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Verdict/Summary: I have used Eazyviral service before and I can guarantee that the platform is legit and safe. Apart from using the service, I conducted research on it as you will see in my review below, and my research confirm it’s legibility.

However, the opinion expressed in this post are based on personal experience and they are meant for education and information purposes only. 

If you would like to get any service (buy an Instagram and Tiktok account, or buy social signals (likes, followers, views, etc) from Eazyviral then you should do your own research as well.



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Is Eazyviral Save and Legit?

Contrary to the review of some websites I have seen online, I can guarantee that Eazyviral is a safe and reliable platform. Before even using the website, I have seen the service of Kieu Minh Nhat(the founder) on Upwork and he is doing an excellent job. 


Eazyviral founder on upwork

On Upwork, this guy is excellent as he has a rating of 4.5/5 from the review of 6 satisfied clients.


Kieu Minh Nhat rating on upwork

And I want to believe this is the same spirit that transcends to their website

There are several things to check to see the authenticity of a business website:



The about page tells a lot about the website, and you can tell from the image above that it’s something you may never find on other social growth websites. 

We found the images of the brains behind the platform. The name of the founder, and the image correlate with the person behind the Upwork account kieu Minh Nhat.

Apart from the images we found there, we could see a live support contact via skype (Skype:live:support66139) with which when we gave it a try, we actually had a live chat with a human and not a bot.

Thirdly, we found an email And when we send a message to them, we got a reply, even though it came a little late.

Fourthly, we found WhatsApp link, that enables us to have a chat with the support team. And for a direct contact, the websites location is at: Address 1: 8812 Cedar St, Bellflower, CA 90706, United States, and Address 2: 338 Pho Hue, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Therefore, if what you want to hear is if Eazyviral is a legit platform, then be assured that it is indeed a legit platform. But don’t act without doing your own research.

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What is Eazyviral

EazyViral is a specialized company that deals with the acquisition of monetized YouTube channels. Their team of customer service professionals is known for being outstanding and always ready to provide assistance with any questions or issues that may arise. 

Moreover, their easy and quick approval process for buying a monetized channel makes it a breeze, making them an ideal choice if you want to go viral on YouTube! 

With Eazy viral, you can rest assured that the channels you buy are 100% legitimate and comply with YouTube’s terms and conditions. 

Additionally, the subscribers you receive are genuine and will be actively engaging with your content, guaranteeing long-term revenue generation even after you buy the channel! Best of all, you won’t have to lift a finger, as the followers are naturally drawn to their favorite content creators.


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What are the services of EazyViral?




Eazyviral services

Eazy viral offers social media services which can be categorized into two:

1. Buy and sell social media account majorly, Youtube channels and Tiktok accounts.

2. Buy social signals such as likes, views, shares, comments, followers, etc. for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Tiktok.


PlatformAvailable social signal
  • Page Likes
  • Post Likes and Reactions
  • Video Views
  • 5-Star Ratings
  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Video Views
  • Watch Hours
  • Monetized Channel
  • Subscribers
  • Views
  • Likes
  • Accounts
  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Views
Eazyviral is a social media marketing service that offers a variety of features to help clients grow their social media presence. Some of the possible features of Eazyviral may include:

Targeted Followers: Eazyviral may offer the ability to target specific audiences to gain followers that are more likely to engage with a client’s content.

Automated Likes: Eazyviral may offer the ability to automatically like posts that are relevant to a client’s industry or niche, helping to increase visibility and engagement.

Social Media Analytics: Eazyviral may provide analytics tools to help clients track their social media growth, measure engagement, and identify areas for improvement.

Secured Payment: Eazyviral uses a secure payment platform based in USA which allow users to securely make use of credit card and electronic transfer.


Eazyviral services

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Money Back guarantee: Eazyviral also has a %100 30 days money-back guarantee just if you are not happy with the service you got.

24/7 Support: Eazyviral may offer customer support around the clock, so clients can get help whenever they need it.

Organic Growth: Eazyviral may focus on helping clients grow their following organically, rather than relying on fake or bot followers, which can harm a client’s credibility and reputation.


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Eazyviral Rating

If you check the testimonial section of the website, you will see lot of positive testimonies via videos and reviews by many users.

In fact, Eazyviral has a rating of 4.2/5 from the review of so many people on trustpilot. But the thing is, I don’t really recon with all those, as my preference lies in the ratings and reviews that was written on Upwork, and that is 4.5/5 as seen from the first image above.

Eazyviral Pricing

Platforms/featuresPrice RangeQuantity Range
Monetized YouTube Channel$2491
Buy and Sell TikTok Accounts$991
Facebook Services  
Video Views$5 – $1991,000 – 100,000
Page Likes$19 – $540500 – 25,000
Post Likes/Reactions$8 – $280500 – 25,000
5-Star Ratings$58 – $39920 – 500
Instagram Services  
Followers$12 – $480500 – 50,000
Likes$9 – $99100 – 10,000
Video Views$9 – $4981,000 – 100,000
Comments$10 – $29910 – 1,000
TikTok Services  
Followers$29 – $299500 – 10,000
Likes$8 – $295500 – 30,000
Views$39 – $99910,000 – 500,000
Shares$29 – $389500 – 10,000
YouTube Services  
Watch Hours$49 – $5501,000+
Subscribers$99 – $4601,000 – 5,000
Video Views$99 – $2,22025,000 – 1M
Likes$10 – $289100 – 10,000

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Pros and Cons of Eazyviral

Pros of Eazyviral

Eazyviral can save you time if you are looking to grow their social media presence, as they handle the day-to-day tasks of engaging with potential followers and growing the client’s audience.

Targeted followers: Eazyviral can target specific audiences to gain followers that are more likely to engage with a client’s content.

Increased visibility: Eazyviral may be able to increase a client’s visibility on social media, which can help to build brand awareness and drive traffic to a client’s website or other online platforms.

Cons of Eazyviral

Some Eazyviral packages can be quite expensive.

While Eazyviral may be able to provide short-term growth in a client’s social media following, it may not result in sustained growth or increased engagement over the long term.

How to buy accounts and social signals on eazyviral?

Using EazyViral is a simple process. To begin, visit their website and select Premium Services from the top menu.


Eazyviral services

From there, a dropdown menu will appear as seen above where you can choose the social media platform and the specific service you want. 

Next, select your desired plan from the Premium Services options and complete your payment. Finally, keep an eye on your chosen social media account to monitor your results.

Eazyviral Alternatives

In terms of buying social media accounts: Fameswap, Famebolt, and Socialtradia are great alternatives to Eazyviral: on these platforms, you can buy various social media accounts with lot of followers on various niches or categories of your choice.

Meanwhile when it comes to buying social media accounts; Fameswap is our top recommended platform out of the following five platforms.

In Terms of buying Social Signals: The social growth services includes, buying views, likes, followers, shares, comments and subscribers for websites like, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc. The best alternatives to Eazyviral are: Media mister, getafollower, Mr insta etc. While media mister is out top recommended platform. 


That is our honest review of Eazyviral, and I must reiterate that, this review is based on person opinion, and if you want to buy social signals or account on Eazyviral, you should do your research too before doing so. 

However, I must say, the platform, eazyviral is a legit website to buy social media accounts and social signals.

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Eazyviral – FAQ

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You can buy monetized YouTube channel from Eazyviral, Fameswap and Famebolt.

While it may look illegal to some people and platforms, to others it's a fast way to acquire a social media account for a growing business.

Yes, buying TikTok account is one of the legit services rendered by Eazyviral.