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Are you ready to tap into the immense potential of YouTube and start a profitable channel? With over 2 billion logged-in monthly users and 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube is a thriving platform for content creators and businesses alike.

In fact, YouTube’s top earners made a staggering $29.5 million collectively in 2020. If you’re looking to carve your own success story, this blog post is your ultimate guide.

We’ll walk you through the proven steps to launch a profitable YouTube channel, from niche selection and content creation to audience engagement and monetization strategies.

Get ready to join the ranks of successful YouTubers and unlock the limitless possibilities of this dynamic platform. Let’s embark on this exciting journey to YouTube success together!

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  • Introduction
  • What is YouTube 
  • Feature/Benefits of YouTube 
  • Getting started with YouTube 
  • A profitable business model 
  • Monetizing your YouTube channel 
  • Proven Strategies/habits of highly successful YouTubers
  • Building a successful YouTube channel 
  • Conclusion 

Brief Intro 

I was awe struck when I learnt of the enormous amount of money PEWDIEDIE (Felix Kjellberg) is making on monthly basis on YouTube simply by playing games and showing off tricks of games. 

He has a whooping 91million plus subscribers and has made over $120 million playing games on YouTube. 

Not only that, i also followed a lady on YouTube whose business is to show people the latest fashion trends, lines of clothing and most importantly, teaching people how to make the styles etc. 

She also have millions of subscribers and she is making a lot of money doing what she knows best to do. 

Which means you can make videos just about anything that interest you and make money from it as the case may be. 

Only make sure that at least, you’re passing across a tangible information that can benefit people.

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What is YouTube?

 YouTube has become a household name, but there are still those who are unfamiliar with this incredible platform. If you’re one of them, keep reading to discover what YouTube is all about.

YouTube is an online video website that allows users to create, upload, and share videos with the world. It’s a hub for homemade videos created by individuals from all walks of life. Thanks to its streaming capabilities, videos load quickly, offering seamless playback.

What sets YouTube apart is its unique and free service. Unlike other video sites that require memberships or charge for specific content, YouTube is completely free. Not only can you watch videos created by others, but you can also unleash your creativity by making and uploading your own videos. And here’s the best part – you can even make money from your videos!

To explore the vast array of fascinating videos YouTube has to offer, simply visit While registration is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as it allows you to save your favorite videos, rate and comment on them, and unlock additional features. By signing up, you can also share your own creations with the YouTube community.

Finding videos on YouTube is effortless. A quick keyword search will present you with a selection of videos matching your interests. Additionally, you can browse through videos based on highest rankings, comments, views, and links. These are the videos that have garnered the most attention and online buzz.

However, it’s essential to remember that YouTube is a platform used by millions of internet users with varying views and beliefs. It is the go-to destination for video content and considered the most popular online video website. So, get ready to dive into the captivating world of YouTube and explore the diverse range of homemade videos it has  to offer.

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Features and benefits of YouTube

• You can upload a video of less than 15 mins and share it with friends and colleagues. Videos that are greater than 15 minutes can also be shared after the account has been verified. A guide to verify your account is available on the help pages of YouTube.

• Edit facility of YouTube can be used to create movies with certain features and music

• With YouTube’s privacy option, you can place a limit on who can view and download your videos.

Archives can be searched for your preferred clips.

• You can catch up the programs you might have missed via certain ‘channels.’

• You can rate and leave comments on the movies that you’ve watched.

• You can watch and complete movies on your computer.

• YouTube’s subtitle and caption settings can be used. Another advantage are the High-definition and 3D capabilities.

Getting Started with YouTube

1.Go to to start. Before you create an account, you need to understand a few aspects:

• While opening a YouTube account, a Gmail account would also be created. This will show as a normal Gmail email id (

Here xyz is your YouTube username.

• Your activities on YouTube would be different from whatever you do on other sister platforms of Google.

2. Click “Sign in” tab on the upper right hand corner on the home page.

3. Click on “Create an account” tab.

This is located just below the login form on login page.

• If you have a Gmail account, same credentials would work for your new YouTube account as well.

4. Fill the required information.

• Your date of birth,

• e-mail address,

• gender,

• user name,

Click the tab “I Accept”.

5. You would be required to provide your phone number for verification purpose, when prompted.

6. Type the verification code, when prompted.

7. Beautify your YouTube page.

8. Now, you can start relishing the benefits of a YouTube account. Once your YouTube account is registered, you can:

**Create and upload videos to the community of YouTube.

**Follow and Subscribe to your favourite YouTube rs. Stream your favourite online episodes, tracks or videos.

**Comment and watch videos and get along with other members.

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A Profitable YouTube Business Model

The “YouTube Partner” makes it possible for its associates to make money for each and every view they earn or subscriber they gather on their site.

There have been people who quit their jobs and switched over to make full time videos. However, you need to look at the steps shown below:

1. You need to set up an account on YouTube. While setting up an account, you need to take into account the keywords that you would certainly like to include to help potential subscribers find you. 

In the case that you enjoy playing video games, then video games could be a great keyword – along with controllers, Playstation, etc….

2. You need to invest  in good web cam equipment. They are reasonably priced and widely available. As you get better at filming, upgrade your equipment.

3. You need to set up a Google Ad sense account. From this, you will make a profit through people clicking on ads from your video.

4. Remember, you need to ask your viewers to subscribe and follow you.

The more subscribers, the more money. So it is absolutely necessary to ask for subscribing at the end of every video.

The most flourishing You Tuber’s didn’t get all those riches overnight. It took them years of enthusiasm and commitment to build up a firm fan base.

You must utilize Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites to build up the subscriber base. 

According to, the top 1000 YouTube channels have an income of average roughly $23,000 a month.

YouTube is likely to earn the advertising revenue of approximately $5 billion this year. 

The question is how do the YouTubers get a share of that? In the end, it is their content that attracts the advertisers to this platform. 

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Become a YouTube Partner. Anyone having internet access has the capability to upload videos on YouTube. However, in order to make money off that content, you would be required to get enrolled as YouTube partner.

Nowadays, any person with a good account standing is eligible to become YouTube partner. They just need to give explicit permission to YouTube to place advertisements around, in and on your video. 

These ads views obtain money for Google. Partners in return earn a share through an account on Google Adsense. The capacity to earn money is precisely dependent on various factors.

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The following are the steps involved in becoming a YouTube partner:

Meanwhile, before you can be approved, you need a considerable amount of views, about 4,000 pageviews, which infact a good video can give you. 

• Go to ‘Channel Settings’ page

• On this page go to ‘Account Monetization’section

• Click ‘Enable My Account’ tab Once your request is approved, you would be on the way to make money from your videos.

Mind you, Google have exclusive right to remove and ban videos that violate their terms and conditions. 

So, for you to be approved, you should be mindful of the kind of contents you publish in that it can have great impact on your account. 

Earnings of YouTube Partners from the Revenues arising from Advertising

YouTube captures approximately 45% share of the revenues earned via advertising, even though the cost (also known as CPM) charged to the advertisers varies. 

Most partners earn in the range of $0.30 CPM to $2.50 CPM, however there may be exceptions. Due to these exceptions larger YouTube players, the earning capacity is now approximately $10 CPM for them.

Earnings of Partners from Merchandise or Sponsorship Deals

SPONSORSHIP: IF you have unique contents, and you are able to accord to yourself an enormous amount of fan base or subscribers, you can secure profitable deals with sponsorship, brands or merchants. 

Trust me, have seen YouTubers with millions of subscribers, these set of people need not to worry about getting sponsors posts and ads, sponsors will locate them and meanwhile agreements of Sponsorship are completed outside of YouTube and may take a long procedure with the sponsorship company.

Earnings of Partners from the Subscription of Paid Channels

In 2013, YouTube announced the launch of a subscription service of channels which are paid. This allowed publishers & creators to charge for the video content they upload. They also launched 53 channels with monthly charge in the range of $0.99 to $6.99.

 Proven Strategies / Habits of highly successful YouTubers. 

Starting a YouTube channel is of course not an easy thing to do. But upon due diligence, dedication and patient, you will definitely get some good number of audience and subscribers. 

Hence, success comes knocking at your door. Follow the following practical guides: 

Describe “Success” as a YouTubers 

Before uploading your first work, make sure you truly understand the reason for behind the YouTube channel and why you created it:

– Providing value for your audience while earning a profit from them Whatever the reason may be for starting this YouTube channel, you should recognize your outlook and how you define“success”. 

This would provide you with a goal to aim towards. This will also push and persuade you to attain that goal.

Recognize Your Viewers

Getting to know your audience and what they want is the key to the success of your YouTube channel. 

This means, you need to familiarize yourself with the audience who would be interested in viewing the videos you upload. It is crucial to understand the interests and hobbies of your target audience.

Take for instance, you cannot be serving audience whose interests are videos of games tricks with, videos on how to swim or how to sew cloth. That’s a total no. 

Once you are familiarized with your audience, you could then produce the videos relevant to their needs.

Remember, the significance of your video is directly proportional to the viewership and subscription of your channel.

Being Passionate on the Content you are Creating Starting a YouTube channel just because you assume that it would benefit you financially is meaningless. 

There are a lot of different platforms that can help you earn money, however, if you don’t have the zeal for it, your viewers would just have a glimpse of it and straight away identify that you’re not passionate about it.

Not just that, if you are not really passionate about this task that you’re doing, you would not have any internal drive to do it day in and day out.

Your Channel should be unique 

To make a unique channel amongst the numerous people who are willing to start a channel, you need to be different, unique and novel. Think of vast ideas and thoughts and stick to them. 

Views on your YouTube videos might be low in the beginning, but if you target one particular area, one section of people, you would get a huge advantage in the long run in comparison to covering a lot of areas in one go. This would also help you differentiate your channel.

Connecting with Other creators

The most essential tip for a YouTube creator is to connect, network and make connections with other YouTube creators in their niches.

The life of YouTube is simple but not easy It’s significant to know that being actually successful and effective on YouTube is simple however it is not easy. 

There would be hindrances and failures. Those eager to build a well liked channel on this platform should be tolerant, constant, and optimistic. They also need to have an open-mind for continuous learning.

Building a Successful YouTube Channel 

For building a flourishing and successful YouTube channel would require a plan before you begin to start creating. 

In absence of a plan you might end up lost half way through. Below are a few pointers to considered when you start preparing a plan:

Describe Yourself –What you’re into, Who Are You and how you are willing to showcase yourself.

Think about your favourite YouTube creator. Think why you liked them? Why you came back to view their content again and again? Well, this is because they have developed an exceptional individual branding which you like and enjoy. 

Describing yourself and building your own “personal brand” is an important aspect in the preservation and creation of YouTube channels which are successful.

You need to try to keep your concentration on something you are knowledgeable or passionate about. 

You need to sit down patiently and prepare a list of all the things that you love and enjoy doing. What are the things that make you feel happy?

High Quality Content

Content that has the greater production quality will tend to get a lot of shares and views. However, high quality production can be done by seeking assistance from experts.

Content Is Key

Please know that your YouTube content is king. YouTube has lately updated its feature called “video discovery” to keep an attention on the watch time vs. number of views.

Before registering an account, you need to sketch out a plan. You need to think about the kind of content you want to create.

Also, YouTube requires you to opt for a category that will define your interest topic. Few examples of the categories are, beauty, entertainment, comedy, cooking, education, and music.

Patience and Steadiness

Don’t expect your video to go viral overnight. You need to be consistent and provide value constantly in order to start earning those valuable views. 

The majority of filmmakers on this platform have times where they don’t feel like creating a video, however subscribers desire dependability. 

They wait for a video from your end on a regular basis, so don’t expect victory if you post your videos only when you want to.

Remember to post constantly, which will get your channel noticed.

Know that even the best content needs endorsing to get listed in the “most popular” category listing. 

You need to link your YouTube channel with Twitter, Google+ and Facebook to automatically put your content to numerous accounts once you’ve uploaded.

Viewers would like to get engaged with your content. Use social media to connect with your audiences and ask for ideas for an upcoming video in order to get audience engagement, which will make them feel part of your community.

Make a to-do-list and follow it. 

Nothing else can kill the life of a channel when you are out of content or ideas. Most importantly when their is no organization as to what you’re uploading for your viewers. 

Keep in mind that having regular and strong content is more important than having mind-blowing and irregular content. 

Having steady content will assist you in developing a connection with your viewers more easily, and it keeps your audience’s attention and gives them more opportunities to share your valuable content. 

In case the gap between the videos are too long, your viewers may get uninterested and might even move to someone else.

Viewers are indecisive like that. Prepare a planner for yourself. Make it an important aspect of your day-to-day life.


Yeah, I have seen guys who earn a lot with just their smartphones with a very good and bright cameras. Even then, you need to know that to keep up a flourishing YouTube channel, you don’t need thousands of dollars. 

High quality cameras are now available for at reasonable prices — and most YouTube users have created convincing content by simply filming with a use of a phone.

For more specialized videos, Warren suggests a DSLR camera. This kind of camera allows you to connect a microphone directly. 

If you have a high budget, you can simply buy external recorders, for example the Zoom H4N (cost you around $300.00) to adjust by hand and monitor the audio.

In similar fashion, lighting is important.

You can perform your basic shooting in natural light, however halogen lights /reflectors would cost around $14.00- $20.00.

Finally, editing software and the computer are crucial. There is a one click editing feature in YouTube. Macs and PCs have default editing programs for necessary editing. 

For high quality editing, you’ll need a software called Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, or Final Cut X, depending on your resources and funds.

However, any recent Mac or PC laptop which has an Internet connection is sufficient for editing and uploading content to YouTube.

Once the production routine has been developed, you can experiment with style, different types of marketing and content. 

The benefit of having a newly made channel is to test what works well and what does not.

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Social Media Promotion

Famous YouTube stars and video producers with online followings do not focus all their attention on YouTube, and other video sites alone. 

If you look at some of the most popular figures in the world of online video you’ll see that almost all of them have a strong presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook give them an opportunity not only to promote and share their new video that they upload, but also to converse with their audience. 

To be precise, if you want to become a success in the world of online video, social media is very important.

 In-Video Promotion 

Have you ever seen a YouTube video and watched a little annotation or graphic pop up on the screen asking you to like, share or subscribe? 

Have you ever heard a YouTuber exactly reach out and ask you to subscribe from the screen? This is one of the most effective methods of promotion online, and especially on YouTube.

Subscribers are one of the biggest keys to success because they return to watch your videos again and again. 

Promoting yourself by asking viewers to subscribe to you, or prompting them to watch your other videos, favourite or thumbs up is one of the best ways to get your viewers to take action. 

It also allows you to build up your subscriber base and achieve a higher ranking on YouTube. This is especially important if your ultimate goal is to become a YouTube Partner.

Let me conclude by saying, there’s is no end to what you can earn on YouTube as long as you are dedicated and you stick to what you’re doing. 

If you will make it real bing on YouTube, it totally depends upon the effort you put into it.


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