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Your First Affiliate Sale: A Seven Days Step By Step Guide

Affiliate sales
Your first Affiliate sales


If you’re an aspiring affiliate marketer looking to jumpstart your career by making your first sale in as short as seven days, you’ve come to the perfect place!

Now here is the thing …

The technique you’re about to learn is superior to any affiliate program you’ve ever seen. That’s because many affiliate programs require you to burn through a high volume of leads – hot prospects you’ll never see again.

While you may make a sale (if you’re lucky), you’ll also risk losing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in future revenue!

This is because many other programs require you to refer prospects to the vendor’s website. And this means that the vendor is responsible for developing the prospect list… and all that’s left are a few dollars that you pick up here and there – if you’re lucky!

My strategy is unique in that you’ll be developing your list, cultivating your relationship with that list, and pushing your affiliate product all at the same time.

As a result, you can make your first sale quickly… and yet you’ll be accumulating a list of hot prospects to whom you may sell repeatedly for months, if not years!

Thus, this is how it works:

1. Convince individuals to join your list by offering a free report and a squeeze page.

2. Construct a brief autoresponder series promoting your affiliate connection.

3. Promote your squeeze page, which will help you grow your list and generate revenue!

The best part is that you can accomplish all of this in just seven days – no joke!

Let us begin… but before then, if you have not seen my 100 top affiliate marketing strategies that brings massive affiliate income; I would advice you to study it as it contains practical examples on how to become a pro affiliate marketer.  Its a free ebook, just for you. 


 Day 1: Creating a Totally Free Report

Step 1: Determine Your Prospects’ Desires

Step 2: Provide an Overview of the Product

Step 3: Construct It

Day 2: Increase the Value of Your Offer

Day 3: Configure Your Autoresponder

Day 4: Widely Distribute Your Links

Day 5: Find Ad Swap Partners

Day 6: Content Creation and Submission

Day 7: Set Up a PPC Campaign

Day 1: Start a Valuable Free Report and a Landing Page 

You cannot simply create an email list and expect people to join — you must provide an incentive (a free report) and a brief sales page that convinces them to subscribe immediately.

 The following thoughts explains how to perform these tasks…

 Create a Totally Free Report

The first step is to develop a valuable report, one that has a high perceived value.

Additionally, it must be something that your prospects truly desire.

Tip: For the sake of simplicity, I’ll refer to a complimentary report across the following pages. Alternatively, you might make a free audio or video to distribute. If the affiliate product you’re promoting is in video format, for example, you’ll know you’re targeting the same target market if you offer your freebie in video format as well.

Step 1: Determine Your Prospects’ Desires

How do you determine what they desire? Simple: Take a look at the products they are already purchasing. You can bet that if they’re paying for the material, they’ll gleefully devour whatever free information you supply on the same subject.

Now that you’re promoting an affiliate product, choosing a topic to write about becomes much easier. Simply write a report that is directly relevant to the product you are attempting to sell.

That is, you supply useful knowledge… nonetheless, is insufficient unless and until the prospect purchases the affiliate product.

 Three methods are available to accomplish this goal:

1. Outline the phases of a procedure – and perhaps include a few tips and techniques – but the prospect must purchase the book to obtain the complete specifics.


• You inform the prospect of the steps necessary to establish a mailing list (sign up for an autoresponder, compose an email series, write a free report, and construct a squeeze page), but you do not provide detailed instructions on how to fulfill each of these stages.

• You walk your prospects through the process of disassembling and cleaning a carburetor on a classic Corvette, but they must purchase the product to receive complete instructions with images.

2. Provide specifics on a single stage or portion of the process, but the prospect must purchase the product to obtain all of the details.


• You instruct a prospect on how to troubleshoot a fuel-related issue in a classic car, but they must purchase the book to learn how to resolve the issue.

• You instruct prospects on how to write a captivating headline, but they must purchase a product to learn how to write the remainder of the sales letter.

3. Simply provide tips and techniques on the subject, but the prospect must purchase the product to obtain the complete facts.


• You’re pushing a weight-loss product, so you publish a free report titled “101 Tips for Losing Weight Fast.” It’s informative, but lacking in detail.

• You’re selling a copywriting service, so you develop a paper titled “27 Ways to Increase the Response Rate of Your Sales Letter… FAST! ”

When in doubt about what to write about, consult the product’s table of contents or sales letter.

Either of these options will provide you with dozens of ideas for a complimentary report. Choose one based on the things that your prospects appear to be most interested in, such as what they are discussing on forums, blogs, and social media.

Now that you’ve determined your subject, proceed to the next stage…

 Step 2: Provide an Overview of the Product

The following step is to quickly outline your product, which will aid in the actual writing process.

Tip: At this stage, you’re likely to consider length. There is no predetermined length – simply make it long enough to include all pertinent information and concise enough to keep your readers engaged. Obviously, this will vary according on your subject.

If you’re looking for a guideline, aim between 3000 to 6000 words, as this is an easy read. You see, you want your prospects to read it all in one sitting, as you will be pushing your affiliate link within.

Outlining is straightforward. If you’re constructing a step-by-step procedure, your outline should include a list of the steps. If the report is a “tips” one, then give a list of all the tips you wish to include. If you’re writing about a single step in a process, make a mental note of all the information you’d like to include.

Tip: If assigning rough word counts to each area of your outline helps you stay on track, you can even do so. For instance, if you have four major sections, like in the following example, you can give approximately 1000 words to each, plus 150-200 words to the introduction and conclusion.

 Allow me to demonstrate an outline for a free report on how to create a sales letter…


A. Introduce the notion of “AIDA” (attention, interest, desire, and action) and how it relates to the components of a sales letter.

B. Pay close attention (headline tips)

C. Attractiveness (opener tips and introducing the product)

D. Desire (key features / benefits of the product)

E. Taking action (call to action, plus create a sense of urgency)

F. Summary – restate the “AIDA” formula… followed by the promotion of your affiliate link.

Promotional Example:

“You’ve just finished reading the “Four Secrets to Writing a Killer Sales Letter,” and while this report will surely increase your response rate, what you’ve learned about how to be a master of persuasion is only the tip of the iceberg. To take your talents to the next level – of learn the keys to convincing even the most resistant prospects to open their checkbook – you need to get your hands on [AFFILIATE PRODUCT] by visiting [LINK].

Additionally, if you order now, I’ll throw in [NAME OF A RELATED FREE REPORT] for free! Simply click here now for more information – but act quickly before this deal expires! ”


Step 3: Construct It

After you’ve completed your outline, it’s simply a matter of sitting down to write the report.

Simply set aside the morning to conduct any necessary research and then write each portion of your report today. It won’t be long if you concentrate!

As mentioned previously, insert a promotion for your affiliate product at the conclusion of the report. Additionally, you might mention it twice throughout the report: once at the beginning and once in the middle.

Don’t feel like writing it yourself? Find a ghostwriter to accomplish it for you by visiting,,, or the “for hire” section.

Once you’ve completed your report, convert it to a PDF (using, Adobe software, or another PDF printer) and upload it to your website. Then go to the subsequent step…

Develop a Landing Page

Your squeeze page is essentially a little sales letter – approximately 400 to 500 words in length – that explains why your prospects should join your list.

The following are the six primary components of your micro sales page:

1. The bold, large-font title that appears centered at the top of your page serves only one purpose: to draw attention. And it accomplishes this by emphasizing your primary benefit.


• “Free Report Shows You How to Look Ten Years Younger, Too!”

• “Why Won’t My C3 Corvette Start? Are You Under the Misapprehension That It’s a Fuel Issue?

However, You Are Uncertain? Now You Can Discover for Certain… Complimentary Report

Troubleshoots All Carburetor and Fuel System Issues!

• “EXPOSED: the Seven Surprising Secrets to Complete Weight Loss You Desire… absolutely FREE! ”

2. While your title drew the prospect’s attention, the first paragraph or two of your letter are aimed to pique the prospect’s interest in both your message and your offer.

This can be accomplished by posing a qualifying question, delivering a brief tale, reminding the prospect of his discomfort, and/or expanding on the headline benefits.


• A sweaty hour at the gym combined with nocturnal hunger pangs — you’d think the weight would melt away faster than desert snow. However, Suzy had not shed a single pound…

• Are you fed up with being unable to fit into your clothes? Are you ever ashamed of yourself when you look in the mirror?

• You’re fed up with being obese. None of your garments fit properly. You despise public appearances. And you’re out of breath after only one flight of steps.

Consider donning that small black number you own. Consider receiving double-takes on the street. And now imagine reducing all of your excess weight swiftly and easily, without sweating it out or succumbing to hunger pangs!

After reminding the prospect of his issue, you might propose your complimentary report and newsletter as the answer.

For instance, introduce the “Seven Secrets of Getting Skinny,” a complimentary report that demonstrates how to quickly drop two pounds every week and keep them off! Consider what you’ll receive when you claim your free copy now…

3. Your prospect is interested in your complimentary report. Now you must explain to him what he receives when he subscribes – in other words, how it benefits him. To do so, simply include a bulleted list of the report’s top five to 10 benefits along with your newsletter. In essence, these benefit statements resemble mini-headlines.


• You’ll learn an incredibly simple technique for doubling your conversion rate – and it only takes two minutes!

• Caution: Do not attempt to disassemble your carburetor until you have read Chapter 2! (Unless you relish the prospect of spending $800 on a new carburetor!)

• Additionally, when you request your free report, you will be automatically subscribed to the “Dog Training Secrets” newsletter – which is completely free!

 4. Proof: If your bulleted benefit list piqued the prospect’s interest, he or she is on the verge of filling out your form and clicking the “subscribe” button. However, he is not certain. After all, you may have made a couple quite significant assertions.

 What is the solution?

Provide evidence for your claims. This might be as straightforward as providing testimonials or even endorsements from significant individuals. Alternatively, you may provide photographs (for example, “before” and “after” photos for a weight reduction report), screen shots, videos, scans, or other evidence.

5. The next stage is to communicate to your prospect precisely what you want them to do next – and how to achieve it. This is known as a call to action. Additionally, if you can create an element of urgency — for example, by making it a limited-time deal – all the better.

Tip: Never state that anything will stop at midnight, next week, or on some other date unless you truly mean it. In other words, if you’re trying to generate a sense of urgency, be honest about it.

Your next step is straightforward – simply enter your name and email address in the box below, click “submit,” and you’ll immediately gain access to [NAME of REPORT]! But act quickly, as this offer will expire on [DATE]!

Following the call to action, copy and paste the subscription form code provided by your mailing list provider (more on that later in this report). Following that, sign your mini-letter.

6. P.S. Finally, you’ll want to include a postscript to your letter (P.S.). This is a critical section of your message – second only to the headline – as it is one of the most frequently read sections. As such, this postscript may perform the following functions:

Restate the primary benefit.

“And remember, you, too, can appear ten years younger… once you’ve discovered these incredible age-defying secrets! ”

Reiterate the imperative to act (and mention the scarcity again, where applicable).

“Subscribe now to begin losing weight – but hurry, because this offer will expire soon…”

Submit an especially intriguing testimonial.

“Just look at the results [NAME] obtained after reading this complimentary report [insert testimonial]…”

Offer a new benefit that is not mentioned elsewhere.

“I nearly forgot – if you subscribe now, you’ll also learn what magical meal swiftly and simply melts away the fat!”

Therefore, your objective for today is to buckle down and write your report and squeeze page. Alternatively, you can outsource the task to someone else by visiting or any of the other services suggested in this study.

In either case, complete the report and squeeze page today… and then we’ll on to Day #2.

Day 2: Increase the Value of Your Offer

Given that you’re pushing an affiliate product, it’s very obvious that you’re up against competition.

To begin, you’re up against competitors who provide identical things.

For instance, if you’re offering a dog-training product, there are probably a dozen others available.

You must convince your prospects to purchase the product you’re promoting over a similar product from a competitor.

Tip: If you’re promoting a well-marketed product, the vendor should have defined the product’s unique selling proposition (USP). Essentially, a USP is what distinguishes and differentiates a product from competitors (for example, a lifetime warranty, free installation, or 24/7 telephone assistance). You can incorporate these points into your marketing to aid in the sale’s closure.

Second, you’re competing directly with your other affiliates. That is, dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other affiliates may be advertising the SAME product as you. And, while you may come across prospects who have never seen another affiliate’s offer, it’s more likely that you’ll come across prospects who do some comparison shopping.

Now, the first way to overcome this is to build a list and then to develop a relationship with that list (which is what this report teaches you how to do).

This is because the majority of people would rather purchase from someone they know, like, and trust than a stranger.

However, this is not always sufficient.

And it is for this reason that you must also add value to the offer.

That is, you must provide an additional benefit to people who purchase through your link. This complimentary item should complement the original purchase, have a high perceived value, and be quick and simple to deliver. The bonus may take the shape of a complimentary report, video, audio, critique, coaching, or software, among other things.


• You provide a complimentary sales letter critique to anyone who purchases a copywriting product via your affiliate link.

• You provide a complimentary low-calorie recipe book to anyone who purchases a diet product via your link.

• You provide free installation with the program you sell.

• You provide a complimentary report on trick obedience training to anyone who purchases a puppy housetraining product via your link.

 The point is that customers will perceive that purchasing from you is a better value, as they will receive both the original product and your exclusive extra.

So how did you go about creating this freebie?

Simple: In the same manner as you did with the newsletter bonus.

Simply choose a closely related topic (or tool) and follow the instructions in “Day 1’s” lesson to create it. Spend today developing a valuable bonus that differentiates your offer from those of your competitors. Then proceed to the subsequent lesson.

One of the unique way of making massive sales in affiliate marketing is becoming an affiliate blogger

Day 3: Configure Your Autoresponder

At this point, you’re ready to give a bonus to anyone who purchases the product via your affiliate link.

Additionally, you’ve built a free report that you’re giving away to anyone who joins your list, as well as a mini-sales page (squeeze page) encouraging people to join your list in order to get the free report.

What is your next step?

Establish an autoresponder to begin collecting email addresses, developing relationships with your subscribers, and pushing your affiliate product. How to do it…

 Get an Autoresponder as a First Step

If you do some investigation, you’ll discover that your two primary alternatives are to host your own mailing list/autoresponder script on your site or to use the services of a third-party mailing list manager/host.

I recommend that you use a third-party house, since the most reputable and reliable of these organizations spend considerable effort ensuring that your emails are “white listed,” and so reach your receivers’ inboxes (rather than in spam folders).

These are the top seven email marketing service providers with reputable Autoresponders in 2023

Choose one now and create an account.

Then visit their help site, where you’ll discover all the video and text instructions you need to set up, customize, and upload messages to our autoresponder. Simply review these resources because you’ll need them later (unless you’re already familiar with autoresponder setup).

Please note that you’ll also learn how to copy and paste the code onto your website so that your squeeze page’s subscription form appears.

Take a few moments to quickly review those instructions so you can add your form to your squeeze page.

Once that task is complete, move on to the next…

Create an Initial Email Series in Step 2

After choosing an autoresponder and including a subscription form on your squeeze page, the next step is to upload an initial series of emails.

These emails are designed to deliver valuable material to your subscribers (which aids in the development of a relationship with them) while also marketing your affiliate product so that you can begin earning commissions immediately. As a result, the majority of your emails will be a mix of content and pitch.

Tip: Aim for messages between 300 and 500 words in length. Around 14% of the material might be devoted to your pitch.

As a result, how many texts should you send?

The majority of specialists say that it takes approximately seven “touches” for prospects to truly feel at ease with you. That implies you should construct an autoresponder series that is approximately seven to twelve messages long.

Tip: You can construct a series that spans several weeks, several months, or even a year. This manner, your list will operate on autopilot. (If not, you’ll need to send out a “live broadcast” approximately once each week to maintain contact with your list.)

If you do decide to pre-load your autoresponder with several months or a year’s worth of content, make certain that it is “evergreen.” This means that content is current, time-tested, and never becomes outdated, dated, or stale.

For instance, discussing how to lose weight through exercise and portion control are timeless strategies. However, referring to some dubious new diet pill is not an evergreen suggestion, as the pill may be withdrawn off the market in six months.

Today, if time permits, you can create all seven messages (or so). Alternatively, write the first three or four messages today, load them into your autoresponder, and then write one per day for the next several days, until your series contains at least seven messages.

Now, because you’re hoping to earn an affiliate sale within a week, you’ll send the initial several mails daily. Additionally, your prospects are “hottest” immediately following

  A sample schedule for the first seven messages is as follows:

Message 1: Sent immediately upon a prospect’s subscription to your list.

Message 2: Sent 24 hours later.

Message 3: Sent 24 hours later.

Message 4: 24 hours later, sent.

Message 5: Two days later, sent.

Message 6: Two days later, sent.

Message 7: Three days later, sent.

 If you have additional messages, space them out gradually as stated above until you are only sending messages once a week.

Now that you’ve decided what to include in your communications, the following step is to pick what to include. Essentially, you’re going to design an autoresponder series that mirrors the free report you’re giving to new subscribers.

Thus, those who read and appreciate your report will also appreciate your communications.

And, of course, they’re going to desire the affiliate product you’re pushing as well.

Perhaps you’re wondering why you shouldn’t simply send an autoresponder series to your subscribers. Why should you also send a complimentary report?

Simple: Because everything you send to your subscribers is a promotional piece for your affiliate product. As a result, a free report provides you with one opportunity to close a sale. Additionally, each email you send provides you with another opportunity. Additionally, individuals frequently communicate reports… Which means it has the potential to go “viral” and be seen by people who haven’t even joined your mailing list.

The point is that you want to get your message in front of as many people as possible!

Now, allow me to demonstrate the various types of autoresponder messages that you can send.


• You provide a complimentary diet report (since you are selling a diet product). You send a ten-part autoresponder series outlining ten ways to shave 200 calories off one’s daily diet.

• You provide a complimentary report on how to write better headlines. You design a seven-part autoresponder series that includes a slew of different headline templates.

The other reason you need these email messages to be strongly tied to the product you’re selling is that each email will contain a promotion for the product.

Sometimes you’ll promote it in the beginning of the email, like this:

Example: “Today you’ll uncover the secret beauty routine that can take years off your face nearly overnight. But first, I wanted to tell you about… [insert affiliate pitch here].”

Occasionally, you’ll end with a promotion, such as this:

 “That concludes today’s tip… However, before you apply it, I want you to spend 30 seconds checking out this [link]. That’s because this link will demonstrate how to get your first website up and running and generating revenue by the end of the week. Take a look! ”

You may even do it in your P.S., like this:

P.S. Have you checked out [product name] yet? If you haven’t already, click here to do so immediately, as it’s the quickest and easiest technique I’m aware of to lose 20 pounds!

You may choose to direct visitors to a pre-sell page that includes your product evaluation and pitch… Add your offer of a bonus to people who purchase through your link. In other words, you pre-sell – or warm up – your prospects before directing them to the vendor’s sales page.

The other option is to pre-sell your prospects directly from your email. In this scenario, you may write a few words outlining the benefits of the product to the prospect. Make sure to include your bonus offer as well.

A Brief Recap

Today’s task is to get an autoresponder, configure it, and pre-load it with seven messages that offer recommendations while also pushing the affiliate product you’re promoting.

Once it is established, you can begin marketing your squeeze page… because you’ve essentially created a sales engine that works to grow your list, earn subscribers’ trust, and push your affiliate links!

Now is the time to put this machine to work. And the only way to accomplish this is to attract as many targeted viewers as possible to your squeeze page!

This is how…

Day 4: Widely Distribute Your Links

You want to get things started on the right foot – which is why you’re going to do a lot today.

The point is that the faster you grow your list, the sooner you’ll make your first sale.

How to do it…

 Inform Your Colleagues

Some of the simplest sales you’ll ever make will be to customers who know, like, and trust you. That is why you should begin by spreading the word about your squeeze page (i.e., about your free report).

Utilize as many of the following tools as possible:

Inform your personal friends and family members about your report via email. Solicit their assistance in forwarding the URLs to their contacts as well.

Tweet about your free report using the hashtag #freereport on

Inform your social media contacts, such as those on,, or

Create a blog post about your free report.

Include a link to your squeeze page in the signature files of your forum posts. At the bottom of each email you send, include a signature file (a few lines promoting your free report).

If you already have a mailing list, notify them of your new report.

In all circumstances, be careful to request that people “re-tweet,” “re-post,” or otherwise assist you in sharing the report’s links.

Disseminate the Word Through Multiple Websites

The approaches outlined above place your links in front of a receptive audience. Here’s how to get your advertisements in front of a focused (but not always warm) audience…

Create an advertisement on Ensure that you put it in the most appropriate section (for example, free), and avoid cross-posting between categories or locations.

Place an advertisement in a relevant forum. If you’re pushing anything related to marketing, join and start a WSO (Warrior Special Offer). This should be a no-cost offer (a free report in exchange for joining your mailing list). Additionally, comparable offers can be made in the and forums.

Whether you’re not selling anything marketing-related, check your niche’s largest forums, blogs, and newsletters to see if they sell advertising space. If so, make a tiny purchase to determine whether the advertising is effective; if it is, you can purchase further impressions.

Submit a press release to that is timely or seasonal in nature.

For instance, if you’re selling a weight-loss product at the start of the year, you can produce a release discussing how customers can stick to their weight-loss resolutions.

Additionally, you can post ads on The only difference is that now requires physical copies of your digital products to be shipped. So while you can sell your report for cheap (for as $3.95 with “free shipping”) as a means of creating your prospect list, do notice that this strategy takes time to start working.

Day 5: Find Ad Swap Partners

For today you can repeat many of the activities you performed yesterday, such as blogging about your report, tweeting about it, placing more advertising, etc.

Meanwhile, you have one other new assignment for today: Find ad-swap partners.

Here’s how it works…

You identify another person in your niche who has a similar-sized specialty. Then you agree to co-promote or exchange advertisements. That is, you send an advertisement from your partner to your list… and he reciprocates for you. This is mutually beneficial, as you will each grow your list slightly.

This strategy gets increasingly more successful as the size of your list increases. That is because you may begin approaching the industry’s major players (e.g., those with bigger lists).

While you may begin by trading ads with marketers that have a few hundred subscribers, if your list develops to thousands of subscribers, you can begin trading ads with marketers who have thousands of subscribers. And as a result of these larger ad exchanges, your list will grow even faster.

There are now two primary methods for locating ad swap partners. You’ll want to combine both of these approaches for the greatest results:

1. Advertise your availability for ad exchanges. One of the greatest methods to achieve this is to visit and post an advertisement in the forum’s “Joint Venture” area. Additionally, you should peruse the other adverts to determine whether anyone else is looking for a partner in your niche.

2. Directly contact prospective partners. The second way is to contact other newsletter publishers in your niche (those with around the same size list as you) and request an ad swap.

If you are unfamiliar with these newsletter publishers, you can locate them using the following methods:

Inquire. Simply visit a specialized forum and inquire as to whose newsletters members read (and/or whether they publish a newsletter). Additionally, you can spread the news via your blog, social networking pages, and so on.

Investigate. You can conduct a Google search using your specialty keywords (for example, “organic gardening”) in conjunction with terms such as “ezine” or “newsletter.”

For instance, “bodybuilding ezine” or “organic gardening ezine.”

Tip: You may also search for your niche keywords in conjunction with the word “subscribe,” for example, “dog training subscribe.” (You’re likely to come across a lot more blogs using this strategy, but many of these writers have newsletters; and even if they don’t, you can exchange ads with them!)

Once you’ve compiled a list of potential ad exchange partners, all you need to do is send them an email with your request.

Here is a sample template that you may use…


I have a suggestion for you, [Name].

Respected [First Name],

Would you like to grow your list of focused [niche] subscribers? As it happens, I already have a list of responsive [niche] subscribers, and I’m sure they’d be delighted to join yours as well.

 Allow me to explain…

My name is [your name], and I am the webmaster and newsletter editor for the [web link/name] website and newsletter. Given that we both write newsletters in the same niche, I propose that we both grow our lists through an ad swap. I’ll send you whatever advertisement you choose to my list of [number] subscribers in exchange for you doing the same for me.

 The benefit is self-evident: you’ll grow your list and increase your sales… without charge. Additionally, because it only takes a few minutes of your time, it’s a quick and easy approach to increase your subscriber base.

Does that make sense? Then click reply immediately and we can work out the details. I eagerly await your response!

[Your Given Name]

P.S. I can send your advertisement to my list within 24 hours – just tell me what you want me to send!


Day 6: Content Creation and Submission

Today, you should continue promoting your squeeze page utilizing the tactics discussed previously in this study. Then you’ll incorporate another promotional technique:

Specifically, content creation and submission.

You’ve now heard about various content marketing techniques, including blogging (if you have one) and press release distribution. However, now I’d like to focus on another effective technique: article directory submission.

If you conduct a search for article directories, you’ll discover that there are a plethora of outlets for you to post content. Nonetheless, the following is a brief selection of some of the best directories:

• (submit here first).





• Buzzle, Inc.

• Squidoo (

• (

 There are three main ways these articles will increase traffic to your site:

 1. You’ll receive traffic from search engines in an indirect manner. This is true only if you optimize your content for search engines, which involves identifying relevant keywords (using and repeating them twice or three times for every 100 words of content.

2. You will experience internal traffic. Each of these websites has its own set of viewers… and these visitors may read your articles and follow the link to your website. This is especially true on community-oriented sites like and

3. When someone republishes your article, you’ll receive traffic. These article directories enable for the re-posting of your work by other newsletter and blog publishers.

There are now a few guidelines for writing these articles:

Create an attention-grabbing title. Refer back to the part earlier in this article on crafting sales letter headlines, since the same principles apply here. For instance:

Read also: Seve ways inwhih artile marketing will help your business

“How to Eliminate Age Lines on the Face!

Create an article that is pertinent to the product you’re selling. That way you attract the same target market. In other words, the same people who read your content will also be interested in your email as well as the affiliate product you’re promoting.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to ensure that your post is completely connected to your free report. As a result, you can direct people to your squeeze page for additional information.

For instance, if you’ve written a free report on how to housetrain a puppy, you could write numerous articles on various aspects of the process, such as selecting a kennel, developing a consistent schedule with the puppy, how frequently to take the puppy out, and what to do if there is an accident.

In your byline, promote your squeeze page. In general, the only place where you are permitted to promote yourself is in your byline (sometimes known as the author’s bio box, author’s resource box, or similar terms). As such, you should provide a pitch for your complimentary report.

“Does your dog ever make you feel embarrassed or irritated by jumping on your guests, surfing the counter, or digging up your garden?” Did you know that you can put an end to all of these heinous behaviors in as little as 36 hours? To learn how – for free! – click here. ”

Tip: You may produce articles quickly and easily simply by excerpting out bits of your free report and turning them into articles. You’ll need to include an introduction and conclusion.

You may even need to expand on the article if you’re only giving a suggestion (with a goal to create a 400 to 600 word post) (with a goal to create a 400 to 600 word article). Even so, it’s a quick and easy technique to generate multiple articles that are 100% relevant to your free report!

If you apply everything you’ve learned thus far, by Day 6 you’ll have a reasonably good list – and you might even have made a sale! However, we are not finished yet…

Day 7: Set Up a PPC Campaign

Another easy option to obtain focused visitors is to create a pay per click campaign.

This includes the use of Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter,, and Facebook’s PPC advertising.

The manner in which certain services are delivered varies slightly. However, this is the general way in which these services are used…

 The First Step Is To Select Your Keywords

The majority of these services provide a built-in feature that assists you in selecting your keywords (by providing an estimate of the daily traffic volume for these terms). Alternatively, you can utilize a keyword tool such as Keywordtooldominator 

Now for the crucial part…

You must use somewhat limited words… terms that give you a sense of what the searcher is looking for.

For instance, a keyword such as “dog training” is far too broad. Is the individual looking for a dog trainer? Is he looking for free tips? Is he looking for a book? And what type of dog training is he searching for: obedience, housetraining, trick training, agility, therapeutic, or field training? or is there something else?

The point is that you’ll receive a higher conversion rate if you use more specific keywords, such as “purchase a tomato planter,” “dog housebreaking suggestions,” or “how to lose weight for women over 40.”

 Step 2: Submit Your Bid for Your Keywords

The following step is to establish a daily budget and then to determine a “per keyword” bid for each of your keywords. The amount you bid helps influence where your ad will show in the search engine results.

In general, bigger bids result in your ad appearing higher in the results (however, in AdWords’ case, your ad’s performance is also considered).

Each time someone clicks on your advertisement, you are charged an amount equal to or less than your bid. Therefore, if you bid 20 cents, you will pay up to 20 cents each click.

You’re unlikely to want to begin with the highest bids for your advertisements. Rather than that, begin low and fine-tune your advertisements and campaign initially. Once you’ve optimized it, you can increase your bids to increase traffic.

Tip: Many PPC firms offer a free trial period of $25, $50, or more. Always check the service’s website first to see if there are any coupons available. If you do not notice any, conduct a Google search for “[service name] coupons.”

 Step 3: Create Your Advertisement

The next step is to build a brief advertisement (usually three lines) that will entice prospects to visit your landing page (which you already learned how to create earlier in this report).

 Your advertisement is divided into two sections:

1. The headline, which is intended to grab the reader’s attention. Whenever feasible, put your keywords in the title of your ad. Thus, if your keywords are “gun dog training,” you may call your article “Gun Dog Training Secrets.”

2. The advertisement’s body (the remaining two lines). The purpose of your ad body is not to persuade someone to join your mailing list or make a purchase. Rather than that, its main goal is to elicit a click. Thus, it should provide value and, if appropriate, arouse curiosity.

Allow me to illustrate…


Secrets of Organic Gardening

 You, too, may now enjoy a pest-free landscape. How? A free report demonstrates how!



Increase the Size of Your Tomatoes

It’s not difficult once you get the hang of it.

Discover these hidden gems!



Simple Instructions for Dogs

How to swiftly put an end to your dog’s negative behavior revealed



Is Internet Marketing a Scam?

Purchase no additional ebooks until you’ve read this frightening report.


Step 4: Monitor and Adjust

Finally, keep track of which ads and keywords perform well. This way, you can allocate your advertising budget to the aspects of your campaign that generate the most interest.

How do you accomplish this?

Simple: simply utilize Google Analytics. When you log into your AdWords account, you’ll see this tool. Additionally, you can utilize it for campaigns conducted outside of Google.

 Now, let us conclude…


That’s it — a foolproof approach for generating your first affiliate sale in just seven days!

Let us review this procedure:

Create a report and a squeeze page on day one. This is where you learned how to create a compelling incentive and squeeze page in order to begin building a targeted list.

Day 2: Increase the value of your offer. Doing so helps set you aside from other affiliates and increases up your conversion rate.

Day 3: Set up an autoresponder. Here’s where you start creating a relationship with subscribers while closing the deal.

Day 4 and beyond: Increase traffic to your squeeze page. Finally, you want to attract as many targeted prospects as possible to your squeeze page in order to grow your list and start making sales!

Pretty straightforward, right?

If you follow all of the procedures above, you will have a sales machine that operates mostly on autopilot, depositing money into your pocket!

However, here’s the catch: you must still construct this machine in order to put it to work for you. And there is no better time to get started than right now – because the sooner you do, the sooner your first affiliate commissions will be in your email!

What do you think,  encourage us by leaving a comment, better still, can you tell us how you’ve been able to make your first affiliate sale. thanks.