description for each post.
  2. Redirection If you deleted a page, you can redirect that page URL to another URL. Failure to do so will hurt SEO of your blog.
  3. Enable custom robots.txt: You can leave these settings as it is. If you’re an advanced user, then you can set it.
  4. Enable custom robots header tags: By default, there is no problem with these settings.
  5. Connect your blog to Google search console. Click there and register. Search console is a webmaster platform provided by Google to see how your blog is performing over time.
  6. Enable custom ads text: this section is about monetization. If you want to monetize your blog advertisers can require custom ads text before they can be able o display ads on your blog.

How to Add a Blog Post on Blogger

  1. Go to your dashboard and select Posts option as seen below.
  2. Click on +New Post option to create a new Blog Post.
Add a blog post to blogger
  • Type the title of your blog post.
  • Pencil Symbol help you to switch between composed and HTML writer.
  • Font Settings: Choose heading, subheading, and font size, font family, etc.
  • Attachment: Attach images, YouTube videos, videos to your post.
  • Add Label: Add a label to your blog post. It helps you to categorize your blog. As in my case I have labels like (Make money Jobs, Software review, Blog growth Ideas etc. It makes navigation easy and will help your visitors, to find the related content easily.
  • Links or Permalink: set a permalink to your post. Permalink should always be in small letters (SEO purpose). And you can as well leave it automatically.
  • Search Description: Enter the description of the content in 150 letters. On search result, this description of the post will appear below your title. It can be a trigger to get click/traffic.


Finally! Discover The Secrets Of How To Make Real Money From Blogging Using This Step-By-Step Guide

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Important Pages to Add to Your Blog

As soon as you set up your blog, there are important pages that you should add to your pages as soon as possible.

  • Privacy policy
  • About us
  • Contact us page
  • Disclosure/disclaimer page.

To automate the process of getting this pages done as fast as possible, go to Termly.io.

One of the problems that faces bloggers is getting quality contents for their blogs. however, with the use of AI software, many has been able to fill their blogs with to quality contents. Check out our Jasper AI  reviews here, a top content writing AI that is being utilized these days.

How to make money on Blogger blog

In How to make a money making blog, I have explained several things about blogging, including healthy blogging practices and top 7 ways to monetize your blog. However, for repetition sake, I will outline it again:

  1. Monetize your free Blogger blog with Google Adsense: Before you can be accepted as a Google publisher, you need to have enough posts (about 20 or more), be getting decent traffic, and make sure you write some lengthy blog posts (about a few posts with not less than 2000 words), get a good responsive template for your blog, etc. Alternatively, once you are getting up to 5000 monthly page views, Ezoic advertiser will readily accept you as a publisher. One unique thing about Ezoic is that, they have a better ad experience, speed up your blog, and increase your conversion rate by 2x compared to Google ads.
  2. Start promoting affiliate products. I write an in-depth guide on how to do so. How to become an outstanding affiliate blogger.
  3. Sell your own product on your blog, e.g., software, ebooks, courses, etc.
  4. Accept sponsored posts on your blog.

NOTE: If you need SEO and Keyword rich articles for your blog, you can always reach out to us.


How to promote your business with a free blogger blog.

If you have a business you want to expose to the world, blogging is a good idea to start with. All you have to be doing is to be writing articles about your business.

Write your business reviews and make sure to always include a call to action within or at the end of your posts. It may be for your readers to buy something or apply for consultation etc. That’s all.

Generating traffic to your free blogger blog

There are several ways of getting traffic, however, I will state just a few, in that I have written beforehand the 25 ways of getting traffic to your business.

  1. Use social Media posting:
  2. Start linking to other blogs to get backlink.
  1. You can run Google and Facebook ads. Etc.

Concluding thought: make sure you maintain this healthy blog practices:

  1. Don’t copy and paste posts, make sure you write original contents.
  2. Do keyword research to get an SEO rich content
  1. Write frequently (at least two post in a week and be consistent)
  2. Add social sharing buttons to your blog
  3. Do not do keyword stuffing in your post
  1. Don’t use PLR contents, and if at all you’re going to do, make sure you rewrite and paraphrase it very etc. using Jasper AI or Spin rewriter.

Still Can’t go through the whole process, you can reach out to me for a quick start up and further details you need for a healthy blog.

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Hope you understand and like this blog, if you do, kindly share. Thanks

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