Mon. May 22nd, 2023

If the idea of purchasing an Instagram account is intriguing and appealing to you, rest assured that you are not alone in this sentiment. Building a brand on Instagram, as with any platform, requires significant time and effort.

Personally, I have embarked on the journey of growing my IG account organically, and it took me months to reach a modest following of 30k Instagram followers.

However, there are situations where immediate brand recognition and promotion become essential. What if you have a product that needs urgent exposure? What if you desire rapid brand recognition or aspire to become an Instagram sensation or influencer without enduring a lengthy process? This is precisely where the option of buying an established Instagram account becomes relevant.

The opportunity exists for you to acquire a pre-existing IG account with a substantial following of 50k to 10m or more in your specific niche, and at an incredibly affordable price. You may wonder about the potential risks, such as detection, penalties, or bans.

In truth, just like any other online business that can be bought and sold, IG accounts operate within a similar framework. When utilizing a reputable platform, the risks involved are minimal to none. Here in this post I will share with you about 20 50k to 100k IG account that are currently availbale for sale on Fameswap.

50k to 100k Instagram accounts for sale
50k to 100k Instagram accounts for sale

Why Fameswap?

I have use 2 other marketplaces to buy IG, Tiktok and Youtube accounts, (Famebolt and Swapd), but I must say, I found the most success with Fameswap, the exchange is quite easy and quick, while their customer support is next to none. This is not to decry the authenticity of other markeplaces.

Currently, there are thousands of IG accounts that are listed for sale on Fameswap, the following are some of them. The following account belongs to various categories, like humor and meme, crupto, pet, fashion, beuaty, kitchen and so on.

To veiw the account and to download the audience reports and audit. click on the link on each account.

Here is a preview of the audience report you will see.

Download audience report of each account to ascertain the:

  • Audience credibility (followers, likes, etc.)
  • Follower demographics (age, location, gender, ethnicity, language)
  • Historical growth chart (followers and likes by month)
  • Top hashtags, brand affinity, and follower interests
  • Notable followers and audience lookalikes
Check out his verified 500k babies and humor IG account for sale

Table showing various 50k-100k IG accounts for sale

 *****lowild   79.6k$800.0023 hours ago
 *******ngscenee   54k$1,300.0023 hours ago
 *******nfluenca   59.2k$950.0023 hours ago
 ********questrian60.1k$800.001 day ago
 *******oundary   61.6k$899.001 day ago
 ******s.in__  54.2k$449.001 day ago
 ******osplays   50.4k$500.001 day ago
 *****_l372 61.4k$500.001 day ago
 *******rentice  96.6k$850.001 day ago
 ******eetfitz   94.2k$2,500.001 day ago
 *******nstafood   55.9k$550.001 day ago
 ****oops_   57.4k$800.002 days ago
 *********ymworkouts   74.1k$1,100.002 days ago
 ******ttssss  56.9k$500.002 days ago
 *******aoffcial 54.9k$648.002 days ago
 ******t__2023 97.2k$1,999.002 days ago
Table Showing currently avvailbe IG account that are availbale for sale.

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From the table above, and from various accounts there, you can see how cheap it is to acquire an Instagram account. Imagine buying an IG account of 55.k for just $500.

To ascertain wether the accounts are real, we recommend that you subscribe to Fameswap premium, by which you will be able to view the accounts name and donwload the audience reports, so as to know wether what your’re buying is the real deal.

Precautions and safety tips to take after buying an IG account

  • Fortify Account Security: Securing your account is paramount. Begin by changing the password to a strong, unique one. Enable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection. Update your account information, including email and phone number, to ensure complete control over the account.
  • Understand Your Audience: Take time to study the existing audience and their preferences. Analyze their demographics, interests, and behaviors. This understanding will guide your content creation and engagement strategies.
  • Maintain Consistency: While adding your unique style, it’s essential to stay true to the account’s essence. Consistency in themes, tone, and branding builds trust and loyalty among your followers.
  • Engage with Your Followers: Actively engage with your audience by responding to comments and messages. Foster a sense of community and make your followers feel valued. Encourage conversations and build relationships with your audience.
  • Create Fresh and Engaging Content: To keep your followers interested, create fresh, visually appealing, and relevant content. Experiment with different formats, such as images, videos, and Stories. Regularly post updates to maintain an active presence.
  • Monitor Performance Metrics: Track your post metrics to understand what resonates with your audience. Analyze engagement, reach, and impressions to refine your content strategy and cater to your followers’ preferences.

Benefits of buying Instagram Accounts

Buying Instagram accounts has become a popular option for individuals and businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence quickly. While it’s crucial to proceed with caution and ensure the authenticity and legality of the transaction, there are several potential benefits associated with purchasing established Instagram accounts. Let’s delve into some of these advantages.

  1. Instant access to an established audience.
  2. Time and effort savings in building a follower base.
  3. Enhanced credibility and social proof.
  4. Strategic audience targeting.
  5. Alignment with existing branding and aesthetic.
  6. Monetization opportunities.
  7. Bypassing the initial challenges of starting from scratch.
  8. Potential for collaboration with brands and influencers.
  9. A head start in content creation and engagement.
  10. Increased opportunities for growth and exposure.

Celebrity 10m IG followers is currently availbale for sale. click to see its audience report

How to Further Increase your purchased IG account

  • Create and maintain consistent, high-quality content that appeals to your target audience and captures the essence of humor and cuteness.
  • Engage actively with your audience by responding to comments, encouraging user participation, and fostering a sense of community.
  • Collaborate with influencers and meme pages in the humor niche to cross-promote each other’s content and reach new audiences.
  • Stay up-to-date with trending memes, utilize relevant hashtags, and incorporate popular trends into your content to increase discoverability and attract new followers.
  • Utilize Instagram features, analyze post metrics, and explore partnerships with brands to enhance your account’s reach, engagement, and monetization potential.

How to monetize your purchased Instagram Accoun

  1. Sponsored Content: Collaborate with brands for sponsored posts to generate revenue through partnerships.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Earn commissions by recommending relevant products or services to your audience through affiliate links.
  3. Brand Collaborations: Partner with brands in the humor and meme space to create engaging campaigns and expand your brand presence.
  4. Merchandise Sales: Create and sell your own funny merchandise to monetize your account and offer products that resonate with your audience.
  5. Sponsorships and Paid Promotions: Engage in paid promotions and sponsorships to promote other accounts, products, or services, diversifying your income sources and reaching new audiences.


The availability of 20 50k-100k Instagram accounts for sale provides a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to quickly establish their online presence and tap into a substantial follower base. With careful consideration and research, buyers can find accounts that align with their interests or target audience.

Whether for personal branding, business promotion, or influencer marketing, these accounts offer a head start in terms of followers and engagement. However, it’s crucial to approach such purchases with caution, ensuring that the acquired account aligns with the buyer’s goals and values.

By implementing effective growth strategies, engaging with the audience, and creating valuable content, buyers can maximize the potential of their purchased accounts and unlock the benefits of a thriving online presence.


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