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Disclaimer: this post is based on personal opinion and it’s meant only for educational and informational purposes. 


If you have achieved or are about to achieve 100k followers on Instagram, then congratulations are in order for your hard work and dedication. 

This milestone signifies that you have reached the celebrity status on Instagram and fall into the category of Mid-tier influencer rankings, which opens up opportunities for increased earnings and sponsorships from brands and businesses.

This level of success often makes some Instagrammers to make sacrifices, such as leaving their day job and dedicating their time to posting high-quality content and engaging with their followers to increase their earnings on the platform.

In this post we talk about the worth of 100k Instagram account, what you may charge for sponsored post, and what you can pay to influencers making use of 3 major metrics. 


What is 100k Instagram Account? 

Having a 100, 000 Instagram account is comparable to achieving something that takes a thousand years, as it’s not an easy feat unless you are a well-known public figure. 

Having a 100k Instagram account means having 100,000 people following your Instagram profile. On the other hand, having 100k followers puts you in the mid-tier or  influencer category.

Influencer levels or categories

And what this means is that you can expect to make more money on Instagram than you earn before. 

How much should 100k be charged/post? And how much should be paid. 

Pricing for influencers post

I used three primary measures to make this decision, assuming all other measures remain constant.

1. The general rule: $10 for every 1,000 followers, 

If you choose to follow the general rule of $10 per 1,000 followers, then you simply need to divide your number of followers by 1,000 and multiply it by $10. By doing this calculation, you will find that the cost for a sponsored post with 100,000 followers would be $1,000.

But the question is why would anyone pay an influencer with 100,000 followers up to $1,000 per sponsored post?. This actually and ultimately depends on another important factor: the level of engagement the influencer account has and demographics. 

2. Rate of Engagement

(note: according to InfluencerMarketingHub, the Average level of engagement for an Instagram account is about 3 percent). 

Engagement: The engagement rate measures the extent of interaction and activity an account receives from its followers. A high engagement rate indicates an involved and active audience that is more likely to respond positively to sponsored content.

Determining the engagement level can help assess the value of an influencer promotion. For instance, for me to pay $1k for an Instagram influencer post would only be justified if the engagement rate of the account is over 3 percent. If the engagement level is less than 3 percent, a payment of $1k would be too high for me. 

Consequently, if you check influencer marketplaces, you will see accounts with over 100k followers charging far less than the assumed amount. Some accounts with 100k and more charge as low as $400, as they have lower engagement rates. 

If the level of engagement is up to 6 and above (which is rare, I may pay even more than $1000 per post).

You can see that level of engagement matters. Yet the last factor out of many others is  follower demographics. 

3. Follower demographics: 

The value of an account can be influenced by the demographic makeup of its followers, as brands may prefer accounts whose followers match their target demographic. 

An account with a majority of followers from countries with greater purchasing power may hold greater value than one with followers from countries with lower purchasing power.

So, what will make me to pay up to $1k for sponsored post is if the accounts followers are majorly form countries and age with higher purchasing power, otherwise, the price becomes negotiable. 

So, the three major factors as you can see are: the audience size, demographics, and rate of engagement. 

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Other factors that determine the Worth of 100k Instagram accounts

The value of an Instagram account with 100k followers can vary significantly based on several factors. These factors include engagement rate, niche, demographics of followers, type of content, and overall quality of the account. 

While there is no set formula for determining the worth of an Instagram account, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

Niche: The niche of an Instagram account can also impact its value. Some niches, such as fashion, beauty, and fitness, are highly sought-after and can command a premium price. These niches often have a large and engaged following, making them attractive to brands looking to reach a specific target audience.

Type of Content: The type of content posted on an Instagram account can also impact its value. Accounts that post high-quality and engaging content, such as professional-quality photos and videos, are more attractive to potential buyers.

Overall Quality of the Account: Finally, the overall quality of the Instagram account can also play a role in its value. Accounts with a consistent visual aesthetic, a clear brand message, and a history of collaborations or sponsorships with reputable brands are considered more valuable.


How to make money with 100k Instagram account. 

In addition to approving paid content that can pay between a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, there are several other ways to generate revenue from a 100k Instagram account. 

These include affiliate marketing, creating an Instagram Shop, making money from video ads, earning badges through live videos, promoting personal products, and more. 

It’s even possible that an Instagram account with 10k followers could earn more money than a 100k follower account if they utilize the above monetization strategies.

These are the 6 effective ways to make money on Instagram

How to get 100,000 followers quickly on Instagram. 

Although the most effective and safe method of attaining 100k Instagram followers is to build them from scratch, which can take time, the quickest way to reach 100k followers on Instagram is by:

(1) Buying an Instagram Account with 100k followers. While this is not often recommended, it is still a very positive approach, if done through reputable marketplaces. 

Top RecommendedFameswapFamebolt, Social Tradia. 

(2) Buying Instagram followers: Although it may appear unlawful, I must admit that purchasing followers, shares, and likes has proven to be effective. Many influencer accounts employ this method to boost their Instagram following. However, I must caution you to conduct thorough research and choose a trustworthy company to purchase from.

Top Recommended:  Media Mister (Top), AmediaUpleap & Getafollower, Mr Insta etc. 

(3) Using the service of a growth Agency: there are many agencies out there that specialize mainly in boosting Instagram accounts. One of recommended service is 50poundsocial

The most profitable niches on Instagram 

The lucrative niches on Instagram may differ based on the current market trends and audience preferences. Nevertheless, certain niches like fashion, fitness, beauty, travel, food, and personal finance tend to be more profitable. 

It’s crucial to understand that these niches may also have high competition, and success relies on factors such as content quality, engagement level, and audience demographics.

How much should I sell a 100k Instagram account? 

Based on my experience and recent marketplace trends, Instagram accounts with 100k followers can typically sell for anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000.
Several factors can influence the sale price of a 100k Instagram account, including its niche, level of engagement, demographics, size, and current earnings. 
However, personally, I would never sell my Instagram account for such a low price, as I could earn significantly more than that in just one month through affiliate marketing. Ultimately, the decision to sell is yours to make. 


The worth of an Instagram account with 100k followers can vary significantly based on several factors. While there is no set formula for determining the value of an Instagram account, engagement rate, niche, demographics of followers, type of content, and overall quality of the

FAQ – 100,000 Instagram Followers. 

How much does Instagram pay for a 100k Instagram account? 

However, an Instagram account with 100k followers can hope earn anything around $500 – $1k per sponsored post. Instagram doesn’t pay for any accounts except for reels which are by invite only. 

How much do 100k Instagram Influencers charge per post? 

Using the $10/1000 followers rule, 100k Instagram influencers may charge between $500 to $1000 based on engagement, and size other things being equal. 

What are the top marketplaces to buy 100k Instagram Accounts?

The top marketplaces to buy 100k Instagram accounts are Fameswap, Famebolt, Social tradia and Eazyviral.

How do I Monetize 100k Instagram followers? 

To monetize 100k Instagram account, you can accept sponsored posts, do affiliate marketing, sell your stuffs, etc.

How much can an Instagram ‘influencer’ make per year with 100k followers?

It’s impossible to establish a standard for the earnings of an Instagram influencer with 100k followers. The amount they can earn ranges from zero to millions of dollars, and it is determined by various factors, including the engagement rate, niche, and demographics of their followers.

How Can I Buy Instagram Accounts with 100k followers? 

To buy an Instagram account with 100k followers, you just need to look for a reputable marketplace like Fameswap and Famebolt, register on the platforms and search for an account that corresponds to your need.