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 In recent statistics released by Demand Gen Report: 97% of B2B customers cited testimonials and peer recommendations as the most reliable type of content marketing strategy.

Testimonials are therefore a unique referral approach that businesses with success-mindedness cannot do without. It is a unique viral marketing strategy.


effectiveness of testimonial
Client Testimonial

How effective is customer testimonials to businesses?

One of the most effective methods of marketing a product or service is to provide potential clients and consumers with testimonials. Nowadays, using testimonials to establish credibility and spread the word about a brand or business is a typical tactic. 

In fact, the biggest companies in the world invest millions of dollars to maximize the impact of one positive word. The effectiveness of testimony can never be underestimated. 

Individuals will only purchase things or use services that have been recommended by people they know, especially in the modern era. In most cases, however, this is not an option available to the business owner, therefore, he must rely on the next best thing: testimonials from his previous customers.

Power reviews stated that customer testimonials placed alongside expensive products increase sales or conversion by %380. If an expensive product can generate that sort of conversion just because a testimonial was placed alongside it, how much more an inexpensive product?

What Are Testimonials?

A testimonial is a declaration made by a previous client outlining how a product or service benefited them. The company frequently asks satisfied consumers for their feedback before writing testimonials based on their answers. Typically, they offer particular improvement figures or before-and-after comparisons to demonstrate the impact.

Testimonials can help you establish credibility and trust with your clients, especially if you utilize them to dispel mistrust. Businesses often showcase the testimonies they received on their website homepage and on their various social media handles as it can go a long way to attract new clients.

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Advantages of Using Testimonials

There are several advantages to having testimonials. Here are a few examples.

1. It aids Distinction:

Testimonials are remarks from prior customers or clients expressing their satisfaction with the product or service. Every firm needs testimonials to distinguish itself in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

2. Testimonials please the target market.

Typically, testimonials alleviate the doubts of the target market. The current prevalence of fraudsters and con artists has rendered the market intimidating. Those who are considering purchasing a product or service are reassured by credible testimonials. People’s perception of a product or service is significantly altered by the inclusion of testimonials.

In a report released by Vendasta, 88% of testimonials, reviews/recommendations influence their purchasing decission. So, Inclusion of testimonials can help please the market a business is targeting.

3. Testimonials assure quality

The more a testimonial is on a product page, the more quality assurance it gives, and this can go a long way to triggering a customer’s purchasing decision. In fact, a Bigcommerce report found that 50 or more reviews or testimonials on a page can increase sales by 4.6%.

In addition to establishing the existence of a business and reducing uncertainties, testimonials reassure potential buyers and clients of the product’s or service’s quality. The fact that individuals took the time to write product testimonials demonstrates their degree of satisfaction with the product/service. 

5. Testimonials gives benefit

Credible testimonials give the product or service a competitive advantage. There are several products and services available, and one way to stand out is by using authentic testimonials.

6. Testimonials Increases Website traffic and Authority

According to data on testimonials, incorporating reviews and testimonials can boost search engine optimization (SEO) and attract more visitors from searches. Compared to websites without testimonials, those who did showed a 45% boost in traffic (Yotpo).

Search engine actually wants product seaarchers to get the best results whennever they make a search aboput any product, hence, testimonials are a good point of consideration for search engines. A good signal are links provided by people that reviews and testify about your product somewherelese on the internet. Giving a link back to your site is a plus.

Customer Testimonials Examples

customer testimonial examples
Testimonial examples

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Where and how to get testimonials?

There are several varieties of testimonies. Typically, testimonials are classified according to their source. Here are a few instances:

1) Testimonials from pleased clients

This is likely the most persuasive sort of recommendation. A pleased customer’s feedback is irreplaceable since it illustrates what the product or service is all about. Scroll down to see a detailed process for getting testimonials from your clients.

2) Testimonials from experts or authorities.

Wouldn’t a well-known dermatologist’s recommendation of a beauty soap help boost sales?

Experts testimonials, also referred to as “influencer testimonials,” are pieces of content that feature a famous individual or spokesperson endorsing your business. This person frequently has a big impact on your target market and contributes to the credibility of your company. The spokespeople who thoroughly connect with the target audience as well as the company’s basic principles are the most effective.

Finding the proper influencer for an authority testimonial can be difficult and expensive. However, when they are successful, these initiatives might eventually benefit your business.

 3) Testimonials from celebs

 In a society dominated by mass media, celebrities have become influential sources of endorsements. Today, even infomercials are plagued with celebrity endorsements. People may believe that obtaining celebrity endorsements will be expensive, however,,, if the endorsement is genuine, celebrities may forego their talent fees.

4. Testimonies from a Blog

An insightful way to present client testimonials is through a blog post. You can go into great detail and break down minute details of a customer’s journey in your writing. The post may be authored by an employee of your business, or you may pay a guest author to do the writing.

The article will appear less prejudiced to the readers if you hire an outside writer. Once finished, the post can be shared on your site or another blog with a large following in your sector.

5. Testimonials from the Press

Getting your company recognized in the news (for the correct reasons) is a significant accomplishment for developing businesses. Being featured on the news today means that potentially millions of people may see your good or service, which can greatly increase brand recognition.

While getting your company included in the press can be challenging, the reward could bring thousands of new leads to your website. If your business is fortunate enough to receive this kind of media attention, share it by posting any relevant content to your website, blog, and social media sites.

Just as good testimonies increases business sales, so also is a good blog. See below how to increase your business sales with a business blog. (a comprehensive approach).

 Characteristics of a Good Testimonial

If you look at the images above, you’ll see that each testimony has three things in common: a review, an image of the reviewer, and an address. These play a crucial role. However, it is far more crucial if a video recording can be obtained from a verified client. The following are characteristics of a good testimonial.

1. Must be Quick, Captivating, and Consice: There is much more involved in making a testimonial a successful marketing tool than just collecting them. They exhibit much more power in promoting any business if they are expressed in more detail. Good testimonials are those that can be summarized in a few captivating sentences.

For instance: “I dropped 50 pounds in 14 days!” is an example of a testimony that is captivating.

2. Identity of the giver is important:  Credible testimonials should also provide the full characteristics of the individuals providing them. Whenever feasible, their titles, locations, and ages should be mentioned. However, one must never paraphrase or alter a client’s words, nor should one fake the identity of reviewers.

3. Visual Appealing:  A testimonial’s visual appeal will also be of great use. If the client consent, one must insist on photographing or getting a video from them for their testimonies.

According to Insivia: 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful for making decisions. This means visual testimonials like videos, and (if you cannot get the video), images, and possibly audios of testifiers are a good practice.

 How to begin the testimonial process

The best testimonials are those obtained from happy customers. The procedures necessary to archive testimonials, primarily from clients, are listed below.

 1. Only products/services with extraordinary quality are deserving of testimonials, hence one must ensure that his product/service is of high quality.

 2. Request assistance from your clients. One must be able to convey to his clients the importance of a testimonial from them. And they would be eager to engage if they were genuinely happy with the products or services.

 3. Speak with your consumers. Ask them why they choose your product or service, what they like best about it, and other pertinent questions.

 4. Request that they provide a written recommendation. You can offer to create the testimony based on the interviewee’s comments, but the testimonial is subject to their approval. You may wish to use enticing language and allow them to approve the testimonies.

 5. Request permission to film the testimonial using a tape recorder or video camera. A video testimonial is preferable, but many people are camera-shy, so this choice is restricted for most.

 6. Select the strongest testimonials. Utilize the best ones to maximize the benefits your product may derive from testimonials.

The fastest way to get testimonials: Geniue and Blackhat Method

1. The fastest and a genius way of getting clients’ testimonials is to do a product giveaway. Everyone loves freebies and most people can do any of many things just to have a free taste of a good product.

Knowing this, you can look for about 10 prominent people, give them a free taste of your product and in turn ask them for a genuine review of the product. trust me, they will be very eager to respond to your demands from them.

Furthermore, in exchange for a testimonial (be it a video or image), you can give out a part of your product with a promise to give the rest of the consumer can provide a good review/ testimonial for you.

Lastly: you can use a discount offer. In echange for a good testimonial, you can give a limited discount offer of %50. this can also be a propellant for getting genuine testimonials from your clients.

2. Blackhat Approach: It is a fast approach but most people detest it. I do too. And what is this approach all about? It is about buying testimonials. be as it may, it is a very fast approach to getting testimonials on a product page as fast as possible.

The downside to this is that, the reviews given most times are not genuine and often come from a cloned account.

This practice can go a long way to affect a business in the long run, because there are online web p where people leave reviews of products. And as such, you don’t want your product to have a negative review as it will get you out of business.

If you search on fiverr using the widget below, you will see a lot of people that are ready to get paid to do a testimony for you. Mind you: if you must do this, make sure you search for a reputable brand, provide them with your product so that they get to know what it is all about, by so doing, they will from experience be Fiverrable to create a good customer testimonial for your business.

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Summary and Conclusion

Every firm should have testimonials since they are extremely persuasive. They give confidence and security and represent a product’s or service’s true nature. As a result, one increases in authority and gets more business and customer trust.

Testimonials FAQ

What is the best form of testimonial?

Visuals (images and videos) are the best form, most importantly video testimonials. Reports shows that videos tends to increases conversion by %70 (Forbes)

What is a testimonial?

A testimonial is a geniue product or service review or statement stating the expereince of a satisfied client. (Note: It may be good or bad.)

What’s the fastest way of getting testimonials fromn clients?

From expereince, the fastest way of getting customer testimonial is by doing a product giveaway in exchange for a testimonial.

What are the benfits of testimonial to businesses?

  1. Testimonials create more awanres
  2. Testimonials increases business sales
  3. It increases customers safety and trust
  4. it also increases traffic and website authority etc.