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Website Usability Testing
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Make Money Online By Participating In Websites And Apps Usability Testing

Websites and App Usage Testing or usability testing comes into existence as a result of websites and app developer’s willingness to know the performance and quality of their product before they start rolling it out for people to use.

This they do so as to find the hidden errors, bugs, and all other issues that may be affecting their website. So, instead of setting up the website, building the application and then publish it out to users, these websites and apps are tested to know the overall user satisfaction.

As a result of this, the user-testing companies is emerging, giving those who wish to work from home the opportunity to earn online and make some easy cool cash. Therefore, these user testing industries are in constant lookout for people who are interested in testing apps and websites.

In short, Usability testing is the Acts of testing out apps, websites, software, etc and share your opinions or experience about the quality of whatever you tested, be it software, website or app etc.

So, If you enjoy exploring new digital products and providing valuable feedback, you’re in for a treat. We have curated a list of reputable platforms where you can participate in user testing and earn money from the comfort of your home.

Discover how you can turn your browsing skills into a source of income and get ready to dive into the exciting world of website and app testing. Let’s explore the possibilities together!


One great thing about usability testing is that you don’t need any special knowledge, equipment or tools to get started. All what you need are:

    • Updated PC or Laptop
    • A good Phone
    • High-speed Internet services
    • Some websites may even request a webcam
    • You should also be able to speak basic English and have good writing skills because some websites can ask you to write a few report after each completed test.

NOTE THAT: AT some of the websites, registration is completely free and easy. And some of them requires that you take a short test before being accepted into their workforce.


First known this that, user testing may not be consistent, hence, you may not make a full income doing it. It’s is best you consider it a side job in addition to your hustle. This is because it’s not all the time that you will be seeing job or Invitation on your dashboard.

ctually, you can make great money – $10 for 20 minutes of time is $30/hour. Meanwhile, in other to earn more, you can sign up with several companies as this will definitely give you the chance to get more work and earn a lot in a month.



Many of the sites will pay you in Payoneer, PayPal and direct cash deposits.

Listed Below are the list of few reputable user testing sites you can try. 


This website will pay you around $10 for every 10 – 20 mins of completed task.

This website is currently looking for testers globally and working with them doesn’t requires the use or Webcam. There are specific tasks that need to be done when reviewing apps and websites such as searching for a specific product or trying out the check out process.

It can also be open-ended tasks such as spend 5 minutes with the website. Once the task is completed, there are questions to evaluate the experience.


This is also a reputable website/app testing website. Their Pay is  less, greater or equal to $10 per test as the case may be. It’s completely free to join and within 5 minutes, you can become a qualified tester.


Enroll – Get paid to test websites before they are published. This site is unique in that there are task that doesn’t really requires the use of video software. All you do is to write/type your reviews. They pay in cash rewards.

4. TryMyUI

Trymyui also pays you $10 per tests performed around 15-20 minutes.


You will need webcam and microphone in other to complete tasks. Their Pay is $10 per test.

6. they are actually in need of staffs/testers. However, their pay is a bit small compared to others. They pay $5 per test through PayPal. 

7. Amazon Mechanical Turk 

This company is owned by Amazon. And It offers Website Tester jobs, but the pay may be much less than the others on this list.



The following websites are places where you can outsource user testing jobs for yourself. Which means, you don’t have to register under any company. You are your own boss and you can set your time and amounts you want for testing websites, softwares and apps etc.


By now, I want to believe your not new to fiverr, you practically know what it means.

See here “15 Top Fiver Gig Ideas That Require No Skills to Make Money Online”

Fiver is actually an online service market place where both buyers and sellers comes together to give and take services. It is a freelance marketplace where anybody can advertise and anybody can avail services. These can be small services or even micro services.

So, as user tester you log in or register on fiverr, list your services for a fee. 



It is also a market place for digital services like, web design, proofreading, graphic design and all sort. You can also sign up there and search for jobs of your interest. Make sure you set up a standard profile for yourself. Sign up here. 



There are testimonies of people getting various online jobs on I assure you, upon diligent search and you can also come across yours.

Other places are



Upwork etc.

 Conclusively, as I have stated earlier, getting the best of user testing requires signing up in not just one websites but at least 3 to 4. So, sign up at the top 7 websites up there and start testing websites and apps for free in exchange for cash. 






Rakuten: Shop at any of your favorite stores through Rakuten and get cash backs. Get $40 bonus when you buy goods up to $40 and an additional $40 bonus on every single referrals you made. 


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